Episode 17 – The Body is the Marker of Truth

There are times in life when everything seems to come into a sharper focus, when we go inward and reassess and sometimes even reset the foundations of how we have been living. Sometimes this self-reflection is unprompted, but more often than not it is an event that will provide the catalyst for the inward deepening – a ‘stop’ moment that gives us pause to reflect on all of our thus far actions and behaviours.

If we maximise the opportunity of this reflective time (while attending to all the needed interventions), what does it reveal?

What then is the role of notable occurrences in our evolutionary process?

If we are to take the approach of ‘life being a series of random events’ then we are the victim of haphazard wizardry; a mere strike without warning and without apparent cause or reason. But what if we applied the Soul’s intelligence and considered that there is more to it than that? What then?

In this conclusive interview with Adam Warburton, Serge Benhayon provides insight into an energetic understanding of love and responsibility that starkly illustrates the widespread malaise of modern humanity.

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  • Leigh January 13, 2020   Reply →

    Beautiful interview. What I really love is how illness and disease is explained. Without reaction or judgement of such processes of clearing but embracing it for what it is.

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