Episode 27 - Sleep & The Science of Repose - Part 1

Waking Up to a Good Night’s Sleep

We live in a strange world where researchers have been known to condemn rats to an excruciating death by depriving them of sleep for weeks on end – all in the name of ‘science’.

Perhaps there’s an easier way to find out what sleep really is and does for us – and why there’s an epidemic of sleep disorders tormenting the world – rather than torturing small furry creatures to death.

As this interview with Serge Benhayon unfolds, he reveals that prior to his reconnection to the Ageless Wisdom in 1999, he too shared the common misconception of sleep as simply a time when the body recharges itself after a hard day’s work.

But as anyone knows who has had a wildly productive day after having almost no sleep – or awakened with zero energy after a long and heavy sleep – there is so much more to it.

In response to Rebecca Kathryn Baldwin’s in-depth questioning, Serge Benhayon draws on a pristine connection to the Ageless Wisdom to reveal that the way we live determines our quality of sleep… and vice versa.

And that’s just the entrée!

Turn off the telly and tune into Serge Benhayon TV. Counting sheep will never be the same.


  • Mary July 10, 2021   Reply →

    I agree with Serge Benhayon when he says paraphrasing… If we get into a sleep, awake, sleep, awake, pattern so that during the day we are alive and fully conscious of the day ahead, with what the night brought to us, I feel our lives would completely change. As it is today we blame our sleep, lack of, because of disturbances, restlessness, etc., rather than looking at how we are during the day. With all the stress of getting through one day many of us are overwhelmed with what is presented. So if we go to sleep anxious, stressed, it makes sense to me that we would wake up in the same energy because we did not deal with yesterday’s issues, problems, demands etc. Do we have a surrender issue where we find it difficult to let go of the day because it is the day and what we do in it that gives us our self identification?

  • Mary July 10, 2021   Reply →

    The science that Serge Benhayon shares with the world is simple but at the same time jaw dropping because so many times listening to Serge Benhayon my jaw is on the ground. Serge Benhayon presents something my body knows as the truth and yet has forgotten because it is seemingly wired to do and be the complete opposite… Serge Benhayon, through the science that he draws from, shows us all with absolute love and integrity how we have fallen for the lies of the society we have all had a hand in creating while at the same time part of us knows that we are destroying ourselves. The rates of illness and disease in the world attests to this fact.

  • Matilda July 5, 2021   Reply →

    The disarming of so many myths around sleep. Simple, practical support and understanding for the vast array of sleep disorders that abound in life today. Listening to this interview is settling in itself and I cannot wait to listen to Part 2. Thank you

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