Rebecca Asquith – Interviewer, Producer and Co-Director

Rebecca Asquith

Rebecca Asquith – Interviewer, Producer and Co-Director

As a freelance writer, producer and presenter, Rebecca Asquith has had the privilege of interviewing people from many different professions and backgrounds.
She has a particular interest in speaking to people about the things that matter – health, wellbeing and the deeper philosophical questions about life and how we are in it.

“I have known Serge Benhayon for over ten years and it has been an honour to collaborate with him on this series so that his work might reach a much wider global audience for years to come.”

“There are very few people in the world who can present the truth of the corruption of systems, society and our relationships with each other, while at the same time holding humanity in the knowing of how life can be, and will be, when we make love our foundational intelligence. Serge Benhayon lives the future now – the simplicity, love and total commitment to people that is man’s natural evolution; with that livingness he reminds us that we can too.”

As the founder of Emanation Media, Rebecca Asquith supports people around the globe with web development, their online presence and written expression. As a partner in multimedia business The Co-creative, Rebecca is one of a team of professionals who regularly produce live stream events to be broadcast to over 20 countries. Her work is informed by her unwavering commitment to make media that ignites and inspires us to more deeply understand the world and each other.