Episode 10 - Religion, Co-existence & The Science of Reflection

This in-depth episode begins with the explosive question – what is the relationship between religion and violence… why do they seem to go hand in hand?

But is this the question we need to be asking or do we need to explore the nature of religion itself, what it is and what it definitely isn’t?

An inquiry that takes us to the heart of the philosophy of co-existence, this conversation exposes that beyond traditional notions of religion and tolerance there is a way to be with each other that will naturally unite us across borders and belief.

This is the future that awaits us if we are to say yes to opening ourselves to the evolution of the Science of Reflection. But how many of us want to see a way of living that might expose our current ways as falling short? And why is it that we can borrow each others cuisine (Thai food anyone?) and infuse it into our culture way before we will accept or explore each others ideas of religion?

In the second half of the interview Serge Benhayon explores a science that “gives us the ability to arrest once and for all a disease that effects all of humanity…”. A dis-ease that we may or may not realise, exists in nearly every home and workplace across the globe.

A revelatory episode…


  • Mary November 18, 2021   Reply →

    Ariana, you ask a very pertinent question
    “What religion would like to tackle this one and admit such a truth? ”
    The silence is deafening.

  • Mary December 26, 2019   Reply →

    This makes so much sense to me and it is a shame we have not adopted this way Serge Benhayon says something along the lines of
    ” Let the living way of each person determine the truth of that living way, there is no need to go and obliterate those people you consider don’t have the right to live as some groups have done under the name of religion.”
    History shows us that to wipe out people just because they do not conform to one particular type of religion hasn’t worked and will never work.

  • Viktoria May 30, 2019   Reply →

    Tolerance is a horrible thing, the other day I was with a friend who seemed to be annoying me in everything she did. But we had a long journey ahead of us so I knew that I just have to tolerate it and keep going. But as the journey was going, nothing seemed to be going to plan & all seemed to just be difficult. So I decided to tell her how I am feeling, this feeling of annoyance has been growing for a long time and it is because we have had a relationship of tolerating each other. She would do something which I would find hurtful or that lacks integrity but instead of telling her, I would brush it off for one reason or another, she perhaps does the same. But the more we have been doing that, the more these little things have been building up and now it is all coming to the surface to show that our friendship is not so friendly after-all. It is ugly to see, we can live with people in our lives but hold resentment and no true love. Hold them at ransom & make them all wrong because at some point or another they have done something we don’t like & we have not said a word – until it all explodes and we can no longer hold back. Perhaps it’s the same in religion, we tolerate and bottle up until one day all of that turns into bombs and nuclear weapons against our brothers and sisters across the world.

  • Mary May 28, 2019   Reply →

    That’s really interesting what Serge Benhayon is sharing that if there is violence it can’t be religion as religion does not have violence in it. So is there a bigger game being played here that when violent acts are made under the word religion it puts everyone off the word ‘religion’ and keeps everyone away from exploring the true meaning of the word which is about rebinding and rebonding with our soul. We have been fed so many lies about religion it is refreshing to hear Serge Benhayon talk in a simple manner that makes sense of the lies that have been peddled for eons that we then assume is true.

  • Viktoria April 24, 2019   Reply →

    I love the possibility that religion is not what we have been told for thousands of years by the mainstream.

  • Viktoria March 26, 2019   Reply →

    There is so much wisdom that can be gained from watching this video, religion spoken of in a way which breaks the social constructs of today. Science discussed with curiosity & philosophy presented without any judgement or arrogance of who knows better & more. Real discussions, intimate interviews & a conversation for people to be inspired by.

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