Episode 22 - The difference between Spirit and Soul

We’ve all heard the terms spirit and soul… right?

Have you ever wondered if there’s a difference between the two?

Well if you’re like me, probably not… and for good reason.

Master philosopher Serge Benhayon stands unique amongst current writers as he is acutely aware of the difference – and the true nature of the human spirit, and of the eternal Soul. Here he sheds light on why you may have never asked yourself if there is a difference, in a society where the words are often used interchangeably.

Yet there is a whole world of difference, as revealed in this compelling conversation between Serge and Rebecca Asquith.

And knowing the difference is the beginning of the end of the spirit’s dominance of human affairs.

And that, dear viewer, is BIG.


  • Mary September 23, 2020   Reply →

    I was watching a clip from a TV show where people get up on stage and perform, as I watched this clip of a young person on stage they readied themselves to sing and that is when I saw so clearly energy enter that persons body, so that it was the energy singing the song. The song was belted out from this tiny frame, there is no way such a fragile frame could possibly make such a huge sound. I then saw the energy leave after the song had been sung and the young person became themselves again. It was so absolutely clear what was happening it blew me away. I have watched films about entities or spirits entering a body but never seen it happen so clearly and in real life. So is it possible that this young person will draw on that energy again without discerning what the energy is because it gives them the attention and accolade they are wanting because they are so empty within themselves? Watching that clip really brought home to me that there is far more going on in life than we may care to imagine or many of us want to know. But while we stay in the ignorance of not wanting to know we will be used as puppets by an energy we do not want to know is always there.
    Through Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I have come to understand the difference between spirit and soul and it is not the education we get at school that’s for sure but to me one that is far more important because I can now understand what is occurring in life so that I do not fear life, but see the energy behind life. It’s absolutely fascinating when you are able to read the energy behind the person. Are they coming from their soul or are they coming from spirit? Just as importantly what energy I’m I choosing spirit or soul?

  • Matilda Bathurst September 17, 2020   Reply →

    Another jaw dropping, mind blowing interview… concluding with the beautiful discussion about the grandness of one-ness that no individual accolade can come close to. Getting a sense of this, of the absolute amazingness of one-ness, being at-one with one another (everyone) and the cycles of and in life. Thank you.

  • Mary April 13, 2020   Reply →

    I keep coming back to this interview because Serge Benhayon explains the anatomy of Psychology in a way that if listened to will have huge implications on the science of psychology and psychotherapy going forward into the future. He explains simply how and why intelligence can be a source of recall and regurgitation of knowledge, it can also be abusive. Well we all have experience of how abusive we can be to ourselves and each other and I know from personal experience that there is an aspect to me that is totally wayward and cares nothing about me or the body I reside in. Sometimes it feels as though there is a very wayward child within me that can get totally out of control and do and say things that are abusive, spiteful and hurtful to me and others and that from what I have learnt through attending the workshops and presentations of Serge Benhayon is that I can master this wayward side so that this part of me can reside within the oneness of the soul again. I am a living example of this possibility along with thousands of others who have chosen to live in a way that is not dominated by a source of abuse and does not rely on regurgitated information to get by in life, but uses the oneness of the universe to source a knowledge that has a greater understanding of the all we all reside in, which the spirit can never and will never have access to.

  • Mary March 31, 2020   Reply →

    Rebecca raises a very pertinent point that we do not discern energy, (What’s behind the curtain?) and yet we can all feel when someone or something doesn’t feel right. The obvious energy we can feel is anger within ourselves or other people. But how many of us stop to discern the anger and why it is there in our bodies and or how it got there, we just feel anger and that’s it. I knew for example when I was young that if a certain family member was angry to get out of the way because the energy being expressed was ugly but no one questioned what was going on it was just accepted as part of family life. What if we started to talk about energy and to question the energy being used, surely this would be the first step in admitting that everything is energy first before its physicality.

  • Mary March 30, 2020   Reply →

    My question has to be why have we not been told this before? I know I was definitely not educated to know the difference. The religious institutions do not go there either. No wonder we are all going round in circles, digging ourselves into more mess. It seems to me that until now the truth has been withheld from us, so if there is an energy that doesn’t want to be seen and understood for the ugliness it is then it stands to reason that the person who dares to expose it will feel its wrath.

  • Melinda Knights March 28, 2020   Reply →

    Such a beautiful description of the difference between spirit and soul and how each approach life. How inspiring to hear how the soul is, it’s focus is in bringing everyone equal to the grandness it is via oneness, whereas the person in the spirit is fragmented away from the oneness so they vie to achieve something for the individual only – and no wonder we all feel empty with achievements and begin looking for the next, as achievements are a temporary salve to the fact that nothing can fill the loss of the oneness.

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