Episode 28 - Sleep & The Science of Repose - Part 2

Medication ….. or Dedication?

Show me a man who sleeps like a salmon spawns – fighting against the current, even swimming up waterfalls – and I’ll show you a man addicted to coffee and stimulants… because he’s exhausted.

So says Serge Benhayon in this second of a two-part series on sleep, or the lack thereof.

And it’s all in the alignment.

Align to the Soul, and it’s so, so simple:

repose = enrichment = multi-dimensionality = awareness at an all-time high.

Align to the human spirit and it is complexity, conditions, avoidance of the integrity of love and the responsivity of absolute space that God provides.

Rebecca Kathryn Baldwin and Serge Benhayon cover all the bases, but the conversation always comes back to the bottom line – enrichment through sleep is the perennial offering.

They wouldn’t have it any other way … how about you?


  • Mary November 2, 2021   Reply →

    It seems to me that there is an access that we are all capable of resourcing which is the connection back to the universe, our inner temple. How cool is that to know that we have this natural ability to access the stars. Nowhere in our education system are we taught that we have this natural ability. Is it possible that we are unable to access this natural resource because we are too stimulated by the way our day is set up? We eat and drink foods that are not supportive for our bodies. We constantly seek to stimulate ourselves, is it possible that this a deliberate plot by this other part of us that we call our spirit because it is fighting the stillness that we all come from and are naturally a part of. It makes sense that if we go to sleep at night racy then there is no way we could drop into the stillness that rejuvenates us while we sleep. Thanks to these conversations with Serge Benhayon the world now knows why we wake up just as tired as when we went to bed.

  • Matilda July 20, 2021   Reply →

    ‘Why do we fight the flow?’ What a great question, in amongst many in this interview. And if we were to consider this for a moment, our current model of intelligence would be beautifully exposed.

  • Vicky Cooke June 28, 2021   Reply →

    Deeply appreciating what you are presenting and offering here for everyone ✨

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