Episode 21 – Time, True Movement & The Meaning of Life

Ever feel like you’re just another soldier or worker in an ant farm? Each day the same as the last as you endlessly scurry back and forth in a continuum that seems to have no beginning and no end.

Welcome to planet Earth, where time itself is a mirage – at least in the linear way we view it.

Even the clock repeats an endless cycle, and the rising and setting of the sun is yet another illusion, another cycle of rotation.

Serge Benhayon reveals here that the life we live is not about time – but movement – and avers that there is a quality of movement that is in harmony with the universe.

And while the world champions its ‘post-cause’ remedies as triumphs of accumulated intelligence, Benhayon asks the question: why don’t we have heroes of ‘pre-cause’… the true healers?

Compelling viewing.


  • Mary January 26, 2021   Reply →

    If I understand what is being said that there is a movement of the universe, which is a vibration. If we move in a way that is out of alignment to the true movement this sets up an ill vibration, that is at odds with the harmonious movement of the universe. This can and does lead to illness and disease. It’s like an engine, when an engine is finely tuned it has a melodious vibration, if there is any part of the engine that is not in tune to that melodious vibration then the engine will break down. There are mechanics that can listen to an engine running and know by the sound the engine is making whether there is a misalignment in the parts that make up the engine that will lead to the engine breaking down. We could say that Serge Benhayon is similar to an engineer, who is presenting that we are living in a way that is disharmonious to the universe and the consequences of that is the illness and disease rates that we have today.

  • matilda September 19, 2020   Reply →

    Compelling viewing indeed. So we are in this cycle of life, the true purpose of which is to evolve back to where we are originally from… one unified soul way beyond this human existence. This brings simplicity to the purpose of being here. Moving in a way that is line with this return and not in the illusion of our activity in the ant farm. Much to appreciate and be inspired by.

  • Mary March 18, 2020   Reply →

    These conversations are exactly what we should all be having with each other, because something is not right with us or the world. All these episodes are encouraging us all to reevaluate, take stock of our lives because from all the people I meet and speak to they know from their own unsettlement that the world has seemingly gone crazy and it’s getting worse. What is it about us that we are so determined to destroy ourselves and the only planet that can sustain us? What if it was all down to the energy we are choosing because we are pre wired to know no different. What if there was another energy that we can to align to and what is it about those people that have chosen to align that energy that makes them so alive and upbeat in spite of the overwhelm that we exist in.

  • Mary March 18, 2020   Reply →

    That is brilliant that life is about the quality of the movement within the movement. We have all been encouraged to look outside of ourselves and engage life. But to find that actually there is a movement within a movement is so beautiful, so simple and yet so hard to do because we have been hardwired or educated to have no concept of this staggeringly beautiful movement of the universe. If we could fully understand what is being presented we would fall in love literally with the universe and its never ending intelligence.

  • Rowena Stewart March 17, 2020   Reply →

    Once again we are brought back to the simple truths in life and given yet another opportunity to understand and hence connect to the immensely loving wisdom of our Soul.

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