Episode 30 - The Mind

“Are you out of your mind?”

Well…. not really. But my mind could be out of me!

According to Serge Benhayon, that’s how it really is, and with science perennially unable to find the repository of thoughts in the brain, perhaps he has a point.

Could it be true that we don’t have a mind at all, but simply access to intelligence?

Rebecca K Baldwin, once an accomplished conversationalist, underlines this bold assertion by observing that while she once had a ready supply of “safe on the shelf” information to inject into any discussion, her entire interviewing technique now relies totally on this access.

With no preparation whatsoever, control is totally relinquished, but the razor-sharp questions and astute observations remain. Preconceptions and judgements are banished as the ‘prison of perception’ is dismantled.

This episode is jam packed with exciting information pointing to a different way of communicating, through abandoning the crust we carry that filters our every transaction.

Just watch it!!


  • Vicky Cooke January 24, 2023   Reply →

    Gosh several things struck me while watching this. How much in life I have interpreted things and made them what I want them to be or think them to be so distorted what I have received from another. The second was how I have had comparison with others if they have delivered/spoken something that has been evolutionary or wise to another instead of deeply appreciating what has been delivered, and as brought in this episode ‘been elevated’ by what they have shared, I have gone into comparison and made it about me and I didn’t deliver that etc .. blah blah blah .. gosh thats disgusting, great to see and let go of that one! The third was the Absolute Beauty of this episode (in so many ways) in that this is an episode talking about the mind .. but not once did I feel ‘heady’, feel less than what was being discussed or find myself trying to understand it or the words being said; I instead I could feel the space that was given to just be with what was being delivered. I could feel that it ignited my heart and that I could tangibly go and be with the flow of what is being shared and in this flow understand and be at one with what is being shared. Sometimes I didn’t get everything but that was okay because the gold that I did get was just that Pure Gold. So much Gold is here in these episodes I haven’t watched any for a while so it was really beautifull to watch one tonight. Thank you

  • Mary April 4, 2022   Reply →

    Gill we have to ask ourselves the question if we are so smart as a species why is there such illness and dis-ease in the world? And since lockdown why is it that mental illness has mushroomed out of all proportion, even young children are experiencing mental health problems. if we are so intelligent why do we insist on wars when we all know that war gets us all nowhere? I agree with you we may seem super smart but actually we have mastered nothing. For example we consider the medical profession to be super smart they have to be to keep up with all the technology that is in modern medicine today, they study for years to get their degrees and masterships in the many sub sciences of medicine, so why is it they suicide? How come someone so super intelligent by societies standards does that?

  • Kehinde James November 20, 2021   Reply →

    Truth exposed on so many levels. What is the point of an intelligence that restricts itself to one area of life or is compartmentalised. There are some who have supposedly achieved ‘everything’ in life, for example, a ‘successful’ medical career, are considered to have a great mind and have every material comfort possible. They have all this but not the intelligence to know how to experience joy in the body, or have truly loving relationships. Instead, a life reduced by bunker mentality entrapped to live in misery. This scenario simply confirms what Serge says. True intelligence accessed from a universal source informs the whole, all areas of our lives equally and we are richer for it, not impoverished.

    • Mary February 5, 2022   Reply →

      Kehinde what you have written here
      “a life reduced by bunker mentality entrapped to live in misery”
      reminded me of an experience I had the other day while taking part in a meeting over zoom. One of the young participants definitely had what you describe as a bunker mentality, they were what could be described as a talking head, there was no empathy with the group or what was being said – it felt cold and calculating almost robotic. They had a set agenda and would not deviate from it. It was easy to understand that they had been to university and soaked up that particular type of cold calculating intelligence so it was that university intelligence that was talking. There was not an ounce of warmth or joy being expressed. Surely we have to stop and ask ourselves the question, is this the way to raise our children so that they grow up in a way that excludes any joy or any form of instantaneity in their lives. We are naturally loving, sensitive, delicate, joy-full people – we know this because this is what most of us feel when we are children but somehow when that all gets squashed we become cold, abusive, mind driven, which is the complete opposite of who we are at the basic level of humanness.

  • Mary November 16, 2021   Reply →

    I can feel the integrity, the absoluteness and the truth of the way Serge Benhayon just is – a man who has complete intimacy and who is at one with the universe and can bring such teachings as presented in a discussion format such as SB.TV for all to know and understand that there is such vast intelligence via the universal Mind that we have lost all awareness of. Serge presents that it is possible to feel the truth of the universe through the human being. He is like a crystal that catches the sun – the angles of light are so clearly exposed for everyone to see and feel. Serge Benhayon is no different to anyone of us, simply that he lives aligned to the intelligence of the Universal Mind rather than the density of the only other energy available on this plane of life – Astral energy. I can feel the energy Serge Benhayon is choosing and know that I am not yet choosing that same level of transparency but that doesn’t stop him from always living in pure transparency and with absolute integrity in all that he does, living the way of the future now, living true Universal intelligence…

    • Vicky Cooke January 24, 2023   Reply →

      Mary this is super beautiful ‘He is like a crystal that catches the sun – the angles of light are so clearly exposed for everyone to see and feel’ and so true

  • Chris James November 6, 2021   Reply →

    Astounding clarity, with both Serge and Rebecca expressing with an innate depth and wisdom that has a resonance that one can feel in every cell in one’s body… and beyond. And this quality is a very tangible litmus test of true truth in expression.

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