Episode 16 – Reincarnation, Karma & The Law of Co-existence

In the outplay of human life there is so much that we would rightly term ‘unjust’ or ‘unfair’. Why is there such incongruity and disproportion in ability and material possession?

If cause and effect is an immutable scientific law, what role does its application have on life’s vast discrepancy?

Either the law and science of Cause and Effect is wrong or there is a greater outplay of pre-cause events taking place that we are ignoring to the effect that we are not in the know enough to discuss within current Western paradigms of birth, life and death.

Teachings on reincarnation the world over posit that we are not merely born as a ‘blank slate’ but that we live many lives and have lessons to learn from each in order to evolve. And yet all too often Karma is represented as a punishment for a past iniquity.

What if karma wasn’t punitive at all? What if karma was an aspect of a type of love we have yet to accept? How much of the peddled falsification is playing out in our deliberations on the subject? In short, the subject of karma begins with its colossal degree of love, a magnitude of care that we dare not admit is there for us all.

Enter a revelatory conversation between Serge Benhayon and Adam Warburton. This short interview filmed in 2016 and released for the first time in January 2020 reveals Serge Benhayon’s actual teachings on karma, reincarnation and responsibility.

Spoiler alert: this episode naturally exposes the deliberate reductionism and repeated misrepresentation of these teachings in mainstream discussions.


  • Mary April 4, 2022   Reply →

    These T.V. episodes give us all an opportunity to understand why life is the way it is, and what our responsibility is with ourselves and our interaction in life.
    Then we have T.V. programs out there that invite you to lose connection with yourself to get lost in the illusion/ Fantasy of the story line so that we become mesmerised and demanding of the next episode/ instalment so much so, that we become indifferent to life in general and what is happening to us all within it. I remember doing this myself I became obsessed in the 80’s with an American T.V.series and for a very short while my whole life revolved around this series. I was consumed by it, so many people were, it was talked about all the time everywhere you went there was someone you could relate to via this TV series!
    Was it supportive? Not a bit of it, it was a total indulgence on my part to not want to participate in life because I thought life was too difficult, so used the series to escape as so many other people did too. What is presented in the Serge Benhayon T.V. series is a way of living so that one doesn’t have to check out on life and by not checking out realise that actually life can be very simple, incredibly rich in the quality, is so worth living and the by product of all this is the joy that is felt in our bodies. In contrast not once did I experience joy in my body from watching the American T. V. Soap drama.

  • Melinda Knights February 12, 2020   Reply →

    I like the point that we always have the option to correct ourselves by bringing a deep understanding to how our actions have impacted on others, and what the long term ramifications might have been. In that we have a chance to evolve into more love and responsibility now, not wait until the cycle delivers us the experience we have placed into others.

  • Mary January 25, 2020   Reply →

    I have not heard anyone else other than Serge Benhayon talk of our essence which lies at the core of our being. That we are more than just a physical human- being. And this leads me to wonder why we are not taught this from a young age and if we were to be taught that we have an essence that is God given and that our essence is part of the universe within our families and as part of our education system what effect would this have on our society? These interviews open up the possibility that there is so much more to us and life than we have allowed ourselves to know. Which leads to another question of why do we not want to know?

  • Matilda Bathurst January 18, 2020   Reply →

    I will listen to this interview many times. It is a brilliant discussion about reincarnation and the true meaning of responsibility; the love and support of it.

  • Mary January 16, 2020   Reply →

    To me Serge Benhayon makes so much sense, before I met Serge I had been led to believe through many years of psychotherapy that I was a victim and so really I was given a ticket to blame life and everyone else for my misery. I now know that I was encouraged not to take responsibility and when unpleasant things happened to me I would feel I had been unfairly treated and retreat even further from life. The teachings and presentations of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have supported me to actually take back control of myself, trust in myself again and what I know to be true. This has changed everything now my interactions with people are from the love I hold myself in and this is then reflected back to me. I have put to one side my wall of protection and instead opened myself up lovingly so to everyone I meet they are then able to be open with me so it is a completely different relationship one that is far more harmonious something I did not experience before Universal Medicine. As I have said in previous comments it has taken many years to lay to one side the false foundations I based my life on and instead trust myself and be guided by what I know deep within me to be true. The presentations and workshops of Universal Medicine have given me the support I needed to access this deeper wisdom. And what is so beautiful is that we can all access the same wisdom if we choose to.

  • Leigh January 15, 2020   Reply →

    The way reincarnation is explained here makes a lot of sense. We can’t escape any previous choices or moments of alignment to that which is not true.

  • Melinda Knights January 14, 2020   Reply →

    It’s definitely the most sensible way I have heard the concept of reincarnation expressed, when we are out of control and harmful to others it’s our own actions that produce the correction to bring us back to love. We lose connection to the fact that everything has an effect, and reincarnation to me is reconnecting us back to love so we have a loving and non-imposing effect on our human brothers, not a harmful one. Not one of us is an island so reincarnation is learning to have responsibility to the collective, and to nature and the universe. Great interview, thank you.

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