Episode 9 - Universal Medicine: Reversing the trends on lifestyle related disease

Lifestyle related diseases are reaching epidemic proportions in the West and all the good advice in the world seems to do little to abate it. Even with the ever-increasing choice of services, food, education and products, we collectively appear unable to arise and live a life which we know to be of overall benefit for the body and being.

So, what makes healing possible? What is needed to buck the trends to bring authentic, consistent and proven change?

Serge Benhayon unfolds the science of living self-responsibility to inspire change in others, free from judgement and simply seeing people for their beauty and exquisiteness first. Well, does it actually work?

The hundreds of people inspired by Serge Benhayon, plus the countless people they now inspire in turn, is well recorded. Universal Medicine leads the way with people enjoying the freedom of being consistent agents of change and healing in their own lives, not only to reap the benefits for themselves but to also show others the enormity of what’s possible.


  • Mary December 26, 2019   Reply →

    Is it possible that we are in the middle of an outplay that has not yet reached the end and so unable to recognise just how powerful Universal Medicine is. If we don’t choose to be truly honest, we are still in the rejection because we want to believe or hang onto a belief we can fix, find another solution, and or wriggle out of the mess we find ourselves in. We have not yet reached that point where we fully understand that the current way we are living is not working. The teachings of Universal Medicine present a way of living to get out ourselves out of our self-created mess when humanity reaches that point of understanding.

  • Melinda Knights September 2, 2019   Reply →

    Knowing everyone as an exquisite essence, regardless of whether they can live connected that or not, is already a huge change to the foundation of our relationships – let alone all the other wisdom shared in this episode!

  • Viktoria July 27, 2019   Reply →

    Love the before and afters, but we have to be careful to not identify with the process because we are already everything, and if we think that we constantly have to work on improving ourselves to reach the “after, after” we will forever hold ourselves as less.

  • Mary May 28, 2019   Reply →

    I first met Serge Benhayon in London 13 or so years ago; he had come from Australia to present at a location in London. In the lunch break I approached him and asked a question about the back pain I was experiencing. Serge sat me down and told me I had endometriosis on my right ovary. That information totally shocked me because no one else knew this fact apart from the specialist at the hospital that had performed an operation, they confirmed the presence of endometriosis on my right ovary and all the scaring this had produced. How could someone who I had never met before have such knowledge about me? Having watched Episode 9 – Universal Medicine: Reversing the trends on lifestyle related disease I now understand how it is possible and how simple it is if we just allow ourselves to feel life and go from there.

  • Viktoria May 20, 2019   Reply →

    When you have experienced something it is very easy to recognise it in others. For example, people who have overcome depression can find it very easy to spot other people who may be in the midst of it, people with anorexia and eating disorders are the same. I am very good at spotting women with eating disorders, because when I was younger I had one. Now when I speak with women, or even when i just watch them on the street, I can often sense women who are struggling with food in a similar way that I did. I can recognize the characteristics because i too had them. This is all reading energy, through watching the movement of another person we can observe the contractions in their body and that shows us how they are living and what energy they have running. It is fascinating, yet so normal.

  • Viktoria April 3, 2019   Reply →

    To change your life is not just to stop smoking or stop drinking, to do those things you have to change your life first – change your perception, the way you deal with tension and the way you deal with pressure. Everybody can succumb and go to their go to’s to release the tension, you can do it through sport or you can do it through drugs, but how many of us are really willing to deal with the tension in a way that it never becomes a tension again?

  • Viktoria March 21, 2019   Reply →

    To say Serge Benhayon & Universal Medicine change lives is an understatement. When I first came across the work of this man I was a teenager, living on the other side of the globe to my blood family. Just like every single human being in this world, I was going through my stuff – family, personal dilemmas and so on. At the time I didn’t think I lacked in confidence, not would onlookers ever guess that the level of self-loathing we allow into our lives can be so deep that we would end up with our head down the toilet after every meal – well that was my life, normal – just like many if not the majority of teenage girls. Coming to meet Serge Benhayon and developing a different understanding of life to what I had built prior has helped me see things in my life with much more clarity, the black and white which cannot be called pink or blue becomes ever so evident. But this organisation does not only help you see the woes, and all that’s not okay with our world, but there are actual practical steps & things that we can do to deal with what’s going on. There is a well of wisdom we can draw from, a room of tranquility we can sit & be amazed in. Words cannot describe the eternal gratitude I have for everything that has unfolded in my life since meeting this wise and ever so caring man and his business. Gratitude not just for him and his business, but for everybody that is associated with it, the people I now call friends and family and every single one of my choices to be where I am.

  • Viktoria Stoykova March 11, 2019   Reply →

    We all grow, go through phases in life and change lifestyle choices – some life-style choices become better, we start to eat more veg, include exercise in our routine and perhaps even give up smoking. Other life-style changes may worsen – we may start to drink more heavily, eat food that is not good for us and engage in abusive relationships. Universal Medicine has supported many people to make beneficial life-style changes, some people have lost 10’s of kilograms, others have given up addictions and third have simply just introduced more self-loving behaviours in their day to day. Many people appreciate the changes in their lives others may not realise where they’ve come to. But one thing is certain & that is that Universal Medicine is there for the benefit of everyone, for true growth and well-being.

  • Michael Brown March 1, 2019   Reply →

    I know they say a picture can speak a thousand words, but the cover photo for this video speaks just one to me – WOW!

    • Rachel Murtagh March 7, 2019   Reply →

      The picture is wow… and does sum up the content of this video without words. Just looking at the photo you want to ask how this was done.

  • Alexis Stewart March 1, 2019   Reply →

    What’s so striking about the before and after photo is not so much the physical differences but the difference in vibrancy. The couple in the updated photo feel vibrant and alive, youthful and invigorated. Whereas the couple in the original photo feel somehow scrubbed out, almost like they’ve faded away.

  • Rachel Murtagh February 26, 2019   Reply →

    What I love about the teachings of The Ageless Wisdom is its simplicity in action. Making simple choices to how we live, work and express carried out in a certain quality makes long lasting change possible.

  • Michael Brown February 22, 2019   Reply →

    Reversing the trend of my life was the best decision I’ve ever made. I went from a depressed teen seeking approval and company that didn’t suit me, to a man who loves every single day of life!

  • Ariana February 5, 2019   Reply →

    “Everyone can do this. Everyone heals themselves” And so they do. The gold Serge Benhayon brings here is empowering for us all. I love Serge Benhayon TV!

  • Michael Brown February 4, 2019   Reply →

    Defending a society with this many ills and plagues just doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Ariana February 2, 2019   Reply →

    As Serge Benhayon states, everyone can do this – we can all be inspired to live as he does – from the divine we are. In doing so, we heal ourselves.

  • Ariana February 1, 2019   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon states “everyone can do this. Everyone heals themselves. It’s all based on self responsibility and the enemy of responsibility is to blame others,” To appreciate how far we have come and how far we can walk with this lifestyle healing is extraordinary.

  • SCE January 21, 2019   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon has inspired so much in so many, everyday I celebrate knowing i am heavenly –
    We are all so much more then we currently think, Serge reminds us of our multidimensionality and the fact we are divine.

    • Mary February 18, 2020   Reply →

      SCE what we can sense is that Serge Benhayon is a living representative of heaven on earth and history will attest to this fact. The forces that come up against anything that challenges the consciousness of our current way of living, simply expose the rot that is evident in all layers of our society and produce the inevitable back lash from those puppeteers who control us the puppets.

  • Michael Brown January 12, 2019   Reply →

    I respect anyone who puts aside their own interests to support people on both small and large scales.

  • Jennifer Smith December 24, 2018   Reply →

    Its so important to stop and really consider what is being offered here. In considering our current state of ill health and disease. Its important for us to understand that with this we are being offered a communication. Our bodies are communicating to us about how we are living. And whilst it is important that we have our bodies attended to by way of receiving healthcare we also need to be listening to the communication. Which we have unfortunately not listened to, up until now. If we consider from a population level our bodies are offering us something very great and that is what Serge Benhayon is sharing.

  • Michael Brown December 18, 2018   Reply →

    It’s magic how we can change our lives just by wanting to.

  • Mary December 12, 2018   Reply →

    To me Universal Medicine is leading the way with thousands of people now enjoying a life style which a few years ago would have been beyond their imagination by healing the hurts that kept them back from fully engaging with life. This then naturally shows others the potential in making different choices that are more supportive for themselves, families and friends and so everyone benefits.

  • Jennifer Smith December 11, 2018   Reply →

    When Serge said that “we have run out of time”. I have to say that I have to agree with this. We not only have rising rates of illness and disease, we have increased complexity in what people are presenting with. This includes the complexity in the social and psychological factors that impact on a persons wellbeing. The quality of our relationships also very much impact on our sense of wellbeing. Then we also have what is going on for those who work in healthcare as well. Its busier than ever and there never seems to be enough staff, even though there are more staff than ever before. We only seem to have part conversations in regards to this, rather than looking at health as a whole. The time for finding solutions is over, for they are not bringing what is needed as a whole.

  • Michael Brown December 7, 2018   Reply →

    It seems silly how much we defend a lifestyle that has brought us to the place we stand currently.

  • Matilda Bathurst December 7, 2018   Reply →

    It is very amazing to be free of the years of trying to find a way to get things right in life. The work of Universal Medicine has offered me the opportunity to give myself permission to be in a respectful, listening relationship with my body and to relinquish the torture of perfectionism.

  • Stephanie Stevenson December 6, 2018   Reply →

    How clearly Rebecca Asquith and Serge Benhayon expose the fact that every choice we make has consequences that not only affect our own vitality and wellbeing, but also how our expression (in movement, voice, thoughts) either expands or diminishes ourselves and others.

  • Michael Brown December 3, 2018   Reply →

    What an inspiration to see what’s possible when we apply what we learn in life.

  • Natalie Hawthorne December 2, 2018   Reply →

    ‘The beauty is there already.” – It has been a remarkable process of stripping back what is not of this beauty, to find the inspiration and celebrate the exquisite beauty within and truly feel the power that this holds. This is what I have experienced with Serge Benhayon and how he is with himself and then with others and I can feel how this is equal within me also.

  • Michael Brown November 26, 2018   Reply →

    Reversing trends is just what we need as a collective… this downwards spiral won’t be able to continue for much longer.

  • Natalie Hawthorne November 24, 2018   Reply →

    Each time I am reminded how much the students of The Way of The Livingness have changed like this article and seeing people where they used to be it blows me away. Today it is normal to be around people that are open, loving, willing to learn, vital, joyful and have a thirst for life based on the quality of what they are connecting to.

  • Jennifer Smith November 24, 2018   Reply →

    I am a nurse who walks at work in exuberance of being there. I walk into people homes with joy. Everything I have to do is done in a completely difference quality than prior to be attending Universal medicine. In fact I was trying everything I could to not nurse. I used to walk around in exhaustion, now I walk in joy. I am not perfect and each day offers me something more to look at in many different ways. But this model needs examination because we are doing something very right here.

  • Jennifer Smith November 24, 2018   Reply →

    Rebecca is correct when she says that giving advice does not inspire a change in lifestyle choices. I have seen this many times in my own practice as a nurse. So our choices are not about a lack of education, because there is so much information available, more than ever before and our choices continue on the downhill trajectory. Therefore more of the same won’t change anything despite our attempts. This discussion shows that we can make changes but we need to have a different approach to education and understanding why we make the choices we make.

    • Mary June 28, 2020   Reply →

      Jennifer I agree with you when you say
      ‘So our choices are not about a lack of education, because there is so much information available, more than ever before and our choices continue on the downhill trajectory.’
      I know from my own experience that I left myself out of the equation of life I was so busy playing the victim of it. When I decided to listen to what was being asked of me, to start taking more care of myself, then the life style changes started to happen. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have supported me to understand there are consequences to the choices we make and that playing the victim and blaming others for the ill mental health I suffered were the consequence of me giving my power away. It’s taken a few years to regain a sense of steadiness, but one thing is for certain I no longer suffer from ill mental health or the worry that I will slide back into it again which was one of my greatest fears.

  • Michael Brown November 17, 2018   Reply →

    When we see someone living something we know we could too but aren’t, do we celebrate or compare?

  • Jennifer Smith November 12, 2018   Reply →

    I love what you have shared here Gill…”lifestyle related diseased are a result of our lifestyle”. On one hand it may seem obvious, but on the other perhaps not. I wonder if we wonder what lifestyle means? There is the obvious diet and exercise and there is a lot of evidence in various camps on both. Maybe people find it all too confusing about where to start and what to do? That’s where Universal Medicine has been brilliant because once we start addressing the underlying causes for our self worth and self disregard and we begin to treat ourselves in a more caring and then loving way all of these behaviours fall away. Caring, nurturing, tending to ourselves and loving ourselves, who we are and what we bring to life is lets face it completely awesome for our health. Its so simple that its crazy that this has not been invested into.

  • Jennifer Smith November 12, 2018   Reply →

    When I first began attending courses and workshops by Universal Medicine one of the first things that I observed was the mix of people. There were people from all walks of life, different professions, genders, sexual orientations, race, cultural groups, various ages. This is what spoke to me very loudly initially, especially that there were a lot of men in attendance. Having studied a lot of complementary health care previously this was not something that men attended in great numbers. What I could feel was community, a way of being together. There was no gushing niceness or overbearing welcome. You come if you want and if it interests you or you don’t. But for me there was something that I wanted to hear all about, something familiar, something I knew to my bones, something that I am blessed to feel that I have chosen.

    • Mary June 28, 2020   Reply →

      Too me Jennifer, Serge Benhayon continues to make sense of a world that makes no sense to me. There is as you say something so familiar with what is being presented it’s an echo or memory of a distant past that gets reignited within our bodies because our bodies hold the marker of the truth we walked away from.

  • Shami November 10, 2018   Reply →

    Rebecca Asquith touches on a huge subject here, when she talks about the lecture she attended, where Serge Benhayon gave the reading and no one in the room sought confirmation for what they saw. This is huge because in that I can see how Serge was not seeking to be glamourised for being able to read the location and the cause of the woman’s back pain, and in that everyone in the room was free to leave with out any hooking in or excitement for what they saw. Serge presented a normal and there was the space for this to be taken as such or to be rejected.

  • Michael Brown November 7, 2018   Reply →

    The current trends do not fill me with confidence on our direction as a society… thank god there is another way of life being shown to us all.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh November 6, 2018   Reply →

    There is a great deal offered by Universal Medicine which takes it much further than how we have been approaching our issues in life. It is not about managing them or short term disappearance of the symptoms, but a depth of understanding and care that supports you to deeply learn and expand from what you are faced with rather than fighting it – and the natural empowering and expansive refinement in all aspects of life this inspires.

  • Michael Brown November 4, 2018   Reply →

    The change in the couple on the cover photo of the video is simply sublime.

  • Ingrid Ward November 1, 2018   Reply →

    I so agree Gill, that those ‘before and after’ photos speak of what is possible when we make different, and more self-caring choices in our lives. The changes visible in the photos of the Baldwins speak louder than any words can, making it very hard to deny what is right in front of our eyes. And why would we deny it when it could be the life-changing inspiration that we are seeking?

  • Ingrid Ward November 1, 2018   Reply →

    I absolutely agree with Rebecca when she says that the Universal Medicine business model needs to be studied and replicated, as it is a business that places the care and respect of people first, and has shown that if you do that everything else falls into place. It is a business that has inspired many to set up their own businesses on the same foundation; the foundation of love, respect and integrity for all, equally so.

  • Jennifer Smith October 31, 2018   Reply →

    We have run out of time. What we are seeing now in health systems across the world are confirming this. When we consider that most adults now live with a chronic health condition that we almost consider as normal is of great concern.

  • Rik Connors October 29, 2018   Reply →

    There is nothing more power-full when you hear Serge go for it and turn it up e.g. at the end of the interview. The proof is in how it inspires another i.e. look at how light Rebecca’s eyes look and how much beauty she emanates.

  • Jennifer Smith October 27, 2018   Reply →

    Having studied nursing and many other complementary health disciplines, Serge Benhayon remains the only person to talk about health in such an open way, “all cards on the table” (so to speak). With Serge we know exactly where we are at.

  • Natalie Hawthorne October 24, 2018   Reply →

    Re-igniting and re-claiming the sensitive beings that we are is something not talked about or discussed to the level of honesty and truth Serge is presenting here at the beginning of the episode. For me has been a process of understanding and feeling how extremely important it is and I have more awareness to see how far away I had walked from my innate essence. It is without question that we do feel everything so supporting myself by not checking out and dismissing has and still is a forever deepening process.

  • Michael Brown October 23, 2018   Reply →

    I do keep looking at the world thinking when are we actually going to hit rock bottom so we can bounce back up? Like what does that bottom look like if we are in this position now and it’s still worsening?

  • Michael Brown October 23, 2018   Reply →

    It’s time to put our collective into reverse, not notch up another gear in the wrong direction.

  • Julie October 22, 2018   Reply →

    What an inspiring interview from start to finish. If we are ever disgruntled with our lives, this video tells us all we would ever need to hear for us to turn it all around. Well done to all who produced this.

  • Stephanie Stevenson October 18, 2018   Reply →

    To bring value to ourselves and be in connection with the body and our breath is the antidote to self judgment and thus the grace and beauty is then seen and appreciated in another.

  • Michael Brown October 15, 2018   Reply →

    I haven’t been able to say it many times in my life, but I hand on heart can say at the moment I am in love with my life.

  • Jennifer Smith October 15, 2018   Reply →

    I work in nursing and in palliative care. So I see the end results of all of the choices we make through life. From the lifestyle choices to the choices we make in our relationships. So its true what Serge says about our community needs to be researched, because what I see a lot of at work is people giving up on life and of themselves and as a result they wait to die. What I have observed within the esoteric community because people are re-establishing there own commitment to themselves and the choices they make, their relationship to life changes completely. So someone still may be living with a serious health condition, but this does not alter their commitment to life, which is extraordinary.

  • Lieke Campbell October 15, 2018   Reply →

    I love what Serge says about inspiration, as it shows we all know and when we are given the space we know how to breath our own breath in the world.

  • Matilda October 12, 2018   Reply →

    Such important every day topics explored in a way that wakes us up to what is possible if we take responsibility for our choices and the way we relate to ourselves and life… these interviews are great.

    • David December 15, 2018   Reply →

      Agreed Matilda, lets change the face of the world, change the face of health and start to live the vitality that we had as kids once more.

  • Michael Brown October 12, 2018   Reply →

    I just love how simple it is when Serge delivers something. No fluff or complexity, just sharing one man’s very astute observations of a society he can feel is deeply hurt.

  • Jennifer Smith October 11, 2018   Reply →

    Its a whole new realisation to know that we cannot not communicate and that we are forever communicating, no matter how much we may be trying to hide it. When we understand that we live in an ocean of energy that is always passing through us, this changes everything. Our houses, even our bodies are not walls of protection at all even though we may like to think this is so.

  • Michael Brown October 8, 2018   Reply →

    I’ve reversed many of my life trends and it’s amazing to see that people recognise that it’s possible for themselves too.

  • Gil Randall October 7, 2018   Reply →

    Every winter, the health system is getting more and more overwhelmed to breaking point. Serge Benhayon presents another way of living that by taking responsibility for ourselves, we can live more healthily and these results of the ‘before and afters’ are the proof that it works.

    • Matilda Bathurst December 7, 2018   Reply →

      The simplicity of taking responsibility for our own health and well-being and the absolutely humungous impact this would have on our health care systems and societies. Are we prepared to step up to this?

  • Michael Brown October 6, 2018   Reply →

    I love the fact that I have reversed the trend of people a layabout teenager and actually taking life by the horns to be with people and make a difference in life.

  • Natalie Hawthorne October 5, 2018   Reply →

    What these before and afters offer is a opportunity to see that there is another way. Thanks to Serge Benhayon and the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom there is a true reflection of what we are all capable of if we so choose. Here we are seeing people that have and it is very inspiring.

  • Shami October 3, 2018   Reply →

    There is so much appreciation in the way that Serge Benhayon talks about the people who he knows who have transformed their lives.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh October 2, 2018   Reply →

    Seeing people for their beauty and exquisiteness first and foremost is such a supportive, confirming and empowering gift we can so easily offer one another. At times when I remind myself of this during those moments that I catch myself being stand-offish or judgmental, I can see how the other person blossom in their expression right in front of my eyes. How we hold and respond to others has an impact far beyond what we choose to consider. Serge Benhayon is a fabulous role model in living the deepest quality himself and only ever relating to others as the wisdom and beauty that is their true essence also, and boy do people blossom and flourish around him.

  • Michael Brown September 25, 2018   Reply →

    I love the evidence I live everyday.

  • Christoph Schnelle September 23, 2018   Reply →

    The key here is ‘reversing’ the damage from lifestyle diseases. This is far more ambitious than slowing down the development of the damage and from managing the damage. Medicine seems to be unable to induce the necessary behavioural changes. If others have managed, perhaps medicine should take a look.

  • Stephanie Stevenson September 22, 2018   Reply →

    Check out the ‘Before and After’ photographs for the living proof of the changes inspired in many people from attending and listening to the presentations of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings through Serge Benhayon – http://www.unimedliving.com/before-and-after.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh October 3, 2018   Reply →

      I love these before and after photos. And it is not just that people look healthier, more present and more content in themselves, but the radiance in their eyes is just amazing to see. I would so love to have a whole world of people with such a level of joy, openness and warmth.

  • Carmel Reid September 20, 2018   Reply →

    I have had several readings from Serge Benhayon and yes, they have always made sense, he has provided me with information that is directly relevant and has helped me to make different choices that have benefited my health.

    • Matilda Bathurst October 12, 2018   Reply →

      And that is it isn’t it, the support of someone to inspire us to make changes, to enjoy the responsibility of turning things around in our lives, is absolute magic and is what true love and relationship is all about.

  • Anna September 19, 2018   Reply →

    What Serge Benhayon presents truly works, one only has to look at the hundreds of before and afters such as the photos here to see this is the truth.

  • Michael Brown September 15, 2018   Reply →

    There is so much for us to look at and learn from in our lives in the every day.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh September 10, 2018   Reply →

    Universal Medicine offers so much more than reversal of a downward trend in people’s physical health. In a way this is such a tiny fraction of the enormity of the enriched experience of life when I consider the change in my life and hundreds of others whom I intimately know.
    But in a world where our medical systems are near to bankrupt because of the escalating health issues, what is shared in this episode is HUGE. Where are all the journalists who could, instead of hyping up events or fabricating stories in order to sell their articles, be writing articles that could let the public know how easily they could achieve such a change too and inspire them to make a start?

  • Natalie Hawthorne September 8, 2018   Reply →

    This is exactly what Serge Benhayon has offered is the fact that he lives, breathes and celebrates his beauty and from here when you are around someone that genuinely appreciates and loves themselves you can’t help but feel and notice it. I have been deeply inspired to take the time to look after myself, feel the beauty within and not be afraid to let it out.

  • Matilda September 7, 2018   Reply →

    Universal Medicine leads the way in offering true healing for our ills and discord. These interviews are worthy of our study and attention.

  • Michael Brown September 7, 2018   Reply →

    What does one do when presented with a way to live without comfort? Embrace it and move or attack that which is showing that life is so much grander without the comfort?

  • Michael Brown September 2, 2018   Reply →

    What I see everyday makes me appreciate the position I am in… not everyone has the opportunities I have had at such a young age.

    • David September 13, 2018   Reply →

      Agreed Michael, not everyone at any age has that blessing. But then again it takes a real willingness to want to see truth and live truth.

  • Michael Brown September 1, 2018   Reply →

    Somethings gotta give with our lifestyles… there is only so much coping the health system can provide before it collapses and we are left with the devastation of our lived way.

  • Rowena Stewart August 31, 2018   Reply →

    Evidence that cannot be dismissed Gill because it is there in front of our eyes. These shifts are more than just a drive to loose weight. They are permanent alterations to the way we live life that naturally result in a fitter, healthier body, increased vitality and steady joy of life founded on a dedication to caring for the quality of our bodies, relationships and lives completely unrelated to the usual ‘calorie counting’ and ‘burning the fat’ approaches.

  • jennym August 30, 2018   Reply →

    If our bodies are carrying all our hurts and choices, we can choose to be aware of what we feel and what is constantly being energetically communicated.This is a beautiful expose of how true inspiration and transformation can work.

  • Michael Brown August 28, 2018   Reply →

    The wording in the title is very particular – “Reversing the trends” – not – “Improving the trends”. This model is broken and improving it is akin to spraying deodorant on feaces… reads not a long-lasting solution. Time to revert, and then move forward knowing that it is truth that has already won the day, not the refinement of lies.

  • Christoph Schnelle August 26, 2018   Reply →

    Our lifestyle diseases are entrenched – so much so that even a diagnosis of a major illness often doesn’t change people’s lifestyle choices – for every one who improves their choices, another with such a diagnosis actually gets worse in their choice.

    It seems a major public health issue but there seems to be very little effort compared to the scale of the problem.

    • Michael Brown September 6, 2018   Reply →

      Yep, often one will have 2 or 3 serious diagnosis before admitted that something needs to change.

  • Rowena Stewart August 21, 2018   Reply →

    Very true Ariana. I too was on a similar trajectory had I not met Serge Benhayon and paid attention to his presentations. At 53 I have never been fitter or more vital than I am today because I have learned to cherish my self deeply and hence treat my body accordingly. We are striding into a new old age that is re-writing our accepted norms and proving beyond doubt that the gross percentage of our ills arises from the quality of our lifestyle choices coupled with a deep disregard of the Being within the body.

  • Natalie Hawthorne August 20, 2018   Reply →

    For me I don’t need any scientific proof for me to understand and accept that what Serge Benhayon is presenting is the truth. For me it has been an instant knowing and feeling in my body from there a process of discarding what is not of my true divine being and healing what has prevented me from being all of this. Naturally I have become more vital, energised, more youthful in my physical appearance, the Joy and quality I feel within is exquisite that it makes absolute and total sense to be this.

    • Lorraine Wellman August 22, 2018   Reply →

      No scientific proof needed here either, I know and can feel how different I am since being inspired by Serge Benhayon to make changes to my lifestyle, simply bringing in more loving choices has supported me to be more honouring, respectful and appreciative of myself and other people.

  • Rebecca August 19, 2018   Reply →

    Life changing, trend reversing and totally opposite to the trajectory of society – the support of Universal Medicine is incredible

  • Jonathan Stewart August 18, 2018   Reply →

    As Serge Benhayon says the stories of the Universal Medicine Students is one that needs to be told for the benefit of humanity as the before and after photographs of them in themselves speaks volumes as to how they show something different to worldwide trend of ill-health.

  • Ingrid Ward August 16, 2018   Reply →

    Once again, we have Serge Benhayon making sense of what hasn’t made sense to me and to many others, for a very long time. I love how he turns life as we know it upside down but in doing so offers us the answers to living it the ‘right’ (true) way up. What an amazing world we would live in if we saw the beauty of everyone we meet instead of the outer layer of pain and hurts and judge them for this first. Every one of us is beautiful in our innermost, and it is never too late to bring this inner beauty out and to live it.

  • Rowena Stewart August 16, 2018   Reply →

    Caring for our selves, respecting our delicate bodies and expressing our integrity are our natural way and a way that once reclaimed, exposes everything that we consider normal for the abnormal behaviours they really are. I deeply appreciate how Serge Benhayon holds true to normal at all costs, holding the bar so that humanity can see just how far we have strayed from the norm and how to resurrect our true health and vitality through the quality of our everyday lives.

  • Fiona L August 15, 2018   Reply →

    Two amazing truths delivered that I am sure everyone can relate to. 1. You can only offer inspiration without judgment – makes sense as you are not going to follow the role model of the person who is judging you. 2. Always hold people in the exquisiteness that they are – don’t stop at seeing how they behave.

    • Stephanie Stevenson October 18, 2018   Reply →

      I agree Fiona – these two truths alone delivered by Serge Benhayon, are life-changing in themselves. The outdated ideals and beliefs of boundaries, borders, supremacy and ownership would change in an instant if we all were open to living this way – harmony and true brotherhood would be restored.

    • Michael Brown October 26, 2018   Reply →

      Point number one is common sense, but not commonly applied.

  • Caroline Francis August 15, 2018   Reply →

    One of the profound changes I am making in my life is to see the beauty and grace in another first and to give them space to do their own thing. Sometimes this feels intense but it is an immense learning and a learning I can only say ‘yes’ to.

  • Jennifer Smith August 15, 2018   Reply →

    I love the initial part of the conversation about reading energy, how simple it is and that we all have that same ability because its inherently apart of us. I love how no one is left out of this. To me this makes it true because no-one is special or has a special ability. Its simply up to us to access this for ourselves.

  • David August 14, 2018   Reply →

    How anyone can deny what we see in these photos and in the lives that are shared shows us how far removed from reality our research has become.

  • Rebecca August 14, 2018   Reply →

    As a society, we are so resistant to considering the steps before the issue, the root and not just the result because in doing so we have to consider how we live and the choices we make. It is far easier to put on a band aid then deal with why we are creating the wound.

  • Rik Connors August 13, 2018   Reply →

    Its true how we live in a continuum of soup — you can be caught ‘floating’ in the soup and going with what mostly everyone else is or, you can be stirring to a different flow that is not so controlling.

  • Leigh Matson August 12, 2018   Reply →

    While the whole interview is gold what stood out today was that returning to the essence of myself/another and allowing that space for that essence to stand itself up and express.

  • Christoph Schnelle August 9, 2018   Reply →

    It would be nice if a group of people managed to reverse the effect of past major physical illnesses on their general health.

    • Michael Brown September 3, 2018   Reply →

      And then proceeded to move forward in a way that didn’t attract the very same illnesses back again.

  • Kathleen Baldwin August 3, 2018   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon speaks on clairsentience, true inspiration, energy and our ability to read people and how holding people in the beauty that they are is a key to inspiring them to be all that they are. This is essential viewing for it unfolds a way forward rather than sitting back and allowing a society with all its dysfunctionality to destroy the beauty in the human being.

  • Gabriele Conrad July 30, 2018   Reply →

    Reversing the trend of ill physical and mental health is key for our species and a universal form of medicine, based on what we as individuals and in our own time choose, is the way forward and out of the impasse. As Serge Benhayon so aptly puts it, solutions are not ever the answer, they leave us short of the in depth probing and answers we need.

    • Christoph Schnelle August 9, 2018   Reply →

      Yes, as a first step it may already be revolutionary that a reversal is possible, not just a slowing down of the deterioration.

    • Janet August 20, 2018   Reply →

      Yes, there is so much in this interview that could reverse trends if taken on board by the medical professions. Serge Benhayon simply and humbly reveals the missing link to the aetiology of illness of disease.

  • rosanna bianchini July 25, 2018   Reply →

    We are our own consistent agents of change. Never can we say – beyond the reality that we are experiencing, that “it’s not my fault” or “I can’t get out of this…” and many of the excuses I know I would have made in the past. I have learnt how exactly we are our own agents of change, the whole philosophy and teachings of Universal Medicine have raised this awareness and the potency our own choices are.

  • Jennifer Smith July 22, 2018   Reply →

    I love the way Serge Benhayon talks about everyone having the same ability to read energy and what that is. Its something that is very supportive because it gives us a greater insight into why we may do things the way we do.

  • Natalie Hawthorne July 19, 2018   Reply →

    When I look back on my life and how if felt and how I looked to where I am now there are no words really how transformational it has been. This wouldn’t of happened if it wasn’t for Serge Benhayon and the principles of The Way of The Livingness. Life evolves and we can either be the ones making the changes that are supporting a body and being that is of quality and vitality or one that is drained and exhausted. I sure know which one I prefer living and feeling like out of the two.

  • Mary July 10, 2018   Reply →

    If we were to take all the entertainment away plus all the food and drink that actually harms our bodies. Plus our reliance on pharmaceutical drugs I wonder what life would look like? I wonder if we would be able to cope? So do we indulge in all of the above so that we do not have to feel that we are actually out of control and do not want to take any responsibility for being out of control? I know I used to use alcohol as a way to escape life and used comfort foods to dull the feelings that I didn’t want to feel, that was me being out of control.

    • Jennifer Smith July 22, 2018   Reply →

      That’s a great question Mary. Would we cope without our crutches? Given that all of what we use to dull our awareness is on the rise, it would be difficult for us to continue to manage in the way that we have. Would we start asking more questions or would we quickly find new crutches?

  • Michael Brown July 10, 2018   Reply →

    There is something not quite right if that which is truly working as human life is being attacked.

    • Christoph Schnelle August 26, 2018   Reply →

      How else can we sustain living that which is harmful to us? If we don’t attack what works we are in grave danger of adopting it.

  • Natalie Hawthorne July 9, 2018   Reply →

    To try and imply or say that the students of The Way of The Livingness is on a road of misery, despair, illusion, cultism comes from someone that is not seeing or expressing the same level of quality and vital life as the students of The Way of The Livingness.

    • Viktoria April 17, 2019   Reply →

      It’s not only the photos here, for photos can be easily airbrushed and anybody can look good online. And though this has not happened in these videos, when you see somebody who takes care of themselves to this degree you can see the sparkle in their eyes, the glow in their skin & the healthy reflection they give out. That is the real proof, no pudding needed 😉

  • rosanna bianchini July 5, 2018   Reply →

    The ability and willingness to bring our clairsentience, our ability to read energetically what is going on is of huge value to all relationships, team work, and therefore for humanity as a whole. When we bring this way of relating into our workplaces and families, the whole focus can shift from one of collusion and judgement, to one of evolution. It is a key tool to life.

  • Jonathan Stewart July 5, 2018   Reply →

    When Serge says that the most significant point to inspire someone to heal themselves is “To hold them in the beauty they truly are”, is truly inspiring.

    • David July 25, 2018   Reply →

      Agreed Jonathan, how different is that from how we normally treat others and try to fix things and people around us rather than understanding the energy behind everything.

  • Natalie Hawthorne June 30, 2018   Reply →

    Wow seeing the outcome of making loving choice and deeply caring for ourselves makes so much sense as to why you would want to do it. I know for me it as a strong sense inside of me that knew there had to be another way of living. Sure enough thanks to Serge Benhayon and The Way of The Livingness you can feel the Love the Joy that we are in a very practical and everyday way.

  • rosanna bianchini June 29, 2018   Reply →

    Energetically we cannot stop communicating nor can we stop receiving, this sheds a whole new light on the therefore fact that there’s a world of constant energetic communication between each and everyone of us, that we each individually and deliberately choose to not be aware of, pretending life is one way – the way each of us would like it to be instead.

  • Michael Brown June 24, 2018   Reply →

    I love the fact that this shows there is another way of life, not just the bland, cold method of living and dying we are so used to seeing in society.

  • Andrew Mooney June 22, 2018   Reply →

    As a health care professional I can definitely vouch for the fact that there is usually another whole level of communication going on beyond the physical complaint and many other lifestyle factors that are contributing to the condition so it definitely is refreshing to hear a possible explanation of why this is so and how we can actually simply take this into consideration in medicine.

  • Natalie Hawthorne June 21, 2018   Reply →

    All the evidence I need is the way I feel at the end of the day. How connected I am to my body and being within and tired or vital I am. I know every choice I have made up to that point so I know if they supported or added to how I feel.

    • David August 8, 2018   Reply →

      Natalie I totally agreed, thats the same with me, how I feel in my body is what is the key to everything for me now. No one can take that away from me and what I know to be true.

  • Melinda Knights June 20, 2018   Reply →

    There is so much to learn just from the one part of this interview about the exquisite essence we each have, and the possibility of relating to each other this way. That one thing is not just life changing but potentially world changing. Imagine if we felt this in ourselves, which I have now many times due to the support of the work brought forth by Serge, and because we know it in ourselves we know and feel it in others. That completely changes the way we would relate to one another. No more needs, aggression, disharmony, etc, because we already have this amazingness inside ourselves to enjoy, and we feel and honour that same exquisiteness in others.

  • rosanna bianchini June 17, 2018   Reply →

    What Serge shares on the business model of Universal Medicine and the simplicity and naturalness of making it about love and ‘people first’ is a model that is clearly not only successful but provides an outstanding model that is crucial for businesses to follow if we are to be served by the businesses in our communities rather than the businesses self serving at the community’s cost.

    • Michael Brown August 22, 2018   Reply →

      If a business truly puts people first there can be no surprise when it receives the highest level of accolades and support from its customers.

  • David June 17, 2018   Reply →

    Ariana I totally agree that sparkle in the eye is quite incredible, something that is rarely seen and yet here are hundreds of people who have changed their lives like this.

  • Michael Brown June 16, 2018   Reply →

    Reversing trends by reversing behaviours is the only sustainable way to live a vital healthy life.

    • David July 30, 2018   Reply →

      Michael without it I agree we are headed for a life of not only personal disengagement but actually society as a whole will start to crumble as our systems can’t cope with our conditions.

  • rosanna bianchini June 16, 2018   Reply →

    It makes our very day-to day-choices of paramount importance when we realise it is the quality of our being that can lift society.

  • Natalie Hawthorne June 14, 2018   Reply →

    What becomes our normal can be so conditioned as just the Way it is. When I stop and look back to how I was living, how I felt and the choices I made to where I am now and how I am choosing to live and how remarkably amazing I feel I get the sense that my new normal I have made a standard in the way I live is extremely powerful. Today as I write it’s super important for me to appreciate every little, big and all the in between choices I have made and continue to make that supports such Joy and Vitality. Knowing that there is always a deepening on offer and never settling for less

  • Samantha Davidson June 14, 2018   Reply →

    Disregard is such a huge, stagnating issue for society, we do not like ourselves let alone love ourselves and so every step towards getting ‘fit’ ‘healthy’ etc. falls again and again or we push it so far we place our body in to extremes and exhaust it. How do we change this way of functioning and surviving in to a meaningful way of life? For me it started when I realised that there was a light inside that had never gone out, would never be broken or extinguished and that all I had to do what ever situation I found myself in regardless of any disregard I might choose, was to keep turning towards that and returning to this known within me of this reignited light. Serge Benhayon inspires this path back to who we all are in essence. And through developing turning to the light, disregard drops away and the light begins to flame more abundantly. Beautifully simple and there for us All equally.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh June 13, 2018   Reply →

    Statistics alone show that illness and disease is out of hand. And the medical systems are finding it impossible to cope. There is millions spent on research to help deal with the many debilitating diseases plaguing human life. Yet there is no queue of people clambering the doors of Universal Medicine that has been offering proof that all of this does not need to exist.
    Even if there is the slightest possibility of truth in this should we not see a queue of genuine researchers? Instead there are journalists that choose to make up absurd stories to scare people off even looking.
    Humanity is living with so many big fat lies it chooses to ignore that the enormity of this ridiculous response to what can actually give us the clues we need, can be simply swept under the carpet.

  • Natalie Hawthorne June 12, 2018   Reply →

    What The Way of The Livingness students are choosing is a way of being that is choosing to be Responsible in there life, healing that which is not of their innate qualities and being those pure loving qualities into their expression to the best of there ability. What is remarkable is how this changes our physical appearance and how all those layers that are not us have such an impact on us not just emotional and physically but energetically too.

  • Jonathan Stewart June 11, 2018   Reply →

    “Universal Medicine leads the way with people enjoying the freedom of being consistent agents of change and healing in their own lives, not only to reap the benefits for themselves but to also show others the enormity of what’s possible.” Without a doubt applying the principles of a responsible lifestyle as presented by Serge Benhayon through Universal Medicine leads only to an enhanced life.

  • Nattalija June 10, 2018   Reply →

    Reversing trends and going against the current stats world – wide. There is something truly amazing going on here and to watch this on TV is an example of what is offered for the ALL.

    • Golnaz Shariatadeh June 18, 2018   Reply →

      We have been having plenty of TV documents and literature scaring people about illness and disease in a manner that makes them either give up or seek extreme measures as a solution (which are incidentally very lucrative to those promoting such measures). None of this has helped us be any healthier.
      Such a TV episode showing real reversal to ill trends and how we each have the ability to enhance our own health is truly inspiring and empowering.

    • David July 1, 2018   Reply →

      I have to admit that knowing so many people who have reversed the trend now could make me take this for granted, and yet for all those, I know that have transformed their lives there are hundreds of thousands of others who have not and hence the true miracle that is going on which will be the Living way of society in the future.

  • Michael Brown June 7, 2018   Reply →

    There’s only one way we can reverse the trends – reverse the movements that define the trend.

    • Gabriele Conrad July 30, 2018   Reply →

      True – reverse the trend by choosing differently to the movements that have not ever served us, individually and as a humanity.

  • rosanna bianchini June 3, 2018   Reply →

    When we diminish who we are, our essence, we submit ourselves to disregard and self abuse. Taking back the responsibility for how I am with myself and become more loving the more I accept bit by bit the true worth, beauty and grace I am at that essence.

    • Nattalija July 1, 2018   Reply →

      The true essence waits inside for us all when we are willing to get to the truth of the matter.

  • Shami June 2, 2018   Reply →

    There is something truly great in what Serge Benhayon is presenting here, when he presents on tying up his shoe laces with all of his sensitivity for what is going on around him, for not shutting down and reducing life to mere function, to allowing his energetic senses to be alive and vibrant with him in every activity.

  • Michael Brown May 31, 2018   Reply →

    Something is needed to compliment western medicine as it is plain to see that on its own it cannot cope with the lifestyles of humanity.

    • HM June 7, 2018   Reply →

      I totally agree – when we look around us – the world is not coping and is using medicine as a quick fix and not a way to look at the reality of choices.

  • Jennifer Smith May 31, 2018   Reply →

    Given our state of health and the rapid rise of chronic diseases, most of which have been cause by our own choices, medicine is desperate in seeking ways to encourage people to take greater responsibility for their own health. The Universal Medicine model, that is that medicine is everything about how we live our life, to caring, our relationships, our choices etc etc does need to be studied. For it does work.

    Self-responsibility is the not so new black.

  • Samantha Davidson May 30, 2018   Reply →

    It is so important to read energy in life and not just take everything for face value, there is a depth of honesty, understanding, care, love, harmony when we respond from reading energy and honour it. I know and I am inspired by Serge Benhayon to go deeper and deeper….

  • Natalie Hawthorne May 30, 2018   Reply →

    We can ignore what we see in front of us so that we don’t have to look at our own way of living. So when you have people challenge the students of The Way of The Livingness, is it possible that they are not challenging what is in fact truth, that the students have turned there lives around and that they are actually feeling joy and love in there truest forms? Could it be that when we are not living that we can feel the resistance of not wanting to potentially review our own lives and what that would mean?

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh May 29, 2018   Reply →

    There is a lot of talk, a lot of proposed solutions and a lot of money going into ‘solving’ the various health issues humanity is currently plagued with. And yet for the most part, it has all been spiraling downhill.
    Isn’t an obvious sign of true commitment to a task that you would not leave any stone unturned? Well Serge Benhayon has been offering insights about humanity’s health situation since 1999, and there is ample evidence shown by those who have paid heed to what he has been presenting: “reversing lifestyle related disease” as well as an increase in vitality, quality relationships and a deep sense of purpose to name but a few key areas in life.
    This ladies and gentlemen is a stone of mega proportion staring you right in the eyes, which is yet to be acknowledged and turned by many who profess to care about humanity’s state of health and well-being.

  • Ingrid Ward May 28, 2018   Reply →

    The World Health Organisation for many years now has been giving us the shocking statistics on the state of the world’s ill-health and for 19 years now Serge Benhayon has been presenting the wisdom and the common sense as to how to not only stop the rise but to also heal the problem. And it all comes back to being honest with our lifestyle choices, choices that are actually making us sick and, in some cases, killing us. It is really quite simple; we have the power to change the quality of our health by the choices we make on a daily basis.

    • Joshua Campbell June 3, 2018   Reply →

      You make a great point Ingrid. So many are both baffled and ignorant of what is really going on today and the state we truly are in as a race of beings. Yet the answers have been there all along. It continues to amaze me how this is not front page news every day

      • Nattalija June 16, 2018   Reply →

        Interesting that it isn’t in the front – page news as this episode show the levels of appreciation that we choose not to share through our social media – opting for comparison that leads us far from the truth of our real potential.

      • David July 22, 2018   Reply →

        Joshua agreed but until meeting Serge I didn’t want to look at any of these things, I was far more interested in the latest drama or fiction than the reality of life. Boy oh boy was I missing out when I consider the amazing life I have today.

  • Matts Josefsson May 26, 2018   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon, a name for us to remember. The depth of what he presents to humanity at this point in time might not be fully understood or comprehended, but it’s well worth going there. Humanity is grasping for answers and I have not heard anyone that makes so much sense as he does.

  • Mary May 26, 2018   Reply →

    By healing my own hurts I have brought settlement to my body and in this settlement there is a an understanding that we are all the same, it’s as though a veil has been lifted from my consciousness to see everyone as equal and all deserving of the great love we have denied ourselves for aeons. Thank you Universal Medicine for supporting me to sift through the lies and see the truth of us all.

  • Michael Brown May 25, 2018   Reply →

    Being a trend-bucker when looking at health trends in the world is something i’m very proud of!

  • Natalie Hawthorne May 22, 2018   Reply →

    The undeniable quality of the students of The Way of The Livingness is without question is obvious. You can see it in the before and afters and in person. Based on the teachings and principles of the Ageless Wisdom there is a reason why it is called this and there is nothing else that I have come across that presents a way of living and being that supports that direct connection with our Soul’s and God.

  • Natalie Hawthorne May 19, 2018   Reply →

    It is unavoidable that we walk back through the choices we make so when we are presented with an ill-ness or dis-ease we don’t tend to want to see that it was our choices that got us to that point.

    • David May 30, 2018   Reply →

      As hard as that sounds Natalie, its so true – yet the real magic happens when we are willing to see our part in what got us to an ill-ness. then we get to change so we don’t repeat the same patterns that lead to us getting sick again.

  • Ingrid Ward May 18, 2018   Reply →

    I totally agree what an amazing and ground-breaking study it would be if the changes in the lives of all the students of Universal Medicine were studied. I am sure it wouldn’t take too long for those doing the study to realise that the improvement in the health and well-being of the participants is going against all we consider to be normal these days. And the other amazing thing is that the choices that are taken to bring about these remarkable changes are actually quite simple and absolutely brimming with common sense. Now this is what I call true evidence-based medicine.

    • Christoph Schnelle September 23, 2018   Reply →

      They have been studied. There are acceptance issues about the study results as the results get ignored and the authors attacked.

  • Natalie Hawthorne May 16, 2018   Reply →

    It is remarkable to witness and experience the impact The Way of The Livingness has on your life but not only that ones in your life as well. For me as I have deepened my love for myself and opened up so too have my relationships with everyone else.

  • Jennifer Smith May 14, 2018   Reply →

    There is much presented by Universal Medicine that needs to be studied. The community of people who live the teachings of Universal Medicine that also need to be studied, because the community of people as well as the teachings are showing us something very powerful. That we can in fact change our current trajectory in health and re-establish our connection to live in harmony with our own being.

  • Michael Goodhart May 14, 2018   Reply →

    If we could all adopt Serge Benhayon’s approach of letting go of all judgement and accepting others in a deep way that allows us to see their true inner beauty and essence first before we see all the outer human issues and problems , it would go a long way to bringing understanding and more harmony into all our relationships. For how could we be in reaction and go into protection ourselves if we see that exquisiteness first, as Serge described.

    • David June 2, 2018   Reply →

      I would love the world to be free of judgement, it would be a very different world and one that I don’t think we can fully fathom right now.

  • Natalie Hawthorne May 11, 2018   Reply →

    Its a no brainer really, how much more evidence and proof do you need when you have people that have completely changed not only physically but in there expression also. this speaks volumes to me when in some cases, some of the students of The Way of The Livingness are actually un recogisable from their pre Universal Medicine photo’s and to where they are today.

  • Meg May 7, 2018   Reply →

    Enter any hospital and see what is really going on for people and their bodies and it’s undoubtable that we need more of this wisdom and more of this common sense in the world.

  • Jennifer Smith May 1, 2018   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon in this conversation offers something very important to medicine and those who work in health care. Not to fix medicine but to offer a deeper insight into what’s going on beyond the physical condition. We find ourselves in healthcare treating the physical very well, in fact exceptionally so. But we have done this leaving out the energetic understanding of our body and the way we live that impacts on our body. This will be the future of medicine where both the energetic and physical will work together.

  • Matts Josefsson May 1, 2018   Reply →

    Gosh I must have missed this episode, until now that is. Loved it back to front.

  • Joshua Campbell April 27, 2018   Reply →

    Humanity is in a very very very dire situation. And thanks to the many devices we have today most can escape, check out and be oblivious to what is truly going on in the world. That form of comfortable ignorance is also in truth a disease that has ill consequences to our species.

    • David July 26, 2018   Reply →

      Agreed Joshua, Humanity is in a mess, time to change that by changing us.

  • kehinde James April 22, 2018   Reply →

    I can relate to what Rebecca describes. Before I was introduced to Universal Medicine, I existed ‘under the radar’ and because I didn’t have a major health condition or addiction, thought I was getting by. Nonetheless, things were not right and I felt an unease about my life and experienced occasional bouts of depression. This unease left unchecked could easily have developed into something more tangible. Simply, taking responsibility for all areas of our life cannot be under-estimated and inspired by the teachings of Universal Medicine and taking gentle self loving choices, my relationship with self, money, work, family, friends and community transformed and with it came health in body and life.

  • kehinde James April 22, 2018   Reply →

    You would think any organisation with evidence of reversing effects of life style related disease would be of interest to national/global health services and governments. Sad to say the opposite is the truth: people view with suspicion anything that is outside conventional health ‘norms’ or in their view not empirically tested. Makes me question if there are hidden interests in keeping catastrophic illness and disease rates exactly where they are.

  • Joshua Campbell April 21, 2018   Reply →

    It really makes you wonder how there can be so many academics and universities in the world today yet as a species we are in a situation were most of us die from preventable causes we actually know how to avoid. In other words we are killing ourselves and we are ignorant of the fact.

  • Michael Brown April 16, 2018   Reply →

    Reversing is a very poignant term for this, as we do in fact have to ‘reverse’ back through everything we have done to return to the simple way we once lived.

  • Nattalija April 14, 2018   Reply →

    Lifestyle illness are on the increase but the choices to feel the true impact this is having on the health system is being ignored by the masses. To view the changes in this episode is showing that health and responsibility go together.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh April 10, 2018   Reply →

    What is covered here not only reverses “the trends on lifestyle related disease”, it is also the start of reversing the distortion with which we have been viewing health in the first place.

  • Natalie Hawthorne April 9, 2018   Reply →

    For me the before and afters of the students of The Way of The Livingness says it all. The evidence that is needed is before your eyes and you really can’t deny it, even though many have tried. I have never felt so young, vital and joyful in my life ever and each day it is getting deeper and deeper the more I am willing to let go and look at everything that is not of our natural way of being.

  • Mary April 8, 2018   Reply →

    Universal Medicine has changed thousands of people’s lives and I am one of those people that with support made changes that have reaped so many benefits for me, my family and everyone I meet. And that is the most fascinating part that there is an ancient science to all of this that we have disconnected to, the science of the universe and because of this we lead a lessor life.

  • Michael Brown April 7, 2018   Reply →

    Health trends are only what they are because of the way we are living, not because of genes or any external factor.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh April 7, 2018   Reply →

    I love this, because I have felt it within myself when I have stopped blaming others for something I have found within myself the inspiration and commitment to roll my sleeves up and work in cooperation to bring things round.

  • Melinda Knights April 5, 2018   Reply →

    This interview has so many layers of richness, from both Serge and Rebecca, it’s a joy to watch. When we look at the world and how it promotes willpower and uses various things as motivation to change habits we can see why it falls flat, and why the Universal Medicine student body is bucking the trends – support people to reconnect to the beauty of their being and they begin to take care of themselves, no willpower or motivation needed.

  • Jennifer Smith April 2, 2018   Reply →

    I love how Serge describes how he does his readings of people. That he feel their exquisiteness first and then reads where they have not chosen that. This is very beautiful for it confirms that there is nothing ‘wrong’ with us, there is nothing to ‘improve’ on and that everything that we need is right there within each and everyone of us. Essential he meets every person for who they are, without any need or judgment. What he is sharing is the foundation we can all have in all of our relationships. Very beautiful.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh April 3, 2018   Reply →

      All our issues stem from us losing connection to the exquisiteness of who we are and aligning with, living and expressing something that takes us further and further away. How gorgeous to have someone stay steady in seeing our essence and relating to us in honouring of such magnificence. It offers the space and inspiration for us to start to reconnecting to that for ourselves.
      I love the fact that Serge Benhayon, who is able to read with great accuracy the hidden agendas and false games people play, is also a person who will only ever recognise us and relate to us in the light of our true divine essence. Indeed what a wonderful role model for all relationships.

    • Melinda Knights April 5, 2018   Reply →

      So true Jennifer and very inspiring your words that Serge “meets every person for who they are, without any need or judgement.”

    • Jonathan Stewart August 18, 2018   Reply →

      Yes, and also his description makes it very ‘down-to-earth’ and not some mystical or special out-of-this-world and freak mutation.

  • Matilda Bathurst April 2, 2018   Reply →

    Accepting responsibility for our health and well-being is an essential step for us all to take as we turn the tide of blame, increasing illness and rising social discord around.

    • Nattalija April 18, 2018   Reply →

      The blame is so simple but in the long run the drama that we rally still leads us towards ill health and disease when we choose not to truly read what is going on in the first place.

  • David April 1, 2018   Reply →

    Ariana exactly nothing gets in the way except stuff we’ve put in the way, time indeed to reverse the trend on lifestyle diseases. As many involved in Universal Medicine can testify, changing ones lifestyle has a huge impact on ones health and wellbeing.

  • Victoria March 30, 2018   Reply →

    To see people from the love they are first and then where there have been deviations from this love changes everything. There is no judgement in this and such understanding. This is how Serge Benhayon lives and inspires others to do the same.

  • HM March 30, 2018   Reply →

    The holding picture here says it all. Like – just take a moment to look at the before and after shots. It is 2 people who have turned their lives around and who are living it. The clothes, the faces, the bodies all reflect a less loving and vivacious way in the past – and then we see the incredible transformation of 2 people who have said yes to love.

  • Mary March 29, 2018   Reply →

    These are much needed conversations that we should be having as the illness and disease rates continue to rise and out pace the medical profession who I feel are struggling to keep up.

    • David May 28, 2018   Reply →

      If we took the same amount of time, the care and the passion that we have for our favourite TV star and show and applied this to the care we take with ourselves then no doubt we would actually have a very different society, one where vitality is the consideration of health.

  • Elaine Arthey March 28, 2018   Reply →

    Yes lets bring the being and the quality of being back to the human being. We have become more like human doings and lost our connection to our beingness.

  • Shami March 28, 2018   Reply →

    I like it when Serge Benhayon talks about our greatest category is in being a human being, and how this all that is really important, especially now when illness rates are so high and struggles are everywhere.

  • Carmel Reid March 26, 2018   Reply →

    The readings of Serge Benhayon can reach a very deep level from how we are living now to how we have lived in this lifetime and even back to our previous lifetimes. To those of us in the Western world this may seem like a bizarre statement, but it is something we can all do, the statement that we can’t is a deliberate lie set up to keep us from our true power. What we are learning to do, thanks to the inspirations of Serge Benhayon, is to live in such a way that our bodies are clear enough to truly feel another person with no judgement. As he says, it’s not a psychic ability, it’s no big deal, it’s just reading the energy.

  • fiona lotherington March 24, 2018   Reply →

    Our eyes come second to what we feel. We all know this but learn to override what we feel over what we see or are being sold as true in life. It was beautiful to hear the explanation of how to read another person – from feeling the exquisiteness of the person and then anything that doesn’t match that stands out.

    • Michael Brown March 26, 2018   Reply →

      I like this Fiona. We should be using our eyes to confirm what we feel not to seek out some sort of image or picture.

    • David August 2, 2018   Reply →

      Fiona agreed I was recently walking through a community of people whom where all covered head to toe, you could not see them but you could feel who they were behind the vale.. Very confirming to feel that what we feel is more powerful than what we see.

  • Christoph Schnelle March 24, 2018   Reply →

    The only people who can change their lifestyles and therefore live healthier, more productive and more fun lives are … ourselves. We just need to know how and a group of people who have managed those changes may be a good place to learn from.

  • Rebecca March 24, 2018   Reply →

    The changes I have seen in my own family have been amazing and a totally blessing because there is so much more love and openness between everyone

  • Mary March 21, 2018   Reply →

    These are amazing conversations between Rebecca and Serge, and every time I come back to watch them I get something more from what is being said. It’s just the same when I read the purple books sometimes it as though I haven’t really read the books at all. I am fascinated by this discussion about the other being that we have access to within us all and I wonder why we are not told of this when we are young and encouraged or supported to bring this side out to it’s fullness, as I do remember being open to the subtleties of life and then squashing this part of me as it didn’t seem to fit into family life or school.

  • Carmel Reid March 21, 2018   Reply →

    A few changes in lifestyle choices can make such a difference – and I love that Serge Benhayon says we can inspire others to help themselves by having no judgement and by holding them in the beauty they truly are

  • John O Connell March 19, 2018   Reply →

    ” We think we have to conform to the demands of the physical life, by excluding the more subtle energetic aspects of life. ” Serge Benhayon.
    This is said so clearly and of course we are doing this at the expense of the fullness truth we are.

  • Natalie Hawthorne March 18, 2018   Reply →

    It has been an honour to be around so many people that have realised their worth, made changes to honour and respect this and in bringing this level of self-love remarkable changes have occurred in there lives. This is truly inspirational.

    • Melinda Knights April 5, 2018   Reply →

      I agree Natalie, once our relationship to ourselves changes, our life then begins to change via our own choices.

  • Carmel Reid March 15, 2018   Reply →

    It’s a good point he makes that energetically we are communicating the truth about ourselves all the time even though our words may only be expressing what we want people to know. This means that anyone with clairsentience, the ability to feel energy, can read us at any time.

    • Christoph Schnelle March 24, 2018   Reply →

      Actually, anybody can and does read us all the time. They may choose not to be aware of what they are reading but time and again I see people reacting to what they have read, not necessarily consciously but react or respond they do.

  • Matilda Bathurst March 15, 2018   Reply →

    Universal Medicine is a world changing organisation and modality in itself that offers us everything we need to make true, sustainable change in our lives, health, relationships and understanding. Thank you for the ongoing inspiration of these tv episodes.

  • Samantha Davidson March 15, 2018   Reply →

    We do not pay attention to the little signs, the brittle nails, the dry skin or the lank hair…but these build up and when we do not notice a sore belly or think it is normal to have headaches a lot we ignore something priceless, the signs our bodies share to support our true health.

  • Shami March 8, 2018   Reply →

    There is such incredible beauty in Serge Benhayon’s description of what inspiration is. To be left alone to breathe your own breath, which is to not be asked to be anything that you are not, to be simply given the space to be who you are. This is something that can be taken in to everyday life and can contribute to it on every level. This is something that truly works for the benefit of everyone.

  • HM March 8, 2018   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon certainly is someone who keeps making sense and how he does it is so simple – just being open to others and reflecting to them what they reflect in truth. He has done this for decades and he continues to absolutely read and support others.

  • Natalie Hawthorne March 8, 2018   Reply →

    When you see the miraculous changes that have occurred with the likes of the people in this episode and how much more vibrant, healthier and Joyful they are this is enough evidence for me to say whatever Serge Benhayon is presenting and the principles it is working. I have been one of those people and I have seen hundreds of people blossom and emanate their beauty. A way of being that really is life changing.

  • Jennifer Smith March 7, 2018   Reply →

    I love how Serge shares that at the age of 35 he went back to the first 5 years of his life, meaning that he returned to the clairsentience he had when he was a young boy. What does this mean? How many times have we had a child say to us or heard of a child saying something that stops us in our tracks and floor us with its accuracy of reading a situation, circumstance. How do they do this as children, they don’t have any training or education and more than likely they have not been raised to be this way. So it makes complete sense that this is part of our natural way of being. We are naturally this way – open, honest, respectful and say what is needed to be said in that moment, without any justification.

  • Mary Adler March 7, 2018   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon is the inspiration and the catalyst for students of Universal Medicine to accept self responsibility for the way they live that is bucking the trend of health related lifestyle problem statistics shown by the World Health Organisation.

  • David March 7, 2018   Reply →

    I love how we can literally reverse the dramatic abuse in our lives, the lifestyle-related disease through applying the modalities presented by Universal Medicine.

  • Michael Brown March 7, 2018   Reply →

    My own health has improved drastically since being a student of Universal Medicine, both mentally and physically.

  • Joshua Campbell March 6, 2018   Reply →

    The fact that these trends are not making news headlines around the world considering how completely contrasting they are to the current state of humanities overall health and wellbeing is in itself astounding. I am sure if these trends really did make headlines it would be asking for more responsibility from the majority and perhaps most are not yet ready for that.

  • Samantha Davidson March 6, 2018   Reply →

    To truly shift patterns of ill health it needs to come from within….Universal Medicine simply inspires this “…people enjoying the freedom of being consistent agents of change and healing in their own lives,” I know for myself it had to be something I choose, it is self empowering.

  • Leonne Barker March 3, 2018   Reply →

    Absolutely Ariana. The results seen here are far more than physical. The joy, vitality and knowing in the eyes of those who’ve been inspired to be true to themselves is plain to see.

  • Leonne Barker March 3, 2018   Reply →

    These are before and afters unlike anything I’ve ever seen. No beauty is given or bestowed. Serge Benhayon explains that beauty is innate to us all and when we are supported to let our natural beauty shine the whole world benefits,

  • Susie W March 3, 2018   Reply →

    The trends in illness and disease within society today are so incredibly different to what is seen in this episode. It’s incredible and certainly not something that should be overlooked. Scientists spend billions of dollars looking for ‘the answers’ to illness, and it seems that a lot could be learnt from this way of living that doesn’t require expensive microscopes or data analysing technology to see.

  • Liane Mandalis March 3, 2018   Reply →

    The heart feels far more than the mind can ever think or fathom, yet still we champion the human brain as the seat of our intelligence. This interview allows us to see how we are selling ourselves short when it comes to true wisdom and our capacity to access it.

  • Victoria March 3, 2018   Reply →

    That 68% of us are suffering from lifestyle related diseases should be a huge wake up call and one to deeply consider, this is not normal…. and we have the ability to change this trajectory as Serge is presenting here. True inspiration.

  • Victoria March 3, 2018   Reply →

    I am continually inspired by the presentation of Serge Benhayon, he calls us all to consider that we are so much more than what we may have accepted ourselves to be.

  • Amita March 2, 2018   Reply →

    It is great true evidence and proof that we can go against the trends of society and allow true change to take place, we we are committed to taking self responsibility for our own movements.

  • Amita March 2, 2018   Reply →

    Its actually very simple, but we as humans like to complicate things, crazy I know. If we just go back to simplicity of integrity, truth and deep self care we can feel and see the difference in our own body.

  • Amita March 2, 2018   Reply →

    Yes I agree it is very much empowering, having taken this journey myself to self- responsibility. The more responsibility I have taken for myself the more empowering my life has become, more richer and healthier too.

  • Amita March 2, 2018   Reply →

    Universal Medicine is definetly worth studying there is so much available for all of us to tap into if we choose. What Serge has been living and reflecting is a science that we all have within us.

  • Amita March 2, 2018   Reply →

    Its beautiful that our quality of livingness is what supports our evolution, in this evolution is our own healing and healing for others.

  • kev mchardy March 2, 2018   Reply →

    Serge without a doubt inspired me to change my lifestyle, I tried several times to kick my habits of smoking, drinking and drug taking with no success but with Serge’s non judgemental and loving ways and his approach to life I was able to be inspired to realise I wasn’t any sort of addict but was just dampening my ability to feel the energy that we are all capable of feeling.

  • Jenny James March 2, 2018   Reply →

    The simplicity of the science of responsibility is beautiful, empowering and totally revealing. We are the makers of our own lives and have the power to claim back our livingness.

  • Ingrid Ward March 1, 2018   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon is beyond any doubt, as far as I am concerned, a man who makes sense of a world that at times I have struggled to make sense of and in doing so has inspired many others so much so that they too have begin to turn their lives around. The Baldwin family is one, with all the members of the family making incredible changes in their lives and who in turn have inspired many others to do the same. That is the power of the ripple affect from not only the presentations of Serge Benhayon but the way he lives his life.

  • Christoph Schnelle February 28, 2018   Reply →

    There are indications that being connected with Universal Medicine is associated with improvements in physical and mental health.

  • SCE February 27, 2018   Reply →

    It sooo very inspiring to see these before and after photos. When we look at the state of the world today and how illness and disease levels are going up and people are generally deteriorating mental and physically we can see Universal Medicine with out doubt is helping to reverse this trend.

  • Jonathan Stewart February 27, 2018   Reply →

    The presentation by Serge that the true meaning of inspiration is to be left alone to breath your own breath without being imposed upon is truly inspirational.

  • Natalie Hawthorne February 27, 2018   Reply →

    When you witness miraculous changes in people around you even if you only see them once or twice now and again then you can’t but appreciate that what they have been choosing has supported this. We all have the potential and equal power to make different choices that support us and Serge Benhayon has beautifully inspired hundreds and hundreds of people including myself.

  • Tricia Nicholson February 17, 2018   Reply →

    An amazing interview and inspiring tv that has not be presented before with a respect and decency for humanity and the beauty of us all. Taking responsibility for our own health and well being and feeling all we feel from our body changes everything as does the changes we can make and the quality we can live.

    • Amita March 2, 2018   Reply →

      Agree great TV and insight to our own healing, but taking responsibility in our choices, simple but profound if we choose it for ourselves.

  • Gabriele Conrad February 17, 2018   Reply →

    Lifestyle-related diseases are not communicable in the way we use that word for infections but they are certainly being shared and normalised, i.e. spread far and wide, by a way of living that is deemed normal, outwardly acceptable and ‘the way to go’.

    • Christoph Schnelle February 28, 2018   Reply →

      Yes, many people are proud of their level of exhaustion. I find that quite stunning.

    • Victoria March 3, 2018   Reply →

      Yes agree Gabriele, we have dropped our standards of what is considered ‘health’ and vitality and if we are all following that trend we accept that if we do not have a diagnosis we are healthy enough.

  • Rachel Murtagh February 16, 2018   Reply →

    By attending Universal Medicine presentations ‘…seeing people for their beauty and exquisiteness first’ was a game changer, especially when I was able to feel and see my own beauty and exquisiteness. This opened up a whole new paradigm of relating to myself, others and the world. From there I was able to make significant changes to my life and the way I lived which has resulted in enormous benefits of greater well-being and health.

  • Matilda Bathurst February 15, 2018   Reply →

    A remarkable interview offering clear and inspiring insight into our relationship with our bodies, our responsibility for our health and well-being and some miraculous examples of the impact of Universal Medicine.

  • Samantha Davidson February 15, 2018   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon certainly does see the powerhouse within everyone. He is an inspiration in how we are with people, I have begun to practice meeting people for who they are in essence not meeting the superficial hurts and habits and thinking that is all they are…there is so much more depth and beauty in every one of us.

  • Carmel Reid February 13, 2018   Reply →

    ‘You feel other people in the beauty they truly are’ says Serge Benhayon speaking about feeling and reading the energy in other people

  • Christoph Schnelle February 10, 2018   Reply →

    The obvious difference between the two photos is the change in weight but even stronger seems to be that they look older in the before picture and younger in the after picture, much more vital, joyful and vibrant.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh February 9, 2018   Reply →

    This is great. For many years of my life I had given up on humanity, on my own ability to facilitate change and on what is possible, to such an extent that I would fight anyone who suggested there was a different way that could turn all of that round. To be able to witness such a vast number of people, have such amazing changes in their lives, and who are increasingly relating to that as their normal is a breath of fresh air. An invaluable reflection in the world.

  • Michael Brown February 7, 2018   Reply →

    There is another way of living that shows we do not have to follow the societal trends.

  • Melinda Knights February 5, 2018   Reply →

    That’s a beautiful comment Ariana, the true being is revealed and lived from when we love and care for ourselves.

  • Melinda Knights February 5, 2018   Reply →

    What Serge shares here is very powerful about true change coming from inspiration, and that we are most supported when held without judgement, persuasion, or other interference. I have certainly found this to be true for myself in the environment of Universal Medicine workshops, but what’s life changing about it is we can also then take that same loving approach of non-interference into our own relationships.

  • Natalie Hawthorne February 4, 2018   Reply →

    Why is it that when people can see that others are making a choice in a way they are looking after themselves and it is obvious that this is having a great impact on their lives that people over look this and pretend they can’t see it or even scoff at the choices they are making are stupid or wrong. What I came to realise as I experienced this is that the reflection is too much and they don’t want to even begin looking at the way they are living.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh February 6, 2018   Reply →

      We always have a choice. Do we respond as soon as a reflection is offered we know deep down is flagging the way for us to return to a true and loving way (and life has many of these reflections through people, through nature and even through our own bodies) , or do we in contrast carry on and wait until our back is well and truly against the wall and there is nowhere else for us to turn to?

    • Christoph Schnelle February 10, 2018   Reply →

      The reason may be because that can feel quite confronting and it may feel safer to simply ignore it.

  • Michael Brown January 31, 2018   Reply →

    Interesting that it is defined as “lifestyle related disease”, for no matter how much we try to avoid the fact, it is true that the way we live impacts our body.

    • Matilda Bathurst February 15, 2018   Reply →

      And in this interview what Serge and Rebecca share about the impact of Universal Medicine and the before and after photographs are miraculous turn-arounds that are actually at all of our fingertips always.

      • Victoria March 30, 2018   Reply →

        It is incredible how different a body can look, feel and emanate when it is filled with love. The before and after photos speak volumes. I have witnessed this in person over the last decade or so…and felt it in myself too.

  • Jennifer Smith January 30, 2018   Reply →

    Such exquisitely beautiful examples of redefining what ‘normal’ looks like in relationships. From seeing disfunction as normal to connection, love and commitment being to new normal. But so obviously everyone has and is benefiting from such commitment.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh February 6, 2018   Reply →

      There is so much around in society that circulates and confirms our normal health as way below what this episode shows is actually possible. It is great having such clear reflections as offered here to remind and re-inspire us to live our true and natural normal.

  • HM January 30, 2018   Reply →

    Check out the before and after of this couple. Woah what a massive change! They are half their size and have joy on their faces – it is just one tiny part of what it is to actually honour and love and support our bodies. Serge Benhayon simply reflects what it is to be more of who we are.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh January 27, 2018   Reply →

    Remarkable and perhaps not obvious from the before and after shots alone, is the change in the quality of life the people are living and the extent to which they have all bar none deepened their relationship, engagement, joy and responsibility within life.

  • Ray Karam January 25, 2018   Reply →

    I have seen this before and the re watch was no less inspiring then the first time. Like anything you see for the first time, the more you watch the more you seem to see. Can I sit in the comfort of my own home when you see an episode like this? There is a lot more for me to see, learn and read about life and seeing this episode again today is refreshing. What’s a world leader? A person who is in the position or a person who lives in a way that expands and supports us to be more and more truly who we are? I support the latter as anyone can sit in a chair where as to truly lead the world you are needing to “talk your walk”.

  • Sarah Karam January 25, 2018   Reply →

    The true meaning of inspiration is to be left alone to breathe your own breath, so the best way to allow others to do this, is by living in a way that leads the way. I was from a family that was dysfunctional but normal, I was a drinker but I was not considered to have a drinking problem to those around me at the time, as was my family also seen as “normal”. And yet we were well on our way to becoming another health care statistic but through true inspiration, instead, what you see today, is a natural transformation and now solidness in my family and our contribution back to society. If you do not know us personally, the photos displayed in this episode are evidence on the clear differences.

  • Natalie Hawthorne January 24, 2018   Reply →

    Where I was and how I was living I didn’t think there was anything that wasn’t ok. Ok being the key word as I had settled for a way of living that was passable. I didn’t have any major health issues, but I deep down knew that there was more to life, I just didn’t know where to go to for it. Then step into my first encounter with Universal Medicine and the jackpot, I had connected to what I was looking for, me, my inner essence, my Soul. At that point life has become remarkable and an ever unfolding Joy. Well beyond the ok that I had settled for.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh February 10, 2018   Reply →

      Those two words “settled for” are a huge expose of the state of humanity. Mankind seems to be so proud of its accomplishments, gadgets, tall buildings and complicated solutions we have had to come up with in order to sort out the mess we ourselves created in the first place. I knew I was deep down given up, resigned and disappointed about life, but until meeting Serge Benhayon I was choosing to not see just how much humanity has settled for living a tiny fraction of the stupendous glory of the love and multidimensionality that has always been our true nature.

  • Tricia Nicholson January 22, 2018   Reply →

    Amazing truth presented here that takes tv to another level altogether of amazingness and feeling that we all have and can reconnect to and read . The extent of our awareness is deeply beautiful to feel and be spoken about that makes absolute sense and allows no borders just true beauty to be felt. Energetically we never stop communicating and our clairesentience and communication is essential for all health and healing and our evolution and well being and what is truly going on.
    A true inspirational family leading the way for all humanity.

  • Michael Brown January 22, 2018   Reply →

    The change is not just from food or exercise, but from a commitment to listen to, and honour, the body and its communication.

  • HM January 22, 2018   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon offer so much when he shares that it is not about fixing extreme behaviours but rather looking at all the ways in which we diminish ourselves as human beings that is causing us to be a certain way in society. There is so much on offer for us to connect to – to start to build a humanity where we are truly responding to what is needed and living in a way that is truly healthy – and it all comes from our choices to connect back to this or not.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh January 19, 2018   Reply →

    Yes the title is correct. We are not talking about slowing down the debilitating health patterns which society at large is experiencing. We are talking about reversing the trend. And it is not just one or two people evidencing this, which could easily be dismissed as luck, fluke or the like. The number of people whose lives shows this, together with the depth and consistency of the changes testifies that we are onto something really valuable.

  • Shami January 17, 2018   Reply →

    Incredible and, deeply inspiring to see the turn around that the Baldwin Family Members have each made happen through taking responsibility for their own lives and as such the quality that they live by and contribute to society. This is nothing short of amazing.

  • Kathleen Baldwin January 15, 2018   Reply →

    This is Rebecca Asquith doing what she does best . . . interviewing . . .. this interview is really something else as she is talking to a very wise man, Serge Benhayon, who can make sense of what we never thought could be made sense of, and who not only inspired me and my family to change our lives but many thousands of other people who just like us were inspired to make different choices that turned their lives around also.

  • Rowena Stewart January 15, 2018   Reply →

    Love watching Serge Benhayon TV, true nourishment for the Soul.

  • Jonathan Stewart January 15, 2018   Reply →

    “Serge Benhayon unfolds the science of living self-responsibility to inspire change in others, free from judgement and simply seeing people for their beauty and exquisiteness first. Well, does it actually work?” It certainly does. I can attest to this personally as my life has dramatically changed in the intervening years since meeting Serge Benhayon in 2006, and I know many, many people who can say the same. To consider how my life would have been without that encounter is to have a nightmare.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh January 14, 2018   Reply →

    The before and after photographs are not about showing how special, lucky or clever a handful of people are they are about showing humanity the natural potential for every single one of us if we so choose.

  • David January 14, 2018   Reply →

    What a powerful episode that puts into practice and shows the real difference that people can make by the way they live. The differences that happen through these lifestyle choices are quite incredible. Serge Behayon offers the answers to so many things missing in society.

  • Rowena Stewart January 13, 2018   Reply →

    These episodes are truly enriching as they empower us to realise that the change we are longing for can truly take place when we begin to take immense care of our selves. Serge Benhayon wisely points out the elephants in the room that we have been clearly ignoring for far too long, and in doing so, restores our common sense to its rightful place in society.

  • Jennifer Smith January 13, 2018   Reply →

    I love the meaning of the word inspiration…”The ability to breath your own breath” and to be left alone to do this – not imposed upon. Inspiration does mean physically to breath in. What I can feel is that to inspire is very much about allowing another to “live and let live”, to make their own choices in their own time and when they are ready, and for some they are not. Acceptance here is very important as people make their own choices until their last breath and it’s super important to allow someone that space without judgement.

    • Melinda Knights February 5, 2018   Reply →

      It’s a model of simplicity, the space between two people is either filled with energies such as expectations, needs, judgements, etc, or the space is beholding another with love for who they truly are, and let them come to that in their own time and way. One space is cluttered, the other is true space for the recipient.

    • Matilda Bathurst February 15, 2018   Reply →

      Thank you, Jennifer for reminding me about the full meaning of inspiration. It is very cool to realise the simplicity and enormity of paying attention to, and taking care of, breathing our own breath.

  • Ingrid Ward January 11, 2018   Reply →

    Being reminded by Serge Benhayon that clairsentience is a natural part of us, one of our six senses, feels like a reawakening to a truth that we have always known but have chosen to forget. Making the choice to reconnect to it is just like meeting up with an old friend that we haven’t been with for a while, everything seems so familiar and so perfectly natural; in fact it feels like we never left them.

  • David January 10, 2018   Reply →

    What an amazing transformation, something that shows how simple it can be to transform our health conditions through lifestyle choices.

  • Matilda Bathurst January 9, 2018   Reply →

    This is a brilliant interview that introduces the inspiration and opportunity to take responsibility for our bodies, health and wellbeing. Thank you, Serge Benhayon and Rebecca Asquith. Lying in bed this afternoon feeling properly poorly… but no longer in the habit of self-pity and ‘why me?’ that was the way I ‘did’ illness most of my life. Inspired by my work with Universal Medicine, my respect for my body and how it expresses is profound. I have been side-lining wise sign-posting by my body over the past two weeks and it simply needs to rest. There is a surrender to this now that is actually very beautiful for the hardened control freak I have been.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh January 6, 2018   Reply →

    Here we have not only a reversal of the trends on lifestyle related disease, we also have the redefinition of true health.

  • Natalie Hawthorne January 5, 2018   Reply →

    It has been absolutely beautiful to experience and see Students of The Way of The Livingness, as taught by Serge Benhayon, go through transformations from something that was clearly not them to being vibrant, full and all of who they are. I am daily deeply inspired and grateful to be a part of the student body who are prepared to look at the things in our lives that have not served us in any way, shape, or form. To be returning to our natural beauty and shining without hesitation and claiming it.

    • Melinda Knights February 5, 2018   Reply →

      I agree, it’s a natural sense of joy to see people truly blossoming back to who they truly are and living that with purpose in their communities.

  • Jennifer Smith January 4, 2018   Reply →

    There is such a humbleness to Serge Benhayon. He doesn’t hold back what he knows and lives, but at the same time doesn’t deny the fact that everybody has the opportunity and the choice to live the same way and hence have the same understanding of life that he does. No special ability.

    • Ray Karam January 25, 2018   Reply →

      I agree and we treat this at times as many things but how much space does this man give us all in how he is. There is no pressure, expectation or demand and yet you feel free to grow and expand into anything that is needed. I guess that is the process I am seeing in my life, inspiration through allowing everyone the space to go where they are seeing to be in their own time.

  • Vicky Cooke January 3, 2018   Reply →

    Once again so much is shared here in this episode. We all hold the ability to read equally so why is this innate quality not being nurtured in us? What do we currently hold as important over this?

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh January 2, 2018   Reply →

    A clear evidence that the key to our health and well-being is in our own hands. We are not victims of luck, genes or circumstance. There is a huge level of empowerment and responsibility to be embraced when we truly go to the core of our issues.

  • Rachel Murtagh January 2, 2018   Reply →

    The before and after photos are really amazing… the transformations are plain to see. They alone make a huge testimony to The Way of The Livingness and Universal Medicine. Then, there is the added bonus of the Serge Benhayon interviews which will most definitely stand the test of time inspiring many to come to a truer way of living and to make healthier life-style choices.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh January 8, 2018   Reply →

      Yes Rachel. All of this is truly significant.
      In fact at no time in our history has the support, guidance and access to awareness been so easy, simple and widespread. Is it ironic that humanity is getting sicker and sicker on so many fronts, with our physical health being just the tip of the iceberg?
      Not if we understand that the reflections offered to us by life, such as ill health and traumatic incidents are part of the cycle of waking us up to the fact that something is wrong, as much as the reflections offered by Soul-led individuals such as Serge Benhayon are part of the support for us to deepen our awareness and level of responsibility.

  • Jennifer Smith January 1, 2018   Reply →

    Over 600 people reversing the current trends in chronic ill health but also living lives with more dedication and commitment with better and more loving relationships. This is definitely worth further more in-depth study.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh January 7, 2018   Reply →

      Very true Jennifer. We have strong evidence that we have a direct impact not only on the level of our physical health, but also our relationship with and experience of life. This clearly shows a level of responsibility which we have for a long time chosen to side-step.
      Will those who claim to be searching for answers choose a ‘more in-depth study’? Their response will in itself show where humanity is truly at: whether we want real answers, or we are too fascinated with our short term solutions and ability to manage issues to care about anything else.

    • Ray Karam January 25, 2018   Reply →

      We can say this like you are which in itself is huge and yet if the world isn’t listening then those 600 have more work to do as you are aware. It’s not a pressure or expectation but the dramatic changes in health and lifestyle that this group of people have witness before their very eyes has been truly life changing and can be the same for us all through true inspiration. This inspiration comes from living the consistency of life that is there in all parts and having people witness first hand the blessing this is and has been.

  • Lucy Dahill January 1, 2018   Reply →

    Yes I have been playing with this reading the energy rather than reacting to what I feel when I can sense that tension in a room. I can see how I have always felt it but pretended not to because I didn’t know how to handle what I felt. That created anxiety which meant denial was my best friend. Yet the behaviours that I took on board to keep up that denial caused more problems than acknowledging the energy in the first place. So it is a little like going back to Kindergarden and choosing to not be afraid, but to learn afresh, to read the energy I am feeling and re-imprint old patterns with clearer eyes, observing what I see, hear and feel and not just absorbing and reacting. I have found there is no perfection but it is getting the more familiar of the two ways of living, so something to appreciate and celebrate!

  • Lucy Dahill January 1, 2018   Reply →

    I have watched and rewatched this because I feel it makes everything so simple. We are taking as normal, behaviours that are leading to lifestyle illnesses that are crippling our bodies and the health care system. We have a template here for how we can turn around that trend and I love that we have been offered this opportunity – one and all – no holds barred.

  • SCE December 30, 2017   Reply →

    I love these interviews – Rebeca Asquith and Serge Benhayon break it down so easily for us to understand – it really is our choice, do we want to take responsibility and be a benefit to society or do we make life style choices that are irresponsible which means we are likely to end up draining our already sparse resources?

  • Elizabeth Dolan December 29, 2017   Reply →

    Anyone who truly cares about the state of ill health in the world today ought to look at the Serge Benhayon TV episode called “reversing the trends on lifestyle related disease” and the before and after photos that are shown in it and deeply consider what is being said as the way forward to addressing the ill health crisis that the world is now facing.

    • Matilda Bathurst January 9, 2018   Reply →

      Yes Elizabeth, I agree. This interview holds the key to transforming our health and well-being.

  • Andrew Mooney December 29, 2017   Reply →

    An amazing interview here which answers so many questions about human life. How different would our world be if we allowed our natural awareness of energy to lead our choices rather than our physicality? And how different would it be if we connected with the exquisiteness in each other first rather than just focusing on and reacting to the habits and behaviours we do which are not part of that inner beauty?

    • Ray Karam January 25, 2018   Reply →

      I agree and “amazing” in every way and yet that word doesn’t truly encompass what here is presented in 30 short minutes and as you say the steps between energy and physical awareness are well worth the exploration.

  • Fumiyo Egashira December 28, 2017   Reply →

    “Inspiration is to be able to be left alone to breath your own breath” – I so love this. Even just having the awareness that there is a such thing we can call ‘our own breath’ changes everything. I didn’t even know until I came across Universal Medicine that there was a choice as to what we might be breathing. How could we be possibly making a choice if we don’t even know there is one to be made? This statement alone tells me we are loved far more than our mind can comprehend.

  • Sarah Karam December 27, 2017   Reply →

    I had to show my kids these before and afters, they were super impressed. I love how Rebecca Asquith highlights that as a family, The Baldwin’s (my family) were not abnormal, we would have gone under the radar but eventually we would be what makes up the shocking health statistics that are everywhere and that then develops into being a drain or resources and a burden on society, rather than the support we are now.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh December 30, 2017   Reply →

      The significant improvement in health and vitality of so many people, who like your family were already considered normal and well in society to start with, shows that we have all been settling for a much lower level of wellness than we could be living.
      It is no wonder that years of such a lifestyle take their toll and lead to the crippling level of illness and disease humanity is currently facing.

  • Michael Brown December 27, 2017   Reply →

    It’s so cool to know that we are only a moments choice away from being all that we truly are.

  • rosanna bianchini December 26, 2017   Reply →

    The changes that have unfolded in people making their own choice to look at how, when and why they eat, when they sleep, their commitment to work/life, their reactions, patterns and beliefs, are astounding. The approach offered here is clearly supporting us to buck the trend and we witness healthier, more vital and engaged people because of it.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh January 2, 2018   Reply →

      A breath of fresh air for a medical systems buckling under escalating rates of illness and disease. So many answers to humanity’s health issues right here clear for all to observe.

  • Rachel Murtagh December 25, 2017   Reply →

    I agree Gill, It’s possible that once we get so far down the track of life style dis-ease we think its almost impossible to reverse, but with small changes and a wanting to look at the emotional causes of our choices we can reverse the trend, (as students of Universal Medicine show).

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh January 4, 2018   Reply →

      And what is wonderful also is that the examples show that it is not about looking to others to do it for us, all it takes is for us to start making loving choices one small step at a time.

  • Carmel Reid December 25, 2017   Reply →

    It is great what Serge Benhayon presents about energy and Clairsentience and how we have denied our ability to sense what energy is flowing through our body. It enables us to be more aware of when we are harming or healing.

  • David December 25, 2017   Reply →

    Thank God for Serge Benhayon, what is remarkable here is that not only is what Serge presents on lifestyle-related disease obvious, but by going to the depth of looking at what is behind that, what are the root causes, it allows society to make changes and reverse the out of control ways we have nearly all found to live in order to cope with some aspect of life we don’t want to deal with.

  • James Nicholson December 25, 2017   Reply →

    This episode helps us to reconsider what we call normal especially in terms of health, illness and disease. Do we gauge health based on illness or do we base it on love. As there is a vast difference when we consider the 2. Base health on illness and we can say health is the absence of any diagnosable illness or disease, or at least one we consider to be! Base health on love and then anything less than love is already illness and disease.

  • Elaine Arthey December 23, 2017   Reply →

    We are diminishing the exquisiteness of who, or what, we are and this is a crime against humanity. Living in and from our exquisiteness we inspire others to do the same and slowly but surely we feel and see the changes that ripple out. Serge Benhayon is an awesome role model.

  • Sarah Karam December 21, 2017   Reply →

    Being a client or student of Universal Medicine changes your life, the photos of the students above are all you need as proof of what is possible. This is all born through living inspiration.

  • Michael Brown December 15, 2017   Reply →

    What a joy it is to know all these people that have transformed their lives and are an inspiration to many.

    • Natallija December 17, 2017   Reply →

      What a joy it will be to see how they continue to inspire many as this ripple effect is starting to pick up pace with the impact of the work of Serge Benhayon and what is offered from the work of Universal Medicine.

  • Christoph Schnelle December 15, 2017   Reply →

    Yes, it is perfectly possible to be healthy in society as it is.

  • Christoph Schnelle December 15, 2017   Reply →

    Lifestyle diseases start very young these days. In a survey of young women it was found that 18 year olds add 200g per person per year more than 23 year olds. That may not sound like much but after 20 years that is 4kg per person on a population basis pushing many more people into being overweight, obese or morbidly obese with the attendant health and lifestyle consequences.
    In other words we are still getting heavier and it starts when we are very young.

  • Jennifer Smith December 11, 2017   Reply →

    I love these programs. There is so much in just 30 minutes, so much so that in every listening I hear something more.

  • Natalie Hawthorne December 10, 2017   Reply →

    Coming to a point in my life where by I stopped abusing and numbing myself and healed what it was that I suppressing was absolutely life changing. Not to say that I have healed all that I have taken on but the process that I continue on is one of much learning and unfolding. Serge Benhayon has been an enormous inspiration in letting go of these layers and connecting to the beauty, power and worth that we originate from. Here I am feeling this to be true and can feel how the responsibility of this is essential. Coming from a place where by feeling such magnificence, why wouldn’t you want to feel and be this all of the time.

  • Melinda Knights December 7, 2017   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon is quite different in the way he explains things because it’s coming from what he is living, not from reading books or gathering knowledge. To me he represents every human being, even though what he says may at times seem extraordinary there is a solidness to him I trust because it’s coming from his livingness. I always feel his intent to serve and care for humanity – that’s rare.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh December 26, 2017   Reply →

      There is a huge difference between ideals and propositions that are conceptual and theoretical to, in contrast, sharing of an awareness that you can feel is coming with experience and a deep understanding. The former seems to just invite me to engage with my head and leaves me with good ideas, while the latter re-ignites my own awareness and inspires me to the core.

  • Judith Andras December 6, 2017   Reply →

    Universal Medicine inspires lifestyle changes in people without necessarily giving them any advice. I was inspired to change many things in my life when I first met Serge Benhayon without actually being aware of how profound these changes were. But seeing today where I am at, I can see how my life would look very different if I had not made those changes.

    • Amita March 2, 2018   Reply →

      I agree Universal Medicine inspires lifestyle changes, I had no idea how profound these changes would be, it has been amazing, I am living a life full of joy and vitality.

  • HM December 5, 2017   Reply →

    To hold someone in the beauty that they truly are – as shared here by Serge Benhayon – is so powerful. It allows another to be seen for who they are and not any choices that are not them. Serge continues to reflect this to all he meets, with no need or investment, just a constant reflection of love.

    • Melinda Knights December 7, 2017   Reply →

      Thank you HM, that point touched me deeply also. I experienced this first hand in my consult with Serge, I felt met at a level of my being that even I wasn’t fully aware of, it felt extraordinary and exquisite. It’s so lovely and deeply inspiring to know such an amazing person, Serge is absolutely the real deal.

  • Rebecca December 5, 2017   Reply →

    I have always loved Serge Benhayon’s ability to present profoundly and yet so humbly and equally – that there is nothing in him that is special, only that he loves his connection to all he is whilst most others avoid it

    • Judith Andras December 6, 2017   Reply →

      Very well said Rebecca, Serge is ordinary in his extraordinariness. He meets you on a very human level, but you get so much more than what meets the eye.

  • Natallija December 3, 2017   Reply →

    With the growing research into the debilitation of many due to life style choices this is a wake up call of another way. A light in the right direction!

  • Natallija November 30, 2017   Reply →

    There are no fad diets here but a willingness to get real about what has been chosen in the past and stepping out into true livingness for the future. Remarkable!

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh December 7, 2017   Reply →

      It is truly remarkable that there is no sales pitch, no promise of a magic pill or someone else giving you the solution. In fact it is about realising that the answers to all our woes is already there deep within. It all changes from trying to better ourselves, to keep shedding all that stops us from expressing all that in essence we already are.

  • Jonathan Stewart November 29, 2017   Reply →

    Identifying the root cause of tension which stimulates people to go to forms of harmful comfort, such as cigarettes, and why they do so is a hugely significant factor in the cause illness and disease, as Serge Benhayon says, that would radically change the approach healing.

  • Michael Brown November 26, 2017   Reply →

    Students of the Livingness no longer fit the medical mould that is prescribed. We show that there is a different way. There is one way – for All.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh November 26, 2017   Reply →

    The rate of illness and disease, behavioural problems, social and environmental issues are all going up, despite the fact that we keep dropping the bar for our tolerated ‘norm’. Humanity cannot afford to keep ignoring such significant insights offered by those like Serge Benhayon who are obviously living to a different trend.

  • James Nicholson November 26, 2017   Reply →

    This is the way for us all, we can all claim our lives back and live the truth we all know deep down within. For me it starts with being honest about where I am at and the choices I have made, then I can move forward starting from the basis of the fact that I am love, I’ve just have chosen not to be. The changes and everything else naturally happens along the way without any trying. The before and after pictures speak volumes for what happens when we take responsibility for the way we are living,

  • Natallija November 26, 2017   Reply →

    There is no hiding what is so obviously shared in the photos. So often I have seen major changes in people’s physical state but their eyes still hide a sadness. What is shared here is the joy and vitality of living in their true fullness that is showing us that the healing comes from within.

    • Jonathan Stewart November 29, 2017   Reply →

      Very true, Natallija, that the aliveness in the eyes of the people in these photographs show something different from practically all others of a similar theme.

  • Jennifer Smith November 25, 2017   Reply →

    To have medical professionals include our natural clairesentience as part of diagnosis and treatment assists in providing a deeper understanding of people and their physical condition. It help us see that there is more going on than simply an illness or disease. This understanding then supports each and every patient in their care. For patients also receive the benefits of that greater understanding.

  • Mary November 22, 2017   Reply →

    From what I understand we have all got caught up at a surface level in only believing that there is a physicality to life . But what if there was more to life – what if there is this other dimension which we are not exploring? I stopped to explore this possibility and can honestly say I have been blown away but the fact that my body actually knows so much more than my mind, which is quite limited in what it knows – and when using my mind I seem to rely on regurgitated information.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh November 28, 2017   Reply →

      Exploring this level of awareness is immensely rewarding. And not just with regards to our health and vitality. Pretty much every area of life starts to become more simple and make more sense.

  • Shami November 20, 2017   Reply →

    It is very touching to watch Serge Benhayon talk about his transition in to the world as a child and the way that he used sport to fit in and to dull his sensitivity.

  • Otto Bathurst November 19, 2017   Reply →

    Thirty minutes of game-changing science, wisdom, philosophy and love. To watch this is to come home; washing away every tension that the body may hold, leaving it knowing that all it needs to do is breath its own breath back to God.

    • Ray Karam January 25, 2018   Reply →

      It gives us a huge lead into how things can be from how things are in simple steps. We already have walking examples or living inspirations of what is being spoken about and this episode in particular re defines what ‘inspiration’ is, giving people the space to move into how they truly are and not imposing or pressuring them to be anything else.

  • Otto Bathurst November 19, 2017   Reply →

    Deeply, deeply inspiring and I thank the heavens, stars and my own choices that my life has been blessed by the dedication, wisdom and unquantifiable love that Serge Benhayon has shown me, as he shows each and every single one of us – equally.

  • Mary November 15, 2017   Reply →

    I have recently read of a study on obesity that said that overweight people did not consider themselves to be overweight because they compared themselves to other people who were more overweight than they were. The study concluded by asking the question has being fat become the new norm?

  • Rowena Stewart November 15, 2017   Reply →

    Before meeting Serge Benhayon I was on course for becoming diabetic, largely to due to the quality of my diet. The way Serge presents and his focus on the beauty within us restored my sense of self worth. When this is genuinely re-connected to, no ‘rah-rah’ required, respecting my body and my wellbeing became a very natural choice that keeps on deepening. Consequently I have not only turned the diabetic potential around, but healed at least another 6 major health issues along the way. That is true medicine.

  • Natalie Hawthorne November 15, 2017   Reply →

    It has been and absolute Joy to watch and see many people over the course of time as students living The Way of The Livingness and the unbelievable remarkable changes in their physical appearance and how they have opened up and shared who they are warts and all. What is visibly evident in all, is that everyone is a quality of being being expressed outwardly and it is simply exquisite.

  • Vicky Cooke November 13, 2017   Reply →

    I love it. A business model based on love … that is what we need to do, across the board make it about love and that it is normal and natural. We can all do this.

  • Natallija November 13, 2017   Reply →

    Yes Alison I have noticed this too. This viewing allows you to learn more and deepen ones connection to the potential we all have to live the vitality of those in the video.

  • HM November 12, 2017   Reply →

    ‘Energetically you cannot stop communicating the truth of what you are communicating’ that is massive. As is shared here – we can do so much on a physical level to mask what is truly going on, but if one is open to reading energy then, it is very easy to see where people are at. This is shown time and time again by Serge Benhayon who continues to read people and reflect back the truth of what they are ready to hear.

  • Natallija November 10, 2017   Reply →

    I am still appreciating the before and after photos as this is truly showing two different people yet reminding us that all our choices have a bodily response.

  • Kathleen Baldwin November 9, 2017   Reply →

    I love how Serge Benhayon sums this interview up at the end by saying that at the root of all our problems is self responsibility and that the enemy of self responsibility is to blame others. And that this is all we need to have to turn around the current state of the world – self responsibility. This really brings to light the simplicity in which we can view life and inspires me to get out of my own way and get on with it.

  • Rebecca November 9, 2017   Reply →

    I myself have experienced and witnessed the incredible turn around in peoples lives – from health to mental wellbeing to work and personal lives blossoming, the impact of living a life with more responsibility and consideration beyond the normal function is undeniable.

  • Harrison White November 8, 2017   Reply →

    Amazing. Through the thick of the complicated life, with living overweight, living with too much emotional intensity to living with clarity, vivaciousness, joyousness, oh that is inspiring and a real blinking you in the eye example of how it is possible to live. Bravo, a living reflection always makes a difference.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh November 8, 2017   Reply →

    Reflections such as the ones we are offered, invite us to consider what we consider to be Health in the first place. Is it an absence of illness? Is it to be able to push through strenuous physical activity? Is it feeling vital? Is it living with joy, purpose, love and harmony every day regardless of what life offers?
    The conversation here as well as the before and after photographs invite us to go much deeper than what society has been settling for.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh November 7, 2017   Reply →

    I know many of the people referred to in this article very well. And when I consider the significant changes they have made in so many aspects of their life, and the deepening level of joy, health, vitality, relationships, purpose, love and responsibility they live with, fills my heart with joy and brings tears to my eyes.
    We ought to start living in a way that ensures that this same level of love, support and inspiration which these individuals have receive through by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, is expressed by us all and is equally available to every single person.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh November 6, 2017   Reply →

    If we look at humanity worldwide, the trajectory that we are on does not look promising. This is despite of the so called advances that we have recently been making. So we may consider ourselves justified to say what’s the point and give up. Yet the group of people referred to in this blog clearly show that there is a different trend in the making and it is well worth looking into.

  • Natalie Hawthorne November 6, 2017   Reply →

    I love these discussions on what is really going on and how we as a society and as individuals have the power to make true change. I personally have made choices to break free from old patterns and know that if I didn’t I too would have been one of those statistics. It has been deeply inspiring watching hundreds and hundreds of people turn there lives around from there own doing. Thanks to Universal Medicine and the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom we have a point of reflection that stands solid and strong showing it is totally possible to connect and make such loving choices.

  • Fiona Cochran November 6, 2017   Reply →

    What an incredible collection of before and after photographs, as I was looking at them I was reminded that I was on the same path of self abuse. My life looked OK to most people, things were ticking along, I was successful in my job had a beautiful home so it seemed as if everything was ok but the reality was I was living with a complete lack of care for myself, my body and therefore others.

  • Christoph Schnelle November 5, 2017   Reply →

    The first question may be whether it is even possible for whole populations, not just individuals, to permanently reverse unhealthy lifestyle choices. So far there is no scientific evidence of such a population but it would be good to record such a population.

  • Jennifer Smith November 4, 2017   Reply →

    Universal Medicine is a healing business who invests in the well-being of our being through understanding the communications of our body. It is all about people and people not only being the best we can be, but being all of who we are and to live that to be best of our ability.

  • Jonathan Stewart November 1, 2017   Reply →

    This ‘conversation’ between Rebecca Baldwi and Serge Benhayon delivers without force of argument, persuasion or judgment an alternative to the present way of living and approach to life that makes total common sense and an awareness to that there is so much more about ourselves that we do not acknowledge, access or develop.

  • Natalie Hawthorne November 1, 2017   Reply →

    Time is up and from where I am standing too it is very obvious that this is the case. As Serge shares the rise of ill-ness and dis-ease is growing year on year and as much as there has been solutions these don’t seem to be working. Its time to take responsibility for our choices and stop the moment that is wiping out the world like a plague. Cancer has become the new normal.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh November 23, 2017   Reply →

      Yes already the health systems are buckling under the weight of the escalating illness and disease. Humanity is suffering as the result of more and more complex problems. Will we wait until we are on our knees? Or will we stop numbing ourselves with food, drink and distraction and pay attention?
      Serge Benhayon is pointing out so clearly the obvious which deep down most of us do know but have chosen to ignore for far too long.

  • Nikki McKee November 1, 2017   Reply →

    To see someone first in the exquisiteness they are and to hold them in that with no judgement. This changes everything. So often we can’t see past the behaviours and that is where we get stuck. It’s a terrible place to get stuck both for ourselves and the person we are judging – there is nowhere to move, evolution can’t happen and inspiration is simply not possible. Whereas if we hold someone in the truth of who they are, there is space for so much, things open right up and everyone can breathe again.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh November 2, 2017   Reply →

      The fact is that we are all in essence divine and an equal Son of God in human form, living lives reflecting the choices we have made along the way. Our essence is untouched regardless of our choices and what our lives and expression looks like.

      When we see ourselves and others as less it is like putting a curse on ourselves, laying on expectations that deny the glory that is our true nature. Yes great observation that in the moment that we confirm the truth of who someone is: “there is space for so much, things open right up and everyone can breathe again.”

  • Rowena Stewart October 31, 2017   Reply →

    Looking after our health isn’t rocket science, (fortunately as this was not a strong subject of mine at school!) but a simple fact that deep down we all know is true. We play a game with our selves to see how far we can push the neglect of our health and our bodies and then get other people to pick up the pieces. I discovered that taking responsibility for my health has been and continues to be the most incredible act of self-love, restoring a bounce and vitality within I thought long gone. I am living proof (along with hundreds of other people) that many a dire health issue can be completely resolved when we pay special attention to how our body feels everyday as a consequence of what I choose to eat, drink and how I choose to work, rest and play.

  • Rik Connors October 30, 2017   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon the healers’ healer — inspiring change! This man is responsible for the changes and a conduit for this living wisdom. Change that, when you get to a certain point, is forever – to the end of days.

    • Rowena Stewart September 8, 2018   Reply →

      So true Rik Connors. There comes a point when we realise that the very basis of all life is about change, evolution and becoming more of who we are: beautiful, wise and vivacious Beings, a process that by its divine directive never ends.

  • Jennifer Smith October 30, 2017   Reply →

    I remember when I first started attending Universal Medicine events, first of all I noticed how many men attended, which was something unusual in a lot of complementary medicine presentations that I had been to previously. I also noticed how there were people from a wide cross section of the community. I could be sitting next to a lawyer on one side and a cleaner on the other side, a business owner in front and a musician at the back. The most beautiful thing here is that none of this matters, and everyone will greet everyone else the same regardless of jobs, income, race. Everyone is met for who they truly are first and foremost.

    • Christoph Schnelle November 5, 2017   Reply →

      That is true. Normally, people who are more highly educated have better health. If this isn’t the case here, that would be very interesting.

    • Otto Bathurst November 19, 2017   Reply →

      The cross section of humanity is also something that I treasure within the community of Universal Medicine. No boundaries, no exceptions, no judgement. Each and every single one us offered the same opportunities and choices to turn our lives around. Love does not differentiate, favour, grade or divide, and thus nor does Universal Medicine.

  • Katerina Nikolaidis October 28, 2017   Reply →

    Absolutely amazing – I actually don’t know where to start in expressing my appreciation for the fact that these interviews are taking place and available for all. As I watched and listened I was continuously inspired, going deeper and deeper. And absolutely as a business model that enriches humanity beyond what can be computed, Universal Medicine does need to be studied. This is the business model based on love, as Serge Benhayon himself has said – and everything about this business demonstrates how simple and powerful and successful this is.

    • Natallija November 13, 2017   Reply →

      A business model that supports each and every one to grow rather than an agenda that puts profits first.

  • Jennifer Smith October 28, 2017   Reply →

    The World Health Organisation needs to study Universal Medicine to show that the worldwide statistics they are revealing to humanity, can be turned around and no longer part of our future.

  • Jennifer Smith October 28, 2017   Reply →

    Serge’s comment that we have run out of time offers us an important stop. A moment to stop and consider where we are as a species and how are we really travelling. It can be easy to stay focused in on ourselves and our own lives and not look out the window to the world. For what we see can be pretty harsh. But what is that harshness? Is that what life is meant to be about? Is that who we are? Deep down we all know that this is not true, hence the offering a moment to stop and say where are we going?

  • Jennifer Smith October 28, 2017   Reply →

    I have looked after many people throughout my over 20 years of nursing and had many discussion with people who know exactly what they are doing and choosing that is affecting their health. Whether it be smoking, drinking alcohol, eating certain foods and not others. I have also seen them return to hospital and us then have the same conversations again and again. What is extraordinary not only about this interview but what is being presented and shared through Universal Medicine is that these cycles that are seemingly difficult and almost impossible to step out of and being stepped out of and done so very simply. Not by one or two people but by many. I am one of those people and my life is not perfect by any stretch but where I am in my life is so completely different that where I was 6 plus years ago. So there has to be something in what Serge Benhayon presents. I am very blessed and deeply appreciate that I have been open to what is presented.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh October 28, 2017   Reply →

    You don’t even have to look that hard to see that Universal Medicine has a great deal to offer in turning around many of the issues humanity is facing. The evidence is actually open and transparent for those who are ready to look.

    • Rowena Stewart December 24, 2017   Reply →

      I agree Golnaz. We are graced with many examples of people making extraordinary changes within them selves, reflected in their body shape, vitality and zest for life. These are not ‘flash in the pan’ achievements they are fundamental shifts within the person that result in a completely different set of values and choices that in turn establish a sturdy, healthy lifestyles. True medicine inspires and empowers people to deeply care for them selves and one another. It never attempts to just cure an ill.

  • Michael Brown October 27, 2017   Reply →

    If pictures speak a thousand words then this interview respresents a million pictures by the virtue that what it conveys is much more than what is comprehended from listening to the words.

  • Melinda Knights October 27, 2017   Reply →

    The before and after photos are miraculous to me, not because of weight loss, but because of the life that has returned to people’s faces, their inner spark is radiant through their eyes, there is a joy, a contentment, a sense of power, and they are glowing. No matter what diet or other life change is promoted it is unlikely to deliver long term because in my experience only our reconnection to the pure essence of who we are within, and living from that, can bring long term sustained change. If we arrange the outer life without reconnecting to the being, our essence, we simply are managing as best we can the emptiness we feel living without connection to our true selves. Living from our essence is what supports making changes that are truly loving and that last.

  • rosanna bianchini October 27, 2017   Reply →

    Inspiration is medicine for change, no doubt about it. I’ve loved listening to this episode and feeling the essence that was always there, now blossomed out, for us all to enjoy, and be inspired by.

  • Rowena Stewart October 27, 2017   Reply →

    Our life, our health is very much our responsibility, a truth I was aware of prior to meeting Serge Benhayon, but one that I was not able to fully implement due to my lack of self worth. When we are given the space to come back to and breathe our own breath, it brings us home to an inner wisdom that always has our best interests at heart. Hence learning to reclaim this responsibility is as natural as breathing, it is an inherent part of us that once re-connected to, returns us to the true version of normality.

  • Stephen Gammack October 27, 2017   Reply →

    Is the disinterest in following up the reading that Rebecca describes at the start of this interview being given by Serge, a strong reflection of how we live, not wanting to know that we all know much more than we allow. Blocking and denying this awareness and making the idea of energetic awareness as being something that is otherworldly and not the normal it can and should be in our lives. Something that can guide us in everything we do.

  • Natalie Hawthorne October 27, 2017   Reply →

    What Serge Benhayon is sharing here about inspiration is so important. This is all I have every felt from Serge and I have felt the space that I have been given to be me, the more I allow myself to be this the more I feel my body become at ease and things just seem to flow. Here I am accepting how incredible I truly am and it is feeling amazing being embracing this and not feeling like I can’t or that I shouldn’t.

  • Shami October 27, 2017   Reply →

    Simply stunning, these words from Serge Benhayon: “you are both sharing the same energy”. But he says this in such a matter of fact way that just makes sense of what can at times seem like something mysterious or selective for the few who know it. Not with Serge. He says it like it is and so it is for all to hear, know and live because this is everyone’s truth.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh November 3, 2017   Reply →

      I just love the way Serge Benhayon debases the mystery and exclusivity mankind has clouded so much of life with and lets you see how simple, practical and down to earth the most profound truths about our relationship with life actually are.

  • Stephen Gammack October 26, 2017   Reply →

    I love the gorgeous sharings of Rebecca Asquith in this interview, as always she brings a detail and a depth to her questions and sharings that brings topics to life, which allows Serge Benhayon to share his wisdom so beautifully. It really is a fantastic combination of the humble and the humble working together.

  • Jonathan Stewart October 25, 2017   Reply →

    The vision of medicine as a combination medical understanding with that of energy as expounded by Serge Benhayon is one that shines a path out of the present crisis in global wellbeing.

  • Natalie Hawthorne October 25, 2017   Reply →

    I love hearing about this and have been returning to this as being a way of living in the world and honouring what I feel. I so know what Serge Benhayon means when you can say one thing but on an energetic level mean something completely different. I can feel it in my own body if I do this and I can also feel it in another when they do too.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh January 9, 2018   Reply →

      It is a great point that we can feel it in our body when we, or others, “say one thing but on an energetic level mean something completely different”. So often in life I have looked back and realised I had a ‘feeling’ that something was not right but I ignored it. Learning to pay attention to our innate awareness is a simple and profound way that we can support ourselves in all areas of life, including our health.

  • Jonathan Stewart October 24, 2017   Reply →

    The photographs of the different people and the changes within them that is so plain to see is without doubt living proof of the truth of what Serge Benhayon and Rebecca Asquith are presenting here.

  • Rachael Evans October 24, 2017   Reply →

    I love how Serge Benhayon and Rebecca Asquith really break it down and make energy very relatable and digestible for everyone. Energy is a fact of life and life would not BE without it. So, we need to have a relationship with what we are feeling and sensing and from there the readings, intricacies and gorgeous details of life can be seen. The soup we are living in is communicating so much!

    • Rowena Stewart October 29, 2017   Reply →

      I agree Rachel. Serge Benhayon and Rebecca Asquith have broken down the nuts and bolts here, making what many would want to keep mysterious and hidden very accessible for everyone to understand. This is the essential quality of all that Serge presents, removing the mystery and putting us back in touch with our truth, our power and our responsibility. What may seem profound here in Serge’s ability to read people is in fact completely normal and accessible to us all. The only thing that is a mystery is why we abandoned such sensitivity, awareness and knowing in the first place.

    • Nattalija February 8, 2018   Reply →

      Definitely a soup that can sometime be thick and hard to digest or the choice to live the consistency we know feel right with every mouthful!

  • Aimee Edmonds October 24, 2017   Reply →

    Just watching this one episode has the keys and tools to completely re-imprint your life. Looking at the before and after photos and knowing the Baldwin family and others who have completely turned their lives back around to be as joyful, simple and magnificent as when they were first born, it’s clear to see that every one of us can do exactly the same and equally inspire and commit to humanity.

    • Jonathan Stewart October 25, 2017   Reply →

      Yes, a truly inspirational presentation that it is possible to turn one’s life around.

  • Jonathan Stewart October 24, 2017   Reply →

    Such a clear and informative presentation of what Universal Medicine presents and the results that occur when that offer is taken up.

  • Stephanie Stevenson October 23, 2017   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon makes sense of life and offers no ‘solutions’, only true answers to the dilemma and chaos humanity is in. A simple choice to heal ourselves through self-responsibility and thus ceasing to blame others – this is the way forth to bring change to the current state of the world.

  • Rowena Stewart October 23, 2017   Reply →

    I love how Serge Benhayon consistently emphasises that what he achieves anyone can do. The clarity of his insight seems super natural in our world today, yet in absolute truth it is completely normal and it should be everyone’s normal. This further shines a light on the fact that how we are choosing to live today is completely dulling our awareness and killing us in the process and all self imposed as a result of our self made lifestyle.

  • Matilda Bathurst October 23, 2017   Reply →

    It is incredible and super inspiring to see those before and after photographs… nothing short of miraculous actually and therefore of huge interest in terms of what Universal Medicine is inviting people to change in their lives. An incredible interview, thank you.

  • kehinde James October 23, 2017   Reply →

    I was inspired by Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team of practitioners to take responsibility for my health and in doing so transformed my self as a human being and my life. The re-markable service offered is open to and for all.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh October 23, 2017   Reply →

    The way Serge Benhayon relates to people offers a wonderful example of how we could be supporting one another. I have not come across anyone so deeply and unwaveringly supportive. Here he briefly talks about how truly supporting people is inspiring them to help themselves and how crucial it is to not having any judgment whatsoever even more so “to hold them in the beauty that they truly are”. This is exceptional support, especially when most of us have given up on that for ourselves. Immensely inspiring and empowering.

  • Rowena Stewart October 23, 2017   Reply →

    It is very true and these are the pictures to support the miracles that are happening to those who apply the teachings of Universal Medicine to life. When a person reflects to us our inherent beauty and empowers us to breathe our own breath, then it is all the inspiration required to address some very deep-seated lifestyle issues and illnesses and turn the tide on the global slide into ill health. Serge Benhayon is a genuine healer, a person who reflects true health, providing us with the space and relativity to take personal responsibility for our selves once more and restore correct living. Caring deeply for our bodies empowers us to restore a level of vitality and zest that ignites a very sincere commitment to life, people, community and work.

  • Jonathan Stewart October 23, 2017   Reply →

    In this episode it is clearly shown that there is an alternative to the debilitating way of life lived by the majority of humanity which is enhancing and possible for everyone. And that is The Way of The Livingness as presented Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh October 24, 2017   Reply →

      The joy, vitality and the sparkle in the eyes of the people in the ‘after’ photos, as well as how natural and content with themselves they are, and as explained in the interview this is not limited to a small section of society, or even one part of the world. This is so totally going against the trend we hear of again and again in all areas. A powerful reflection of the magnitude of what is offered here.

  • Mary October 22, 2017   Reply →

    It is amazing to watch people as they go through their own process to return to who they truly are. Both of the people depicted in the before and after photos are my dear friends and it has been a huge journey that we have been on and continue to live. Now we have so much to offer back to society rather than being a burden on it. We should be studied as we are, as was mentioned, bucking the current trends of illness and disease. The study would blow out of the water our current ways of living and educating ourselves.

    • Rowena Stewart October 24, 2017   Reply →

      So true Mary. This is a phenomenon worthy of great study, because this is not just one or two people making these shifts, it is a whole body of people who are transforming their lives, quality of health and purpose in life as a consequence of Serge Benhayon and his work. They certainly are bucking the trends as they redefine what is meant to grow old gracefully, feeling vital, healthy and able to contribute to the society they live rather than be a drain on our precious resources.

  • HM October 22, 2017   Reply →

    So true when Serge shares on energy – that ‘we diminish our power to understand it because we deny our awareness to the fact’ What I have come to feel is that energy is passing through us all the time, we feel all the time, and yet we deny this and we make it about the physical.

    • Michael Goodhart March 2, 2018   Reply →

      The point that you focused on here HM also struck a chord within me when Serge mentioned it. It’s almost like we are avoiding taking advantage of a natural born ability to feel and read energy in our lives because we do not want to actually see just how bad we have allowed things to get on our planet. But when I have merely held the knowing that energy and information is flowing through me and from others all the time and that I do have this ability to read it just as accurately as anyone, all of a sudden more and more awareness and understanding seems to come into my consciousness quite easily. The more we honour and practice this, the more it comes, as Rebecca mentioned during this episode.

  • Stephanie Stevenson October 22, 2017   Reply →

    WOW! Another inspiring and powerful episode on Serge Benhayon TV – bringing enrichment to the human being and offering an opportunity to evolve and reverse the world trend of irresponsibility.

  • Danna Elmalah October 22, 2017   Reply →

    A beautiful insight of how Universal Medicine works and that it is made for us to truly benefit from.. To see our own responsibility of living (quality we are living from) and to truly use it for the purpose of love & people. Universal Medicine is a business who works from absolute integrity and love – that is held towards all people, that has no dividing or separation. Simply they work constantly with understanding, honesty, dedication and true brotherhood. A very true and dear to me role model of how I can make my own life based on love,’living from my own steadiment of love”.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh October 22, 2017   Reply →

    I love the before and after photos. It is not just that the physical bodies look so much better, it is the whole quality of joy, openness and vitality that exudes from all the after photos that show without doubt that there is something profound offered here.

    • Stephanie Stevenson October 23, 2017   Reply →

      I agree Golnaz, the before and after photo’s are living proof of the profound inner and outer changes The Way Of The Livingness offers. Serge Benhayon is an inspiration in the way he lives and talks his walk.

    • Katerina Nikolaidis October 28, 2017   Reply →

      I agree Golnaz, you cannot but feel and see the joy beaming out at you of someone who has returned to who they truly are. Because what joy is greater than that?

    • Rowena Stewart November 13, 2017   Reply →

      I agree Golnaz, this isn’t just about loosing weight (although that seems to be a very common occurrence) this is about activating a renewed vigor and joy from within, a radiance that glows from the inside out. The inspiration to make these changes comes from a re-connection to ‘the beauty that is always there’ that then enables us to deal with all the depressive behaviours that were suppressing this immense vitality. What is being offered is very profound, simple and extremely powerful and there are thousands of people who are making this a very normal occurrence because it is a very natural way to live.

  • Sarah Karam October 22, 2017   Reply →

    I am so grateful that I was inspired by the unlikely Serge Benhayon. At 22, one of the main reasons I had a session with Serge Benhayon was to challenge him, I was convinced that my Mum was in a cult, even though she looked better than ever and was supporting and loving me in ways I had not experienced in my lifetime, (you could see why I was worried, right!?)
    In truth, even though I was too stubborn to admit it at the time, the real reason I went to the session with Serge Benhayon was because I was struggling within myself. I could feel that my Mum was solid and settled, secretly I wanted that feeling back, a feeling I had known as a child before my teenager years took over and everything felt so hard to keep up with.
    Who would have thought that one man in smart casual suit pants and collared shirt working out of a small home Clinic at Goonellabah could be an inspiration to so many around the globe. The one thing I cherish the most from knowing Serge Benhayon, is his humbleness, he is constantly communicating that we are all the same and that equally I have a spark that can reach and inspire the masses, it is just a matter of allowing our amazingness to shine through and peeling back anything that dulls or impedes it, it really is that simple, it is not ‘special’ or unachievable, Serge makes the extraordinary extremely normal. Now at 34 I am blessed through my own commitment to have the energy levels of my childhood and a heart that is open to all and the settled and solid feeling I recognised in my mother all those years ago, now also belongs equally to me.

    • Stephanie Stevenson November 4, 2017   Reply →

      An inspiring testimony to the ‘new normal’ way of living you are now choosing Sarah. The true humbleness of Serge Benhayon continues to deeply inspire many people to live the new normal of open heartedness and joy- myself included.

      • Nattalija March 3, 2018   Reply →

        A true marker that has no limit and the potential to reflect this to others is endless. This is the “The Way of The Livingness’.

    • Rowena Stewart November 8, 2017   Reply →

      Well said Sarah. Serge Benhayon is a very straight forward family man quietly getting on with living a normal life in the most extraordinary way, reminding us what we are all capable of achieving in our lives, a steady, unwavering integrity and commitment inherent in us all. I love how you initially wanted to challenge him because your mother was becoming genuinely loving (which is hugely worrying!) but in truth you had recognized a quality in her that you innately knew but was buried under the turmoil of your teenage years. This is genuine inspiration, feeling and seeing this quality in another that we instantly know and meeting a genuine role model who supports us to re-claim this quality for our selves once more.

  • Samantha Davidson October 22, 2017   Reply →

    I have been inspired, to shift what I called normal life to a new normal. Universal Medicine is an inspirational business model, that is for sure. This is a beautiful episode and the choice of self responsibility concerning lifestyle diseases really resonated with me. Around 10 years ago I began to make changes my life, due to inspiration of being another way, I wasn’t doing anything that anyone would call particularly irregular or unhealthy, but I can see how choosing to drink and eat like I did was having an impact on my body – lethargy, waiting for weekend etc are all signs that many of us ignore, but they tell us something… I now have a new normal; vitality, enthusiasm, joy are all words that I associate with my life. Living my potential and developing that lived quality, a new normal.

  • Michael Brown October 21, 2017   Reply →

    Watching students of Universal Medicine and members of the community change and ‘buck the trend’, displaying absolutely amazing traits and qualities given some of the life events they have been through is super inspiring.

    • David April 3, 2018   Reply →

      Michael, it is indeed something that is deeply inspiring for us all seeing one another and ourselves change and transform the term getting younger by the day now has a true meaning for me.

  • Jennifer Smith October 21, 2017   Reply →

    Its fascinating how Serge Benhayon talks about a cigarette being a ‘trusted friend”. I once heard someone say that on giving up smoking they had felt like they had lost a best friend.

    • Rebecca November 23, 2017   Reply →

      I agree Jennifer, I knew someone who found smoking the one relaxing past time that could bring them the relief from the stresses of life – to me making it clear that the root cause comes first from needing a way to cope with life and not knowing how to do this, then reaching out to a behaviour that is unhealthy or abusive to the body

    • Nattalija February 22, 2018   Reply →

      I’ve heard this too and in most cases any judgement from another is far from supportive as we are not wanting to stop and truly feel what is going on.

  • Mary October 21, 2017   Reply →

    We are what we eat,
    I remember a few years ago watching a documentary where a fit healthy young man decided under medical supervision to only eat brand famous hamburger meals and the results were amazing. He soon became very sluggish with no motivation and his body deteriorated so rapidly his medical team told him to stop before the end of the experiment as his vital organs where under such a strain, especially his liver.
    Too be honest I thought this would be a huge wake up call and people would stop eating such food but interestingly it didn’t seem to change our eating habits. So I wonder what is it about our society that in spite of clear medical evidence that a lot of what we currently eat and drink is detrimental to our bodies we continue to eat and drink them?

  • Mary October 21, 2017   Reply →

    I remember meeting Serge Benhayon for the first time 11 or 12 years ago. He was in the UK and presenting a workshop. I wanted to ask him about a lower back problem and he told me I had endometriosis on my right ovary! I was dumbfounded at the time because the only people that knew that, were the medical team that had performed an operation a few years before. No one else knew. And yet here was a man I had never met before in my life who lived in Australia, telling me about my health. So I know first hand as it where that Serge Benhayon lives with such sensitivity in his life he is able to read the body so accurately.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh August 21, 2018   Reply →

      I love the depth of sensitivity, insight and wisdom with which Serge Benhayon lives. It is amazing that this is not held back or reserved for a select few but shared equally with everyone. And what is so gorgeous is his dedication to support every single person to know that this is fundamentally our true expression, and should we wish, to also start to live it in our own lives.

  • Kerstin Salzer October 21, 2017   Reply →

    All what is presented here in this TV show I have experienced in my own life and continously I, my love , connection to truth and my wisdom are growing with the Teachings of Universal Medicine.

  • Shami October 21, 2017   Reply →

    It is very beautiful the way that Serge Benhayon describes doing a reading as an offering to someone else, because there is no personal might in this, it simply is there for another. And even with all the accolade that he gets for giving such accurate readings, he still remains true to the fact that it was a reading for another, and never has it been for his own personal gain.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh October 30, 2017   Reply →

      There is so much about the way Serge Benhayon lives and expresses that could be glorified and glamorised. Yet the foundation of all he offers is based on the absolute equality of us all, which means everything that he can access is accessible to us all if we but choose to live with the same dedication and purpose. He is the most inspiring, supportive and at the same time humble man I have ever come across.

    • Caroline Francis August 15, 2018   Reply →

      I agree Shami and Golnaz. The quality of equalness with which Serge Benhayon lives is testament to the fact how he naturally puts people first and not his own agenda. I have never come across a human being who actually lives their talk. Serge Benhayon’s livingness is second to none.

    • Viktoria March 27, 2019   Reply →

      Yes the humbleness I have observed in Serge is such a rarity. When he presents you can very evidently see that he doesn’t think more of himself, he doesn’t put others down – always a learning for those who choose to see it.

  • Michael Brown October 21, 2017   Reply →

    To me this interview has revolutionised how we understand what holding back means and how it affects those who are holding back as well as others

  • Joshua Campbell October 21, 2017   Reply →

    This must be the first TV of its kind that leaves one feeling not only more connected to themselves but deeply inspired and surrendered. We all have the answers we seek and this presentation leaves one with no doubt of this fact.

    • Rowena Stewart November 11, 2017   Reply →

      I agree Joshua. Every episode on this channel re-unites us with a greater truth and intelligence, in touch with our bodies and what really matters in life. No escapism, soap or operas required here, just heaps of living philosophy that restores our true purpose and perspective on life.

    • Gabriele Conrad February 17, 2018   Reply →

      These episodes on Serge Benhayon TV are, as mentioned in the interview, themselves a form of universal medicine for all, Universal Medicine in short.

    • Sandra Vicary March 31, 2018   Reply →

      So well said Joshua. How amazing would it be if there were more TV shows were like this, rather than those shows that so often leave us feeling tired, drained and more disconnected and discombobulated from who we are.

  • Lieke Campbell October 21, 2017   Reply →

    Yes, I agree, we are so much not talking about what we are constantly feeling in each other and it would be very good medicine for us to start talking about these things.

    • Natallija November 19, 2017   Reply →

      What a great way to support one another to look at the root cause that may led to the behaviours we are taking on.

  • rosanna bianchini October 20, 2017   Reply →

    If we can only ‘at best’ diminish how aware we are, and not stop the (constant) awareness, then there is a constant opportunity to raise this awareness by clocking in the day ‘where is it I choose to diminish what I can feel?’

    • Rowena Stewart December 20, 2017   Reply →

      I agree Rosanna. A very wise focus to have in life and when applied, totally life changing.

      • Nattalija April 8, 2018   Reply →

        A story that is showing the changes to the world trends of illness and disease. Topics that humanity are choosing not to make part of on our free to air TV.

  • Meg October 20, 2017   Reply →

    This is magnificent, a whole group of people not only going against the trends of illness and disease but rewriting a new normal and new way that’s possible to live…. The whole world needs this.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh October 24, 2017   Reply →

      What is amazing is that the ‘new’ trend is not new at all. It is a reminder of the truth of our expression and vitality if we were to abandon all the cloaks and filters we put on top of it.

    • Vicky Cooke November 22, 2017   Reply →

      It certainly does ✨

  • Ingrid Ward October 20, 2017   Reply →

    As always there are so many pearls of wisdom shared by Serge Benhayon, in this interview; pearls that have the potential to be life-changing, if we have been inspired. It is becoming so obvious to those who have chosen to take their heads ‘out of the sand’ that the state of humanity’s health is simply as a result of the way we have been living. For every disregarding lifestyle choice we make we open ourselves up to the consequences of illness and disease and so it follows that every self-loving choice we make then offers us the potential to increase the quality of our health and our well-being; now that simply makes sense, so why are we not living what is so blindingly obvious?

  • Lyndy Summerhaze October 20, 2017   Reply →

    So much wisdom and divine practicality pouring forth both verbally and energetically from this conversation between Serge Benhayon and Rebecca Asquith. What a banquet! The depth of non-judgment and the acknowledgment of the exquisiteness that lies in the inner-heart of all people expressed in this Episode brings such a healing to all.

    • Rowena Stewart November 30, 2017   Reply →

      I agree Lyndy, what is shared is life changing. It is not only the lack of judgment that is important here, it is also the deeply confirming way that Serge Benhayon acknowledges who we truly are that supports so many to climb back on track. True self-empowerment in action.

  • jennym October 20, 2017   Reply →

    We can blame the foods that we eat, our workplaces, the society or family that we live in and yet we keep missing the point that until we stop blaming and take self responsibility to heal our hurts and ills, our lifestyles will keep taking us into ill health and disease. This episode so beautifully reveals how our lack of responsibility to live from who we truly are keeps perpetuating lifestyles which impact our wellbeing.

    • Natallija November 5, 2017   Reply →

      Yes this world responsibility has been used as a free pass for so long in how we care for ourselves. The world health systems are at a standstill with the levels of illness and disease. The episode shows that there is an opportunity to live another way, but it is the willingness to get real about the way we have been living so far that continues to tip the scales.

      • Golnaz Shariatzadeh November 26, 2017   Reply →

        And the thing is we do not need to start looking from scratch. Already as mentioned in the article, there are literally hundreds of examples of lives profoundly and fundamentally turned around which could be studied and learned from.

        • Jonathan Stewart March 5, 2018   Reply →

          Yes, this episode does eloquently reveal “how our lack of responsibility to live from who we truly are keeps perpetuating lifestyles which impact our wellbeing” and you are so correct, Golnaz, that there are already hundreds of examples of people worthy of study to demonstrate that it is possible to turn this around. How much more significant and transformational if money was spent on this rather than research for the latest miracle drug or rockets to space?

    • Ingrid Ward March 2, 2018   Reply →

      Yes the blame game is a very dangerous one as it keeps us spinning in the cycle of a victim, feeling powerless as if we are unable to change what is ‘happening to us’. I have come to know that nothing just happens to us, it is simply the consequences of the choices we have been making. We are responsible for our choices and everything that unfolds as a result; take responsibility for our choices and our lives begin to change, often in the most amazing ways.

  • Michael Brown October 20, 2017   Reply →

    Who needs netflix or digital tv when you have a show such as this which actually presents Truth and nothing but. Absolutely amazing thank you all involved for your amazing work!

    • Rebecca Turner December 15, 2017   Reply →

      Well said Michael. We could do with more truth on the TV like this!

    • Nattalija February 4, 2018   Reply →

      Real TV that discusses what is truly going on.

    • Matts Josefsson February 16, 2018   Reply →

      Agree Michael, this is TV DeLux and it’s for free, almost too good to be true.

  • Jeanette Macdonald October 20, 2017   Reply →

    Wow. This is a definitive broadcast of the beauty, practicality, and a view into the opportunity for a richer and more loving expansive ‘normal’ in society, that Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have inspired in so many, including myself.

    No one can do this for us or tell us what to do, it always comes back to us as individuals, to self responsibility and doing it ourselves. We can be inspired by others as I have been but ultimately it is down to me.

    This particular interview is now my new ‘favourite’ 🙂

    • Rowena Stewart October 28, 2017   Reply →

      So true Jeanette, “No one can do this for us or tell us what to do”. True inspiration never has to tell another what to do. All that is needed is a living example of how and the immense grace to allow people to come to their own decisions and conclusions and all unfolds from there. The more we have a go at resuming our responsibility, the easier it becomes to change the course of lifestyle related diseases that are rapidly rising around us. Our health and wellbeing is in our hands and no one else, however good intentioned, can live it or implement it for us.

      • Jonathan Stewart March 5, 2018   Reply →

        The significance of personal responsibility and the fact that, “We can be inspired by others as I have been but ultimately it is down to me,” cannot be underestimated and not until this is generally embraced and lived will society truly change.

    • rosanna bianchini June 3, 2018   Reply →

      “This is a definitive broadcast of the beauty, practicality, and a view into the opportunity for a richer and more loving expansive ‘normal’ in society” This is the beauty of how Serge Benhayon presents, the depth with simplicity and practicality, it already makes it normal before we have learned to fully live what’s being presented.

  • Jennifer Smith October 20, 2017   Reply →

    A truly inspiring conversation. I know my life has changed and continues to change because of the inspiration of the teachings of Universal Medicine. I have studied widely and not come across anything that comes close to these teachings. The teachings are very practical and everyday and meaningful to every aspect of life.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh November 16, 2017   Reply →

      I can vouch the same Jennifer about the changes in my life and how profoundly relevant to all aspects of life the teachings are. Hundreds of people have actually written blogs describing in detail some of the significant changes in their own lives. Universal Medicine teaches exactly what the name states ‘medicine’ that is ‘universal’.
      We are all universal beings, mostly thinking ourselves separate from universal order and flow and that our understanding of that relationship does not matter. The escalating issues reflected in all areas of our lives including our health is a perfect indication of how mistaken we are. The teachings offered by Universal Medicine one day will be seen as the simple reminder of our truth of who we are and fundamental 101 of living life in accordance to that essence.

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