Episode 10 - Religion, Co-existence & The Science of Reflection

This in-depth episode begins with the explosive question – what is the relationship between religion and violence… why do they seem to go hand in hand?

But is this the question we need to be asking or do we need to explore the nature of religion itself, what it is and what it definitely isn’t?

An inquiry that takes us to the heart of the philosophy of co-existence, this conversation exposes that beyond traditional notions of religion and tolerance there is a way to be with each other that will naturally unite us across borders and belief.

This is the future that awaits us if we are to say yes to opening ourselves to the evolution of the Science of Reflection. But how many of us want to see a way of living that might expose our current ways as falling short? And why is it that we can borrow each others cuisine (Thai food anyone?) and infuse it into our culture way before we will accept or explore each others ideas of religion?

In the second half of the interview Serge Benhayon explores a science that “gives us the ability to arrest once and for all a disease that effects all of humanity…”. A dis-ease that we may or may not realise, exists in nearly every home and workplace across the globe.

A revelatory episode…


  • Mary November 18, 2021   Reply →

    Ariana, you ask a very pertinent question
    “What religion would like to tackle this one and admit such a truth? ”
    The silence is deafening.

  • Mary December 26, 2019   Reply →

    This makes so much sense to me and it is a shame we have not adopted this way Serge Benhayon says something along the lines of
    ” Let the living way of each person determine the truth of that living way, there is no need to go and obliterate those people you consider don’t have the right to live as some groups have done under the name of religion.”
    History shows us that to wipe out people just because they do not conform to one particular type of religion hasn’t worked and will never work.

  • Viktoria May 30, 2019   Reply →

    Tolerance is a horrible thing, the other day I was with a friend who seemed to be annoying me in everything she did. But we had a long journey ahead of us so I knew that I just have to tolerate it and keep going. But as the journey was going, nothing seemed to be going to plan & all seemed to just be difficult. So I decided to tell her how I am feeling, this feeling of annoyance has been growing for a long time and it is because we have had a relationship of tolerating each other. She would do something which I would find hurtful or that lacks integrity but instead of telling her, I would brush it off for one reason or another, she perhaps does the same. But the more we have been doing that, the more these little things have been building up and now it is all coming to the surface to show that our friendship is not so friendly after-all. It is ugly to see, we can live with people in our lives but hold resentment and no true love. Hold them at ransom & make them all wrong because at some point or another they have done something we don’t like & we have not said a word – until it all explodes and we can no longer hold back. Perhaps it’s the same in religion, we tolerate and bottle up until one day all of that turns into bombs and nuclear weapons against our brothers and sisters across the world.

  • Mary May 28, 2019   Reply →

    That’s really interesting what Serge Benhayon is sharing that if there is violence it can’t be religion as religion does not have violence in it. So is there a bigger game being played here that when violent acts are made under the word religion it puts everyone off the word ‘religion’ and keeps everyone away from exploring the true meaning of the word which is about rebinding and rebonding with our soul. We have been fed so many lies about religion it is refreshing to hear Serge Benhayon talk in a simple manner that makes sense of the lies that have been peddled for eons that we then assume is true.

  • Viktoria April 24, 2019   Reply →

    I love the possibility that religion is not what we have been told for thousands of years by the mainstream.

  • Viktoria March 26, 2019   Reply →

    There is so much wisdom that can be gained from watching this video, religion spoken of in a way which breaks the social constructs of today. Science discussed with curiosity & philosophy presented without any judgement or arrogance of who knows better & more. Real discussions, intimate interviews & a conversation for people to be inspired by.

  • Michael Brown March 5, 2019   Reply →

    Learning about the relationship between organised religion and violence in secondary school put me right off. Thank God I got the opportunity to reacquaint myself with true religion.

  • Michael Brown February 27, 2019   Reply →

    Co-existence sheds light on intent. If you want to influence something to either exist or not there must be an intent to control what exists and what doesn’t, and therefore an attachment to a certain way of life.

    • Mary November 18, 2021   Reply →

      Michael history shows that mainstream religion is all about controlling humanity. It feels to me that humanity is waking up to this control and is at last starting to question our so called pillars of society and kick the traces of control and obedience. It has been a long time coming but humanity can not be suppressed for ever, yes we have free will but we are also governed by the laws of the universe which holds the greater presidency.

  • Ariana February 15, 2019   Reply →

    “The approach is to not pick on the wrongs, but understand what is true and right, then bring that back to society and analyse where we can lift the game, that’s where the answers are, not in taking cover…” This TV episode is inspirational, to look at everything as an opportunity as to how we can lift the game, that is the evolutionary inspiration of Serge Benhayon, who seeks not to point the finger, but to lift society to a sounder foundation.

  • Ariana February 9, 2019   Reply →

    Religion is so mis-sold by the mainstream religions. I love this exposure of what is true about religion.

  • Michael Brown February 3, 2019   Reply →

    So fun to have religion in my life without the rules and regulations – true freedom in the relationship I have with myself and all around me.

  • Michael Brown January 24, 2019   Reply →

    In my experience when given the option of “my way or the highway” it’s much better to take the highway!

  • Melinda Knights January 22, 2019   Reply →

    I always appreciate listening to the science of reflection, it is a way for humanity to not only co-exist harmoniously together but to grow, learn and evolve because of the diversity in how we each live, and the inspiration we can take from one another.

  • Michael Brown January 22, 2019   Reply →

    To annihilate co-existence is to admit that the movement is not genuine enough to garner interest by inspiration, thus resorting to fear tactics.

  • SCE January 21, 2019   Reply →

    It is super sad how in society we can get it so wrong and judge another or hate another due to their beliefs, true religion will never ever be about hate, true religion will always being seeing ourselves and another in the divinity we truly are and the honouring in that.

    • Mary September 17, 2019   Reply →

      SCE I totally agree with you it is incredibly sad to see how we have reduced ourselves with such vile behaviour. And as we progress through the cycle of Aquarius the abuse, degradation and in fighting is getting worse as the tension mounts with all that this cycle will bring.

  • Michael Brown January 19, 2019   Reply →

    As soon as someone seeks to discredit my relationship with life, I know I must have something good going on!

  • Rowena Stewart January 16, 2019   Reply →

    I love this form of TV because it enriches my understanding and experience of life and in doing so, re-writes the entire purpose of Television, which for me is to expand our awareness of who we are and deepen our enquiry about one another, our qualities, culture and relationships. When we seek to really understand each other, we come to see that underneath the surface differences we are all the same.

  • Ingrid Ward January 6, 2019   Reply →

    This is an amazingly comprehensive episode. Serge Benhayon takes the viewer from true religion to the science of reflection to true education and the knowing that they are interconnected – as it is ‘one life – one unified truth’. All other forms of television pale into insignificance with the depth and breadth of the wisdom and common sense which Serge presents to us here, and in every other presentation he offers.

  • Jennifer Smith January 5, 2019   Reply →

    You can see very clearly in the conversation, it exposes how we have been convinced that violence has become part of religion. It’s going to take us some time to undo this. Understanding what religion is, is essential.

  • Jennifer Smith December 26, 2018   Reply →

    We all have experiences in life that we know are true and nothing can change this for any reason. Then evidence based science comes along as says it can’t be true because there is no evidence or that experience is not valid because of the lack of evidence. We need to be asking more questions about what evidence is and who says what evidence is. When its turned into something that is intellectual then evidence is removed from the everyday experience of each person.

    • Mary April 3, 2020   Reply →

      Jennifer I agree with you we have allowed scientist to dictate to society what is and what isn’t in just the same way we allowed religion to tell us what we could or could not do in the name of religion. Until we claim ourselves to know what we know to be true then we will always be at the mercy of a group of people dictating how life should be it is the old story of the few controlling the masses. This is no way to live a true and vital life. Humanity has been yoked to so many lies we have forgotten our truth. But we have no one to blame but ourselves as we seem to want to be led by the nose.

  • Michael Brown December 18, 2018   Reply →

    Freedom of religion is just another one of those things that we have conditioned.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh December 13, 2018   Reply →

    I love the expansion this conversation invites. Whenever we think we have the definitive description of something and that we know all there is to know, we can rest assured that we are mistaking a picture we have concocted as the real thing. It does not matter what realm of life this is applied to. Everything in the Universe is forever growing and expanding, our understanding and relationship with everything is also designed to be forever deepening and expanding. If we think we have arrived, and if we imagine we are the owners of ‘the truth’ about some aspect of life, we are in the deep illusion.

  • Jennifer Smith December 12, 2018   Reply →

    What Serge and Rebecca both share about reflection is quite huge. I can see just how much of a science reflection is. In nursing reflective practice is something that is encouraged, but its often about making us better nurses or improving our practice, which there is nothing wrong with. However considering what has been discussed here in this conversation, reflective practice could be taken to a whole other level. Something that brings a greater depth of understanding and richness to everything that occurs and the literally hundreds of interactions we can have on a daily basis.

  • Jennifer Smith December 8, 2018   Reply →

    We need to go deeper in our understanding of what the true meaning of the words religion is. Given how we think that religion and violence goes hand in hand. It’s no surprise at all that people have and do react to the word because of all the hurt cause over many thousands of years under the name of religion. If there is violence then it is not religion, it is violence.

    • Mary November 18, 2021   Reply →

      Totally agree Jennifer there is no violence in the true meaning of the word religion. The true meaning of religion has been bastardised deliberately so to keep mankind away from the absolute truth of their direct relationship with God.

  • Michael Brown December 7, 2018   Reply →

    Religion is something that is so sacred to each of us individually.

  • Natalie Hawthorne December 5, 2018   Reply →

    I know it so well what Serge is talking about with our pride, it has been one thing that I have struggled to let go of and really pulling the carpet out on the right and wrong in life. What is it that we are lead to believe that we should know it all already and that our way is the best?

  • Michael Brown December 3, 2018   Reply →

    Religious vilification is quite something to witness… especially when the truth of what religion truly represents is smelt out by those who seek to vilify.

  • Shami November 29, 2018   Reply →

    I love that Serge Benhayon here talks about religion as an experience, a relationship, as this takes religion away from the confines of being only held or understood by those who have theorised or studied it, and places it back in to the hands of everyone and anyone who chooses to live with a truly religious intent ~ something that does not come from the mind but from a lived way of being.

    • Jennifer Smith December 12, 2018   Reply →

      I love that too Shami. This brings home to me that religion is not a belief. Ask me 15 years ago what religion was and I would have probably said “a belief in God”. I now understand that there is so much to religion than I thought and in fact what I thought was not true. Life is religion and everything in it. Every little minuscule interaction has meaning and because it has meaning it is religion. I much prefer this understanding more than my once held belief. I really opens life up and religion as well.

    • Ingrid Ward January 6, 2019   Reply →

      Beautifully expressed Shami. It makes so much sense that true religion is a relationship, a relationship with ourselves, others and with God. Without this relationship we are left without an anchor for life, therefore being tossed around in response to what is unfolding around us and in the world, instead of being at the ‘helm’ of our own lives.

      • Mary November 18, 2021   Reply →

        Is it possible Ingrid that without our true relationship with God we are left in the agony of bereavement because we have all been lied to on so many levels when it comes to God and our relationship with him – there is a deeply held sadness which until we heal we will feel that we are left anchorless in life. God is our anchor – she/he is the everything in life, which is why there are so many corrupt versions of her/him to purposefully keep us all away from the one and only relationship we have ever wanted. I know without a doubt that I allowed myself as a child to be diverted away from my knowing of God, it was not until I met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine in my 50’s that I have been able to reconnect back to the sense of God and connect back to truth – a connection to truth that brings true settlement to our body, rather than the nervous tension of everyday life, which leaves us exhausted.

  • Michael Brown November 27, 2018   Reply →

    Co-existing is just too much for many to partake in, a sad fact of life as it stands.

  • Matilda Bathurst November 23, 2018   Reply →

    I get this Ariana. And the choice we then have to embrace the reflection and learning or to pretend we cannot feel what is on offer.

  • Matilda Bathurst November 23, 2018   Reply →

    How utterly ignorant are we to put pride before unity, true community and truth. I have done it a lot in life, stubbornly protected previous choices so as not to be ‘shown up’. To what end? The perpetuation of a cycle of resistance to being a collaborative member of humanity with one unified truth. I reckon this is one of our greatest malaises… the combination of ignorance and arrogance.

  • Michael Brown November 18, 2018   Reply →

    To me co-existence won’t work whilst greed exists. When there is something to be gained we will experience imposition of some kind.

  • Jennifer Smith November 13, 2018   Reply →

    The science of reflection asks us to be honest about our choices and why we make the choices we do. Otherwise we are in reaction and defence about our choices.

  • Jennifer Smith November 8, 2018   Reply →

    That’s true Ariana. We can be inspired by this and start to make changes to be that in our own life; we can say I can appreciate your choices but that’s not for me or we can react and try and stop it. That last point especially is an important reflection because it says I don’t like what you represent because I am not choosing this and I don’t want to see this for myself, so I will do all I can to stop it….The myth there is stopping it, because you can’t stop the living way of anyone, especially when there is a critical mass of people who are also choosing that same living way for themselves. Just like you can’t tell anyone what to do. We all make our own choices in our own timing.

  • Jennifer Smith November 8, 2018   Reply →

    We can learn so much from each, only if we allow that way to be. I understand more now about how we don’t want those opportunities, how we can be stuck in my way or the ‘highway approach’ to life. But all that does is stop us from being with a person who may make very different choices from me, but seeing how they live and then making our own adjustment to how we live if that feel true for us.

  • Michael Brown November 7, 2018   Reply →

    There is something that has made me feel shameful about being religious… but the more I value my connection over other people’s opinions the more my religion grows within.

  • Jennifer Smith November 5, 2018   Reply →

    Reflection a science and an art and something that is very natural within each of us. Something that can support us to understand life and what our learnings are.Sometimes they can be challenging, especially if we realise that something we have adopted is not correct. But it is always beautiful if we are open to the constant communication.

  • Christoph Schnelle November 5, 2018   Reply →

    One of the major influences of religion is that it convinces a person that they are *right*! That person can then use a large force to quash all differing opinions and experiences and can have the enthusiastic support of the media in being right.

  • Mary November 4, 2018   Reply →

    No one as far as I am concerned has explained the true meaning of religion in the simple way that Serge Benhayon presents it. To me this show how we have as a collective allowed the corruption of the word religion and therefore all that has been ‘done’ in the name of religion which is far, far away from its true meaning.

  • Matilda Bathurst November 3, 2018   Reply →

    Yes. I agree. It is our utter madness that we carry on with the constructs of what we call religion when it is plain to see that the violence acted out in our versions are so deviant from the truth of our nature to work, learn and grow together.

  • Matilda Bathurst November 3, 2018   Reply →

    ‘There is no violence in religion’. If we can fully embrace this fact, we have to accept that we have completely changed what religion actually is. And this opens me up to reviewing the way we have changed so many words and constructed so many beliefs that are way off our true way of being.

  • Carmel November 2, 2018   Reply →

    It is amazing how some factions of society have, throughout the centuries, absolutely refused to accept changes in ideas and have tortured and put to death anyone who went against the common thinking of the day. These days the same energy is at play, nothing has changed, just that instead of torture, there are lies in publications, scientific journals, social media, specifically designed to stop the new information, the Truth coming out into the open.

  • Jennifer Smith November 2, 2018   Reply →

    Co-existence…Not something we as humanity do very well or have done. Do we really allow people to make there own choices in life without interference? Yes we need laws to support around illegal activities, but not allowing someone to live the life they choose or interferes with those choices is no different from the type of rule in countries run by dictators. When this type of rule is pursued one has to ask, what are they avoiding?

  • Gabriele Conrad November 2, 2018   Reply →

    He shows the simplicity of true answers as opposed to the complications of solutions, rules and regulations.

  • Gabriele Conrad November 2, 2018   Reply →

    One can only wonder what those who so belligerently oppose The Livingness are scared of? Why not, as suggested in this broadcast, live and let live so that the truth be known?

  • Gabriele Conrad November 2, 2018   Reply →

    Militancy and religious activity, so-called, do NOT go hand in hand, no matter how normalised we might have made it.

  • Jennifer Smith October 27, 2018   Reply →

    Decency and respect is such an important foundation to any relationship/community. Its a true foundation on which all else can be built.

  • Michael Brown October 26, 2018   Reply →

    I love that i’ve come to a point where I can accept someone else’s choice without wanting them to change or defending my own position.

    • Christoph Schnelle November 5, 2018   Reply →

      Yes, life becomes much simpler and can be more joyful that way.

  • HM October 26, 2018   Reply →

    Food is certainly something we can be quick to adapt and get on board with but it is interesting how we take what we want from other cultures but don’t want the whole package. Perhaps if Religion was used in its true sense across cultures, we would not see it as a burden but as a natural part of our communication and expression.

  • Nattalija October 23, 2018   Reply →

    Lived truth is true medicine!

  • Jennifer Smith October 22, 2018   Reply →

    Its so important to see where in life we do react, for they are our greatest learnings and growing both about others but also of ourselves. By looking at our reactions, we see what is underneath our hurts. Its never a hurt but a rejection of a quality that is naturally within.

  • Michael Brown October 20, 2018   Reply →

    I love my religion, my religion that supports me everywhere I go, is always on tap and forever makes is about more than just myself.

  • Natalie Hawthorne October 18, 2018   Reply →

    A One-Unified way of living is what we all deep down are craving because we all know deep down that but what is being lived and expressed is not it because there is no harmony or brotherhood what so ever.

  • Michael Brown October 17, 2018   Reply →

    Religion is an interesting thing, it seems to me that we have made something that is by definition for each individual to have a relationship with to creating a all under the one umbrella approach.

  • Hm October 17, 2018   Reply →

    There is most certainly a way to be with each other that unites us. If we think about it – we have made sport a religion – a war between sides when this is so very far from the truth.

  • Michael Brown October 15, 2018   Reply →

    The science of reflection makes life on earth one big school, and I don’t care what goes on in the playground anymore i’m going to listen to the lessons given and put them into practice.

  • Michael Brown October 12, 2018   Reply →

    Personally I love being around different people from different backgrounds, it gives me so much understanding and I can learn a lot too.

    • Matilda Bathurst November 3, 2018   Reply →

      Yes me too. And the more I appreciate what everyone brings and offers, the more humbled, open and inspired I am by the constant learning and growing that every day is.

  • Michael Brown October 8, 2018   Reply →

    Absolutely love the science of reflection, to have others show you what’s possible without even uttering a word is magic.

  • Michael Brown October 6, 2018   Reply →

    Religion is a right, and all should be respected to live within that right.

  • HM October 5, 2018   Reply →

    These are the topics and questions that the world is not asking because they don’t want to know the answers and our own responsibility of getting to where we are today. Serge Benhayon answers them without holding back – and it is so eye opening and refreshing to have this as TV

  • Joshua Campbell October 4, 2018   Reply →

    My body feels so inspired and confirmed after listening to this. It feels so natural and so simple and actually something our body naturally warms to to live as described here. Living in separation is most certainly not natural or normal and that is why there is so much sickness in society today.

  • Jennifer Smith October 3, 2018   Reply →

    “A cohesive decency that allows everyone to live their way”. This is really beautiful for it shows us that we can truly live together and learn from one another and take our communities to where we can be together, evolve our communities.

  • Michael Brown October 1, 2018   Reply →

    It is a human right to have a religion, and to express it so.

    • Nattalija October 2, 2018   Reply →

      The human right and to express it with a loving and unimposing manner is the gold that is offered in this episode.

  • hm September 30, 2018   Reply →

    A great point made here on pride and how we are willing to adapt cooking but not behaviors.
    I know there are cultural patterns that we can cling onto no matter how unloving they are – and yet we’re not talking about this enough and the impact it has on shaping peoples behaviors.

  • Natalie Hawthorne September 28, 2018   Reply →

    Remaining open and embracing all that there is to learn from by living with others is the gold that we are actually looking for. When we let down the barriers and the arrogance of thinking we know how to do everything and be humble in the process of our evolution life will be sweeter than ever.

  • Christoph Schnelle September 28, 2018   Reply →

    Is it love to force other people to agree with you?

  • Jennifer Smith September 26, 2018   Reply →

    What Serge shares about reflection being the antidote to comparison is huge, given that comparison is so prominent and causes so much hurt between people. If we understood that everyone we know and meet is providing a reflection for us to learn something not only about ourselves but how we are with others. Refection is always offering us more, it is never ending.

  • Jennifer Smith September 26, 2018   Reply →

    Reflection is one of the greatest teachers. Its the education of life.

    • Nattalija October 20, 2018   Reply →

      And one we should e studying more deeply.

  • Michael Brown September 26, 2018   Reply →

    Elimination is not a part of God, or His plan. Divinity does not choose, but offers itself to be aligned to at any moment by any one.

  • Jennifer Smith September 24, 2018   Reply →

    If we understood the true meaning of the word religion, we would not be in the situation where we find ourselves now and think that religion has resulted in violence around the world that we see. We would see that the violence etc that we see is simply not part of religion.

  • Lieke Campbell September 24, 2018   Reply →

    The Science of Reflection is such a great one to adopt and when understood actually really simple to apply in life.

  • Matilda Bathurst September 24, 2018   Reply →

    The conversations that will be inspired by this interview are so needed. To explore the non-sense that we have made of religion and to reveal its true meaning and origin is critical in the healing of our widespread dysfunction.

  • Michael Brown September 23, 2018   Reply →

    An interview with no agenda is one that is a blessing for all to witness.

  • Ingrid Ward September 23, 2018   Reply →

    One brotherhood, one religion, one unified-truth and one world living in harmony. Now that is the world I am ready for and Serge Benhayon makes it so clear that this world is absolutely possible.

    • Matilda Bathurst September 24, 2018   Reply →

      And in our hands to work towards.

  • Michael Brown September 21, 2018   Reply →

    We are constantly offered religion, not by an institution but by the universe and it’s wonderment of particles.

    • Matilda Bathurst September 24, 2018   Reply →

      Bringing the magic that is God and Religion to life… thank you, Michael.

  • Michael Brown September 20, 2018   Reply →

    Religion can not be instructed upon, it can only be aligned to.

  • Jennifer Smith September 20, 2018   Reply →

    It’s so common for us to assume that religion and violence go hand in hand because it is commonly claimed, What Serge Benhayon has raised in response to this question is very important because he asks us to stop first and ask ourselves what is the nature of religion and given that religion is about our relationship with God, each other and the world around us and that religion is about returning to who we are, the violence itself cannot be part of religion, nor is it religion itself. We can see through this initial part of religion that it can take us time to undo these beliefs as they are very much imbedded in our way of thinking.

    • Ingrid Ward October 17, 2018   Reply →

      When Serge Benhayon shared that there can be no violence in religion, it broke down centuries of ingrained beliefs, which often had those perpetuating the violence claiming they were fighting in the name of God. Well the God I know would in no way condone violence in any form, especially within religion. When you begin to understand what true religion is, what Serge had shared makes so much sense.

  • Natalie Hawthorne September 20, 2018   Reply →

    The way Serge Benhayon explains Religion and how it is about harmony, love, getting on, brotherhood, community and everyone co-existing to me that makes absolute sense that this is what Religion is truly about. I have realised within myself that before I can have any of those I have to have have a union with God that is based on an equal standing so that all relationships are based on this same platform.

  • Janet September 18, 2018   Reply →

    Again Serge Benhayon brings a contentious subject (religion) to its common denominator, offering the science of reflection as a way to support one other to evolve and grow rather than be divisive into right or wrong.

  • Rik Connors September 17, 2018   Reply →

    This interview has the answers to true religion and also what causes religion to separate — a one-unified-truth is Our Way to allow us all to co-exist in a cohesive way. I have been to Vietnam and they live like this . . .

  • Elizabeth Dolan September 15, 2018   Reply →

    The more we allow everyone to live their truth the easier it will be to get to a one unified truth.

  • Viktoria September 14, 2018   Reply →

    The wisdom of this man is out of this world, what he presents brings a richer understanding to topics we may not have considered to that degree. He is humble and open in his presentations and always open for a dialogue.

  • Michael Brown September 14, 2018   Reply →

    The science of reflection speaks to us all… however only some are all ears.

  • Rowena Stewart September 12, 2018   Reply →

    Violence only exists in this world because we have lost true religion. When we restore true religion to the world through the quality of our living connection with our inner divinity, we will totally debase the potential of violence because it cannot make itself manifest in the presence of God.

  • Michael Brown September 11, 2018   Reply →

    What if we offered a clear reflection consistently just for one day? Would we make a difference? Would we want to see the difference?

  • Natalie Hawthorne September 10, 2018   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon has epitomised the science of reflection, I have seen his consistent, dedicated way of living that I have been mesmerised and inspired and by that has spoken volumes. Just by his movement along, and as he speaks and the vibration that I feel is coming from this lived way. Serge has reflect to myself and thousands of people that are willing to truly see that there is another way we can be living that encapsulates not just the physical human aspect but also our being within.

  • Shami September 8, 2018   Reply →

    When Serge Benhayon talks about reflection and inspiration in the workplace, it helps me to see that we really do always have a choice, and actually that being inspired by someone is far more enriching and supportive for everyone.

  • Michael Brown September 7, 2018   Reply →

    When we co-exist with open hearts the truth will be oh so palpable for all.

  • Michael Brown September 6, 2018   Reply →

    Organised religion gives itself away by the forceful dominance stance… if a religion truly enlightened people there would be no need to fear monger and commit mass homicide throughout the ages as humanity would naturally want to be a part of the movement.

    • Christoph Schnelle September 28, 2018   Reply →

      Clearly there is also a preference by a lot of people to want to be part of a forceful, dominant movement.

  • Michael Brown September 5, 2018   Reply →

    Without reflections we don’t know where we stand.

  • Jennifer Smith September 4, 2018   Reply →

    Over millennia it has been shown very clearly that forcing “my way” or belief on any other does not and never will work. We have had patches of co-exstence, but have we really given this a go? Why not give true co-existence a go? What have we got to lose?

  • Michael Brown September 3, 2018   Reply →

    I love the fact that not one person on this planet is 100% a nationality or even belonging solely to a continent. The fact that our lineage is from across the globe should show us there is well and truly no differences between us.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh September 3, 2018   Reply →

    Throughout the ages there have been those who have killed and abused others under the name of God, but also there are those who promote separation and supremacy, and those who have used it to crush and stifle the natural religious expression of people by promoting themselves as the required intermediary to God. Yet none of this even makes sense when you consider that the root of pretty much every religion is that we are all God’s children.

  • Michael Brown September 1, 2018   Reply →

    I used to remove myself as far as possible from anything to do with the word religion for to me it was a flaky ‘give your power away’ thing, which in lots of areas of life it is. But boy oh boy now I have found religion within myself it is the steadiest and sturdiest thing going for me.

  • Hm August 30, 2018   Reply →

    To understand that there can be no violence in true religion shows how far we have abused the word to control a picture of what we want it to mean. This video goes to the facts of the word and it highlights how religion can be an experience felt by all.

    • Jennifer Smith September 20, 2018   Reply →

      and how much hurt this has caused over millennia. If we understood what religion truly is, then this would go along way to healing our relationship to this word and what it means for each of us.

  • Lorraine Wellman August 28, 2018   Reply →

    This is true Alison, so maybe the truth of the word religion needs to be expressed for all to fully understand, see http://www.unimedliving.com/unimedpedia/word-index/unimedpedia-religion.html

  • Michael Brown August 25, 2018   Reply →

    The science of reflection is the ultimate gift – no Apple Mac or Ferrari can top it – it is the gift that not only keeps on giving but keeps on giving more and more in every moment.

  • Michael Brown August 23, 2018   Reply →

    The fact that organised religion has over the ages persecuted those who do not conform or agree, shows that their aim is not the evolution of Humanity but self-interest.

  • Lorraine Wellman August 23, 2018   Reply →

    I love what Serge Benhayon shares and how he can bring in a new perspective that always makes so much sense.

  • Jennifer Smith August 22, 2018   Reply →

    Live and let live is the principle of life that comes forward very clearly in watching this episode. Its an important principle in which we can be with others but also ourselves. However it is important to feel what it is we are living and what it is we let or allow to live. Being open to see and feel the choices of others not so that we are influenced in any way, but so that we can be inspired to make choices that are truly good for us but also everyone.

  • HM August 19, 2018   Reply →

    This totally calls us to look at what we react to and the fact we are all reflections. Such a powerful sharing of how we can actually deepen relationships rather than calling in arrangements. Everyone evolves through reflection. Superb.

  • Shami August 19, 2018   Reply →

    It is amazing the way that human behaviour is looked at here, behaviours that can not be labelled as religious simply because they are done under that banner. What Serge Benhayon is offering here is to see behaviour for what it is because there is a person choosing it, and he encourages the enquiry in to the behaviour itself as opposed to dismantling or re-interpreting the word religion in order to explain the actions of the person or people.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh August 23, 2018   Reply →

      A wonderful example of how it serves to clarify the essence of what we are looking at. Then with that marker it becomes clear when something does or does not belong. It becomes simple to tell apart the imposter from the real thing.

  • Michael Brown August 18, 2018   Reply →

    I love that Serge freshens up the perspective on very monotonous and historically repetitive discussions and topics.

    • Rowena Stewart August 23, 2018   Reply →

      Me too Michael. Serge Benhayon always takes us down a new approach that completely re-writes our understanding of life, our selves and one another, restoring sense to a world that has lost its true perspective.

  • Ingrid Ward August 17, 2018   Reply →

    Another awe-inspiring episode of Serge Benhayon TV and one that as usual is overflowing with wisdom, common sense and insight into a way of life, so different from the one most of us are living today. As Serge takes us from the truth of religion to the Science of Reflection he opens up even more understanding of life in this world and the potential to know and understand even more, layer after layer.

  • julie August 17, 2018   Reply →

    The science of Reflection would knock out all of the competitive behaviours we see in our workplaces. How enriching would it be to be open enough to each other and to learn from one another instead of fighting and putting others down?

  • Mary August 17, 2018   Reply →

    Certain religions use uneducated and poor people to do their ‘dirty’ work for them so is this then where politics comes into religion and has high jacked religion for its own ends? This would explain to me how the truth of religion has been drowned out by competing political parties that want to control the people. For Example religious intolerance is being incited in India, it can be traced back to the Politian’s that are stirring the pot by whipping up religious hysteria with one religion against another. It is all a game and until we can understand that it is a game we get sucked into the maelstrom of it and cannot see or find a way out. Then we give up and accept the status quo, give in and nothing changes.

  • Rachel Murtagh August 15, 2018   Reply →

    ‘And why is it that we can borrow each others cuisine (Thai food anyone?) and infuse it into our culture way before we will accept or explore each others ideas of religion?’ This is a great question to ask… the identification of being right and needing to be right seems to have trumped our willingness to see the truth and choose love and connection above all else. If religions proclaim the right to violence against another religion then it can’t be true religion at all. As a kid, growing up in England during the IRA conflict it seemed so bizarre to me that The Protestant Church and The Catholic Church were at war with one another, yet they were both of the Christian faith, supposedly teaching about forgiveness, understanding and love. Yet, nothing in their actions were living the teachings of Jesus.

    • Ingrid Ward September 23, 2018   Reply →

      The conflicts between religions, that to me had the same initial foundation, used to absolutely confuse me too Rachel and a big reason I turned away from religion, as the reflection from these ‘waring’ factions was not the loving one that I know Jesus presented to humanity. These days when I contemplate these conflicts I can feel the extreme energy of supremacy which is/was trumpeting very loudly that my way is the only way, and this God is my God not yours, so I have the right to do anything I choose to prove I’m right, even if it costs people their lives; and sadly it did, and still continues to do today.

  • Leigh Matson August 14, 2018   Reply →

    The strongest reflection and/or reaction often has the greatest lessons to learn I’ve found. Learning to open up rather than shut down to the other has and is really lovely. I have Serge Benhayon to thank for this.

  • Rik Connors August 13, 2018   Reply →

    The answer to the first question says it all if I may agree. Religion is the relationship with God, but also a relationship with a greater power and divinity. I have not heard that expressed in that way anywhere before. I know it to be true in my body being a fully committed student of Universal Medicine since 2005. I have experienced a greater feeling having a relationship with the stars where you do feel a greater power. It gives me such a boost expressing about because this relationship has provided this to me. And, its not just that you provided with something and that’s it. It does not stop because that is how the universe expands — we expand, the universe expands.

  • Michael Brown August 12, 2018   Reply →

    Interesting, whenever there is a ‘cultural day’ at work or school it is almost always based around cuisine and food. I wonder when would we make the day about genuinely connecting with people and being open with one another?

    • Rowena Stewart August 17, 2018   Reply →

      Your comment Michael reminds me of a saying that is often said to young brides: “The way to a man’s heart is through his belly!” Food is an international hobby, which is why it is so popular and rarely rocks the international relations boat, unlike other social issues such as politics, equality, economics or health.

  • Caroline Francis August 10, 2018   Reply →

    We cannot allow ourselves to be put off by what we see today as what happened to me after attending Sunday school and chapel right through to my teens and early twenties to find myself rebelling against God later on in life. Institutionalised religion as I have found out is not it but that does not mean I am not religious. In fact I am religious because I have found with many, many thanks and appreciation to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that there is another way to be in the world and that way is The Way of The Livingness.

  • Caroline Francis August 7, 2018   Reply →

    To have the understanding of what it means to live a religious way is crucial in my every day life. It is a way, a livingness in which I am learning to live by, content to be religious and live religion based on the true meaning of the word.

    • David September 29, 2018   Reply →

      Caroline for so many people religion is either a burden, a must do or something we are turned against and yet to understand, as you share, what true religion is all about transforms everything about our lives.

  • Jennifer Smith August 6, 2018   Reply →

    I have often pondered about the reasons different cultures are living together in a city for example. What is it that we are needing to learn from this experience. We need to learn to co-exist. We also need to come to understanding that we are no different to the person sitting next to us. There may be, and usually is physical differences, but in essence we are not different. We all know this to the core of our being, which is also why we don’t want to know, because its then that we come to understand that our choices and movements are what are leading us down the garden path of not knowing.

  • Mary August 4, 2018   Reply →

    I was in the Middle East recently and talking to the local Muslims of that region they explained to me that committing or inciting violence or terrorism towards another is not acceptable and certainly there is nothing in the Koran that they have read that states otherwise. They mentioned that if you act in a negative way towards someone that negativity comes back to you; it has a boomerang affect. So it is for us to be aware of how we act towards others at all times. While attending a presentation of Universal Medicine I have come to understand that the energy we constantly give out is either healing or harming, so it sounds quite similar to the views of the local Muslims.

  • Carmel Reid July 30, 2018   Reply →

    Many religions get a bad name because of the poor behaviour of extremists which shows how any religion can be bastardised.

  • Jennifer Smith July 29, 2018   Reply →

    Its so important that the word religion is re-imprinted and returned to the truth of what it means, so that we understand that religion is always with us. It will take some time for this to occur.

  • Michael Brown July 23, 2018   Reply →

    The TV that I can keep coming back to and not feel guilty about!

  • Jennifer Smith July 23, 2018   Reply →

    Until Serge Benhayon I have never heard anyone present on what is true religion. I myself have had the experience of turning away from what I thought was religion because of the behaviour of a few. It never even crossed my mind to ask myself if what was being presented as religion, was actually religion. I know that now and know that we can all re-establish our connection to not only this word but that it means very deeply in all of us and it not being dependent on whether or not I go to church or not. Its been very freeing to understand what religion really means.

  • Jennifer Smith July 17, 2018   Reply →

    It’s almost like the violence that is used in the name of religion has been used so we don’t co-exist and learn to live together, so we then get to experience our living ways and truly learn from one another. One can see how understanding the truth of what religion means, can make a big difference here.

  • Jennifer Smith July 17, 2018   Reply →

    I love how the first part of the conversation unpacks that if something is violent then it is not religious and that there is no violence in religion and if there is its not religious. This is something we all need to hear, and be willing to unpack ourselves as what has been done in the name if religion as been used to hurt many over the eons. How have we let this go on for so long, to something that is here to bring us together as one?

  • Michael Brown July 16, 2018   Reply →

    A revelatory episode is a revelatory series – thank you to the entire team that produce this gold.

  • Jonathan Stewart July 6, 2018   Reply →

    Although the situation with the widespread immigration due to war, famine, economic disparity etc. is at present a crisis, it is also a great influence for positive change and healing for humanity as eventually people will not be able to help but come to realise that we are all the same.

  • Michael Brown July 5, 2018   Reply →

    Co-existence will never be endorsed by the side that wants to exist forever no matter the consequences.

  • Andrew Mooney June 22, 2018   Reply →

    I completely agree that we need to come back to the original meaning of the word religion as presented in this interview and not allow other organisations or people within them to call themselves religious if they are not acting or behaving in a truly religious way. Maybe we need religion licences? 🙂 I reckon it would be very revealing how many organisations would actually be able to hold a ‘licence’ if we reclaimed the word religion and its original meaning back.

  • Michael Brown June 21, 2018   Reply →

    I love the science of reflection… All the little things during the day that present themselves with magic messages of wisdom and guidance.

  • Natalie Hawthorne June 20, 2018   Reply →

    I love this and there is so much in this episode, just like all of them. Particularly the part about being open to seeing others and what they are reflecting and to be open to the fact that there is potentially another way we could be living. How over time and yes when we look a the world and where it is we will need to be patient, for us to get to a place where we can see that a certain way actually isn’t serving us and that if there is another way presenting itself with abundance, vitality, joy and so on then lets go there together. United as one and living in true brotherhood. Sometimes I think that is never going to happen but when I feel that openness within myself and know that what needs to be exposed will eventually we will get there. Hence the responsibility of living our truth and reflecting it out for all to see. Game ON I say.

  • Hm June 19, 2018   Reply →

    We have taken the initial meaning or religion and the power that comes with it and used it against humanity and in separation – the direct opposite of its original impress. It is so important we see this as a society, as it is the only way to come back from what we use it as today.

  • Natalie Hawthorne June 17, 2018   Reply →

    This makes total sense to let each other live with our own beliefs and religions and as Serge Benhayon presents, over time what ever is not working will be shown. We all have an equal right to explore and walk our own path. I know for me the ones I have explored and tried that over time I got to feel were not working is what got me to a place of living The Way of The Livingness and have something to compare it to. I have never in my whole life felt this amazing and deeply connected to God in all aspects of my life and this I deeply a treasure.

  • David June 17, 2018   Reply →

    Hi Gill, I agree and that inclusivity around religion is the same as how I’ve seen Serge with everything. It’s this reflection that has inspired me to change how I am with the rest of the world.

  • Shami June 15, 2018   Reply →

    I like the way that Serge Benhayon talks about militancy and religion. Because of the way that he very delicately does not condemn those who choose to be militant in the name of their religion, as Serge simply puts forward the possibility of a discussion on the true meaning of the word religion and asks if there is militancy in these origins. Which in my view, is an approach to this topic that gives everyone the space to decide for themselves what is and what is not religion.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh June 23, 2018   Reply →

      A great observation Shami about how Serge Benhayon always presents. Never any judgment or condemnation, never preaching or even trying to get you to agree. Always an invitation to deepen our observation, understanding and awareness, and approaching life with a greater level of love and personal responsibility.

  • Michael Brown June 14, 2018   Reply →

    To see religion spoken about with such openness and lack of judgement/condemnation is rare these days, and a pleasure to watch.

  • Nattalija June 10, 2018   Reply →

    Quality TV that offers everyone the opportunity to sit and ponder on what is truly going on when we take distractions away and start to feel what lies beneath.

  • Jennifer Smith June 9, 2018   Reply →

    What Serge says about pride and how we find it very challenging to look at and change our own behaviours in leu of a much more loving way is very true. We see multiculturalism, as an example of new ways of eating but do we see the deeper aspects of life that one particular culture has mastered and then say “I really love how you approach this, I’d love to learn more” Its simply asking ourselves to be more open to the possibility.

  • Michelle Mcwaters June 8, 2018   Reply →

    I love the simplicity of Serge’s explanation of religion and violence. If it is disharmonious or violent then it simply can’t come from true religion. This cuts through the fog of ideals, beliefs and hurts we have gathered around religion in one very short sentence. Powerful.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh June 7, 2018   Reply →

    You can never ever abuse another if you are true to love, God or religion. There is no justification or clever maneuvering with words that can change that fact.

    • Nattalija June 16, 2018   Reply →

      Love offers no agenda but the levels of deepening that humanity is far from reflecting in our current times.

  • Mary June 4, 2018   Reply →

    If we are talking about true religion there is no violence or abuse within this religion. So to me all other religions that advocate violence or abuse towards each other is not true religion. Too me it’s that simple and shows me that sadly we have lost the true meaning of the word religion.

  • Jennifer Smith June 4, 2018   Reply →

    If society committed to living in a way of co-existence then we would all be open to the ways of particular groups that really work and learn from that. Rather than simply tolerating someone that is from a different background. Big difference between co-exstence and tolerance, something worthwhile exploring further.

  • Carmel Reid June 3, 2018   Reply →

    Parenting our children and educating ourselves to understand that we are evolving through the Science of Reflection is important because instead of reacting to and attacking everyone around us, we can choose to be inspired, to see the reflection we are being offered and appreciate the learning.

  • Carmel Reid June 2, 2018   Reply →

    Religion and science have been separated through the centuries and we have all suffered as a result of the dogma that has developed in both.

  • Ingrid Ward May 29, 2018   Reply →

    I was turned off religion at a very early age as what the many institutionalised religions were presenting simply didn’t make sense to me; so much seemed so very hypocritical. When Serge Benhayon began to speak about religion I wanted to run a mile but something in me said very gently – stay and listen. So, I did and I am so delighted that I did because this amazingly wise man began presenting what deep within me I had always know to be true but had become very confused about because it was at odds with what everyone else believed to be true. How times have changed, as for the first time in my life I can say I am religious and feel the truth of these words in every particle of my being.

  • Joseph Barker May 25, 2018   Reply →

    Imagine you received the complete illustrated guide to life – a complete compendium of the truth about what’s going on – but rather than cherish and savour what you had in your hands, you complained about having a useless tatty, old book. This is how we are with life’s reflections. We rail against what they present yet in them, everything we need is said.

    • Michelle McWaters June 14, 2018   Reply →

      This is so beautifully articulated Joseph. Before I met Serge Benhayon, although I would have said I was the kind of half glass full person I still wasn’t able to stop and really appreciate what it was that was being reflected to me in any given moment. In this new awareness it is much easier to observe what is on offer and to deeply reflect and ponder on what it is I am being shown for my own learning. This supports in not reacting to things and feeling like a victim, but is an empowering tool to understand my own behaviours and arrest them.

    • Viktoria April 14, 2019   Reply →

      I have always loved religion, when I was younger I could see the people who had a real connection with God and something in them was devoted – not in a give your power away kind of way, but in a humble way that shows that there is something much grander than what we have playing out on this planet. I respected those people, although I may not have agreed with everything they did or how they were living their lives, nor did I know how to live my life & develop that connection with God. But today I appreciate their reflection & their commitment to not cave in the pressures of society which more and more proclaim that those who believe in God are stupid.

  • Michael Brown May 23, 2018   Reply →

    I love watching someone give an interview where they express freely without any awkwardness, not something you see often but certainly see it here.

  • HM May 23, 2018   Reply →

    I love what Serge presents about it being a crime to abuse what true religion is and committing a crime under the guise of religion. It has caused so much separation, but yes – in that is an opportunity to discern the truth of religion and what it truly means.

  • Joshua Campbell May 20, 2018   Reply →

    I am so glad someone has finally stood up and claimed the absolute truth of what life is about. It shows how deeply lost humanity truly is when we see how manipulated the meanings of words have become.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh May 19, 2018   Reply →

    What is it about the way we are living that can allow even teachings that would have originally been about nothing less than oneness, equality, love and honouring of each other, be twisted and changed to justify harm and abuse one another? What Serge Benhayon presents is an invaluable invitation for us to reflect on how what we have been settling for is far removed from the magnificence of what is naturally available if we choose to return to and live according to our true nature.

  • Mary May 19, 2018   Reply →

    Is it possible that we are looking for institutionalised religion to give us what we are searching for as we have lost our true connection to God and in the bereavements of this loss we have allowed others to control what we can or cannot believe of God?

  • Michael Goodhart May 13, 2018   Reply →

    I love the very clear definition of what a true religion is, as described by Serge Benhayon, and any religion that goes around condemning others as not worthy of God’s love or advocates for separation/violence of any kind can not be defined as a true religion. So, in the same way, I feel that there are many other words that need to be looked at as far as living in line with the truth of their definition. Perhaps its time to look at Science in this same light, and re-examine how we seem to think that it is about proving our theories right in a manipulative way without considering the whole of a system and with enough funding force it through the peer review process. But science needs to be approached in an innocent way, constantly being open to other possibilities and expanding (as the whole Universe does) into greater awareness of how the Universe works, rather than staying stuck and stubborn about holding on to an old way of looking at things.

  • Jenny James May 8, 2018   Reply →

    When there is violence , how can there possibly be any religion. Thank you Serge and Rebecca for elucidating on this matter.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh June 3, 2018   Reply →

      Violence and religion are mutually exclusive. You can not have violence and in fact any form of abuse under the banner of religion. A very clear truth that we have ignored again and again throughout the ages resulting in our own demise.

    • David June 8, 2018   Reply →

      True Jenny and instead of peace (when no violence so to speak yet still abuse) we can have a true co-existence and depth of love between us all.

  • Jennifer Smith May 7, 2018   Reply →

    I love what Serge Benhayon shares about co-existence. Let everyone choose what religious way they wish to follow and truly live together, without trying to coerce anyone into our way of living/belief and then we can truly learn from one another. Co-existence puts tolerance on the table for us all to see how this does not support is in any way live together.

  • Melinda Knights May 6, 2018   Reply →

    I love the respect offered here to all people, and that we collaborate together by observing and then exchanging and adopting what works from others. We work together to return us all to a way of living that is ultimately unifying.

    • David May 31, 2018   Reply →

      Melinda same here, before Universal Medicine I was very intolerant to other people of other “groups” whereas today I really see how we are all the same.

  • Matilda Bathurst May 4, 2018   Reply →

    I agree Gill. The difference between being open to what others reflect to us, either as insight into ourselves or as points of inspiration, rather than being closed and ending up comparing and competing with each other, is properly huge.

  • Matilda Bathurst May 4, 2018   Reply →

    There is so much gold and wisdom in this interview which I find hugely supportive in understanding the way things are in the world today. One thing that stood out for me today was this mad notion we fall for that normal is defined by statistics… once a certain number of people do something it is considered normal and however wayward, abusive and/or out of whack it feels, we ignore our sense and accept it.

  • kehinde James April 29, 2018   Reply →

    This interview inspires me to re-evaluate my own relationships with self and in every area of my life. I ask myself: Do I always walk with love and willing to co-exist with others or judge and keep myself apart? What do I bring when i walk into a room or communicate with others? Answers lie in the science of reflection and I am guided by them.

  • kehinde James April 29, 2018   Reply →

    The wise counsel offered in this interview through Serge is immense. ” let our way of life be our living testimony;” “Don’t impose, judge or interfere with other people;” “Allow others to live their way” Serge invites us to not seek to find wrong in the ways of others, not attack, or criticise in anyway that undermines, as this assumes we know best or are right and wrongly elevates ourselves, We’re all equal, learning together through reflection, the gateway to more deeply understand our brothers and sisters.

  • Eva Rygg April 29, 2018   Reply →

    What is being presented here makes so much sense – religion and violence does NOT belong together. Something to truly reflect on for each and every one of us.

    • Rowena Stewart September 9, 2018   Reply →

      Well said Eva. Love is a vibration that holds everyone equals, allows space for us to come to our own resolutions and understandings, treats everyone with respect. Any act of violence can never convey this quality and hence can never represent the Love of God and our relationship with him.

  • Rik Connors April 23, 2018   Reply →

    My favourite TV. What you can learn watching the episode again… I practised the power of observation recently and received what you could call and intelligence far beyond the usual mundane of expression and communication that is usually ‘just a normal conversation’. Its like I received the answers for not only me but for the person who was expressing. Imagine if society lived this depth of observation.

  • Michael Brown April 23, 2018   Reply →

    Surely if one represents “The Way”, there is no need to prove it – as it will prove itself by it’s untarnished lived quality.

  • HM April 21, 2018   Reply →

    It is true that we are not educated on reflection and the way in which we all reflect to each other. Not before Universal Medicine had I ever considered this, and yet it is so key in how we evolve. As Serge presented here – we all have an opportunity to learn from each other, even if it is a learning about ourselves that we are not willing to change.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh April 20, 2018   Reply →

    I so love these conversations that remind us how much more there is to consider and open up to in life, and how exquisite it can be when we let ourselves go there.

  • Jennifer Smith April 19, 2018   Reply →

    There is so much that we think is religion, that is so far from what religion is. Given this so much harm and hurt has been caused in the name of religion to so many people, in so many place, over such a long period of time without us even knowing. Thank God that this discussion is taking place to raise our awareness on the truth about religion.

  • Julie Matson April 17, 2018   Reply →

    It has never made sense to me why when we look at another culture who may do things differently and have evidence of living successfully, we then do not adopt their living way even though it’s working – or at the very least study them and take into consideration what has and has not worked. It’s as if we stubbornly hold onto our systems even if they do not work, and often at the expense of the general population than admit that they are failing.

    • Eva Rygg April 29, 2018   Reply →

      Yes, the arrogance of thinking we got it right and hence not willing to open up for a real change, runs deep.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh April 17, 2018   Reply →

    I love the way Serge Benhayon constantly dismantles the many false interpretations we keep complicating and lessening life with, and keeps offering a renewed sense of simplicity, love and expansion which makes absolute sense and brings humanity back to oneness.

    • kehinde James April 29, 2018   Reply →

      I agree Golnaz and ‘dismantle’ an apt word that conveys what is happening here. When Serge strips back false interpretations and lies, truth is revealed and made accessible to many.

  • Michael Brown April 16, 2018   Reply →

    It is devastating to see that we cannot be left to live our own way and experiment without experiencing forces and attacks coming our way.

  • Shami April 14, 2018   Reply →

    With the science of reflection we are given or shown that there is the possibility of another way. This is beautiful because with this we are given the freedom to see and to observe and to make of what we have seen and observed what we will. There is no dictation or control. Just the union of people sharing experience.

  • Michael Brown April 10, 2018   Reply →

    Hearing Serge talk about religion breathes new life into the word.

    • Matilda Bathurst May 4, 2018   Reply →

      I agree, Michael. A word that has been modified and abused so much, being brought back to its true meaning and honoured as such; it is very beautiful to hear the truth of religion.

    • David June 27, 2018   Reply →

      Michael I so agree, it has transformed my understanding of the word to something that I can feel has always been part of not only my life but all lives.

  • Natalie Hawthorne April 10, 2018   Reply →

    Just when you think wowzers Serge you have done it again, delivered absolute truth so beautifully and clear, bam he brings in another one. There is literally no limit to the the wisdom Serge is sharing with us all. So inspiring how no matter what Serge chooses it. Who are we to connect with this and then not express and share this with others so to they can be inspired also. Ah the joy of responsibility of being all of that which we are.

  • Jennifer Smith April 9, 2018   Reply →

    I do love this conversation. It really opens up the discussion on what really is religion?

    • Nattalija April 18, 2018   Reply →

      A conversation that opens us to feel what true religion can feel like and be lived with the integrity and responsibility we know humanity is needing now more than ever.

  • HM April 8, 2018   Reply →

    We are quick to jump on the cultural bits we like of a country before we are willing to see the whole picture. It nods to the set ways of living we are all comfortable with, when in fact religion has divided us hugely. And yet this is not true religion, as in truth it can unite us by way of reflection.

  • Michael Brown April 5, 2018   Reply →

    I love my religion 🙂 there’s nothing greater to me than knowing my Soul is here with me each and and every moment.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh April 8, 2018   Reply →

      A great religion indeed. And with such joy and fullness, how could anyone not honour the same in every other person.

  • Natalie Hawthorne April 5, 2018   Reply →

    Thanks to Serge Benhayon I have come to understand true religion. I was brought up catholic and then come to a place within myself that it didn’t feel true, I looked into what other religions there were and none of them felt true yet I started to have judgement for this. Being able to break this and understand true religion I can see other choices that are not this simple are just that. Each having the free choice to believe what we want.

  • Matilda Bathurst April 2, 2018   Reply →

    Oh yes, to moving beyond living crippled by comparison and jealousy. I am needing to be super honest with myself when these ugly reactions wheedle their way into my day and then super understanding and curious about why.

  • Matilda Bathurst April 2, 2018   Reply →

    Gosh yes, Richard, I agree. Our pride and need to be ‘right’ is a huge barrier to learning. I am coming to understand more and more the beauty of humility.

  • Matilda Bathurst April 2, 2018   Reply →

    Considering ourselves to be intelligent beings and then creating a whole set up where religion (which in truth is our connection to love) gives us permission to abuse, reject and/or kill our fellow human brothers, exposes our lack of true intelligence.

  • Nattalija April 1, 2018   Reply →

    Using the name religion with any form of violence is not religion. We all know this to be true deep down inside yet Serge Benhayon leads the way in honouring and expressing this truth for all.

  • Natalie Hawthorne March 31, 2018   Reply →

    ‘Let us let live together and the truth will come out in the end’. Yes lets, and I long for the day of the truth to be our normal way again. Yet again the wisdom that Serge Benhayon shares is gold.

    • Jennifer Smith April 9, 2018   Reply →

      Its a great statement by Serge Benhayon. There is a knowing that we can in fact live together and that we can not only enjoy one another but truly learn and grow as well.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh March 31, 2018   Reply →

    We keep imagining that the gifts of Heaven to be like thunderbolts, burning bushes, or some unexplainable as-yet-super-human feat like parting waters, yet we are surrounded by them. Yet what an incredible gift we have in the reflection we have all around us in life, especially what offer one another, whether it is the face of our exquisite divine nature, or showing the result of a myriad of possible ways to mask it. Thank you Serge Benhayon for your constant reminder.

  • Michael Brown March 30, 2018   Reply →

    What a lesson this interview is in terms of how we view words and associate them with behaviours that are there to deliberately disturb the sacredness held within the etymology.

  • Rowena Stewart March 30, 2018   Reply →

    Our truth in this world is to return to the Love we all naturally are. When we express anything less, we are not being true to our selves. And so just as it is natural to soak up other people’s culinary traditions, so too is it natural to observe, learn and put into practice truly loving ethics, principles and practices, so that humanity ends up with a soup rich in compassionate wisdom and strong, wise, purposeful religion.

  • Natalie Hawthorne March 30, 2018   Reply →

    It’s pretty interesting that we are arrogant enough to think that the way we are living does not effect others on this planet and the Universe. How we play dumb to everything and how we are connected and have an immediate effect.

  • Victoria March 30, 2018   Reply →

    Yes, Religion is our interconnection and relationship with everything in life. It is everything that unites us rather that divides. The word itself has been hijacked and lost the truth of its origin. We know this and this is worth talking about, thank you to Serge Benhayon for starting the conversation.

  • Victoria March 30, 2018   Reply →

    Introducing the Science of Reflection and how this can bring us together rather than separate us when we alternatively go into comparison and jealousy… yes. Why is it we are selective with what we are choosing to borrow from different cultures when clearly we can grow as one when we are simply open to seeing what is true and bringing that to life. It is possible for us to live and co-exist in harmony and this is our natural way.

  • Victoria March 30, 2018   Reply →

    So much is covered in this insightful episode, bringing the truth back to the word Religion and what it means to live religiously as we co-exist on this planet. Thank you Serge Benhayon and Rebecca Asquith.

  • Michael Brown March 29, 2018   Reply →

    It’s so true what Serge shared about what’s done in the name of religion, and how we need to disconnect the actions done under the name of and the meaning of the word in its true sense.

  • Rowena Stewart March 28, 2018   Reply →

    When we apply this understanding to our current religious practices it knocks a great many out of the game. How can a Church for example maintain its position in society if many of its priests have abused children and no-one takes any action to address this criminal behaviour? True religion is about taking responsibility for our personal conduct to truly live a harmless life by expressing respect, love, decency and honesty in every aspect of our lives 24/7. It requires a level of integrity and responsibility within the individual that then brings a collective activity, a shared way of living in connection with God, a way currently enabled through the teachings of Serge Benhayon, a Master of Religion.

  • kev mchardy March 28, 2018   Reply →

    We so definitely have to learn to co-exist and bring harmony to this planet that we live on, and we have proved we can do this by eighty odd countries all putting aside their differences and investing time and knowledge in an international space station. I’m not saying that we have to explore space together but by setting aside our differences and adopting what works for all on this planet in the same way is a big step in the right direction.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh March 28, 2018   Reply →

    Yes Richard and also all others instead of being seen as someone to protect against or compete with, can be appreciated as an absolute gift for the reflection they offer.

  • Natalie Hawthorne March 27, 2018   Reply →

    I say YES to living in a way that is open to all and choosing a way that is going to support this no matter what. The only thing I have come across during my journey of life that seemed to work was The Way of The Livingness as presented and lived by Serge Benhayon. Now I can say after many years of putting into practice the principle of this Religion, a relationship with myself, the Universe, God and all those how I meet along the way it has never felt so amazing and continues to deepen.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh March 27, 2018   Reply →

    A message I always get from Serge Benhayon’s presentations is not only to live and let live, but to deepen my ability to live love and let the world be blessed by my every step. When I look deeply into the true messages within any religion, this is actually a basic tenet.
    Astonishing how we have allowed such deeply inspiring messages get twisted into a justification to go to war and be abusive to one another. Time to claim the truth as Serge Benhayon is doing.

  • Natalie Hawthorne March 26, 2018   Reply →

    To be able to have these honest conversations and review and reflect on what currently represents religion and how it has stepped away from its key principles and the true meaning of the word then you can’t but question what are you aligning with if you say yes to any of them. Religion to me has always been my relationship with God and there is no need for a third party so to speak, let alone one that is abusing and attacking others, where it is all about brotherhood and love.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh March 26, 2018   Reply →

    Under the guise of being a tolerant society and allowing freedom we have been turning a blind eye to a lot of things which are neither anything to do with freedom nor should they ever be tolerated. Abusive behaviour and lack of honouring of one another is one of them.
    And how absurd that we have also twisted the meaning of religion to justify such behaviour. Great episode bringing it all back to the simple truth.

  • Rowena Stewart March 24, 2018   Reply →

    What I realise more and more is that even the thought of violence is a step too far away from our true nature, purpose and being. Serge Benhayon brings huge clarity to a very weary subject that has so far defeated any attempts to see beyond the pain and trauma we have created by not addressing this fundamental truth in our societies.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh April 22, 2018   Reply →

      What I love about Serge Benhayon’s reflection is that it does not ask us to be theoretical, judgmental or righteous about any of this. The inspiration calls each of us individually to connect to a deeper level of love and humanity that is our actual true inner essence and let that be the guide so that we know with every cell if what we see before us is true or in contradiction of the truth that we know in our heart.

  • fiona lotherington March 24, 2018   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon is saying in a very simple and straightforward way what we should all be saying. If there is any form of violence associated with any religion, then its not religion. Religion = love.

  • Joshua Campbell March 24, 2018   Reply →

    It is more than fascinating and in fact more highlighting the level of responsibility we really all do have when it comes to how much damage can come from the ill use of words. Thank God we have people today willing to bring back the truth of words by actually living what they truly mean.

  • Michael Brown March 22, 2018   Reply →

    I’m embracing the religious aspect of my life and I can honestly say it is the best part of my life ever. The fact that I can connect to the fact that there is more to life than the physicality we have constructed is one of the most beautiful processes I have ever embarked upon.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh March 21, 2018   Reply →

    The picture of a vindictive God, who takes offence and punishes and who has favourites among his children and condones violence and atrocities between them is truly a scary one. How did we ever fall for it?
    I am so pleased that Serge Benhayon’s practical and down to earth presentations offer a different understanding – one that my heart relates to and also makes perfect sense to my mind.

  • Shami March 21, 2018   Reply →

    I really get this part about pride. I see it in myself and in the culture I live in, and how it can act as a barrier to living in unity and in truth with eachother.

  • HM March 20, 2018   Reply →

    A beautiful simplicity is brought to this – live from our living way – the truth of who we are and clock when it is not us. Go back to this as the core and foundation to in effect have an impact on lessening the extremities in the world. It starts with us – the critical mass who have a choice in each moment as to how we live.

  • Natalie Hawthorne March 20, 2018   Reply →

    I was ‘turned off’ religion from being brought up catholic and then as I started to look and see what other religions were offering none of them felt to be much different, yes they had different key factors but to me they all felt the same. I used to say that I was God, in the sense that he is within me and I am apart of Him. Just knowing this that was where I got to with it until I was introduced to The Way of The Livingness, a religion that is confirming what I had felt already but just didn’t really know how to connect to this relationship on a deeper level. Thanks to the teachings and principles of The Way of The Livingness I now have expanded and deepen this connection day after day.

  • Rowena Stewart March 19, 2018   Reply →

    What a gift these interviews are, clearing away so many of our preconceived ideas about peace and restoring to us the real resolutions to our war mongering ways.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh March 25, 2018   Reply →

      We can never find our way out of the mess we have dug ourselves into without the clarity offered by love and truth – the foundation behind everything Serge Benhayon presents.

  • Gabriele Conrad March 19, 2018   Reply →

    Debunking the lie that violence and religion go together or can even coexist is the most important message of this episode; Serge Benhayon offers a very practical philosophical approach to life that has nothing to do with looking for a black cat in a darkened room in the middle of the night and everything to do with offering common sense answers to everyday burning questions and issues.

  • Jill Steiner March 18, 2018   Reply →

    Thank you Serge for making so simple what we as humans make so complicated and get embroiled in. The truth that anything that is associated with violence is in no way religion, true religion is one that is founded on love, harmony and brotherhood, and anything less than this is not true religion.

  • Eva Rygg March 17, 2018   Reply →

    Love what you are saying here Monica – ‘allow our way to be shown in it’s gaps when they exist’ – allowing is the key word, to not fight or ignore the reflections on offer, but welcome them as a dear friend who is patiently with us while we are learning.

  • Eva Rygg March 17, 2018   Reply →

    ‘We need to learn to co-exist’ – How true, history is clearly showing us that anything else does not work.

  • Michael Brown March 16, 2018   Reply →

    Religion often freaks me out but after an amazing conversation with a dear friend have seen how deeply religious I am, and that to accept it just means to accept the magic i’ve experienced in my life.

  • Natalie Hawthorne March 16, 2018   Reply →

    Yet again another revolutionary episode, thank you Serge Benhayon for your sharing, dedication to the truth and all that you live to present such truths to remind us all that we are much much more than we give ourselves credit for.

  • Matilda Bathurst March 15, 2018   Reply →

    I remember as a child not being able to make sense of the violence that has happened throughout our history under the name of religion and/or God. The God and religion I felt as a child had no violence in it whatsoever. This TV episode makes sense of how we have deviated from truth and come to accept this total contradiction of what God and religion are.

  • Carmel Reid March 14, 2018   Reply →

    ‘If that’s not being lived it’s not religion’ True, we cannot just select the bits we like, religion is a whole livingness that applies to our full science and philosophy of life every day, every hour. I find it puzzling that many claim to ‘practise’ their religion when there is so much publicity now being made available about paedophilia in many of these institutions. We may live wholesome lives as individuals but we cannot for example ignore the paedophilia that is happening with the consent of the Roman Catholic Church’s hierarchy, it is a very real disease that is happening inside a religion with millions of followers. How many millions have been affected over its 2000 year history?

  • Rowena Stewart March 14, 2018   Reply →

    What is introduced to us through these interviews is our inevitable future way. The more we choose to embody what is presented the sooner this future will arrive for us all.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh March 14, 2018   Reply →

    “There is a way to be with each other that will naturally unite us across borders and belief”. The openness and inclusivity expressed by young children shows that this way of relating to one another is an innate expression. What a joy to have the belief that we can’t live this as adults well and truly refuted.

  • HM March 14, 2018   Reply →

    ‘…the new face of supremacy is evidence-based science.’ – this is so often seen in the world today – we all want tangible proof to accept anything and we need to blanket the way things are done. But in this, we allow no expansion for anyone else. What if we lived in a way that uplifted everyone rather than base the world on ‘our way is it’

  • Mary March 13, 2018   Reply →

    At last we are given a clear understanding of what true religion is, and it is not what we have fallen for. To me true Religion is a relationship a one on one with God who holds us all in love. Not the emotional kind of love that we have accepted but with a love that is harmless to everyone and everything. When we are in harmony with God then we know that there is no way we could harm another because that harming energy is not in our bodies, we come to the understanding that everyone is equal; we are all the same.

  • Rowena Stewart March 13, 2018   Reply →

    It is so simple. If anyone even thinks violent thoughts then they clearly cannot be connected to the Love of God. When we truly take this on board we are empowered to see that all our wars, especially the ones where we have fought them in the name of God, clearly arise from our own arrogant willfulness and have nothing to do with a God who only emanates and impulses Love.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh March 14, 2018   Reply →

      In fact this takes the bar to the fact that any thought, word or action that does not hold the absolute love, care, equalness and honouring of another can not possibly be connected to God. It is the fact that we do not choose to see the responsibility this clearly reflects that lets us keep dropping the bar until we end up just shrugging our shoulder at someone claiming that they are killing in the name of God.

  • Katerina Nikolaidis March 13, 2018   Reply →

    Religion in its true meaning like the Science of Reflection itself offer us an immense healing constantly – essentially they can catapult us to be who we truly are. But the true teaching and essence of what religion is and what the science of reflection is, is deliberately not made available to us in our societies today. There has been a deliberate reinterpretation and attempt to remove and obliterate the truth of many of the ageless teachings and we need to ask ourselves why that is the case. And at the same time, cherish what is being offered here – as we watch this episode, what we all already know from the core of who we are about what religion really is, is reignited, because we are being reflected back what we have always known.

  • Rebecca March 11, 2018   Reply →

    When I speak to people, they don’t seem to have an issue with God per say, although that’s a mine field of its own, but their issue is with what has become synonymous with religion, what they think religion means and stands for based on the acts of violence, corruption, abuse and hate that occur under its banner. But just because they use that word doesn’t mean their actions represent it. We cannot allow the worse acts of humanity to be what defines our relationship with God, our religions – we need to set the standard, one that shows anything less than that standard to be not religion at all.

  • Rowena Stewart March 11, 2018   Reply →

    I keep coming back to the awesome fact that Serge Benhayon can discuss these subjects with such clarity without becoming embroiled in them. His level of observation and clear headed perspective empowers positive discussion that builds new awareness on how to develop real, solid unity in the world, true religion in action.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh March 17, 2018   Reply →

      It is a breath of fresh air to have such expansion of understanding presented without inciting any emotional reaction, fuelling separation or pandering to any cold detached mental analysis. As always everything about Serge Benhayon invites a greater level of love, understanding, oneness and responsibility.

    • Eva Rygg March 17, 2018   Reply →

      True Rowena – Serge Benhayon makes sense of what is going on, he makes the complicated things simple and easy to understand. When things make sense, they are no longer overwhelming.

  • Golnaz Shariatadeh March 10, 2018   Reply →

    This itself that so many atrocities have been carried out in the name of God and people’s interpretation of God’s word has been used to justify their actions has always seemed an anomaly that I could not understand. It is astonishing how we can have an awareness of how something is not true, but can not have the conviction to stand by that awareness. I love the way Serge Benhayon calls things out for what they are and is a great inspiration in deepening our connection with and commitment to truth and love of All.

  • kehinde james March 9, 2018   Reply →

    Many more people would embrace religion if they understood its true meaning: love, harmony, oneness.

  • Natalie Hawthorne March 9, 2018   Reply →

    When I have heard Serge speak about true Religion it was like my whole body became at ease and harmonious instantly. It was what I had felt all along and what I kept looking around and seeing, pursuing to find was nothing that showed the simplicity yet the absolute honouring of what true religion is.

  • Rowena Stewart March 8, 2018   Reply →

    This episode completely debases the righteousness that sits underneath all our so-called ‘religious’ wars and exposes the fact that we are very capable of accepting other ways of living. The stronger our inner connection grows the more we realise who we are beyond our cultural norms and ideals and hence the simpler it becomes to re-kindle our connection to true brotherhood and a one unified truth.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh March 7, 2018   Reply →

    I love how everything boils down to whether we are expressing the exquisiteness of the love, truth and harmony that is our innate essence, or we are choosing trillion ways of expressing the one energy that opposes that.

  • Jennifer Smith March 6, 2018   Reply →

    Being open to the reflection of another, opens us up to the possibility that we are more and the knowing that we are all more. We can constantly learn from each other if that is what we choose.

  • Samantha Davidson March 6, 2018   Reply →

    Why so explosive indeed, could this be a sign that there is something to learn from one another…I would say yes….there is always something to learn from what is reflected in life. This is something I am opening up to and it brings a deeper ability to live humbly.

  • Rowena Stewart March 6, 2018   Reply →

    The essential message is consistent, when we restore authentic integrity and love within our selves and within our families there is no room for disharmony, let alone violence and abuse. What is fascinating is how when these fundamental principles are adhered to, how far reaching and all encompassing they in delivering real answer to all our societal and global issues that cripple humanity and our innate knowing of brotherhood.

  • HM March 6, 2018   Reply →

    God cannot pick a side in war. He is with everyone equally. This interview brings so much clarity to religion and brings it back to the truth of it – how we have used religion to separate each other and cut relationships when this is the opposite of its true origin.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh March 19, 2018   Reply →

      This is one of those discrepancies that most children seem to pick up, yet us adults seem to just let slide. If we are all God’s children, and if he loves his children, how could he possibly just favour some and abandon everyone else. And wouldn’t assigning to him the promotion of discord and harm of one another be simply preposterous?

  • Jennifer Smith March 5, 2018   Reply →

    You can see how complex and complicated we have made religion to be in the discussion about violence as part of religion. I love what Serge Benhayon said here, in that if there is violence it is not religion or part of religion. So simple because it comes from the true meaning of what religion is and that is relationship, re-binding and re-bonding. If we pondered more on this we to would realise that violence plays no part in religion. Perhaps we need to be reminded on what religion is truly about. Thank goodness for conversations such as this one that remind us of what we did once know, a long time ago and have forgotten.

  • kehinde james March 5, 2018   Reply →

    There is no right and wrong only truth and love.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh March 12, 2018   Reply →

      Beautifully said Kehinde. Right and wrong are one of the biggest forms of illusion that ingrains the separation from one another.

  • kehinde james March 5, 2018   Reply →

    The science of reflection offers everything, love, live and let live. Life simplified.

  • Rowena Stewart March 5, 2018   Reply →

    A simple recipe for true success – live the qualities we want in the outside world within our selves, within our relationships and within our homes and hey presto, all this steady, wise and tender qualities to naturally pour into the world outside.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh March 6, 2018   Reply →

      It doesn’t get more simple than that. Without this foundation, no action and no strategy will ever work, because it will carry the same seed that created the mess in the first place. And with this foundation, just as beautifully expressed here, we simply live those qualities and the rest will unfold as a natural loving expression of such a livingness.

  • David March 5, 2018   Reply →

    I love the science of reflection and further more I love how its possible to actually not judge another by anything let alone their religion and that most important is the person, their beingness and not what they belong to. Yet by belonging to certain groups often means those that are part of that group tend to exclude and judge others. What if we saw each and everyone one of us as part of the one human family.

  • Rebecca March 5, 2018   Reply →

    Many of the people I speak with are against religion purely on the grounds of what they have seen it represented to be that they know deep inside it is not – it is not separatism or elitism or violence, it does not raise one or a group above all else and when these actions are excused under the name of religion is it any wonder we shy away – but in doing so we lose the chance to possible connecting to the truth of religion.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh March 4, 2018   Reply →

    How did religion which is in effect a confirmation of our connection and oneness with God, people, and the universe, end up including people’s choice to harm one another?
    By diluting the meaning of words and the quality they reflect further and further, we keep lowering the bar and settling for less and less expression of humanity’s true glory.
    Individuals such as Serge Benhayon who remain dedicated to living the light of the Soul offer an invaluable reflection that asks us to stop and reassess our choices.

  • Jonathan Stewart March 3, 2018   Reply →

    The ripple effect of the reflection of Serge Benhayon’s living way is living proof of the truth of the science of reflection that Serge presents here in this interview.

  • Jonathan Stewart March 3, 2018   Reply →

    The science of reflection should be in the curriculum of every school and recognised as an aspect of parenting.

  • Jonathan Stewart March 3, 2018   Reply →

    Rather than focusing on what is wrong and instead identify and develop what is true and right would be so much more productive than the present model.

  • Fumiyo Egashira March 3, 2018   Reply →

    Religion and militancy – this is a great example of how we have eroded the true meaning of a word in order to accept and adopt what doesn’t belong as part of our normal, instead of holding the value of what is.

  • Rowena Stewart March 3, 2018   Reply →

    So true, we are very happy to share our culinary traditions and trade recipes with one another regardless of our culture, but we seem to close our hearts when it comes to our cultural traditions. We are missing out on so much love when we shun another culture’s successful societal recipes that respect and honour everyone, men, women and children alike. Forget rocket science, the central goal of humanity should be to produce a common code of living based on the One Unified Truth, a Universal Cook Book on how to live life!

  • Liane Mandalis March 3, 2018   Reply →

    Only one who lives, breathes and walks true religion can restore it through the words they speak and in doing so help to arise us back to the truth we have all departed from. Thank you Serge Benhayon for shedding great light on what has become a very darkened subject.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh March 4, 2018   Reply →

      Hear hear. It is a blessing that we have someone among us like Serge Benhayon who lives, breaths and walks such an expression through and through, therefore what he communicates resounds as the truth that they are.
      Equally what you share is a great reminder of the responsibility each of us have with the way we live, because no words on their own will ever bring about a change that humanity so dearly needs.

  • Gabriele Conrad March 3, 2018   Reply →

    When we make it about right and wrong, divides appear that get further cemented and sanctified by movements and postulates that seek to defend, shore up and postulate. In that we strive for a security that is as shaky as everything that is not love in a universe where love is all.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh March 3, 2018   Reply →

    It is truly baffling when you start to look at it: how can anyone harm, terrorise and kill another under the guise of religion?
    I have attended university, browsed through countless books, attended numerous workshops, immersed myself in many philosophies, tried out various techniques just to get sense of settlement with a world and human expression that simply did not make sense. Not until I met Serge Benhayon did it all start to unravel and make sense.

  • Elizabeth Dolan March 2, 2018   Reply →

    Totally agree with what Serge Benhayon is saying about the need for us all to co-exist, learn from one another and then in the end we will come to a one unified truth that supports us all.

  • Meg March 2, 2018   Reply →

    How can we have violence in religion, it doesn’t make sense, it’s two completely different, completely polar opposite things. It’s like putting oil into pure water and then still calling it water. And could it not be that it’s only possible for us to have violence because we have not applied true all-encompassing religion to life?

  • Shami March 2, 2018   Reply →

    The way that Serge Benhayon has made the definite distinction between militancy and religion is very important, so that religion can remain as it is – a connection with the divine – and not taken off in to other activities which are nothing to do with its true purpose at all.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh March 8, 2018   Reply →

      I find it invaluable to go to the root of words and clarify their true meaning. This is particularly significant for words that colour our understanding and relationship with life. Without this dedication we will continue to lower the quality of love, care, health, decency and responsibility with which we are living.

  • Jonathan Stewart March 2, 2018   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon masterfully shows how it is not religion per se that is the cause of violence as violence is not part of what religion truly means. Therefore any system/organisation that pertains to be a religion yet allows violence is not a religion in the true meaning of the word.

  • Carmel Reid March 2, 2018   Reply →

    Rebecca says ‘ a moment of reaction is a moment of choice’ in talking about the reflections we offer each other and Serge goes on to talk about the Science of Reflection and how we can choose to get jealous, react, get furious or instead be inspired – it is such a different way of responding and one I am working with. We can all choose to be inspired instead of reacting.

  • Rowena Stewart March 2, 2018   Reply →

    I just love the way Serge Benhayon so simply nails the truth time and again. When we entertain violence in any form or manner, our very choice to indulge has immediately cut our relationship with God. This realisation alone can heal the enormous pain that we, humanity has suffered through all the wars we have fought ‘in the name of God’. True religion brings us closer together so we can confirm and deepen our loving ways and connection to one another. It never entertains any thought or action that will hurt or compromise another.

  • Jenny James March 2, 2018   Reply →

    There is no violence in religion, only Love. It is only when the force of societal politics gets involved – through seeing how ‘religious’ dogma can have a hold over people and can control – that murder and abuse is committed, erroneously in the name of religion.

  • Lucy Dahill March 2, 2018   Reply →

    I found this episode to remind me that life is simply about harmony, love, truth decency and respect. If we have that with each other and the planet we live on and within we will not have this relationship with religion and the abuse that word has become synonymous with.

  • Monika Rietveld March 2, 2018   Reply →

    As simple as that: if there is violence there can’t be religion, because violence is not part of religion. Religion is about love, harmony, about brotherhood, everybody co-existing and having respect for each other. If that is missing there is no religion.

  • Chris James March 2, 2018   Reply →

    And we know that the Science of Reflection will one day be an integral and fundamental aspect of education… yes, hard to imagine now, but remember that once the world was definitively flat!

  • Joshua Campbell March 1, 2018   Reply →

    It really hits home how the ill use of words can impact us so much more than we realise. Serge has shared before about how this can be worse than a nuclear weapon, it is the ill use of words and the evidence of this fact is all around us today, where so many are put off by religion simply because of how it has come to be even though it has never ever been true religion to begin with.

  • Melinda Knights March 1, 2018   Reply →

    The genius and beauty of love right there – in Serge Benhayon.

  • Carmel Reid March 1, 2018   Reply →

    ‘Jadedness within religion’ is true, many of us are looking for something more but not finding it within the established and more traditional religions. The Way of The Livingness feels to me to offer a true approach and one that encompasses all of life every day wherever we are, not just a visit to the temple, mosque, synagogue or church one day a week.

  • Joseph Barker March 1, 2018   Reply →

    I love the way this interview shows how belittling, denegrating and bad mouthing existing religions just keeps us stuck in more of the same. The judgement we’re in won’t let us see the true simplicity that’s there. Serge Benhayon makes it so clear that everything is possible when we truly wish to understand and choose to come from our heart. In fact it’s this misalignment that’s the bit that has been causing us grief all along.

  • Michael Goodhart March 1, 2018   Reply →

    One of the amazing revelations of what Serge Benhayon presented that I love is the fact that you can not have any given religion with conflict/war and actually consider that a religion because it goes completely against the meaning of the word religion and all it stands for. What a brilliant observation and one that sets the true marker for religion as it is lived to the utmost by Serge and through The Way of The Livingness.

  • Lyndy Summerhaze March 1, 2018   Reply →

    This is a wonderfully clear pronunciation of the fact that if group is claiming to be religious and performing violent acts under that group then the said group is not and cannot ever be ‘religious’.
    Religion is our relationship to God, to each other, and to the natural world around us – it is about Brotherhood, community, respect for one another, and there is no room for violence. Religion has no violence in it. Thank you Serge Benhayon and Rebecca Asquith for this presentation of truth.

  • Stephanie Stevenson March 1, 2018   Reply →

    There is much to re-dress in religion for all to live naturally so in harmlessness and thus without violence.

  • Stephanie Stevenson March 1, 2018   Reply →

    How refreshing to have the truth about Religion delivered here by Serge Benhayon. Theres is a deep resonance and knowing in my body that confirms this to be so.

  • Kev Mchardy February 28, 2018   Reply →

    I love the idea of taking what is true from all cultures and religions and coming up with something that works for all and discarding that which is untrue and doesn’t work. How many more times to we have to go round the sun before we do this as we all know that way the majority of are living is just not working.

    • Melinda Knights March 1, 2018   Reply →

      It’s so simple isn’t it Kev, everyone working together to develop a living way that is harmonious and loving for all.

    • Meg March 2, 2018   Reply →

      I agree Kev and I wonder if humbleness is the key to breaking the cycle of pretending things are working when they’re not, there’s a certain level of humbleness needed to admit things aren’t working and also to admit that we don’t have all the answers ourselves.

  • Mary February 28, 2018   Reply →

    I feel that what Serge Benhayon is suggesting is that if we lived and let live, then this would indeed separate the wheat from the chaff so to say. It would soon become blindingly obvious which Religion was up holding the truth or not. But of course this won’t happen for a few lifetimes yet because Religion as it is today doesn’t want to be exposed for not being it.

  • Elizabeth Dolan February 28, 2018   Reply →

    I love the sensible and practical way in which Serge Benhayon breaks things down, for example what he is saying in this interview about evidence based science. Our bodies are the evidence of how we are living, so if something has supported me to be more vital, more caring of myself and others, more joyful at work and in life etc then that is true evidence and it cannot be dismissed as not evidence enough or the “correct” kind of evidence as the current scientific model would have us believe.

    • Jonathan Stewart March 2, 2018   Reply →

      So true Elizabeth and I wonder what wonders are not being realised because of the current scientific model?

  • Elizabeth Dolan February 28, 2018   Reply →

    “Religion does not have violence in it” Serge Benhayon. This is so true and actually what we all feel and know about religion.

    • Liane Mandalis March 3, 2018   Reply →

      Religion is love – returning to the great love that we are. There is no harm in love and if there is, it is not love but an imposter we have allowed in love’s place.

  • Jennifer Smith February 28, 2018   Reply →

    Interesting how Evidence Based Science was also raised in this discussion, even briefly. I was at a presentation recently where the presenter was sharing on there experience of working with a person with a particular health condition and shared how they treated them for 6 months and how there health had changed as a result. What was interesting was that some of the audience reacted asking for evidence to show the effectiveness of the treatment. Basically dismissing what had been presented in front of them. The irony of this was that there were also many other presenters that said during the series of lectures that in there particular subject that there was no or very little evidence to how they work, relying in their clinical experience. So we can never have evidence of everything for evidence is basically playing catch up to what we inherently know anyway.

  • Matilda Bathurst February 27, 2018   Reply →

    Coming to understand the true meaning of religion, further supported by this interview, I find I stumble on the word, almost as if I have to reconfigure in some way to be able to say it without all that we have brought it to mean over the years and its association with the institutions set up as ‘religious’ that have caused so much pain and suffering for so long. Religion in its true meaning is one of the most beautiful and sacred words and qualities. I would definitely recommend watching this interview.

  • HM February 27, 2018   Reply →

    Love this – to understand what is true and right and bring this back into society rather than looking at what is wrong. We are quick to go to the drama and the extremes, but it is about living in a way that brings the truth of what we know.

    • Lucy Dahill March 2, 2018   Reply →

      I love this too, and it starts with us, in our own lives and bodies. Rather than focus on what is bad in ourselves focus on our strengths, then build those strengths till we are not pulled to some of the coping mechanisms we would class as ‘bad’.

  • Nattalija February 26, 2018   Reply →

    If we can stop and appreciate one another’s culinary expressions why do we treat religion any different. They are all expressions of how we live. Thank you Serge Benhayon for delivering the truth in the most simple yet powerful form.

  • Carmel Reid February 26, 2018   Reply →

    We can look at how people live and can feel at a very deep level the truth of their way. Beliefs are just that, beliefs, they are not necessarily truth.

  • Carmel Reid February 25, 2018   Reply →

    Good point, Rebecca, that humans go into reaction when truth is being presented and, as Serge Benhayon says, ‘Jealousy is the fury of you seeing others making choices that you are not prepared to make’ indeed it is only when we are willing to look at every reflection offered to us by life, that we can truly evolve.

  • Nattalija February 24, 2018   Reply →

    Looking for scientific answers outside ourselves when the simplicity is offered by our reflections. Absolute GOLD!

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh February 24, 2018   Reply →

    I love how Serge Benhayon keeps reminding us of the actual meaning of words and the truth of our essence. Everything else is then so much easier to observe and discern for the falsity that it introduces to the life we are living.

  • Michael Brown February 24, 2018   Reply →

    The science of reflection is a wonderful tool to support our day-to-day quality in life.

    • Jennifer Smith February 28, 2018   Reply →

      I have to agree Michael, although it can also be uncomfortable to feel at the time as we are often seeing ourselves, our behaviour and living way in the mirror constantly. It is a great wake up or a great confirmation of how we are choosing to live.

    • Nattalija February 28, 2018   Reply →

      A great marker to know that we all have an opportunity to reflect this same truth if we choose to make life about understand and deeply caring for one another.

  • Carmel Reid February 23, 2018   Reply →

    ‘Allow people to live and let the Living Way show itself’ great advice, live and let live, everybody will come to a true way of living in their own time. We are providing reflections for each other. Decency is the word Serge Benhayon uses as a minimum way we need to be towards each other.

    • Rowena Stewart March 26, 2018   Reply →

      So true Carmel. A deep wisdom that empowers us to see, quite literally, the evidence before us and hence provide us with a genuine choice. If a way of living starts producing the results we are all longing for then surely it makes sense to explore and embody it, regardless of which country, nationality or creed it is arising from, a way that restores a common decency as our baseline for all our interactions and negotiations.

  • fiona lotherington February 23, 2018   Reply →

    Religions that uplift each other, adopting the highest living way, until there is one unified religion. This feels like the future of religion.

  • Joshua Campbell February 23, 2018   Reply →

    Boy does Serge raise the bar of social responsibility to heights most have not dared to even consider much less action. Serge is a living walking breathing example of someone who not only leads the way for us all, he lives it in every single moment of his life.

    • Matilda Bathurst February 27, 2018   Reply →

      Yes and yes again, Joshua and in so living this quality, Serge simply shows us what is possible… there is nothing that he lives that is unattainable for anyone of us.

  • Carmel Reid February 21, 2018   Reply →

    Good point, food is a great connector between cultures but when it comes to beliefs there are great divides, and Serge makes the point that we don’t like to be proven wrong. This is true, we prefer to know that we are right, supremely and arrogantly so, with complete disregard for the absolute truth of every situation. Our bodies know truth so we need to listen to our bodies.

  • Ingrid Ward February 21, 2018   Reply →

    Totally inspired once again and have already watched this twice, the second time hearing even more than the first. What jumped out for me was the fact that we more often than not allow ourselves to be ‘grabbed by the wrong’ and make that the focus, instead of looking at every other part of what we are being presented with. To look at the whole of anything, and in this case religion, we can quickly see that the abhorrent behaviours of some do not represent the truth of the whole; for example, as Serge shares “militancy is not religion”. I absolutely love the way this man makes sense of a world that at times is very hard to understand.

  • Lieke February 21, 2018   Reply →

    Absolutely beautiful, thank you Rebecca and Serge.

  • leigh matson February 21, 2018   Reply →

    If a group or person adopts supremacy thoughts/behaviours/tones etc that immediately gives away the fact that they are holding an ideal or belief of life that is fallible and unwilling to learn from their imperfections. Watching Serge speak I never got the sense of defending his way of life but simply holding it as his truth without imposing it on anyone, co-existence in practice.

  • Michael Brown February 20, 2018   Reply →

    Especially as we all know we can not do it alone!

  • Mary February 20, 2018   Reply →

    Rebecca and Serge make an awesome duo; it was just so interesting how they explain a way of living that allows people to be themselves, to live in harmlessness with each other. We have tried everything else and it hasn’t worked so why don’t we just give this way of living a go and see what happens. To be open with each other and not ridicule would be a great first step.

  • Danna Elmalah February 19, 2018   Reply →

    This is truth. What a most truthful interview. Shedding the light on what true religion is and where we are at globally, having found our many ways away from that. The description is so fine, yet very relatable and recognizable. Sharing what we actually all know, being served the tools to change globally. This should make world news, if we choose to be up for it. Thank you Serge Benhayon for not holding back and sharing all that is true. Even on such subject as Religion. Which in fact is all that we are.

  • Vicky Cooke February 19, 2018   Reply →

    I love what Serge said about we take on and get inspired by other people’s foods so why do we not take on or be inspired by other people’s positive behaviours? I have never heard anyone say this before yet it is so simple. What Serge shares about religion .. true religion that is what it is to me to .. community, relationships and how we live.

  • HM February 19, 2018   Reply →

    This truly gets under the skin of religion and what is going on. It is a powerful interview that talks of what it is to co-exist – to appreciate all choices and learn from each other.

    • Nattalija March 3, 2018   Reply →

      Here is that word again ‘appreciation’ offered not for one but shared in equalness by all. How beautiful it is to read that this is the simplicity that is offered but the word religion. A far cry from the complexity we are sold in the current world media.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh February 19, 2018   Reply →

    I consider myself a very open and accepting person. Despite of that I periodically get surprised by ingrained ideals and beliefs that show pockets of judgment and exclusivity that still need healing and letting go. I love the way Serge Benhayon constantly reflects how we could look deeper and be more loving, honouring and appreciating of one another.

  • Rik Connors February 18, 2018   Reply →

    After watching this episode and driving to work it felt truly harmonious in my body to accept everybody in how they choose to live. I was able to get on with it and know either way what will work for All will inevitably reveal itself. Thank you Serge and Rebecca for your amazingness!

  • Carmel Reid February 18, 2018   Reply →

    I was surprised that Buddhists incited violence against Muslims but it goes to show that it is the humans not the religion that is the cause. Intolerance of the way others live is unnecessary if we can learn to live with each other and learn from each other. Not comparing, judging and killing but inspiring by the way we live.

    • Matilda Bathurst February 27, 2018   Reply →

      Yes, Carmel, it is important to talk about and bring to the fore of our awareness the insanity that is violence in the name of religion and to accept that it is our choice to misinterpret and mutate true religion in this way. Then we have an open foundation on which to build a different approach that inspires collaboration and unity.

  • Jennifer Smith February 18, 2018   Reply →

    Live and let live. An important principle with which we can live life with humbleness and openness.

    • Nattalija February 24, 2018   Reply →

      Yes humbleness over a judgement of another!

    • David April 14, 2018   Reply →

      Humbleness is one of the greatest qualities I feel in people, it has an incredible power to it when we are open, humble with others and have a body live to one of an ever-increasing depth of love.

  • Tricia Nicholson February 17, 2018   Reply →

    A living way that obliterates the indecency and separation currently around in the world today within religions and societies . Role models and the science of reflection is much needed so we can all coexist loving . A brilliant interview with amazing equality and love for us all.

  • Mary February 17, 2018   Reply →

    Too me Serge Benhayon has exposed the falseness of mainstream Religion
    “If there is violence there is no religion”
    Then surely we have no religion in truth because most religions have gone to war against each other. So that leads me to question
    “why then do we give our power away to these institutions by relying on them to tell us how to live our lives?”
    I feel the people that run these institutions are more lost than the average person because they are hanging on to a dogma that is built on a false foundation and such a foundation will crumble and fall. Surely we are watching this happen before our very eyes.

  • Carmel Reid February 17, 2018   Reply →

    ‘There is no violence in religion’ says Serge Benhayon and we need to understand that in order to live in true brotherhood

  • rosanna bianchini February 17, 2018   Reply →

    It’s clear here that openness and reflection are imperative for our mutual understanding and loving coexistence. Serge has such a way of speaking about the most seemingly huge problems of the world and brings such simplicity to and understanding of how it can be another way.

    • Nattalija April 1, 2018   Reply →

      Yes a problem that has riddled the world but has been offered so simply in an episode on the internet for the world to see!

  • HM February 17, 2018   Reply →

    ‘If I religious group is violent in any way shape or form, they can’t truly call themselves a religious group…’ – Serge Benhayon once again brings a truth and simplicity to words that supports us to understand where we take things out of context. Religion used for good or bad is not religion at all if religion is in fact truly a relationship with what is divine

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh February 22, 2018   Reply →

      The clarity Serge Benhayon offers here, is invaluable because I have known many people who have been turned against religion because of injustices and atrocities they have witnessed carried out under the banner of religion.

  • Jennifer Smith February 16, 2018   Reply →

    So much has been presented in this discussion. On co-existence; many cities throughout the world are full of people from various cultures, backgrounds, belief systems, tastes, interests etc. We are very clearly being given the opportunity to learn about co-existence, where we learn from each other, no matter our background and allow ourselves to be inspired by each other. We have much to learn but many opportunities.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh February 16, 2018   Reply →

    Such wise reflection that when we see a person or some people belonging to a group such e.g. living in a particular country behaves in a certain way it does not mean everyone in that country backs such behaviour. Similarly when members of a religion misinterpret the foundations of a religion and behave atrociously it does not mean everyone else in that group prescribe to the same view. In fact religion in its true meaning is all about the deepest level of love and oneness, so harming in another in any shape or form exposes that such acts are nothing whatsoever to do with religion

  • Carmel Reid February 15, 2018   Reply →

    It is great to explore how violence has become synonymous with religion and it shows how the word Religion has been so abused, to cover a multitude of activities that are harming. The joy of The Way of The Livingness is its flexibility and the way we are inspired to live without imposing upon another, so militancy is never a part – as Serge Benhayon says in this interview it’s about love, about beauty, about harmony, about brotherhood, co-existing and being respectful of each other.

  • Michael Brown February 15, 2018   Reply →

    “In the second half of the interview Serge Benhayon explores a science that “gives us the ability to arrest once and for all a disease that effects all of humanity…”.” This is what we all want, how much money, time and resource goes in to attempting to cure illness and disease, and here is a man presenting the true solution. I have a feeling one day these videos will be looked back upon as being light years ahead of their time.

    • Nattalija February 22, 2018   Reply →

      The feeling you share here Michael Brown is a truth that often is buried or masked by the myriad of beliefs that religion is separate rather than a union of one.

    • Gabriele Conrad March 3, 2018   Reply →

      The Ageless Wisdom is light years ahead and at the same time, older than humankind – it is us who attempt to delay, deny, ignore and stall evolution. We put an enormous amount of effort and energy into resisting what we know to be true deep within and yearn for with all that we have.

  • Samantha Davidson February 15, 2018   Reply →

    Awesome interview, I used to have such and issue with the word ‘religion’, the hypocrisy of many who used it and said they owned it in a sense. I am so much more open to it now and I know that I can have a relationship with it that no one else can dictate or tell me is right or wrong, what feels true within in terms of living in harmony and ‘co-existence’ that is religious life.

    • Lorraine Wellman August 23, 2018   Reply →

      I too used to have an issue with the word ‘religion’ and the hypocrisy that surrounded it. What if the word ‘religion’ had lost its true meaning?
      Now, it makes perfect sense to me that religion is about love, harmony and brotherhood and never ever about violence.

  • Kathleen Baldwin February 15, 2018   Reply →

    I love the way this interview explores the Science of Reflection and how vital it is to our evolution. This discussion brings to the fore the understanding that to really learn from others we need to let go of comparison and self-criticism. Without these obstacles, we can either be inspired by another who we see as living in a way that is of great benefit to their health and true well-being or we can acknowledge l that we are not ready to make the changes that are required to live in that way. In both scenarios we walk away from the reflection that has been offered learning something more about ourselves and others.

    • Nattalija February 24, 2018   Reply →

      Yes choosing to observe the reflection of another and what it truly brings rather than playing the endless game of hurt and lies that comes packed with jealousy and comparison.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh February 15, 2018   Reply →

    Competition and drive for supremacy are traits that keep us divided and retard our evolution. So much wiser to be open, observe and as mentioned here learn and be inspired when someone else reflects something great that we too could be adopting.

    • Nattalija April 14, 2018   Reply →

      We often champion the drive and competition but when we leave anyone behind we are far from living the truth of brotherhood that we all crave for from within.

  • Jennifer Smith February 15, 2018   Reply →

    I love what Serge Benhayon presents, that if there is a group of people perpetrating violence in the name of religion, it is not religious or of religion. There is no violence in religion. This discussion open the door to true conversations about what religion is and provide the opportunity to step of reaction of what ‘so called’ religion had brought over many thousands of years.

    • Gabriele Conrad March 3, 2018   Reply →

      The Ageless Wisdom delivers on all counts, strips bare what is not true and exposes the rot; pride, so-called tradition and sheer and dogged longevity are no guarantee of truthfulness, service and love – quite on the contrary as is clearly evidenced.

  • Michael Brown February 14, 2018   Reply →

    A much deeper conversation on religion than one is used to hearing. Thank you all for producing this magnificent interview.

    • David March 29, 2018   Reply →

      Indeed at last a true picture of religion and a real discussion that allows us to approach the subject without all the misconceptions and drama.

      • Nattalija April 1, 2018   Reply →

        A space that allows the truth to be expressed and a model of what true TV watching can be like for the future.

  • Andrew Mooney February 14, 2018   Reply →

    Wow this a show stopper interview that really gets to the bottom of things. Religion is clearly something we have allowed to be reinterpreted and used as an excuse to abuse and harm but as this interview so clearly spells out we should not be allowed to be put off religion by this but actually claim back the true meaning of the word which if it was really understood I doubt many people would have an issue with it.

    • Rowena Stewart March 13, 2018   Reply →

      So true Andrew. Serge Benhayon restores to us the ability to reclaim the real meaning and activity of religion, to pull it back over the edge into the realm of an honest and dignified relationship with God, with our selves and with each other.

  • Ingrid Ward February 14, 2018   Reply →

    Another absolutely brilliant interview with Serge Benhayon, this time exposing even more layers of what we have come to believe is religion. It is true that we often judge a religion, or any organisation, by the militancy we see from members of it, but as Serge has shared, there are many others who are not living in this way in any shape or form. So, it follows that any anti-societal acts by some of its members have no place in religion but we tend to let ourselves be ‘grabbed by the wrongs’ and focus on that.

  • Gabriele Conrad February 14, 2018   Reply →

    The Science of Reflection supersedes right and wrong, jealousy and comparison – it lives and lets live so that we can learn from each other until the only way IS the only way.

    • Nattalija February 22, 2018   Reply →

      Yes and living it rather than branding is the difference we see in our our state of world affairs.

    • Rowena Stewart March 15, 2018   Reply →

      It is the way of our future Gabriele, well said. Refining our ability to observe life around us and each another without becoming emotionally or mentally embroiled is an essential step forward for humanity. In this way we can and will teach each other about true and all encompassing wisdom, truth and love, the only way to live.

  • Rachel Murtagh February 14, 2018   Reply →

    The Science of Reflection, what a beautiful answer to a living way that supports all to be harmonious no matter which religion, gender, culture or nationality we are from. What if we were given the opportunity in school to learn how to be reflective without comparison or jealousy? Surely this would give the most assured foundation to live life from.

    • Matilda Bathurst February 28, 2018   Reply →

      And in understanding the Science of Reflection, we can not but embrace responsibility.

    • Rowena Stewart April 5, 2018   Reply →

      I agree Rachel. To be taught this science at an early age would turn around so many of our problems that arise because we do not know how to respond to what is reflected back to us by other people. The more we learn about this science, the simpler it becomes to see our commonalities, foibles and merits without criticism and hence truly discover how to live and work together in harmony.

      • Golnaz Shariatzadeh April 12, 2018   Reply →

        Such fundamental education about living life and learning through the constant reflection and teachings we receive on a daily basis, is in my opinion far more important and significant than anything else we currently school our children with. It is a foundation that will enrich the rest of our life.

        • Viktoria April 12, 2019   Reply →

          Imagine how different the world would be if we fostered this relationship with religion in our children from their early years. To teach the importance of harmony rather than competition, to show our young ones what life would really be like if we worked together rather than against each other – it seems like a far away, distant dream but isn’t that our natural way?

  • Rik Connors February 13, 2018   Reply →

    Love it! What we can learn from each other through the science of reflection is Gold; instead of the separation through pride. Even playing field — equal players. We have answers to our religion and relationships One-unified – Let’s play in the field of God, we naturally wholeheartedly deserve it!

    • Nattalija April 15, 2018   Reply →

      The separation through pride can harm us to the point of not wanting to feel that from the inside we are all the same yet we choose to make choices that keeps us individuals.

  • Matilda Bathurst February 13, 2018   Reply →

    This is a a very beautiful, inspiring and self-reflection-provoking interview – bringing to the table our beliefs about religion, society, violence, stereotyping and much more – thank you.

    • Nattalija February 22, 2018   Reply →

      The stereotypes have nowhere to go in this interview. The truth is offered and brings nothing short of this in each word.

  • Kathleen Baldwin February 13, 2018   Reply →

    Thank you, Serge it makes perfect sense to me that religion is about love, harmony and brotherhood and never ever about violence. Religion is about binding and bonding so could never be about violence on any level.

    • Michael Brown August 1, 2018   Reply →

      You are right Kathleen, it does make perfect sense. But then we must ask ourselves how we got to a point that is so far removed from sense it is akin to a needle in the eye to observe.

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