Episode 24 - Zero Abuse: A Lived Standard

With statistics indicating that a person’s home – their castle – is the most dangerous place they can be as far as abuse and violence are concerned, isn’t it time we instituted a Global War on Abuse?

But wait… how can we do that when we don’t even appreciate the many levels of abuse we have learned to live with?

Our current model regards only extreme physical violence as true abuse – and then tries to work back from there to create an atmosphere of decency.

What if the real measure of abuse is only known by its deviance from the true magnificence that we truly are? Every one of us.

Let Serge Benhayon and Rebecca Asquith be your guides as the glorious simplicity of this concept, with all its ramifications, is revealed.


  • Jennifer Smith February 13, 2021   Reply →

    When Serge completed this conversation with what he said on ‘nice’, I had an “of course!!” moment. Of course it results in regret and of course it results in frustration, because we are smothering with a wet blanket what we are feeling at the time with niceness rather than simply being honest and dealing with it. The smothering ends up being like a peat fire, that never goes out. Really then we can say that being nice is high end abusive both to ourselves and others, not just because of the end result on our own bodies, that will happen over years but also it smothers any evolution within our relationships. So not just a peat fire, but a peat bog.

  • Kehinde James February 1, 2021   Reply →

    What is presented here silences judgement. With an understanding of the truth of what is going on, how we’ve all been duped and subjected to the poison of abuse which then leads us to abuse in return, ourselves and others, how can we judge another? We have not been taught to know Magnificence, we have not been truly loved in the expanded way Serge presents. We none of us know what true love is. Is it any wonder most of us have spent all our lives acting in unloving ways?

  • Kehinde James February 1, 2021   Reply →

    This interview brings into focus other forms of abuse and for me a woman of African descent the routine violence and abuse within the African American community in particular. When the media hyped and exploited to the max the killing of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter demonstrations worldwide, my first response was Why? And second, ‘What is going on here, don’t all lives matter?

    One 2014 statistic* states that ‘90% of black people were killed by other black people’. This figure calls into question why African Americans, particularly Churches, establishment and prominent celebrities react to the killing of black men by white police officers but say nothing about the level of violence within black communities.

    What is the narrative here and why? Why is it no one wants to ‘out’ the elephant in the room: level of violence and abuse within not only African American communities, but all communities?. Why the silence? Is this a refusal to take responsibility for abuse at home and in our own back yard? Are our communities living in the eternal yesterday, where they refuse to go beyond existing narratives that point the finger out at the ‘man’ rather than within at itself? This leaves the community trapped by its own poisonous narrative. And leaves no room for expansion.

    * FBI’s Universal Crime Report in 2014;

  • Kehinde February 1, 2021   Reply →

    ‘My model is not zero abuse, its constant expansion’ Serge Benhayon
    This blasts away the current model that upholds reductionism and abuse as the starting point. In this corrupted model, abuse is drip fed into us from babyhood and in our homes, and when met in its extreme form further down the line accepted by many as normal. We’ve been conditioned to accept abusive behaviour and alienated from True Love and Magnificence.

  • Mary January 31, 2021   Reply →

    In this interview we are given the keys to understanding abuse and why we are abusive. To me it seems we are deliberately saturated with such negative narratives that we ‘think’ is who we are. We have totally forgotten our magnificence and that’s the game to keep us away from our magnificence, because then we can be controlled, we cannot be controlled in our magnificence because we are too powerful. True power can be felt in Serge and Rebecca; it radiates from them that is the beholding magnificence that says you are the same as me.

  • Mary January 31, 2021   Reply →

    This episode completely exposes like a knife cutting through butter what is truly occurring in our homes. We already know all that has been presented as there have been so many studies on domestic abuse over the years and yet we continue to ignore the enormous elephant in the room.

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