Episode 3 - Universal Medicine and the Media

Do we really live in a free market? Are we actually free to offer the services that we know will benefit our communities? Or is it the case that if the services we offer expose others’ modes of business it will be seen as a threat?

In this episode we explore the new innovator bullying, cyber abuse and press abuse levelled at Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and take a look ‘behind the news’ at the business the media dubbed a ‘cult’ and the man they labelled a cult-leader. In a region renowned for its celebrated diversity of healing therapies, communities and groups, in 2012 when a series of articles came out vilifying the popular complementary healing business with outright lies, it was clear that there was a greater agenda at play. After all, why lie about something unless you have nothing of genuine concern to report? And why lie at all? What was it about Serge Benhayon and his work that he was being perceived as a threat to the status quo of health, medicine and healing? Moreover, what was he presenting about Women’s wellbeing that was breaking with an unspoken cultural protocol?

The championing of true equality for women, not just talked about, but lived, has never been more publicly available than it is through the work of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. In a world which continues to foster an embedded culture of mysogyny and especially within a media landscape in which inequality and sexism is rife, the media and particularly the journalist’s involved in early coverage of Universal Medicine were unable (or unwilling) to discern fact from derogatory pulp fiction about ‘brain washed female followers’. Through an already broken lens they failed to see the story right in front of them. This episode explores the lack of accountability in media that impacts the very fabric of community and society.


  • Mary February 27, 2020   Reply →

    I wonder have we actually moved on from the dark ages where the governing (religious) authorities of the day decided who was a ‘witch’ or a ‘non believer’ and who wasn’t. If you fitted these categories laid down by an external authority then the chances are your life would be forfeited and many thousands of people were exterminated using these rules made up by the few who ruled over the many. And it is still occurring – the word now used is ‘cult’ not ‘witch’ but the energy hasn’t changed. It’s now often the media and the disgruntled few that are the voice of the authorities that hide behind directing the procedures. As I say nothing had changed except we now live in the so called 21st century. So have we really evolved? If we have not changed the energy then the answer has to be no.

  • Leigh December 31, 2019   Reply →

    Deepest form of common sense – this is true because when someone asks about my involvement with Universal Medicine, or ask about my relationship with religion. The basic principles I share, verbally or otherwise, are understood because they are a common-sense.

  • Mary October 29, 2019   Reply →

    We live in a very corrupt world and everyone has contributed to the corrupted society we now live in and we have no one to blame but ourselves. So it makes sense to me that there is a concerted effort to close down the ones who can see through the corruption and have ripped off the sticking plaster we are using to cover the rot to let in some much needed air and light so that we can start to heal the rottenness we have made for ourselves. No one likes getting caught out in a lie and we have all been caught out hence the rage target towards those willing to stand for truth.

  • Melinda Knights May 8, 2019   Reply →

    The media has become like the church was in the Dark Ages, we are giving our power to it without questioning its motives or agendas.

    • Mary October 29, 2019   Reply →

      I agree with you Melinda and would go so far as to say nothing has really changed since the dark ages actually. The buildings have changed and technology has changed but the ideals and beliefs we are saturated with have not changed at all. We are all herded like sheep in a consciousness that is stopping us from knowing who we truly are and where we come from. We make and watch all these science fiction movies about being possessed etc, But what if we were actually possessed and are mere playthings for a consciousness that we are currently unaware of that is controlling us?

  • Viktoria April 28, 2019   Reply →

    In year 11, during my A Levels I studies Sociology and one of the subjects at hand was how Media impacts on society. The lightbulb clicked when our teacher proposed that the media actually fueled the 2011 riots in the UK. It made so much sense, and I realised what an important role the media plays in our understanding and perception of life. Today, even more so as we are constantly bombarded with images from the media and information from news reporters.

  • Viktoria April 8, 2019   Reply →

    We have been criticising the media as a false source of information, within literature examination one of the least reliable sources is the media. People who write or present news are known to be under the influence of social demands, it is well-known that what is said & what is presented is done so that it appeals to a larger audience, yet we still believe it. We still want to go onto the roller coaster ride and experience all of the emotion. So one can’t blame the media for the drama within society, it is society who creates the drama and incites the media to keep feeding us carrots.

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