Episode 31 - Conversion and Conversation

Filmed in August 2020.

Conversion… and Conversation.

Look at those words… very similar you would agree. In fact, the only difference is ‘at’. But that difference is the whole world… it’s the difference between heaven and earth.

Where are you ‘at’ that you could listen to a man who says this:

“You are water… you are space… so you’re more susceptible, more understanding, more perceptive to vibration”.

“I am speaking in a level of vibration that makes you feel greater – that is what universal language is all about – a constant expansion and deepening of what we truly are… it is never competing, never comparing… no envy, no jealousy, always enriching. So you open your mouth to enrich another… that’s what you’re there to do”.

… and convert it to something you want it to be because you perceive it won’t be acceptable in its undiluted fullness – to a spouse, to a lover, to a friend. Ultimately, to yourself.

To make profane an offering from heaven and beyond.

If that’s you then you better watch this episode of SB TV with Rebecca K Baldwin and Serge Benhayon. And watch it over and over until it becomes clear what you are really doing.

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  • Matilda Bathurst March 23, 2022   Reply →

    This is a brilliant interview… clear, to the point, unwavering and so enriching. A great one to watch alone (the ultimate TV dinner) or as a conversation deepener. Thank you

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