Episode 16 – Reincarnation, Karma & The Law of Co-existence

In the outplay of human life there is so much that we would rightly term ‘unjust’ or ‘unfair’. Why is there such incongruity and disproportion in ability and material possession?

If cause and effect is an immutable scientific law, what role does its application have on life’s vast discrepancy?

Either the law and science of Cause and Effect is wrong or there is a greater outplay of pre-cause events taking place that we are ignoring to the effect that we are not in the know enough to discuss within current Western paradigms of birth, life and death.

Teachings on reincarnation the world over posit that we are not merely born as a ‘blank slate’ but that we live many lives and have lessons to learn from each in order to evolve. And yet all too often Karma is represented as a punishment for a past iniquity.

What if karma wasn’t punitive at all? What if karma was an aspect of a type of love we have yet to accept? How much of the peddled falsification is playing out in our deliberations on the subject? In short, the subject of karma begins with its colossal degree of love, a magnitude of care that we dare not admit is there for us all.

Enter a revelatory conversation between Serge Benhayon and Adam Warburton. This short interview filmed in 2016 and released for the first time in January 2020 reveals Serge Benhayon’s actual teachings on karma, reincarnation and responsibility.

Spoiler alert: this episode naturally exposes the deliberate reductionism and repeated misrepresentation of these teachings in mainstream discussions.

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