Episode 29 - Love and Intimacy

Filmed in July 2020.

Love: the New Frontier?

“I love you”. We’ve all heard that phrase before, be it a parent reassuring their child, or a lover professing their undying affection. Or maybe just in the movies.

The world around us however, suggests that the word ‘love’ is a very fluid thing –– after all, there is no more dangerous place in the world to be than a fractious relationship that was once founded on these very words.

Allow Serge Benhayon and Rebecca K Baldwin to take you where too few have been . . . into the world of real love, where love is just the starting point to true intimacy.

Is love really a scale of integrity that gets deeper and deeper, beyond most human experience, yet at once is within the reach of all who choose to go there?

Only SB TV can answer this and many other questions. Sit up and enjoy!

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  • Mary November 2, 2021   Reply →

    In just the first few seconds of this interview Serge Benhayon has exposed our current way of living and makes so much sense, that we are all living so far from the base line of love. No one can dispute this because our actions and the way we interact with one another shows just how far away from love we are all living.

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