Episode 26 - Ignorance is Convenient

Episode 26 – Ignorance is Bliss Convenient

Shining a light on the true meaning of common words and phrases is a feature of this series of Serge Benhayon TV.

In this conversation filmed in February 2020, the word ‘ignorance’ goes under the spotlight.

The accepted meaning of ignorance – ‘I don’t know’, is on examination revealed to be more like the wilful – ‘I don’t want to know’.

So why would that be?

Watch and marvel as Serge Benhayon and Rebecca Asquith carefully remove the blindfold that conceals the unwelcome truth.

And as a bonus, if you want to know the location of the upcoming tsunami, stay tuned to the very end!


  • Mary July 12, 2021   Reply →

    The teachings that Serge Benhayon brings through which are the Ageless Wisdom teachings show humanity that we all have a part to play, how many of us ignorantly ignore this fact. I can put both hands and feet up and claim until I attended the courses and workshops of Universal Medicine I was wilfully ignorant because I knew the lies were lies, but enjoined the rest of society in the lies because it was very comfortable to do so. That’s why we allow the lies to continue because it suits our comfortability.

  • Mary July 12, 2021   Reply →

    From my very recent experience Rebecca, I will say for myself, that lies prevail so we can claim ignorance. I am beginning to grasp just how stubborn and arrogant I have been behaving because I did not want to see the truth of what was staring me in my face. It was far easier to claim ignorance so that I could get away with my indulgences. So I readily accepted the lies because it allowed me to ‘think’ in my so-called ‘ignorance’ I was getting away with my indulgences and so getting away with actually being responsible for my part in life.

  • Matilda May 14, 2021   Reply →

    There is so much wisdom, simplicity and joy in seeing words clearly… the ‘I’ that starts ignorance, individual, ideal; the ‘ignore’ in ignorance… and then we can see whether we avoid this wisdom or whether we allow it to be part of our every day, in how we move, work, interact with each other etc. Thank you.

  • Mary April 25, 2021   Reply →

    Rebecca you have it exactly – there is something that humanity is ig-noring, and that is, there is more access to the true meaning of the word God and heaven than at any time in our history and yet we are ig-noring this fact and instead we are demanding any form of escapism, in resistance to the fact that we are on this plane of life to evolve back to our true origins. I don’t believe we are ignorant; we are deliberately seeking to check out in whatever way we can. We are purposefully in delay. I was one such person who used mental health issues to delay what I knew deep down is impossible to ignore or delay. Nothing that the Astral plane (https://www.unimedliving.com/unimedpedia/word-index/unimedpedia-astral-maya-glamour-illusion.html) can come up with can stop the inevitable and we can either return back to the universe of our own free will, or, do it the hard way and resist and in the resistance life will become even more unpleasant than it is now and we have no one to blame but ourselves. God is not punishing us as many would have us believe, in the delay we are punishing ourselves.

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