Episode 25 - Are we afraid of the Truth Behind the Words?

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more nor less.”

Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

How much, and what kind of intelligence is required to make a word or phrase mean just what you want it to mean?

And what manner of hardness and hurt are we trying to hide when we bend the truth to fit into the oftentimes bitter world that we have created for ourselves, and suffer daily?

There is a world of sacredness and tenderness within us all, waiting for the day when we can admit that the way we are living is not working.

That day is now, if we so choose.

Allow Serge and Rebecca to navigate this topic with you… with a twist at the end.


  • matilda May 13, 2021   Reply →

    Deeply profound fun. So amazing to talk about language, the mutilation of words and the joy of re-claiming them. The discussion about the first idiom is an absolute bomb. ‘Life wasn’t meant to be easy’… no. ‘Life wasn’t meant to be static’… YES. Thank you.

  • Mary March 14, 2021   Reply →

    I think it’s great that Serge and Rebecca have brought out into public discussion that our relationships are more about arrangements. I can remember tiptoeing around my relationship with my ex-partner not wanting to expose the lies that we were both living. It was as though there was a line drawn in the sand of no go areas that we both had that were not to be exposed. I realise now that is definitely an arrangement. I observe many so called relationships which are an arrangement and the people who have accepted this level of life are actually very lonely, hate what they have become but dare not leave because they feel they will be lonely on their own, when actually they are already lonely because they have no connection to themselves, rebuild that inner connection and you can never be lonely again.

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