Episode 15 – Movement Over Matter

Pre-birth memories, Reincarnation, and the impacts of altruism and intention — and that is all contained in the explosive opening question.

In this interview, filmed in 2016, Adam Warburton goes deep in conversation with Serge Benhayon to uncover “the real science of communication in the Universe”…

Hold onto your hats because if you listen to this with your arms crossed you might just miss the point.

At the 16 minute mark Adam unpacks the intelligence of the body from his lived experience… and explores the answer to “so much of humanity’s predicament.”

Could it really be as simple as Movement?

Could there be a ‘Way of Life’ or a way to move, that gives us access to a great depth and breadth of knowledge… or is everything we learn and know only attributable to a book or study?

Is there really a Lineage of Ageless Wisdom or does the Lineage represent the same quality of energy accessed and expressed by the many throughout time? Do we recognise wisdom by virtue of its timestamp in our history or by its living way?

And why is it that the great teachers of any era were always derided at the time they were alive?

All this and more is explored in this enriching part one of three interviews between Adam Warburton and Serge Benhayon.


  • Lieke Campbell December 28, 2020   Reply →

    I do recognise this in my own life. When I move in tension for a while I can easily snap at my partner and react at what he is doing or saying even though in my mind I would not want that. Our movements do govern how we are and there is no mind that can stop that. A beautiful and insightful interview, thank you.

  • Mary April 26, 2020   Reply →

    I can now look back at my life and say in my early twenties up to my late 40’s I was moving in a way that was self abusive. There was a part of me that knew this on a sub conscious level but I didn’t realise it was coming from my movements. We are not taught this, there is so much that is lacking in our education. We are taught to recite and regurgitate what to me was meaningless information for example what is the point in being told that the battle of Hasting was fought in 1066? Have we learnt anything from this, did such brutal killings teach us to never have another war again? No it has not, we continue to abuse, murder, fight and kill one another so is it possible we are all stuck in a movement or momentum that keeps us fixed in this abusive cycle and is it possible that it takes someone who is not in the cycle to say hey what are you all doing? And to me this is what Serge Benhayon is offering a way out of our abusive cycles. I personally have taken notice and my life since my early 50’s has completely changed, the desire to hurt myself and to be in abusive relationships because that’s all I’m worth has completely evaporated. I have changed the movements I was in which has put me into a self loving cycle

  • Mary February 25, 2020   Reply →

    This is a beautiful insight into Simon’s life that he had experiences that he could not deny and yet there was no support around to give him an understanding that what he was feeling was a truth; until he met Serge Benhayon. And like so many other people by being confirmed in what they know to be true led Simon to deepen and grow his awareness and trust more of what he was feeling, in contrast to a world that is completely opposite to this. We currently live in a world that stunts our growth towards God and the universe by belittling anyone who walk the footsteps ahead of us so that all of humanity can see that there is a way to live which is outside the ‘norms’ of current societal standards but that doesn’t make the way of living less in any way.

  • Mary February 5, 2020   Reply →

    I was in the company of a child who seemed at one with themselves and this at ‘one-ment’ gave them an ability to not be affected by the maelstrom of energy that surrounds and passes through us all the time. There was a feeling of spaciousness to them. And this got me wondering about past life’s is it possible that this child led a previous life where they had gained mastery over themselves so that when they reincarnated into this life they had that mastery to hand as an inbuilt tool so that they could see and read energy and the effects it has on other people but not be affected by it. If this is possible then surely we are missing out by dismissing reincarnation when actually understanding reincarnation will support us in our lives now and going forward to the next lives.

  • Mary January 16, 2020   Reply →

    I can trust what is presented because it feels so very real and that is a fact of my experience. I do not need years of research to know in my body what is and what isn’t. If we are honest with ourselves our bodies will guide us. Is it possible that dismissing the work of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon comes from such a place of hurt because of a difficulty to trust? I can understand this because I had such huge trust issues myself not of Universal Medicine but of myself – letting go of my hurts has taken many years. But If we look back over our history we have done some despicable harm to each other and that leaves an energetic imprint or harm in our bodies that we carry with us life after life so it makes sense to me that some find it hard to trust again and would rather dismiss and ridicule out of hand because to trust again is such a huge issue. It’s easy to throw stones so to say than admit to being hurt and not wanting to open up to the possibility of being hurt again.

  • Melinda Knights January 14, 2020   Reply →

    This was ‘off the hook’ good, wow, what an amazing interview, thank you Serge and Adam. I am finally understanding that the way I hold and move my body and how present I am with it correlates to what I experience in my day. Looking forward to studying this further in my own life. Sometimes I see people that are obviously very sensitive and aware, but the way they move can be intentionally in a toughness to keep people away, in this I can feel the disparity between the barely concealed essence of the inner being which is sensitive, delicate and beautiful. I can see the mind disconnected to the body and the being, and the reaction to life that has formed a toughening and aggressive stance in the body.

  • Jennifer Smith January 14, 2020   Reply →

    A very beautiful conversation that’s very practical and sparks the wisdom we all have in our own bodies. I found myself wondering about the consequences we face in our own bodies when we use ‘mind over matter’ and it is our bodies that has to process the consequences. However when we approach life as movement over matter, our whole body is in the drivers seat and is part of our every consideration.

  • Matilda Bathurst January 13, 2020   Reply →

    This is a brilliant, accessible, revelatory interview about movement over matter, instead of mind over matter. It not only makes total sense but is also inspiring in a very practical and applicable way.

    • Mary January 20, 2021   Reply →

      I agree with you Matilda what if as has been discussed, we have got this upside down. For example I can remember in sport we were encouraged to override what our bodies were feeling to pass the pain threshold by staying in our minds, because winning for the school was far more important than the pain our bodies were feeling. This is how we harden and numb our bodies from a young age so that we lose the sensitivity of what our bodies are communicating with us. When we bring our senses back into our bodies other dimensions open up which as you say not only makes total sense but is very practical too.

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