Episode 23 - The Eternal Yesterday

“We are only human”

Sounds reasonable at first hearing… but is it actually ‘the Mother of All Lies’?
The reductionist trap that condemns us to a life lived in ‘the eternal yesterday’?

And what is this ‘eternal yesterday’, and why is this the place that the so-called afflictions of illness and dis-ease are found, and founded?

In this astounding interview with Rebecca Asquith, Serge Benhayon provides the clear answers to these intriguing questions.

There is more usable philosophy in the first ten minutes of this exchange than in all the books on existentialism and post modernism ever written.
And then there’s twenty minutes more!

Simply divine in all its revelation.


  • Mary November 2, 2021   Reply →

    We are taught that life is lineal, but actually discovering that we live in constant cycles is such an eye opener. There is so much depth and quality a richness to life, but we are all pressured to see life as mundane, something to get through and then we die. Is it possible this is why we give up on life and checkout? We sat out as children full of life and it gets worn down, just by living against the flow of who we are, so that by the time we get to middle age we are so despondent and given up that we cannot wait to retire because we think that retirement will hold all the answers. Then we discover that retirement isn’t it either, so then there is the potential to withdraw even further from life. But there is a silver lining to all of this because if we look and watch Serge and Rebecca they have a vitality or spunkiness to them, has anyone who has watched these episodes stopped to wonder where this vitality come from and further questioned why to they have this amazing vitality and I don’t?

  • Matilda Bathurst January 26, 2021   Reply →

    ‘To love unrestricted and to be loved unrestricted is by all means the deepest desire of every single human being’… taking this one quote and sitting with it quietly and honestly is to access the truth of who we all are. Thank you

  • Kehinde James January 23, 2021   Reply →

    Returned to this interview again, so much presented. Thank you.

    Serge Benhayon: ‘True health is the aliveness of responsivity to the cycles we actually live in. As long as we adjust to expansion then we’re going to be healthy’
    Rebecca Asquith: ‘Function is a disease’
    Serge Benhayon: ‘Where is our model of health, if we are accepting abuse’

    I started an article many months ago called ‘ When did we stop caring?’ and paused because – I couldn’t take it to the next level. This interview inspires me to complete to it.

    We don’t have a true understanding of health, nor do we have a true understanding of Love. Instead we live in a world where function is the norm and as Rebecca says ‘Function is a disease’ and ‘abuse has become normalised’, not just with each other but within our own bodies, it’s no wonder there is little true care. This is at the heart of why humanity stopped caring (loving). In a conversation with a carer – though distressed at being verbally attacked by her daughter, she did not see it as abuse and equally was self-abusive because she allowed it to continue. This is an example of the normalisation of abuse.
    The call is to get to a place where ‘zero abuse is normal”

    • Mary March 14, 2021   Reply →

      Kehinde thanks for the example you have given us all about the conversation you had with a carer. That the mother did not see that being attacked verbally as abusive and that she was self abusive because she allowed it to continue. How many of us have normalised this behaviour in every aspect of our lives, we switch off and the abuse becomes white noise. Caring for ourselves and each other is not something we do anymore. We have become like robots just doing life, this is a very ugly way of living when we pit ourselves against each other and have reduced ourselves to be functional in life, where is the joy in that?

  • Mary January 22, 2021   Reply →

    This is a conscious breaking interview as it is possible to feel how life squashes us into the box of life and yet I can also feel the expansion of Serge and Rebecca they are not confined to the box but have liberated themselves from it. which to me is the living proof of the science that they are discussing.

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