Episode 19 - The two sources of Intelligence & ‘The Game of Life’

The subject of intelligence is vast, and logically so as life on Earth is determined in every aspect by way of intelligence.

In Episode 18 we discovered that there are two forms of intelligence that we can align to – that of the Soul, the universe, or that of the world, prana as it is termed.

When looking for a reason as to why we persist through the ages looking for a solution to mankind’s manifold problems by tinkering around the edges and refining what manifestly does not work, it would be prudent to ‘think outside the box’ as the term goes, or as explained here, align to a different ‘intelligence’ than the overwhelming majority is currently labouring under.

In this episode the ‘god’ and the ‘ungod’ are identified. The true driving force behind the spirit is revealed. The location of ‘intelligence’ is divulged, and it’s certainly not where we ’think’ it is!

A tour de force awaits as philosopher Serge Benhayon and Rebecca Asquith uncover the biggest game on the planet.

An absolute cracker of revelation and keen insight. Not to be missed.


  • Mary March 18, 2020   Reply →

    It’s fascinating listening to both Serge Benhayon and Rebecca Asquith because I realised that just recently I was having a similar discussion with a friend in the USA who was explaining to me that they had stopped listening to the radio and watching TV because the reporters were constantly reporting gun related deaths of youths that belonged to a certain section of the community and no one had an answer for it, and did society really care? It seemed to my friend that for many, life holds no value, no one has a solution to the gun crime and anyway they said solutions don’t work. I feel that these presentations should be out there for everyone to watch so that there is a possibility of a different way of being. Because as my friend said how bad does it have to get before we sit up and take notice of the dire mess we are all in. These interviews go all the way in explaining why we are in the mess we are in without judgement or criticism.

  • Gill Randall March 8, 2020   Reply →

    Nowhere else, other than on Serge Benhayon TV, have I ever heard the about the difference of true intelligence from the Soul and the wayward intelligence of the spirit. It exposes the mess in the way we are living in the world, and the games we are playing in life using the spirit’s intelligence, and we all lose. I love how the Soul with its wisdom waits patiently for us to return.

  • Matilda March 1, 2020   Reply →

    The fact that there is an intelligence that is always there, with no judgement about our waywardness, ready and waiting with open arms for whenever and for how long we drop back in is something to really marvel about and be encouraged and held by. I call this God and/or Heaven. It is what makes sense of everything.

  • Jennifer Smith February 29, 2020   Reply →

    These conversations just keep getting better and better. The depth, the quality and straight-up-ness leaves no doubt what is being communicated. The rest is up to us.

  • Conor February 25, 2020   Reply →

    Thank you Serge for showing me the difference between spirit and soul so clearly

  • Melinda Knights February 19, 2020   Reply →

    What Serge is sharing is not new, any person who has felt love inside themselves or another’s love – not emotional love, but the unmistakable care, warmth, and unconditional nature of love, has experienced their Soul and God. I know before I met Serge I had experienced many moments of love, stillness, harmony, joy and truth, and that there was much more to life than just the physical. What Serge and Universal Medicine offered was practical support so that I could sustain that love, my alignment to Soul, in daily living. As stated in the interview, aligning to Soul is not perfect, we can drop in and out of it, and I remember that process early on in my studies with Universal Medicine and feeling the profound difference between the two sources of energy and how I felt within each. Although the interview could be perceived as just words, all that is shared is right there before our eyes in human life, the outplay of either source of intelligence is there for us to see very clearly. Thank you Serge because the more I align to my Soul, the simpler and more beautiful life becomes, and the more love and care I can bring to others and to myself. To me the pranic intelligence is the misery, emotion, confusion, isolation and disconnection from self, others, nature and the universe – it’s everything that love is not, even though it may be clever enough to think it’s way through life, and do things like invent technology, etc, but it feels very empty and needs a lot of distraction and stimulation to keep it going. How could it not – it’s not love.

  • Suzanne February 17, 2020   Reply →

    When I was a little girl I would experience on many many occasions a being that could stand outside of the body that was supposed to be me and say to itself (myself) “Oh, I am being that person” and being quite surprised and sometimes even disappointed. As I watched this episode there was a real sense that this was the ungod checking itself out in form and being quite fascinated by it but with not an ounce of care for that body. It could not care less. I have expressed this to people before and there was always this cognitive brain thing talked about where it had something to do with distortion of time in the brain but it never felt quite it. Amazing to have what I so often felt explained so simply. It makes so much sense.

  • Mary February 17, 2020   Reply →

    I have heard over the years someone express something when they are drunk and the next day deny that they said what they said
    “It wasn’t me, I wouldn’t say that”
    And I have said something hurtful that as soon as I said it I knew it wasn’t me saying it but once it is said then how do you retract that expression once it’s out? The other person is left feeling hurt and I feel terrible because it genuinely wasn’t me. So who or what is expressing through us? I feel once we understand that there is an energy we align to either the soul or spirit (prana) then we have a chance of reigning in our out of control behaviours towards each other as we can feel the hurt it does to others and to ourselves.

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