Episode 15 – Movement Over Matter

Pre-birth memories, Reincarnation, and the impacts of altruism and intention — and that is all contained in the explosive opening question.

In this interview, filmed in 2016, Adam Warburton goes deep in conversation with Serge Benhayon to uncover “the real science of communication in the Universe”…

Hold onto your hats because if you listen to this with your arms crossed you might just miss the point.

At the 16 minute mark Adam unpacks the intelligence of the body from his lived experience… and explores the answer to “so much of humanity’s predicament.”

Could it really be as simple as Movement?

Could there be a ‘Way of Life’ or a way to move, that gives us access to a great depth and breadth of knowledge… or is everything we learn and know only attributable to a book or study?

Is there really a Lineage of Ageless Wisdom or does the Lineage represent the same quality of energy accessed and expressed by the many throughout time? Do we recognise wisdom by virtue of its timestamp in our history or by its living way?

And why is it that the great teachers of any era were always derided at the time they were alive?

All this and more is explored in this enriching part one of three interviews between Adam Warburton and Serge Benhayon.


  • Mary February 5, 2020   Reply →

    I was in the company of a child who seemed at one with themselves and this at ‘one-ment’ gave them an ability to not be affected by the maelstrom of energy that surrounds and passes through us all the time. There was a feeling of spaciousness to them. And this got me wondering about past life’s is it possible that this child led a previous life where they had gained mastery over themselves so that when they reincarnated into this life they had that mastery to hand as an inbuilt tool so that they could see and read energy and the effects it has on other people but not be affected by it. If this is possible then surely we are missing out by dismissing reincarnation when actually understanding reincarnation will support us in our lives now and going forward to the next lives.

  • Jennifer Smith January 14, 2020   Reply →

    A very beautiful conversation that’s very practical and sparks the wisdom we all have in our own bodies. I found myself wondering about the consequences we face in our own bodies when we use ‘mind over matter’ and it is our bodies that has to process the consequences. However when we approach life as movement over matter, our whole body is in the drivers seat and is part of our every consideration.

  • Matilda Bathurst January 13, 2020   Reply →

    This is a brilliant, accessible, revelatory interview about movement over matter, instead of mind over matter. It not only makes total sense but is also inspiring in a very practical and applicable way.

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