Episode 2 - Business and Evolution

What does the economy of the future look like? After the inevitable collapse of industries that destroy the health and wellbeing of populations and continue to bankrupt nations; when greed is eventually no longer the driving force behind business, what will take its place – what does ‘love in business’ look like? What is the correlation between money and our kidney energy or ‘life force’ and what would happen if we did business in the understanding that our return on investment will always first and foremost be energetic? In this episode Serge Benhayon reveals why money is not the root of all evil and why ‘God is Business’.

We have been lied to about cigarettes, about the harms of sugar and many other products – “what makes us think that we haven’t been lied to about Spiritualism?” In the second half of this episode Serge Benhayon discusses the true nature of the spirit, spirituality and the Soul — it is not what you might think.


  • Mary December 24, 2020   Reply →

    I was told that a multi-millionaire has an old school report that they have framed, it sits on their desk in their office as a constant reminder of failure if they don’t apply themselves. How many of us went home with these types of school reports? Those school reports were crushing as we were made to feel ‘less than’ it is a total affront to our sensitivity. This person has become very ‘successful’ at the expense of others, they are totally ruthless in their business interactions. When our natural sensitivity is crushed then we tend to fight back and crush other people to get what we want. Is it possible to say we are all set up from a very early age so that we have produced and contribute to a dog eat dog society? So, these series of presentations by Serge Benhayon to me are needed as humanity is being offered another perspective where it is possible to be very successful and live a very enriching life in business without having to crush people in the process. I look forward to the day when ‘Gods’ business is the blueprint for all businesses.

  • Mary December 4, 2020   Reply →

    Rebecca makes a great comment how it’s interesting to see how critical people can be and yet no one says anything about the services that do us most harm, they seem to go under societies radar. So why is it okay to numb ourselves into oblivion and yet the moment we want to take more care of ourselves then that’s not acceptable and society pushes back. This makes no sense to me.

  • Inma Lorente June 28, 2020   Reply →

    Attending workshops and presentations from Universal Medicine is one of the greatest choice I ever made. It’s an investment that enriches my life greatly, I love spending my money, my energy in supporting a business that counts with a team who live with energetic integrity and responsibility. One of the most beautiful things that I can feel from the Universal Medicine teamwork is the respect, the care and the equality they relate with each other. For me is an example of how we could be all Humanity.

  • Melinda Knights January 31, 2020   Reply →

    Great conversation about money and how we can use that for love and healing, not for self harm. Even that point alone is a stop moment as we don’t generally look at money that way, we just spend and consume, but what are we consuming and what is the effect on us and as a result – on those around us?

  • Melinda Knights October 27, 2019   Reply →

    There must be so many harmful beliefs that influence how people do business, including how we view money, profit, and the success of the company above people, integrity, and our health and well-being. It’s a great conversation because business is everywhere but it’s not really evolving, standards aren’t being raised, and self care in how we work, and the true care of our customers, is not the usual foundation in business. There are a lot of repeating patterns in business, for example we were sold the harmlessness of tobacco and that got outed, now it’s sugar – what’s next? We seem to be repeating cycles, when what we really need is change. The relationships we form in business with customers, employees and suppliers, etc, should have the values of honesty, integrity, care, equality, and love, the same values that we would foster and expect with our loved ones.

    • Mary June 18, 2020   Reply →

      Melinda this is a great conversation to be having, I have seen many changes in the work place over the years and the negative ways of conducting business so that the company makes it all about making money, profit, and putting the ‘success’ of the company above people, integrity, and our health and well-being. We seem to have reduced business down to KPI’s which is a set of quantifiable measures that a company uses to gauge its performance over time and that of it’s staff – are they achieving their set targets. To me it is the most inhuman way of conducting business and has us reduced to mere machines.

  • Annoymous July 7, 2019   Reply →

    Wow said like that we all have so much to learn about true business by looking at the interplay of natural around us – true business.

  • Mary May 30, 2019   Reply →

    It is very interesting to question why is it that health care workers, scientists, doctors, dentists, surgeons etc.,who study anatomy extensively still smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol or eat food that the body finds difficult to digest. When put like this is just doesn’t make any sense to me, what does makes sense to me is that there is a character within our bodies that seems to want to bludgeon our bodies so that our senses are numb and dulled when our senses are numb and dulled then we are rudderless and easily played with. And if we look at our current way of living we can see this playing out.

  • Viktoria April 29, 2019   Reply →

    I actually love business, the exchange between people, the brainstorming of how to make it stronger, better ideas & working together to provide a better service that can benefit the clients. That is my idea of real business, real purposeful work to bring benefit to all. However, unfortunately the reality is that we live in a world where that has been long forgotten and we are making everything about the financial gain or the market value.

  • Ariana March 26, 2019   Reply →

    Who wants to hear about the future of industry? Who is interested? “What does the economy of the future look like?” It’s all revealed here, yet the business world is all about making the fast buck now, but where does this actually take us?

    • Mary June 18, 2020   Reply →

      Ariana to answer your question about the business world making that fast buck and where does this actually take us. I am watching how it demoralizes the work force, it pitches the workforce against one another and the stress of all this make the workforce ill. I have personal experience of watching this happen around me all in the name of making money and turning a profit.

    • Mary October 9, 2021   Reply →

      Ariana, I cannot wait for the day when as it is written
      ” when greed is eventually no longer the driving force behind business,”
      I am watching on a daily basis how companies are destroyed because greed was allowed to get the upper hand. It is so destructive and everyone is affected by it.

  • Ariana March 25, 2019   Reply →

    To make business about everyone and not just about profits or outcomes, that is revolutionary.

    • Mary June 19, 2020   Reply →

      When we make business all about KPI’s (Key performance Indicators) and base the success of the organization on generating a high return in profit, then from my experience the customer relationship has gone, and we have turned ourselves into human machines. Watching this presentation shows me there is another way to conduct business and business is about everyone as it should always have been.

  • Ariana March 16, 2019   Reply →

    What is on offer here is pure gold – this will revolutionise the business world in time.

  • Viktoria March 7, 2019   Reply →

    I’ve noticed that the answers to the questions are not always direct, Serge always starts 100 steps back to explain the root of the question. I always find it fascinating how something which happened 3/4/5 days ago even a year can have a direct impact on something tiny happening right now. But if a butterfly can cause a hurricane, imagine what we human beings can do.

  • Ariana February 22, 2019   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon has revolutionised the business world for all time, it may take a while for this to be seen in full, but the standard is there for all to follow, thanks to him.

  • Michael Brown February 20, 2019   Reply →

    Being in business is an amazing experience… So many people, so many interactions, so big an impact to be made!

    • Mary December 24, 2020   Reply →

      I agree Michael business can be an amazing experience when we make it about people first and not profit first.

  • Ariana February 19, 2019   Reply →

    It’s clear that setting up a business on the principles of truth and love and you will not be popular with certain sectors. Set it up based on greed and competition and yeah – you fit right in, cause no stir and are perfectly acceptable to have around.

  • Ariana February 13, 2019   Reply →

    What is business all about? Is it a smash and grab, or is it the means by which we all can learn and grow? Serge Benhayon is showing us the way we can grow each other, making business about all of us, instead of just me me me.

  • Michael Brown February 10, 2019   Reply →

    Many industries are a ticking time bomb, delaying the inevitable decline in demand from consumers.

  • Mary February 10, 2019   Reply →

    The way we are currently ‘doing’ business is harming us all because we have put profit before people. There is this drive to feed what I call the profit monster that has an insatiable appetite, companies want more and more profit and a leaner and leaner work force. We can see the effect this is having on our society with the rise in illness and disease our bodies are breaking down through the stress of making this all happen. I hate this way of conducting business because it doesn’t have to be like this.

  • Danna Elmalah February 7, 2019   Reply →

    An incredible science shared, how the business and evolution can come together when we choose. And so, our free will is always ours and what we do with it. The example of breeding products forward that evolve us, is amazing, and we should take this advise deeply with us in society. What product do truly serve us and which ones aren’t? When we use our honesty in regards to our own lives and the work we do, we can bring much more integrity and love in our jobs and lives. Is that not what will feed back humanity exactly what it needs?
    Thank you Serge Benhayon and Rebecca Asquith for bringing out the truth about business, evolution and life.

  • Michael Brown February 3, 2019   Reply →

    If it’s not with people at its core it is without success.

  • Gill Randall January 28, 2019   Reply →

    The ‘give back’ to people feels like we will all grow in that process, supporting each other through the tensions of life. We can do that with our businesses that help us all evolve, this is true success.

  • Ingrid Ward January 28, 2019   Reply →

    I could never understand why societally accepted intelligent people, including me, used to do things that harmed their bodies. And I could never understand why doctors, who I presumed knew all about the body, very rarely, if ever, offered advice on the products most of their patients were ingesting, products that were probably affecting their health. Along comes Serge Benhayon, and in a very short space of time has answered those two questions, plus many more I had lined up. I deeply appreciate that I have had the opportunity to listen to a man who makes so much sense of this crazy mixed up world we all inhabit, a man whose presentations everyone in the world deserves the same opportunity to hear, and if some say ‘no thanks’ then that is their choice; they will certainly not be judged by Serge.

  • SC January 28, 2019   Reply →

    This blows out of the water the usual business model. This is about love, this is about people, this is about evolution.
    Thank you Serge Benhayon for showing us there is another far more truly powerful way to do business.

  • Michael Brown January 26, 2019   Reply →

    And it will forever be the consumer who shapes the market, not the shareholders.

  • Ariana January 21, 2019   Reply →

    The responsibility that is lived here is immense, to put people before profits and not just that, putting the evolution of everyone before profits. This is not common practice but it is setting a model for all to follow – if they so choose.

  • Caroline Francis January 21, 2019   Reply →

    It is only through our willingness to love and listen to the body will we make the changes. No love for the body and we carry on living the same cycle the spirit demands.

    • Mary April 7, 2021   Reply →

      Caroline Francis, this is a great contribution to the conversation, because to me this part of ourselves that we call the spirit has no love for the body it resides in. It knows it is immortal and can therefore rubbish the body, knowing that it can reincarnate into a fresh body. Because we are not taught the science behind this truth, we then think we have the problem with alcohol for example but actually it’s this other part to us that is indulging in the excess and the physical body cops the outplay of the waywardness. We think it is us that has the problem. Until we can fully understand just how much we are controlled by the unseen force we will always be at the mercy of it.

  • Michael Brown January 18, 2019   Reply →

    Is it about making money or making a difference?

  • Ariana January 6, 2019   Reply →

    Business in the world today seems to mean one thing – money. There is a cash concept that rules the roost, but this is being knocked off it’s perch here – Serge Benhayon is presenting a whole other way to do business that is based on evolution and not greed.

  • Jennifer Smith December 31, 2018   Reply →

    Allowing people to make a true choice when the truth of something is known is fundamental to a free society. For people now who choose to smoke, they now know that what they are doing is causing harm to their body, there is now no longer any myths or lies about cigarette smoking. I did a smoking cessation course as part of my work and Australia is known in the tobacco industry as a ‘dark market’ because of the restrictions and very clear labelling of the harm of smoking. So much so that other countries and followed Australia’s lead on this. This benefits everyone for the simple fact that the truth is out in the open. It may or may not lead to behaviour change, but there is no-one pulling any wool over anyone’s eyes about the impact of smoking on our health.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh January 11, 2019   Reply →

      As you say stating that something is harmful may not change consumer behaviour, as we so clearly see with the labeling about the harm of cigarettes, and there is the element of consumer demand which keeps the supply going. However this is allowing the consumer free choice and leaving them to in their own time choose to see and address their ‘now-conscious-choice’ of harming themselves.
      Transparency and absolute honesty about products and services can not ever be negotiable.

    • Mary December 24, 2020   Reply →

      I feel you have something here Jennifer Smith
      “there is no-one pulling any wool over anyone’s eyes about the impact of smoking on our health.”
      It’s taken many years for society to accept that smoking is very detrimental to our health, and there are a myriad of other things that we use as a distraction or to numb ourselves from feeling the perpetual unrest in our bodies. When we are given the truth of anything then we have a choice to accept the truth and make any changes necessary, or deny the truth and carry on as before, but we cannot ever say we didn’t know.

  • Michael Brown December 31, 2018   Reply →

    We will always be stronger together – ‘divide and conquer’ has a far greater prevalence than we think.

  • Ariana Ray December 28, 2018   Reply →

    This episode is so inspiring, it shows what is possible when people come first in a business, not profit. Serge Benhayon has broken the mould for businesses and the media attacks highlight how much this is not welcomed. It’s a reaction from the world who does not like to see truth reflected back.

  • Ariana Ray December 21, 2018   Reply →

    What if we treated all our workplaces as evolutionary? What is presented here is revolutionary – a new model for the business world.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh December 30, 2018   Reply →

      The approach to business shared about in this episode is profound and makes so much sense. It ought to be included as a foundational part for any business assessment or training.

  • Ariana Ray December 19, 2018   Reply →

    What I get from this episode is the quality of the powerful living example that Serge Benhayon is with his business means that we can all learn from him and make business about integrity and evolution first and foremost, just as he has done.

  • Rachel Murtagh December 15, 2018   Reply →

    Yes, sure we need to make a profit when dealing in business, but what if the business ideology of ‘dog eat dog’ and crushing another for individual gain was changed to doing business for the benefit for all. Ie taking care of the workers, getting rid of corruption and actually bringing in a level of care to everything that we did, without cutting corners or cost cutting to the detriment to well-being.

    • Jennifer Smith December 31, 2018   Reply →

      And if businesses that did similar work had a relationship where they were supportive of those businesses where they helped grow each others business would soon show that competition leaves us all very short.

  • Ingrid Ward December 11, 2018   Reply →

    The wisest investment I have ever made was in the first workshop, presented by Serge Benhayon, I attended 14 years ago, as from two amazing days I had more insights into my life and the world around me than I had ever had; life and my place in it finally began to make sense. And I have chosen to continue to make these wise investments and as a result my life today is unrecognisable from the one I used to live. Improved health and well-being, more joy than ever, the list of the bonuses from this investment goes on, and I know that they will continue to until the end of this life, and beyond.

    • Mary December 4, 2020   Reply →

      I totally agree with you Ingrid Ward, the wisest investment for me too was to attend the workshop of Serge Benhayon, every workshop since has supported me to understand myself and the world around me, so that I’m not blindsided by what is happening in our society. I speak to many people around the world and a lot of those people feel helpless and afraid of what is happening to them, their families and are worried about the senseless destruction of our planet, where else are we going to live if we destroy this planet is a question often asked. I feel that if I have not attended the workshop and presentations of Serge Benhayon I too would be feeling helpless and despairing of the downward spiral we all seem to be going in. I’m not despairing at all quite upbeat actually. I cannot change the world, but I can change me and the way I interact with the world and the people in it. Through the teachings of Serge Benhayon I am relearning how to accept and love myself, this has a positive effect on everything I do and say. So much so that it can be felt, as people say to me that they feel so much better after they have spoken to me, they are sensing the love I hold myself in and with, and it gives them a sense of settlement, the same sense of settlement I deepen into when I attend the workshop and presentations of Serge Benhayon.

  • Michael Brown December 10, 2018   Reply →

    Only when we decide we have had enough will the supply start to change.

  • Ariana Ray December 8, 2018   Reply →

    Business is evolution – or a process of stopping such evolution – always our choice. Serge Benhayon is leading the way here to show us a model that works.

  • Christoph Schnelle December 7, 2018   Reply →

    The businesses that have a negative impact on our health are very big at the moment – much of the entertainment industry, much of the processed food industry and so on. Interestingly they respond very quickly to pressure – a small sugar tax is enough for most of them to remove the majority of the sugar from their drinks. If there ever was demand for businesses that do not damage our health the supply would be available very quickly.

    • Gabriele Conrad December 12, 2018   Reply →

      Supply and demand, as always they go hand in hand.And once the demand dwindles, the suppliers soon come to their senses, whether that be the media, the entertainment and food industries or the way we treat each other, for that matter.

      • Mary December 24, 2020   Reply →

        Given what you have written Gabriele Conrad then we have to ask the question supply and demand go hand in hand, what are we as human-beings demanding ?

  • Michael Brown December 7, 2018   Reply →

    Before any transaction or exchange, there is a human connection first. Everything after that depends on the quality of that connection.

  • Gill Randall November 29, 2018   Reply →

    The system of economy as Serge Benhayon describes brings a much bigger picture to us simply working and earning money for ourselves. We can realise what we can do to evolve and grow ourselves in business will bring a richness to the economy of the future, as the example of Universal Medicine shows us. We all have our parts to play but without competition with each other.

  • Michael Brown November 28, 2018   Reply →

    “God is business” is such a cool line – sounds like it’s from an action movie. But the message is deep in it’s delivery. Do we want to do Business or stay ‘unemployed’?

    • Caroline Francis January 21, 2019   Reply →

      I find it interesting when something is said such as ‘God is business’ and it disturbs me in some way. The pictures, ideals and beliefs I have held in my body about God, business, money and work begin to get exposed as I feel them and let them go, re-configuring to the truth of what is being said. Three words yet when said together are incredibly powerful supporting me to have a greater understanding of not only the truth of the words but also the relationship and true meaning between God and business in the world for in truth I cannot have one without the other.

  • Melinda Knights November 27, 2018   Reply →

    One of my favourite words is integrity and it’s meaning of something that is whole. Integrity in business means bringing your whole true self and not letting go of values or principles to corrupt the wholeness or purity of who you are. Equally a business has integrity by supplying great service and quality products that also support another person’s wholeness (without harming or corrupting their wholeness), as well as supporting the integrity of our communities

    • Alison Pearson November 29, 2018   Reply →

      I love what you share here, Melinda – feels like integrity is understanding and honouring that we are all an equal part of a whole and when we are not bringing our whole true self, everyone looses out.

  • Ariana Ray November 27, 2018   Reply →

    This is TV of and from the future. To consider “when greed is eventually no longer the driving force behind business” what will it look like – if we can consider this to the depth that is on offer, this episode offers an expose` and a look into the future that is inevitable.

    • Alison Pearson November 29, 2018   Reply →

      How amazing it will be when we start to truly live and work with love and integrity, honouring who we all are, rather than the dis-regarding, dis-respectful, unloving way that we, most often, currently do business.

    • Gabriele Conrad December 12, 2018   Reply →

      As we conquer the evil that is greed, everything changes and there will no longer be the vast fluctuations in our economic cycles as we have recently witnessed in what is called the global financial crisis, entirely founded on in steeped in greed and fierce competition.

  • Michael Brown November 24, 2018   Reply →

    You’d think that this formula would be well-practiced looking at the obvious win-win situation it leaves both parties in but for some reason we entertain the antithesis of this.

  • Ingrid Ward November 20, 2018   Reply →

    I am starting to see, that although as human beings we consider ourselves to be intelligent, we are often choosing to misuse this highly lauded intelligence, such as when we knowingly ignore something which is harmful to us, e.g. smoking cigarettes when we are fully aware of their potential danger. But what I am also starting to see, is that if we are taught to honour and respect our bodies from young, we would naturally connect to our true intelligence, that of our body, and therefore there would be no way we could harm it. Now that, to me, is true intelligence.

  • Gill Randall November 15, 2018   Reply →

    It makes total sense to only have businesses in the future with products that truly evolve people. The journey is to develop a deeper relationship with our bodies, and understand the particles from our physical body being super intelligent and come to whole body mindedness. It will be a very different world when this happens.

    • Alison Pearson November 29, 2018   Reply →

      Everything about doing business will change when with every choice we make, we consider everyone, not just our selves.

  • Jennifer Smith November 15, 2018   Reply →

    How we spend our money and what we invest in is important. But even more important that the how we spend our money is the why we invest in what we invest in? Do we invest in things that advance us and offer us a platform that raises our own bar or is it about seeking relief from life? Universal Medicine always offers more and always offers a new platform which I can apply to the life I live. No rules, no have to’s, but always more to observe, consider and adjust.

  • Carmel Reid November 13, 2018   Reply →

    Adam and Eve as a symbolic story, apes becoming extinct as a result of our human behaviour, Serge Benhayon blows our beliefs about evolution out of the water. Where are all the millions of neanderthal skulls that could prove the current theories? But, he shares, it’s not about that or having an argument – we are at war with ourselves and have been at war non-stop for hundreds of years, we need to take responsibility for dealing with our lack of harmony with each other.

  • Ariana Ray November 12, 2018   Reply →

    Business can be so evolutionary, Serge Benhayon is leading the way.

  • Ariana Ray November 10, 2018   Reply →

    This man has a business and yet is able to put the evolution of all above profit, he is able to put truth and integrity above profit and yet still has a successful business. Not the usual business man – he is a very great light in the world of business.

  • Rachel Murtagh November 9, 2018   Reply →

    Surely all businesses are made to offer services to others. When we make business all about profit before people we have lost the point of doing business in the first place.

  • Carmel Reid November 8, 2018   Reply →

    ‘We must be given free choice so long as we are not lied to’ there are many con tricks being played on us, in marketing where a particular image is associated with a product to create a desire and in shop displays of pricing where products are listed as $15.99 for example often with the .99 written smaller to make you think it is only $15. Or a UK newspaper that said in large writing 5p (so you think it only costs 5p) but the smaller print says ‘less than the Daily Mail’ – to me that is a totally unethical con.

  • Christoph Schnelle November 8, 2018   Reply →

    It is entirely possible to build a business not based on greed and to do very well – the greed may then come in and try to get that bit more that will destroy the reputation of the business. This has happened in the Australian banking sector. The most successful bank may have got there by employing greed and it had to endure the biggest damage to its reputation. Greed was very expensive here.

  • Lieke Campbell November 2, 2018   Reply →

    I love the point that our choice of diet has to come from a body not needing disregard or dullness or dampness to ‘medicate’ instead as a choice we make in our minds because we want to be better. And the only way to have our body not needing these things is by being super loving with ourselves in all parts of our life. Then naturally the diet will change.

  • Shami October 29, 2018   Reply →

    One of the things that I so dearly love about Rebecca Asquith, is that she has yes to wanting to know more. Rebecca’s deeply inquisitive nature is so beautiful, and it fills me with joy every time I watch her in interview Serge Benhayon.

    • Ingrid Ward November 20, 2018   Reply →

      I agree totally Shami. Rebecca Asquith’s natural inquisitiveness is so refreshing in a world where most interviewers are pre-programmed to ask certain questions and very rarely go off topic. Rebecca is certainly rewriting the ‘rule book’ when it comes to interviewing, in fact, I am sure she has thrown it away and her interviews are all the more inspirational for it. She and Serge Benhayon make a great team as they dissect the issues of society.

  • Michael Brown October 28, 2018   Reply →

    Who said business had to be about boring sales charts and crunching numbers…. A great video for making business about fun and taking everyone involved to the next step.

  • Nattalija October 27, 2018   Reply →

    Growing businesses or growing relationships we all live a higher level of quality to offer another in the end.

  • Lieke Campbell October 26, 2018   Reply →

    It is so true that we can only make a free choice when we know the whole truth about the product and that includes the energetic impact products have on us.

  • Ariana Ray October 25, 2018   Reply →

    Billions of us go to work everyday and make work about ‘doing’ rather than evolution. Serge Benhayon is offering us a model to have a successful business AND evolve everyone at the same time – this is sit up and take notice time – well worth an astute study for anyone in the workforce.

  • Michael Brown October 25, 2018   Reply →

    Business AND Evolution, not Business OR Evolution… we can have evolution in everything we do, or not!

  • Rik Connors October 20, 2018   Reply →

    Are we not (over) due for some Universal Medicine – Science, Religion, Philosophy; and not from the common corrupted un-evolving versions of Science, Religion and Philosophy we have now. All mixed in together where it is all about evolution instead of the ‘same stuff different day’ holding us back – keeping us separate – and falsely identifying that we are not all philosophers at heart ❣

    • Anonymous April 7, 2021   Reply →

      I totally agree with you,
      The workplace I am part of has had a shift in the way that everyone is seen in the company.
      The VP of Sales was to say the least brutal in their way of conducting sales. I know this wasn’t coming from them but from the parent company and because of their sensitivity they did not know how to handle the pressure and so they were in constant reaction to the pressure they were daily experiencing. They were asked to leave and now there is a new team in place, the pressure is the same to make the monthly figures irrespective of the current world downturn in business. What’s interesting is in writing this comment I have been able to step back to observe that although the team has changed and it feels more inclusive actually it’s the same energy but this time instead of being so obviously brutal, it is now wearing a kid glove, so we are tricked into thinking changes have been made, we cannot get away from the fact that unless the energy changes nothing will change.
      It comes back to ‘the same stuff just a different day’ mentality.

  • Michael Brown October 18, 2018   Reply →

    I’d love to start/run my own business, purely for the fact that from the foundation to the extremities I could do everything to ensure it is about people first.

  • Janet October 16, 2018   Reply →

    I find it incredibly inspiring to consider business and any kind of transaction of product or service from the perspective of evolution. If it is not to support us to grow and expand, what is the point?

  • Janet October 16, 2018   Reply →

    I love hearing about God and business in the one sentence, and it is super inspiring to learn about the future of business as modelled by Universal Medicine, where love, brotherhood and evolution are underlying every transaction.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh October 19, 2018   Reply →

      When I consider the depth and magnitude of what is presented here, it makes absolute sense that a world based on foundation contra to this would be in such a mess.

  • jennym October 16, 2018   Reply →

    The thing I love about Serge Benhayon TV is that it is relevant to our whole lives and makes you ponder what is happening at more than the superficial level.

  • Michael Brown October 12, 2018   Reply →

    When i’m at work doing business it’s amazing to me to see how much of a difference it can make in someone’s life just having a conversation about life in general or something trivial.

    • Mary March 3, 2022   Reply →

      Michael we can make a huge difference to peoples lives by just having a conversation about life in general. I met a lady recently who was recovering from cancer and I was in her company for a few hours, I didn’t say much to her, but as I was leaving she said to everyone how much she enjoyed being with me. What she could sense or feel was my settlement within myself which is the result of the workshops and presentations of Serge Benhayon put to use in supporting others to feel the possibility of the same settlement in them too, without having to say anything. We all feel energy all of the time whether we realise this or not. This lady got to feel what it is like to have a settled body and after all she had been through she was herself craving settlement.

  • Ariana Ray October 10, 2018   Reply →

    Business and evolution – perhaps we could put it as the business OF evolution. For if we succeed at business without considering the evolution of all – what kind of success is that? What is the true cost? Serge Benhayon presents a model to support us to bring evolution first – which is true success.

  • Michael Brown October 10, 2018   Reply →

    Business to serve self-gaining practices will only ever end up in trouble.

    • Christoph Schnelle November 8, 2018   Reply →

      Agreed – one of the problems is that executives come and go and they may be long gone before the trouble becomes visible.

  • Nattalija October 5, 2018   Reply →

    Where else have you heard that the great success of true business is to grown one another’s business? Offering us the joy in working in the same field with another in contrast to the tit for tat games of competition and unruly greed we are seeing in our current world market.

  • Fiona Pierce October 2, 2018   Reply →

    I find the way that Universal Medicine does business really inspiring; the quality and integrity with which they conduct themselves in all aspects of the business. Loved watching this, thank you.

  • Ariana Ray October 2, 2018   Reply →

    What if every business and workplace were about evolution first – they can be – Serge Benhayon is leading the way forward and making this a reality we can all choose to have. Down to us.

  • Christoph Schnelle September 28, 2018   Reply →

    In business it is important to get a number of things right – looking after your customers, finding your customers, getting the price right etc. That still leaves enormous room for how we do this as many different ways to do the above well have worked in the past.

  • Michael Brown September 25, 2018   Reply →

    Make it about people and you will have all the success in your heart.

  • Ariana Ray September 24, 2018   Reply →

    What Serge Benhayon is presenting here is that any workplace can be about evolution first, he has built a model of this and offers it to the world. He is a trail blazer in every respect.

  • Carmel Reid September 23, 2018   Reply →

    As we discover more and more how harmful so many products are there may well be court cases or industries will become extinct because no-one buys their products or services any more. I like the way Serge Benhayon supports our free will in saying that what we demand will need to be made available – as long as we are not lied to – yes, good point.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh October 2, 2018   Reply →

      It would be a hugely honouring situation where those who produce, let the customers know with transparency exactly what they are getting, and where the customer knows that they are the ones providing the demand that is driving the whole thing forward. It allows everyone to be aware of what is going on, know their own responsibility and for the whole to make required changes as and when everyone is ready.

      • Janet October 16, 2018   Reply →

        Well said, Golnaz. This level of transparency in business allows us as the consumer the make informed choices and discern which quality we wish to have in, for example, our homes and our bodies.

      • Mary April 7, 2021   Reply →

        We could say the opposite of this is happening at the moment Golnaz. There is no transparency from the bigTech companies, we have no idea of what we are getting ourselves into, we have been lied to in such a way that we are demanding and the Tech companies are supplying. The conditions have been set up in such a way that there will be a demand. Restrict peoples movement add a dose of fear and you can get society to do whatever you want them to do. Our current way of life is the proof of this.

  • Michael Brown September 20, 2018   Reply →

    Much like there is a link between business and evolution, there is a clear link between consumption and evolution.

  • Hm September 20, 2018   Reply →

    Business and evolution are 2 words that don’t go together that often. The truth is that they are a perfect partnership. If we make business about people and relationship first – then the only way it can grow is If it evolves.

    • Christoph Schnelle December 7, 2018   Reply →

      This is very true.

  • Ariana Ray September 19, 2018   Reply →

    What Serge Benhayon is doing here is showing us one life – that love, truth and integrity are not part time hobbies, but living truths we can apply to all areas of our lives.

  • Michael Brown September 17, 2018   Reply →

    We have been lied to but have willingly and knowingly accepted the lie as a truth. Who is to blame years down the line when we feel the consequences then?

    • Christoph Schnelle September 28, 2018   Reply →

      We could even be smart and manage the consequences of those lies and even do well in the world with that process but the price may well be a poverty of the heart.

  • Michael Brown September 15, 2018   Reply →

    There is always more on offer than what meets the eye.

  • Rik Connors September 12, 2018   Reply →

    I love Serge Benhayon TV. Such valuable insight even if you listen to it over and over again .. that is why you call it Ageless Wisdom definitions that make sense and are true creating a base that stands in the foundation of love and cannot be rocked but a point to expand and evolve.

  • Michael Brown September 11, 2018   Reply →

    Universal Medicine has such a great reputation because of its consistent integrity dealing with people.

  • Hm September 10, 2018   Reply →

    To be able to have a business about purpose and people first is a way to redefine how we have made business all about profit and power. There is much to be said for growing and nurturing people – what serge Benhayon presents is what we can bring into any business.

  • Ariana Ray September 10, 2018   Reply →

    ‘ What does ‘love in business’ look like?’ – a great question that Serge Benhayon addresses and one that we all need to look at and one that Serge Benhayon is streets ahead with as he had lived this in his business since day one. We have much to learn.

  • Mary September 9, 2018   Reply →

    I personally cannot wait for our current way of conducting business to collapse to be totally honest. I had no idea that now we have built machines that can work on the sea beds of the world and extract even more minerals and such that is need to support our current way of living. And that Scientist have already put into place patents on certain plankton and fish that live in the very deep waters around volcanic outlets because they want to profit from the properties of these creatures. At this rate there will be nothing left we will have denuded the planet and then what will we do?

  • Gill Randall September 7, 2018   Reply →

    This episode shows us the responsibility of everyone in business to reform how industry evolves, and check the quality of everything we work with knowing that whatever we are involved with, it serves humanity.

    • Jane Keep September 9, 2018   Reply →

      And, it brings a whole new way as regards ‘quality’ – as whilst quality is a much talked of thing in business and industry I have not yet experienced any other business with the same degree of quality and integrity that Universal Medicine offers.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh September 6, 2018   Reply →

    When I was younger I could see that there was something deeply corrupt in humanity’s relationship to money and business, so very soon I started blaming money and business as being the root of all the evil and misery in our world. Yet, here we have a wonderful conversation that turns it all on its head. In fact I have seen the evidence in the business Universal Medicine of how business can be profoundly instrumental in deepening the love, awareness, expansion and responsibility with which people live and express.

  • Ingrid Ward September 5, 2018   Reply →

    Universal Medicine is a most unique business in this profit driven world of ours, as at the heart of its philosophy is the tenet that the business is about people first and foremost. It is a world changing way of doing business that if copied by other businesses would change the face of business as we know it. Now that would be evolutionary and very welcome by most people.

  • Ariana Ray September 5, 2018   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon leads the way in the business of evolution of all. And thank God this is the case.

  • Jennifer Smith September 5, 2018   Reply →

    Can business grow people? Absolutely and Universal Medicine leads the way here by supporting people to grow themselves.

    • Jane Keep September 7, 2018   Reply →

      I agree Jennifer. We struggle with productivity and quality in many working environments yet, there is another way as is the way Universal Medicine runs as a business. One day, Universal Medicine will be researched, and asked about by many if not all businesses as an exemplar that is already living the future of business and work.

    • Mary April 7, 2021   Reply →

      Jennifer Smith, my understanding of the world and the energy behind everything we do and say, blows my mind. I had no idea until I met Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine just how trapped we are in our heads. That the best medicine in the world is to release ourselves from the prison of our minds and to reconnect back to our bodies. Most of us do not know that we have become floating minds as we are so out of touch with our bodies. If we can do this then the world changes completely because we are not held by the ideals, beliefs that are given to us but can feel for ourselves what is true and what is a lie. The more in touch we are with our bodies the more that gets exposed and the freer we become. We are easily lied to via our minds, connect back to our bodies and we can never be lied to again because our bodies have instant access to the universe.

  • Michael Brown September 5, 2018   Reply →

    A business provides a product or service, a business with evolution at the core provides a platform for every customer to step forward and grow.

  • Jane Keep September 4, 2018   Reply →

    Now this is the MBA (Masters in Business Administration) if ever there was one – All business students, those running businesses, would do well to watch this episode as regards business, work, and so much more.

  • Danna Elmalah September 3, 2018   Reply →

    What a business in evolution can bring — Universal Medicine does. I am in deep inspiration of what is possible to life. I had a completely false belief of what evolution was, until I came back to the Esoteric. Every since, I am deepening my understanding of what Esoteric truly is, and let go of the false layers I had put on top. These videos, basically all Serge Benhayon his teachings and revelations, ask you to step up in your Esoteric way.

  • Carmel September 2, 2018   Reply →

    How much do we check the integrity of people and companies who supply us with products and services? Many international beverages are produced using child or slave labour such as tea and cocoa. Does our economy contribute to our evolution? Great question.

    • Jane Keep September 6, 2018   Reply →

      Absolutely agree Carmel – one day the code of ethics and conduct for businesses will have this as foundational in setting true standards of integrity, just as Universal Medicine’s business does.

  • Michael Brown September 1, 2018   Reply →

    Where business looks after evolution first, true success is found.

    • Jane Keep September 6, 2018   Reply →

      so true – and we wonder why businesses fail… this episode is for all businesses and workplaces as there are deeper issues at play in relation to business success than much of the current business literature discusses.

  • Lorraine Wellman August 31, 2018   Reply →

    The depths of what is offered in these episodes is incredible, I could watch these episodes over and over again, so much is packed into each segment.

    • Vanessa McHardy September 2, 2018   Reply →

      Absolutely this one in particular goes into such depth but shows that everything is interconnected and comes down to the quality of our lived days.

      • Jane Keep September 10, 2018   Reply →

        and shows the ripple effect – we can’t think we can turn up to work having lived in a disregarding way and just switch on a certain quality – unless it is lived it isn’t truly felt.

  • Shami August 31, 2018   Reply →

    This opening statement by Serge Benhayon, where is describes what Universal Medicine is, is incredible. And personally I really love the way he brings in the ancient part of our origins as being the future of our health and wellbeing, and even our evolution. How amazing that these two words can mean so much and hold us all so beautifully. Which really takes out any possibility that this organisation could be interested in self-gain.

  • Ariana Ray August 30, 2018   Reply →

    The power of making business about people first, and profits second is evidenced by Universal Medicine, their success story is a testimony to a way of doing business that is pioneered by Universal Medicine.

  • Michael Brown August 28, 2018   Reply →

    When it is about people, it is about evolution. As soon as it is about function and profits we are contributing to the same dire straits we find ourselves in every day.

  • Ariana Ray August 24, 2018   Reply →

    What is being offered here is so much more – a view of business that can take you to the stars – who wouldn’t want to operate their business like Serge Benhayon – pure inspiration.

  • Monica Gillooly August 22, 2018   Reply →

    The truth, there are many things we use which do not support us, coffee for instance but what is great about what is shared here is it’s not about getting rid of coffee but we can be honest about it, we need it to deal with our exhaustion, and allow ourselves to feel that and live that. There’s then no drive to push the product for it’s ‘so called benefits’ but there’s no condemnation either for those who want it. Can you imagine how life would be if we approached it like this … welcome to the future being lived now by Universal Medicine.

    • Mary March 3, 2022   Reply →

      Monica we know that there are many thing’s in life that do not support us, I over heard a builder say to his mate as he was eating a big bar of chocolate I need the sugar. He wasn’t saying I like eating chocolate he was very aware that he was feeling exhausted and was reaching for sugar to give him the rush of energy he felt he needed to keep going along with a cup of coffee. Perhaps what we need to look at is how are we living life that leads to our exhaustion.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh August 22, 2018   Reply →

    The depth of care, understanding and responsibility brought to everything in business is in this episode is Gold. This level of awareness ought to be part of the basic training for anyone working in business. That means pretty much All of us.

    • Rowena Stewart August 27, 2018   Reply →

      So true. When we make Business about People, Integrity and true Service, we naturally align to the qualities of God. What an awesome focus to bring to the work place, one that ignites true purpose in a very diverse area of life and empowers us to appreciate how business is intended to support, nurture and serve one another.

  • Ariana Ray August 21, 2018   Reply →

    I love Serge Benhayon TV, it’s so uplifting and supportive of us all to evolve in every area of our lives – from business to relationships to sex – everything is covered.

  • Simon Williams August 20, 2018   Reply →

    Why is it such a novel concept that God is in all businesses? If he is immanent and omnipresent then by definition he is everywhere. The only reason we think like that is that business has become this dirty word, tainted by corruption and our own poor relationships with money and work. Lets reintroduce that divine aspect into business, make it about purpose and people lets have more of it!

    • Janet August 25, 2018   Reply →

      Yes, it is so much more expansive to consider everything we do as a transaction of energetic quality, which can make the world of business full of evolutionary activity and purpose.

  • Christoph Schnelle August 20, 2018   Reply →

    If the current health-destroying industries collapse there will be big changes. Coffee a few years ago was the second-most valuable commodity traded (and may still be) after oil, something like 6 of the 10-best selling products in a local supermarket are from Coca-Cola, alcohol and illegal drugs are big industries and so on. On the other hand there will be huge capacity to do things that are more supportive.

  • Monica Gillooly August 19, 2018   Reply →

    Something to consider, there are many industries which do not evolve us and over time we will let these go as we begin to truly see and feel how they impact all of us. That’s what I love about watching these, we are presented with the future of where we are going.

  • Monica Gillooly August 18, 2018   Reply →

    God is business, it totally blows out so many ideas of who God is and what business is … and as presented so clearly here life is all about energy, and business is a part of that, and so if we truly embrace the future of where we’re going and how business will change to be all about people and evolution then we begin to really see how God is business.

  • Lucy Dahill August 17, 2018   Reply →

    I really thought spiritualism was an advance on the negative unloving way we lived but actually I find it worse because it hides the truth from you so you think it is better! The spirit is clearly not to be run away from but it is well worth getting to know the spirit very well.

    • Mary March 3, 2022   Reply →

      Lucy, I’m getting to know my spirit very well and how it has run my body these last 65 years. Not a very pleasant discovery that for most of us we give our power away to our spirit without being aware that this is what we are doing. My life has changed so much since the first Universal Medicine workshop I attended, by relearning how to take back mastery of my own body and to realise that our minds do not care one ounce about our body it inhabits. By listening to my body and not my mind has been the biggest transformation. There will be a time when everyone will use the philosophical teachings of Universal Medicine – Serge Benhayon and our future will be transformed.

  • Lucy Dahill August 17, 2018   Reply →

    It is so refreshing to hear you say it is not about getting rid of things until we understand why we need them. Otherwise we will find another way to satiate the demand and perhaps bury the cause even deeper in our bodies

    • Janet August 27, 2018   Reply →

      So true, Lucy, otherwise we are just kidding ourselves and there is no real honesty about what is really going on within us. Better to be up front and learn, by taking responsibility for the consequences of our choices.

  • Lorraine Wellman August 17, 2018   Reply →

    I love what Serge Benhayon shares about business, I welcome the day this model is embraced by all.

  • Elizabeth Dolan August 16, 2018   Reply →

    I love what Serge Benhayon is saying in this episode about how Universal Medicine is bringing a new way of being in business, relationships, medicine, education etc but that the new only appears new because we have strayed so far away from truth. Really what Universal Medicine is presenting is ancient and well known to us but something that we have chosen to not know.

  • Ariana Ray August 13, 2018   Reply →

    What are we saying yes to in business – profit and greed? Or can we make sure that our staff and customers will evolve first and foremost?

    • Simon Williams August 20, 2018   Reply →

      Great question Ariana – easily answered if we take a moment to consider how our staff and customers feel first and foremost (rather than being overwhelmed with everything that needs doing, or rubbing our hands when we look at the bank statement).

  • Rik Connors August 12, 2018   Reply →

    I have changed the way I work from being impressed by Universal Medicine’s business model. Their business model is about evolution. The more I’m purpose driven and know with how I work and what impression I leave with each client potentially can impress them to make changes in their life. It is not something I attach to if they do or not .. I just love each opportunity I have to deeply connect to another and understand what they need from me both as a person and their IT needs.
    Thank you Serge for establishing this business model for our future.

  • jennym August 9, 2018   Reply →

    Indeed do we watch Television to expand and grow ourselves and others, similarly is the way we do business offer expansion for everyone?

    • Christoph Schnelle August 20, 2018   Reply →

      Yes, much of entertainment and the media will be changed beyond recognition. So will social media.

  • Natalie Hawthorne August 8, 2018   Reply →

    Thank you Serge Benhayon for bringing clarity to what true business is. The cycle most if not all business are in are so very far away from making it about the people first.

    • David September 13, 2018   Reply →

      Natalie I can’t begin to say how much I have learned and understood about business from Serge, he is a dear friend and mentor and the support has transformed the way I am in business and in life.

  • Carolien Braakenburg August 8, 2018   Reply →

    The way we look at business right now is all about increasing revenue and profit at the expense of quality, sustainability, human well being and the natural resources of our earth. We say we are evolving but we only have to look at the way we are doing business and producing that we are in fact going backwards.

  • Ariana Ray August 5, 2018   Reply →

    We are as a society, so locked into business as a drive and push for profit, to consider it as an opportunity for evolution is so rare in the extreme. So it’s beautiful to have this reflection of a man who knows that it’s about evolution above all else.

  • Carmel Reid August 1, 2018   Reply →

    ‘Developing a relationship with our body and developing an intelligence that makes sense to it’ There is definitely food for thought here because yes, I have been a regular fridge visitor to numb myself from my own misery and I have tried using my mind to stop but that doesn’t work. I like what Serge says, ‘The more you listen to your body the more love you will have with it and work with it and therefore that changes your diet not that you actually enter a diet. So the body educates you by not having the impulse to harm itself rather than the mind saying “I’m not going to harm myself”. And that changes everything. The whole thing gets turned upside down because dieting should come from the body not needing rather than you saying “I don’t need it” ‘

  • Gill Randall July 26, 2018   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon shows us by example how we can have a great economy that will grow and serve and we will also evolve when we live from the intelligence from the body. Here is where our true intelligence lies.

  • Ariana Ray July 23, 2018   Reply →

    The world in general does not make business about evolution, it makes it about profit and loss, greed and corruption. This episode is a breath of fresh air, it presents the importance of people and supporting people to evolve – before profits. Revolutionary and successful!

    • Ingrid Ward August 1, 2018   Reply →

      The Universal Medicine model of business also has that ‘breath of fresh air’ you write about where people are put well and truly ahead of profits. It may appear to be ‘revolutionary’ in a world where there is so much corruption and greed in business but Universal Medicine is definitely very successful as a result of the level of love and care for all that it operates with in every area of its business.

      • Carolien Braakenburg August 8, 2018   Reply →

        I agree Ingrid, Universal Medicine shows the success of making business about people and evolution.

  • Monica Gillooly July 15, 2018   Reply →

    We’ve gotten so used to how we are and how we live and how functional we are with that, that we forget how life can truly be, and it’s only when someone comes in a shines a light that we can step back and consider – and this Serge Benhayon does in spades, reminding us of our true origins and purpose without anything other than full acceptance of where we are today, but a full knowing that one day we will live and understand what he speaks of and lives as true religion and true business, in all the godliness of both.

    • Janet August 28, 2018   Reply →

      I agree, Monica. Serge Benhayon speaks of the future for us all, of great love and the highest standards in relationships and business, because he is living this level of integrity now and so can we as soon as we stop accepting less.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh July 14, 2018   Reply →

    I love how Serge Benhayon offers a very practical understanding about how our relationship with business could be so much more glorious and fulfilling than we might have ever dreamed of.

  • Ariana Ray July 14, 2018   Reply →

    When you look around at how business functions in the world today, it stands out as being motivated by greed and not customer love. Love doesn’t play a part in most businesses. How Serge Benhayon runs his business should be studied, for as a model it is without compare.

  • Monica Gillooly July 11, 2018   Reply →

    This interview shows how everything is interconnected from business to science to evolution, and how in fact everything about being here is about evolution … God is business and how would that be if we truly allowed our businesses to live that, and if we lived in a way that made everything is everything or one life and of course we wouldn’t see any separation, business here in this way, home in this way, it would all be one way, and we can have that one way be evolution for all. This is the future and to hear it offered here so clearly, with humility and understanding that there is a path we walk to get there (no push or drive), is just exquisite. Thank you Serge and Rebecca for another gem of gems.

  • Lucy Dahill July 10, 2018   Reply →

    If you are going to spend your money, why no consciously choose to spend it on something that is evolutionary? That is an investment that doesn’t need to be the big bucks but the opportunity to have an evolutionary ripple effect is fundamental.

  • Ariana Ray July 8, 2018   Reply →

    Can we evolve in business? Serge Benhayon is showing us the way forward here, he is on the front foot and taking TV where it has never been before with truth that is exposing the lies we have accepted as normal for far too long.

  • Monica Gillooly July 7, 2018   Reply →

    There is such an offering for us all here and to pick a small piece misses so much, this is one to listen to repeatedly. Serge speaks to many things here to pick up one today re. business and products of the future, we start now about being honest about the products we use, say coffee and recognising we may need it to address our exhaustion rather than attempting to justify it by suggesting it’s good for us, at least that way we provide truth and true choice until such a time as we feel that we want to handle our exhaustion in a different way. This is offered with such a depth of love and understanding and not an ounce of judgment, the grace, integrity and understanding of this man is boundless, we are so blessed to have him with us and to have this medium for so many to hear him.

  • Monica Gillooly July 3, 2018   Reply →

    There is so much here to savour, to feel and understand that God is business and that we can work and be in business in a way that supports us all to evolve, and that it’s not just about the products or services but about them being the gateway through which we evolve all of us; and of course with those products any product or service which does not evolve us needs to go. We have a way to go with all this yet, but this is the future and we have a business called Universal Medicine living and breathing this … we so need to study this.

  • Ingrid Ward June 18, 2018   Reply →

    Just imagine if the principles of the Ageless Wisdom were introduced into business. The market place as we know it would change out of all recognition, the care of people will be put before profit and the transparency that will follow will mean no longer will we be lied to. That’s one market place I would willingly be a part of.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh July 22, 2018   Reply →

      It is often reasoned that we could not sustain running a business in this way. However Serge Benhayon is not just presenting theory and the success of Universal Medicine which he has been running for almost 20 years based on precisely such qualities is a testament that you can run a very successful business in this way.

  • Carmel Reid June 18, 2018   Reply →

    Why do intelligent people harm themselves? People who have studied the human body and know how our activities and what we eat and drink or smoke affects us still indulge in these activities. Serge uses this as an example to show that there is a character running us. It can be quite scary to understand that we are not as free to choose as we think.

  • Michael Brown June 18, 2018   Reply →

    The most successful businesses are the ones that grow the product, not compete.

  • Samantha Davidson June 18, 2018   Reply →

    The business of evolution…a purposeful way of doing business, making the evolution of all of us the focus, not in a communist false sense of equality but in a way that arises us all, not keeps us down.

    • Simon Williams August 20, 2018   Reply →

      Not in the communist sense, as there is no problem with gaining a return from something that looks and feels amazing and supports others in their growth. In fact the return is super important so that business can grow and do more amazing work… and not be stifled trying to prop up corruption, inefficiency, laziness elsewhere.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh September 10, 2018   Reply →

      Yes often the approach to bringing about equality is to make sure everyone is the same by in effect making sure no one has anything more than another. But a healthy situation will always come from arising us all equally and never keeping any of us down.

  • Ariana Ray June 17, 2018   Reply →

    Business IS the business of evolution, however it has taken one man to present this so clearly in the world. Thank God for Serge Benhayon.

  • Joshua Campbell June 16, 2018   Reply →

    I love the simplicity and joy that comes with working together and not competing. The need to compete feel like a drive to survive and be the best. It feels so simple, fun and deeply harmonious and stilling actually to work together and build each others skills up.

  • Carmel Reid June 16, 2018   Reply →

    It seems to me that wherever there is money involved there is inequality that leads to a ‘me first’ attitude where people compete and step over each other in some kind of competition to be ‘rich’. What I have learned is that no amount of money can fulfil the emptiness that people feel inside. What is fulfilling is for us to work together to provide what is truly needed by all of humanity, using our unique skills and talents in service not purely for personal gain.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh June 13, 2018   Reply →

    Our natural tendency is to work in brotherhood, express our true qualities and contribute to the whole – just look at the natural sensitivity and tenderness expressed by a one year old,. And observe kids playing with one another – our true expression is to work in brotherhood, each expressing our true qualities and contributing to the whole. How come we have divorced all of this from our definition of business and made it about greed, a means to personal security and gain at the expense of others?
    This episode very clearly reflects that it doesn’t have to be this way.

  • Carmel Reid June 8, 2018   Reply →

    The word Spirit gets used and abused and it feels great to have such a clear explanation given of the ‘character’ that deviated from its original divine essence.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh December 21, 2018   Reply →

      The deep understanding of this word alone has the power of undoing so much of the devastation our world is in.

  • Mary June 6, 2018   Reply →

    I personally cannot wait for the time when greed is eventually no longer the driving force behind business, we humanity have created the ‘profit monster’ it has an insatiable appetite and we are literally killing ourselves and destroying the very fabric of our society trying to keep up with its rapacious appetite, we have become so fixated on profit we have left ourselves in the process.

  • Michael Brown June 6, 2018   Reply →

    Through competition we foster terrible consumer behaviours and mentalities. “The customer is always right” being just one.

    • Nattalija June 10, 2018   Reply →

      The retailer is only looking for profit margins is another!

  • Shami May 31, 2018   Reply →

    I love the breadth and the depth of topics that Serge Benhayon is able to bring clarity to. Such as, in an interview that starts about business integrity he ends up talking about the evolution of the human species and its relationship with the whole of creation itself, without changing his stance or tone or body movements, it is all – every topic – approached with the same level of insight, concern for people, and care for everything.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh June 16, 2018   Reply →

      It is gorgeous how in this way when Serge Benhayon talks about any topic there is the opportunity to deepen and expand our awareness and relationship to that aspect and in fact the whole of life.

  • Jennifer Smith May 28, 2018   Reply →

    So refreshing to see respectful and honest interviewing. A conversation that deepens and evolves not only the those in the interview but the viewers as well. A discussion that is medicine.

    • Nattalija June 10, 2018   Reply →

      When all that is shared brings a deeper understanding for humanity to ponder on we have the quality of conversation that heals rather than harms.

  • Jennifer Smith May 28, 2018   Reply →

    Medicine is certainly much more than we think it is. It is how we are in every aspect of life. How we live in life is our medicine.

  • Ariana Ray May 24, 2018   Reply →

    ‘‘God is Business’. This is a great opener here, and open the subject up wide it does. Serge Benhayon is practical, down to earth, very real and totally caring. He makes business about evolution and the relationship we have with God. As a result you have a business that is phenomenally successful and employees and customers who are supported all the way to evolve. .

  • Shami May 23, 2018   Reply →

    Incredible the way that Serge Benhayon lifts the veil off of industry in this interview, as he talks about the reality of supply and demand and how if there is a lie in the supply then the demand is not a true demand but is in fact just responding to the lie. So we must be very careful about what is put out for public consumption because integrity is everything.

  • Ingrid Ward May 21, 2018   Reply →

    When business becomes about profit first and people second it is fairly obvious that greed has raised its ugly head and all sense of responsibility to our fellow brothers and sisters is nowhere to be seen. What is so outstanding and constant about the amazing business that is Universal Medicine is, that it is people who come first, second and third, and any profit is used for the good of all.

    • Lucy Dahill August 17, 2018   Reply →

      I agree Ingrid, it is a business model that is well worth studying. If it doesn’t work once you have considered the ethos and the practice then so be it, but any organisation that cares for its staff and its clients the way Universal Medicine does is worth putting on the table as an example of a future business model.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh May 21, 2018   Reply →

    Most of us can sense with every cell of our body that how business and commerce is run today is not okay.
    Throughout my life I have come across many who chosen to rebel against, attack, manage or try to change the rot that we see …. and I can put my own hand up for every single category.

    Yet here is an invitation to go far deeper in assessing the root cause of what we are facing.

    As always I love the simplicity and the reminder of the simple aspects of life that I had forgotten to include in this area. Culminating in an inspired, expanded and empowered relationship with work and business.

  • Michael Brown May 21, 2018   Reply →

    It’s great that someone is standing up and saying “we are truly in this together, so let’s be together”

    • Nattalija June 16, 2018   Reply →

      Bringing a level of responsibility and trust back into the current state of affairs.

  • Samantha Davidson May 16, 2018   Reply →

    The body does send us messages not to ‘harm’ ourselves, it tells us constantly how to love and care for our body, our mind does not honour us the way the body does, are we prepared to listen and feel, rather than think our way in life, thinking is deeply impacted by the quality we hold our body in?

  • Michael Brown May 1, 2018   Reply →

    Business not for the self, but for the all, is what will evolve us.

  • Ariana Ray April 22, 2018   Reply →

    How would it be if we all conducted our business from a standpoint of love and care for our customers and not how much money can be made? It would transform the business world.

    • David May 30, 2018   Reply →

      Ariana it would be world-changing, life-changing and probably would transform our entire healthcare system as well as we spend so much time at work that we would naturally change how we work to be more loving and caring.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh May 31, 2018   Reply →

      Many believe that it is impossible and naive to run a business with the foundation of love, care and support of people over and above financial gain. Yet here we have Serge Benhayon who has been running a very successful business with clients from all over the world since 1999 based on exactly such a foundation.

  • Matilda Bathurst April 21, 2018   Reply →

    I listened to this interview yesterday and it is shocking on the level of what we now accept as normal practise in business (self-gain, lack of care for people ++) and inspiring in terms of how simple any shifts and changes are, bringing our attention to what really matters, what really serves and how we can make a difference.

  • HM April 17, 2018   Reply →

    Love what is shared here on graphic design and it is about raising the whole industry and not to compete. I work in marketing and it is very common for one designer to try and be better than another. But what if the focus was on the purpose on what they do rather than competing with each other? That could be a whole new way of supporting the whole industry.

    • David July 5, 2018   Reply →

      HM So true, the fact that we can naturally collaborate and work together to raise the whole industry is so key and makes everyday business much more enjoyable.

  • Michael Brown April 14, 2018   Reply →

    We have a system to put value on things however we are putting value on what is essentially a human right. Just look at the housing market and you see how we’ve moved from service to profit too far.

  • Natalie Hawthorne April 14, 2018   Reply →

    To be part of company where for example, all they expect is demand profit and in a lot of cases no matter what the working environment is, it is laced with greed. It has been a huge learning for me to be able to working in a senior managers position with all those expectations and then be able to cut through this and say no I’m not going to make it about this. I have made it about the people and connections first. Sometimes I have got carried away with the things that need doing and there is always lots to do but the more I make it about the people everything opens up and you can see and feel how the return comes with an absoluteness. It lays the foundations for the next phase of growth be it the level of work that is delivered to the return of customers that adore what is on offer. Pretty simple really but so easy to get sucked in to having to preform and how capping that really is as a business.

  • Shami April 13, 2018   Reply →

    Needing to have something to believe in order to explain one’s journey, is something I can definitely relate to.

  • Mary April 7, 2018   Reply →

    We seem to have made business all about making money which is feeding a profit monster which has an insatiable appetite. This is causing an imbalance as the shareholders of these companies get richer and the employees get poorer as they are pushed to produce more for less. They feel devalued and their health deteriorates. We have as a society devalued our relationship with each other and to me this is why we are experiencing such high levels of illness and disease.

    • Matilda Bathurst April 21, 2018   Reply →

      Very clearly explained, Mary. A nutshell of the state of play in business today. It is particularly alarming to consider the ‘insatiable appetite’ of the ‘profit monster’.

      • Golnaz Shariatzadeh May 13, 2018   Reply →

        This profit monster with its avaricious drive is increasingly putting hurdles in front of the seeds of true evolution mankind is presented with. True successful business is one that supports humanity to return to expression of the love, oneness and universality we are truly from.

    • David June 11, 2018   Reply →

      Mary that’s so true, when we make business about evolution of people, about relationships and about growth we transform the quality and intent. In that I have no doubt great abundance will come but it will come not from greed but because of the quality of what is offered.

      • Nattalija June 16, 2018   Reply →

        Great quality comes from a great trust on all those that offer a product or service in a business.

  • Michael Brown April 4, 2018   Reply →

    What does love in business look like? It’s probably quite far from what we have as household name brands at the moment, but I would say it’s emphasis would be on the what the people truly needed rather than pushing products to hit margin profit.

  • Ariana Ray April 1, 2018   Reply →

    Universal Medicine is the ultimate business model – it makes business about people first, including your own staff. Everyone is held equal. The love and dedication which he conducts his business is beautiful to experience. To have this presented on TV is gold.

    • Matilda Bathurst April 21, 2018   Reply →

      Yes. Universal Medicine is a blueprint for business and our corporate worlds will change when this is adopted.

  • Ariana Ray March 30, 2018   Reply →

    If we were to consider the potential of what is presented in this episode, for the ripples that go out from Serge Benhayon presenting the truth of living with a view to evolution being the purpose for all, all of the time, in work, play, sleep and rest. No time out but a commitment to ‘time on’ all of the time. This is superb TV, please bring it on – it’s so powerful to have truth on TV in the form of Serge Benhayon.

  • Samantha Davidson March 30, 2018   Reply →

    I love business, I had no idea I would, until I began to realise that all of life is One and not parts, so if you run a business with responsibility and love (no need to get it perfect) then wow it can feel really enjoyable and inspiring to run a business. No need for it to be hard, ruthless, laborious or intense. The quality we live in every area, dictates the quality all of life and yes that includes business.

  • Joshua Campbell March 29, 2018   Reply →

    What Serge always brings it back to is transparency and its importance. Transparency helps to expose lies and it lets all know where they stand. In that way it exposes our levels of irresponsibility and in many ways is the opposite to ignorance.

  • Elaine Arthey March 26, 2018   Reply →

    Living life from the body, this changes everything. For one it brings more love truth and harmony to our world when we follow the intelligence of the body, this is evolutionary in itself.

  • Gill Randall March 25, 2018   Reply →

    This episode gets us to look deeply into our relationship with money and our drive to earn it. It inevitably has a knock on effect in the body because it affects our life force how we earn and how we spend our money. A business with a focus on evolution and in service to society has a completely different feel to how it flows.

  • Mary March 24, 2018   Reply →

    These interviews are amazing in as much that there is such a wealth of information given to the world. Rebecca asks the question
    “Why do we make the choices that might harm us?”
    And Serge Benhayon goes on to explain about the spirit and the body this makes complete sense to me and I wonder why we are not taught this as part of our education. We would have a greater understanding of who we are and what we are here to do than our current way of thinking or living.

  • fiona lotherington March 24, 2018   Reply →

    Business that produces evolution and helps society grow and evolve. This is what business is supposed to be about as everything in life should have a foundation of love, brotherhood and cooperative. So many businesses are not being run like this, even though business is naturally about providing goods or services to people.

  • Samantha Davidson March 23, 2018   Reply →

    The business of living life in full, for humanity, in service, this is what inspires me to work, to live life as one whole.

  • Alison Valentine March 20, 2018   Reply →

    A new way of doing business, a business of producing evolution, no one is a leader but every one is leading the way. This is a totally different way of looking at business. At present we still see business as being all about money and success so that we can have the life style we want, but this is about the individual and not about a business that serves everyone and supports everyone to evolve. As said, If every product was there to support everyone to grow and evolve there would be a lot of products that would disappear or fall by the way side.

  • Andrew Mooney March 15, 2018   Reply →

    Wow this blows everything we thought we knew about evolution but makes so much sense to me. We like to believe that when we look around at all the atrocities and failings of human life that we don’t know any better but what if the truth was we do know better and we are actually choosing otherwise in order to have an experience or reality that is different to the harmonious order of the universe?

  • HM March 11, 2018   Reply →

    To have a true purpose in business we must connect to the purpose of business on a global scale. it can never be about our individual company – it is about the whole industry or the whole sector. To connect to this and obey this is to truly evolve in business and Serge Benhayon supports many businesses to see what the potential is.

  • David March 9, 2018   Reply →

    How great is it to have a fresh and deeply personal look at what business can all be about, we are given so much in the world and the question is about what do we do with that. How do we handle that and most importantly how do we do business with real purpose?

  • Melinda Knights March 6, 2018   Reply →

    It’s a really great business model Serge is offering here that the product or service being offered brings love, healing and evolution to others – put simply, does it truly support and advance humanity back to soul? It highlights the differences of some of the current ways we do business, that as businesses we operate as closed independent systems completely focused on security and profit, and without reference to the fact we are having an energetic effect on humanity, who we are wholly interdependent with.

  • Ariana Ray March 6, 2018   Reply →

    Who are we kidding ourselves? All of our business in life is about evolution or involution – there can be no other way, ignoring the fact will not make it less so. Serge Benhayon is presenting an opportunity here for all to see the truth of this.

  • Susie W March 4, 2018   Reply →

    I love this business model, whereby a product or service is sold/delivered that can then go on to have a ripple effect of evolution in the customer’s life and relationships. Knowing that this can also, on the other hand, have a damaging ripple effect, what do we choose to offer people in business or even in our conversations as an employee at work?

    • Michael Brown March 19, 2018   Reply →

      I like the inclusion of conversations in this. I’ve seen that at work the interactions between staff is often what then goes on to determine customer service levels during the day.

  • David March 4, 2018   Reply →

    I Love listening to Serge talk about business, evolution and the purpose in what business can bring. The part I have always enjoyed is where we talk about not just building the best product but how do we raise the standards of a whole industry.

  • Ariana Ray March 4, 2018   Reply →

    To consider that business could somehow be different and apart from evolution is unthinkable once you have listened to Serge Benhayon in this episode. As 1+1=2, so does business need to be about evolution.

  • Michael Brown March 3, 2018   Reply →

    How amazing it is to have this presented, at a time where business, in the most general sense, is all about self and silo’d profit.

    • Nattalija April 17, 2018   Reply →

      A reminder that in brotherhood there is no competition but offering to support equally to each other in bringing the qualities we can all enjoy and appreciate.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh March 2, 2018   Reply →

    If for one moment we drop making life about profit, followers and control, we would notice that our natural pull is toward making it about love, care, harmony and evolution of us All. Most of us think it is not possible to live a successful life in the world whilst adopting the former qualities. Well, here we have a very successful, respected, loved, dedicated and inspiringly productive person, Serge Benhayon, who only ever lives the latter qualities.

  • Samantha Davidson February 22, 2018   Reply →

    I can feel clearly that I have a Soul and Spirit, I can feel the spirt kicks and digs it heels in and does not want to come back to Love, I use this as a message now, if I feel a resistance that has a flavour of selfish in it, I know I am on to the Spirit and I know I am responding to my Soul’s call when it becomes about the All.

  • Rik Connors February 16, 2018   Reply →

    Listening to this interview with Serge and Rebecca reminds me of when I first heard Serge present. So much is on offer continuously. This is what I love about truth. It does not end there is always more. This simple truth exposes the consciousness of the spirit we live under – totally opposite to evolution and true love. We are worthy of and are the same vibration of love that is God.

  • Natalie Hawthorne February 11, 2018   Reply →

    What Serge is presenting is that it makes no sense that our level of intelligence is hurting us. That there is a spirit that if given the reigns will lead us down a path or dis-connection and destruction. What I have loved about walking along side Serge Benhayon is taking hold of the reigns again and in the process calling out and saying no to the spirit and re-connecting to my Soul.

  • Michael Brown February 10, 2018   Reply →

    Just like people are here to support each other, businesses are too!

  • Ariana Ray February 6, 2018   Reply →

    What Serge has presented here is a model that can be applied by anyone who is committed to building a business for the evolution of all, not for the me me me of self.

  • Samantha Davidson February 4, 2018   Reply →

    Running a business where the product or service is about supporting humanity to grow and develop, is often the last thing on the list if it is in the list for many entrepreneurs out there. I run a business and I am committed to supporting my community and not making it a selfish endeavour, we need to put back into society and not take.

  • Ariana Ray February 1, 2018   Reply →

    What is presented here is remarkable. Serge Benhayon has become a global phenomena by putting people first. His business model is well worth studying and emulating, it evolves and expands the people who work in it and all it’s customers.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh January 31, 2018   Reply →

    We have made life so complicated and are so proud of ourselves when we come up with complex solutions and clever ways of managing the issues we find ourselves facing. Serge Benhayon’s presentations make it all so very simple by inviting us to stop and deeply consider that nothing is random, luck or fate. And reflect on how our choice to keep ignoring the truth of our beingness is related to the issues that keep coming back for humanity to face time and time again.

  • Sarah Karam January 30, 2018   Reply →

    When I did decide that I wanted to commit to healing my issues and redirecting my life in a positive way, I was met by Universal Medicine (UM) with the most understated generosity that I ever thought possible. I was young and really enjoyed the lectures that Serge ran in Byron Bay, which were awesome. I was not well off finicially and this business, (UM) founded by Serge Benhayon supported me and never let my finical position stop me from attending something I wanted to go to. Over the years I attended many workshops, sessions, lectures and retreats. The way UM is doing business is not new, in fact it is a very old school approach but today, it stands out in the current business landscape, where businesses seem to be geared primarily by profit or external recognition.

    • Matilda Bathurst April 21, 2018   Reply →

      Shareholders might squirm in their seats but bringing the care of, and respect for, people into the heart of our business models will change our experience of work, community and wealth.

    • Michael Brown June 24, 2018   Reply →

      Beautiful testament to the fact that Universal Medicine offers itself to the people not to the profits.

  • Sarah Karam January 29, 2018   Reply →

    The inspiration I felt after attending workshops and sessions run by Universal Medicine, changed my life’s direction from full time party gal, that was going nowhere fast, to a successful business woman, with five children, extraordinary home and who proudly co-owns and operates four local business with the support of my amazing husband. Being deeply inspired by Universal Medicines approach to business and have also adopted some of the foundational concepts into my own businesses.

  • Jonathan Stewart January 28, 2018   Reply →

    Through the businesses founded by Serge Benhayon and the many others that have been inspired by his example, they are living proof that business run upon the basis of putting people first and with integrity that Serge presents is a successful commercial model and not an utopian fantasy.

  • Sarah Karam January 27, 2018   Reply →

    I feel we are not as likely to spend our money on things that actually support us, as we are to spend our money on things that ruin our insides. I know because I was once like this. It is important when you have only ever invested in destroying yourself, that you get a chance to use your spending money on things that do the opposite, that build a body of vitality.

  • Sarah Karam January 26, 2018   Reply →

    Being honest about what our products actually does is so important, we need a society that is educated, so consumers understand what they are considering consuming. The problem is that when a competitor or self-made “internet troll” decides to bring you down on the internet, the consumer is then fed a false representation of your product, which takes away people’s right to make an informed choice. People should be free to smoke or drink and do what they choose, as long as they are told about the affects but we need laws in place that protect us in business if someone is vindictively stalking our livelihood.

    • Lucy Dahill July 10, 2018   Reply →

      Very true Sarah and it is great irresponsibility to not deal with your issues and instead take it to a malicious agenda.

  • HM January 26, 2018   Reply →

    This presents health from the inside out indeed and how we can look at our responsibility of true health and vitality. What is also huge about this episode is Serge Benhayon talking about spirit and soul, and how we have not been presented with the truth of spirit. And how through our bodies we can connect to the quality of our soul.

  • David January 24, 2018   Reply →

    How amazing to bring a truth to business, to make the business truly about people, connection, purpose and not just about protection and security for those that setup the industries.

  • Ariana Ray January 23, 2018   Reply →

    We are all in the business of evolution whether we think we have chosen to be or not. By not choosing we still have chosen. And by actively choosing it we can make any business about evolution.

  • Ariana Ray January 22, 2018   Reply →

    Business as presented by Serge Benhayon is all about responsibility, people and stepping up to live in a way that holds everyone equally. He presents such an inspirational model that even a house person, someone unemployed, or working for others, all could be inspired by this model and use it to make business about the whole world. If we all did that it would be revolutionary. The world would never be the same place again.

    • Michael Brown January 23, 2018   Reply →

      True, this interview is not just for business owners but an offer for all to understand and take into their own lives.

  • Ariana Ray January 18, 2018   Reply →

    What is our business if it is not evolution? if not evolution then what else is there? It’s opposite- involution. No grey areas anywhere. This is great TV which calls this out and explains the business model Serge Benhayon has brought to the world.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh January 25, 2018   Reply →

      I love the way Serge Benhayon constantly invites us to go deeper in the way we relate to life. And it is not left in the realms of an ideal or theory, it is spelled out in very practical and tangible terms. The love, care and honouring that is conveyed when he speaks about how we could be relating to business is truly inspirational and touches my heart deeply.

  • Melinda Knights January 15, 2018   Reply →

    I agree that everyone needs free choice to buy products, including buying products that are harmful like cigarettes and alcohol, but how free is that choice truly if suffient warnings don’t come with the products that truthfully state the harm that comes with it?

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh February 2, 2018   Reply →

      It goes further at times when there is misinformation promoted to make something come across other than what you are really getting. Eg bogus ‘research’ is circulated falsely as evidence for the health benefit of alcohol and chocolate at strategic periods to boost sales. How I see it is that there should be complete transparency in what products and services offer. Labeling cigarettes as fatal did not stop people smoking, so we know many will continue to choose harmful products. So lets not lie about things and lets be honest about what we are offering and what we are buying.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh January 14, 2018   Reply →

    Those of us in service roles know well that the best is offered when we work as a team and ensure we are all delivering as best we can, supporting each other where necessary.
    One day soon humanity will realise that work is about service, that everyone in our field of work is our team member delivering the service to the world. This means competition needs to be replaced, by cooperation, collaberation and teamwork.

  • Gill Randall January 14, 2018   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon changes our ideas about the system of business being just trade and services. In that respect, it supports us all and we can learn how to use money more astutely in our lives. This type of living, working together in harmony, earning and using money, giving back to community without greed serves us all.

  • Ariana Ray January 13, 2018   Reply →

    Evolution is our business – in all areas’s of our lives. What Serge Benhayon is showing is that God is in Business with us all.

  • Nattalija January 12, 2018   Reply →

    To grow one another’s business seems outrageous in our current society as we have been so fueled, to look at our fellow human being as competition and the need to out- do another all to chase the big profits. What has been offered here is the understanding that all benefit when we make way for each person who brings in their unique qualities that cater for mass market and the needs of many which we all know one person cannot do on their own.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh January 12, 2018   Reply →

    I love this episode.
    Most of my younger life I blamed all the ills of the world on the greed of man and I held money and business as the root of it all. The way Serge Benhayon lifts the veil off all aspects of life is brilliant.
    We can have a relationship with work and business that actually supports us and the whole of humanity to evolve!

  • Ariana Ray January 7, 2018   Reply →

    Business is business and our business in the world is about evolving, therefore everything is about evolving. Thank you Serge Benhayon for presenting this truth. You role model the ‘How’ of evolution as well as live the ‘Why’ of it.

  • James Nicholson January 7, 2018   Reply →

    What a great episode. It makes complete sense that the moment we go into business and make it about people and how best we can serve then everyone in the company and the customers feel it. We can all feel when companies are purely there for the money and it is all about profit at the expense of everybody else, you can see and feel it in the staff who are often begrudgingly doing their jobs. Turn it around and look at a business based on love, that is still making a profit, and the whole persona of the staff is completely different. Often the manager alone can influence the store, say if it is a big company but it makes a massive difference and we can all feel it.

  • Michael Brown January 5, 2018   Reply →

    Business is here to support us to evolve and develop as individuals, not to hoard money or increase margins at any cost.

    • David December 14, 2018   Reply →

      Exactly and what if that is at the very heart of all aspects of business, from people, staff, family and beyond – there is no doubt business can be financially successful and what stands out is when this happens as a result of the team all being aligned and working together.

  • Ariana Ray January 2, 2018   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon is a role model for a way of being for us that can take any platform, be it your own business, a workplace, at home parents, or the unemployed, and utilise it for evolution for all. He is showing us all how to live to the full love we are – this is a great TV episode.

  • Jane Keep January 1, 2018   Reply →

    Have we ever stopped to consider whether there is more to business and life than meets the eye? This TV episode offers the viewer a far deeper insight into what is going on at work, and in life, and takes the potential of the way business runs to another level.

  • Carmel Reid December 30, 2017   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon points out how experts on the human body are living in a way that harms, such as smoking, drinking and other ways that are detrimental to their bodies. He refers to the character that is running the show that is not true to the body it runs – we have all experienced that moment of numbing and know that it is short term. The incarnate spirit is what he is referring to, and Serge explains how when we develop a relationship with our body, our body educates us as to what it needs.

  • Jane Keep December 29, 2017   Reply →

    The truth of work and businesses – and life all in one TV episode. Definitely on my best seller list this year, and next, and recommended to all in business and workplaces as a brilliant TV episode. In fact, every board team needs to see this.

    • James Nicholson January 9, 2018   Reply →

      I agree Jane, what is revealed in this episode is a game change for all businesses and commerce in general and needs to be shared far and wide.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh January 11, 2018   Reply →

      So many concepts about work and running a business are blown here and what we are left with is a far grander picture of what is very practically possible.

  • Carmel Reid December 29, 2017   Reply →

    I like the way Serge Benhayon encourages free choice as long as we are not lied to – with cigarettes for example, it is a person’s choice, even though the product is harming. If we loved our own body we would never want to harm it. Evolution not prohibition.

    • Matilda Bathurst April 21, 2018   Reply →

      Yes. Great point. Evolution and inspiration are what will change our world (choice by choice) not dictates and prohibition.

    • HM May 30, 2018   Reply →

      This is so needed in the world. To not have judgment – but to have absolute honesty so that when people make a decision they are fully aware of what they are choosing.

  • Sarah Karam December 29, 2017   Reply →

    It is so great to see a television show that is breaking down the idea that a Philosopher or healer is some bare foot hippie giving out free hugs on the streets of Byron Bay. What I love about Serge Benhayon, is he is as normal as the guy next door but has a vitality and clarity that is out of this world, now that is something we all can learn from. What I have gained already from the living inspiration of this man, has helped me in business enormously.

  • Carmel Reid December 28, 2017   Reply →

    Our way of living has become the ‘norm’ but it is not who we are, I love that Universal Medicine is re-presenting what is Ancient, how we truly could be. These episodes are great to watch they explain all aspects of our lives in very simple down to earth terms.

  • David December 27, 2017   Reply →

    When we look at business in this new light it offers us a way to work in the world that truly supports each other, imagine companies where the purpose was not about greed but about evolution, about industries that were not about simply competing with each other but raising the standards for all others to be inspired by. What if through true business we are able to unite the world and evolve together?

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh January 24, 2018   Reply →

      Such an insight about business inspires a relationship with work that you would look forward to wake up to.

  • Karin Barea December 26, 2017   Reply →

    What doesn’t this episode cover on business? It’s all encompassing of life and our part in it. For me I’m left inspired to ask, is what I’m spending my money on supporting myself and those around me or not? And if not, not to be harsh on myself but to ask what is going on for me that I think I can’t cope without the packet of biscuits to numb out what I fear is too much to feel and be aware of. To hear diet comes from the body and not the mind saying is, in itself, just one of the gems in this episode.

  • Natalie Hawthorne December 25, 2017   Reply →

    When I hear Serge Benhayon present on spiritualism and how there is a spirit there that works against us being in our Soul, it makes complete and utter sense. The choices I have made that didn’t make sense, didn’t feel great and my body is having to cop it afterwards. Why would we choose such a thing that harms us. Here I see that it comes back to our relationship with our body and making loving and supporting chooses and honouring what it is the body is communicating to us.

  • Karin Barea December 25, 2017   Reply →

    Watching this is a game changer for life. So inspired to bring much greater awareness to what kind of business I am running in life. As someone who has a job working for a company I had never considered I am a business in myself and how I interact, make transactions with the world.

  • Michael Brown December 24, 2017   Reply →

    Working in a business environment can be extremely intense with masses of politics and games being played. What I love is that there is actually a way of being that leaves you untouched from those outplays.

  • Natalie Hawthorne December 19, 2017   Reply →

    The nuggets of gold are endless in these incredible interviews with Serge Benhayon. I just started to listening to this and it was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you So Much Serge for your loving dedication to yourself, the Ageless Wisdom and sharing all that you are with no exceptions, for the all and no compromises. You are a Remarkable man.

  • Ariana Ray December 16, 2017   Reply →

    Business and the workplace can be where we evolve the most, so making it a priority to be evolutionary in these settings is a priority.

    • Jane Keep January 10, 2018   Reply →

      Hear hear, Ariana – it raises the question as to what exactly is the purpose of all our businesses today – yes we need all hands on deck as we have a planet to run – but is that it – or is there more to it?

  • Kerstin Salzer December 14, 2017   Reply →

    The money and business factor is huge in our world. The question how we use money, to heal or harm us, is another aspect to look how we run a business. If we do not use the money which we are given through our work or business wisely, in effect we are not appreciating the work or the many people and customers coming to our business. How we are with money we are with ourselves and how I spend money has a ripple effect to everything else around me. A huge topic which offers evolution if we choose so. Thanks for this TV channel of Serge Benhayon. It can bring a huge amount of awareness and healing in our lives.

  • Natalie Hawthorne December 13, 2017   Reply →

    It has been an interesting process becoming aware of my ‘wiley’ character, the spirit, that wants to run riot in all that I do. It has made complete sense the actions and choices I have made. Now it may not be as obvious as it was, by the choice I make, and they maybe subtle and less frequent but I can still feel and sense how it is just resisting the absolute divine being that I am.

  • Ariana Ray December 6, 2017   Reply →

    A wise friend once said to me, ‘why don’t you make your work all about evolution?’ So no more working to get everything done – that is no longer the goal, however of course everything has to get done, but this is now about evolving, not hiding, not holding back but bringing all of me.

  • Ariana Ray December 4, 2017   Reply →

    What is presented here is revolutionary – a model of medicine that is for the people of this world, a form of medicine that can be lived by all. Great TV. Thank you Serge Benhayon.

  • Shami December 3, 2017   Reply →

    Beautiful to bring the evolution of people in to the business of being in business with each other.

  • Samantha Davidson December 3, 2017   Reply →

    I Love this Serge Benhayon TV, a master class in business and life, life and business, all one and the same. No separation in life, all is one.

  • Fiona Pierce December 2, 2017   Reply →

    Brilliant clarity offered here on many subjects. Getting clarity that there is a difference between spirit and soul and understanding what that difference is is a key realisation for us all…

  • Ariana Ray November 29, 2017   Reply →

    How could we ever consider we could keep business separate from our own and everyone else’s evolution? What happened that we walked away from evolution and made life about money first instead of people first? Were we pretending to live as Ostriches? Were we intent on playing unaware? Yes we were, and look where it’s got us – with sickness, misery and disease through the roof. That clearly has not worked for us.

  • Gill Randall November 28, 2017   Reply →

    “Love in business” makes such sense.. us all pulling together to support each other, instead of competing in any profession. There is plenty of service for us all to do encouraging people to evolve and grow.

  • Michael Brown November 23, 2017   Reply →

    We have got caught up in competition when really and truly we need to be looking at building ourselves up together supporting all to have a richer life, not just in terms of temporal things, but on a non-physical level too.

  • Natallija November 22, 2017   Reply →

    We all play a part in our jobs to support the evolution of the myriad businesses we work in. The main factor here is the willingness to reflect the all for others to embrace. A true example lived by Serge Benhayon.

  • Ariana Ray November 20, 2017   Reply →

    What is presented here bySerge Benhayon is that everything is about evolution – nothing is not – most of us can’t get our heads around that, yet that is the truth. There are not periods of time out, just evolution or not – to evolve or not to evolve – no private thoughts or private moments – it’s all evolution or not.

  • Fiona Pierce November 18, 2017   Reply →

    Universal Medicine is a business that inspires me greatly – the way it is geared to truly advance and support everyone and not to out-do or crush another. It is a company designed to bring out the best, the essence, in all of us equally and assists us in how to practically do this in every area of our life.

  • Samantha Davidson November 11, 2017   Reply →

    Simple equation…If we keep on taking without offering anything things will collapse, it is a simple law of nature and the universe. Accountability and responsibility are essential to a smooth, flourishing and ethical business, and what we see in this is that accountability and responsibility are not exclusive to business, these qualities need to be lived in all areas of life to allow them to flow in to business. Life is business, business is life.

  • Ariana Ray November 7, 2017   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon is solid truth all the way – with no compromises.

  • Sarah Karam November 4, 2017   Reply →

    Getting the truth of what products are actually harmful out there, is so important. At what point will we see that our ill health is a reflection of the desperate place our bodies have reached as a collective? We should always be free to choose how we want to live and eat but it is not fair that big business and industry does not give us a choice but instead sells a lie for profits whilst our bodies suffer the consequences. Let’s start to get honest, I am in business, I own two successful cafes’ and I do not hold back the truth when asked if coffee is harmful, this is how we need to operate our businesses, from truth, not greed.

    • Michael Brown November 6, 2017   Reply →

      Love this Sarah, after all it is supply and demand – If the public want coffee then that is what needs to be given until such a time that it is not the preferred beverage. What you have also so wisely shared here is that the truth of the matter also needs to be said i.e. Coffee is not supportive for the body and nervous system. It is the lies about coffee and alcohol that come from “experts” which are harmful, not the cafe/pub supplying the products.

  • Ariana Ray November 2, 2017   Reply →

    This episode is exploding the myths and rules of greed around business, that business is not about ‘me me me’ but everyone. Highly radical and very needed. Thank you Serge Benhayon.

  • Sarah Karam October 31, 2017   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon has always championed supporting other businesses and rather than competing, collaboration is key. There is no point in being in business just to make money, for true success is not to do with how much money you have, it is is to do with the quality of life you live. I feel Serge is reforming and shaping how we view industry.

  • Samantha Davidson October 22, 2017   Reply →

    Business based on Love, why not, I am practicing this in my own business. You do not need to be cut throat and mercenary to run a business, when you make it about the quality of service for the community, this is felt. Wise and inspirational words of a true way to be in business. The future of business.

  • jennym October 20, 2017   Reply →

    We take the responsibility for how we can bring evolution to our work and it immediately sticks out why do we not do that in all areas of our life, our family, neighbourhood and community?

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh October 14, 2017   Reply →

    Just the choice of putting the words ‘business’ and ‘evolution’ together as a topic to discuss and deepen our understanding in, shows the level of in-depth care and consideration of humanity Serge Benhayon constantly lives and reflects.

  • Rowena Stewart October 13, 2017   Reply →

    In the past I would never have linked these two words together, but now it seems an obvious connection. We have a great deal of responsibility to ensure that business is run with integrity, to not only provide a top quality service, but to contribute to our economy, offer secure and fulfilling jobs, take care of one another so that we all grow. And not just in the material sense, but the inner sense, committing to life, learning, service and appreciation, feeling a true pride for the work we do. Can we say this about our industries at present?

  • Ariana Ray October 11, 2017   Reply →

    If we all made the whole of our lives about evolution we would change the world

  • Shami October 8, 2017   Reply →

    It is amazing to consider that what has become known as intelligence has also had deeply entrenched in to it ways of behaving that can be clearly defined as irresponsible. So responsibility and intelligence need to perhaps be brought together into all of the same considerations throughout life, and then we will come to know and understand what it truly means to be living here together as a one race of human beings.

  • Michael Brown October 8, 2017   Reply →

    I love a world where we grow industry and support All, not fight in our corner and screw over anyone else to get a leg up.

  • Ariana Ray October 6, 2017   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon TV is showing us a whole new way of doing business that leaves behind the cut throat competitiveness and is just there to serve people. Profits are fine but using and misusing people – that is not how we live, learn and grow together.

  • Shami October 1, 2017   Reply →

    There is a point here when Serge Benhayon makes it very clear that freedom of choice happens when there are no lies. Which makes sense because when there are lies, then we are not actually free to choose because we do actually have the whole of what is in front of us to choose from.

  • Ariana Ray September 21, 2017   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon TV brings sense to the world, it exposes lies and brings truth like nothing else. Thank God for Serge Benhayon.

  • Michael Brown September 18, 2017   Reply →

    I love how this interview makes it about the bigger, grander picture.

  • Monica Gillooly September 17, 2017   Reply →

    The future of how business can be, how in fact life is about energy first and this applies to business also. If we approach business knowing that ‘our return on investment will always first and foremost be energetic’ how would we do business? So much of what we currently do and practice as business would go and that’s sorely needed. There is another way and Serge Benhayon is at the vanguard of that, showing us that indeed God is business.

  • Rachel Murtagh September 14, 2017   Reply →

    It’s true we make systems more important than the people we serve… what if we did make people a priority over and above the system itself… would not the system change to truly serve the people rather than make us slaves to it?

  • Deborah September 11, 2017   Reply →

    It is well worth us developing a true relationship with our body and from here we can discern what is truly nourishing and loving and that is harming to us.

  • jennym September 10, 2017   Reply →

    To bring business back to encompass the people that work in it and the people that receive the service or product provides a true foundation where businesses can flourish utilising systems that consider the all.

  • Ariana Ray September 5, 2017   Reply →

    ‘God is Business’. This is such a great understanding to have and exposes greed and personal gain as the empty states they are, and no amount of money or success will fill that emptiness.

  • Ariana Ray August 21, 2017   Reply →

    This episode asks us ‘what does ‘love in business’ look like?’ Well it looks like Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, for that is how Serge works and lives – there is no difference in how Serge works to how he lives. A superb inspiration.

  • John O Connell August 18, 2017   Reply →

    ” It’s ( universal medicine ) in the business of producing evolution “. This is so incredible – a business working in such a way, bringing evolution to the people. Having attended some courses and bought some products; what is said is TRUE – what a revolution in the business world. Thank you Serge Benhayon.

  • Ariana Ray August 17, 2017   Reply →

    Why do we make business all about making money and not about our evolution? Could it be that we play along with this because everyone else is and we think we will have less if we don’t? Is there a fear of having or being less that is driving this whole show, that makes us sell ourselves to the lowest bidder?

    • Matilda Bathurst August 29, 2017   Reply →

      The madness of carrying on living in a way that we know not to be true simply because everyone else is doing it… is this not really irresponsible and a slap for us for our thinking that we are ‘intelligent’?

  • HM August 12, 2017   Reply →

    I love what is shared here about the fact that love changes our relationship with things outside of us – and that the more we listen to the body – the more we develop that.

  • Ariana Ray August 9, 2017   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon has stuck his head over the parapet with his business and he is standing for people – he is showing here, another way to be in business and that everyone’s business is evolution first not profit first

  • Natallija August 5, 2017   Reply →

    What a great gift for humanity to watch this episode. A business model for every house and home that brings to light what is true evolution for all – leaving absolutely no one behind!

  • Ariana Ray August 3, 2017   Reply →

    What if all areas of our life were about evolution – from how we get up, care for ourselves and our body, clean our teeth, go to the toilet, dress, go to work, be with our responsibilities in work and home, what if all of this was evolutionary? My understanding from this episode is that it all can be. Everything is everything and everything is evolutionary. This is life changing gold.

  • Ariana Ray July 28, 2017   Reply →

    What changes do we make by going into work and showing all of who we are? I’d say they are huge and it is evolutionary for any business we work for, be it a massive cooperation or a small shop. We make our business evolutionary by how we live each day. This is such power-full TV.

  • Ariana Ray July 24, 2017   Reply →

    This is TV at it’s best and TV like it is nowhere else on the planet – it’s got expose’s and up front truth, humour and understanding – what more is needed – nothing when Serge Benhayon is on the screen.

  • John O Connell July 19, 2017   Reply →

    Thank you Rebecca Asquith it’s such a joy to hear the truth about human evolution ” one day we will discover that medicine plays a huge role in our evolution but it has to play a role in it from an universal point of view ” just so lovely.

  • Kerstin Salzer July 15, 2017   Reply →

    The level of honesty is amazing concerning the way we use science in our world. As we use science it is already manipulated and as such not anymore trustworthy. When are we ready to be truly honest as a society? What a difference this would bring to our lifes.

  • Ariana Ray July 13, 2017   Reply →

    Business and evolution is the same as everything and evolution – for evolution comes first in everything.

    • Nattalija January 12, 2018   Reply →

      It does come first and this episode is a stark reminder how often we are led to believe that profit margins are what helps the company to expand and grow only.

  • Adele Leung July 10, 2017   Reply →

    Our bodies are always wise, and there are so many opportunities that this intelligence is clearly known, but somehow it is ignored. Now knowing clearly that this is a show run by the etheric spirit, it is amazing to see it as it is and not be blinded in the frustration and judgement of how could this be. This awareness allows a deep love and acceptance, a fuller embracing of who we are as humanity, it also allows a greater responsibility in choosing how we would like to live. I feel deep joy to know my being allows different choices in the world, this is very beautiful.

  • Adele Leung July 10, 2017   Reply →

    Having been rejecting of money and hence my own kidney energy for a long time, and now returning to the Ageless Wisdom teachings and truth, has inspired a turn around in my life of honoring my kidneys and building a business that respects being paid. Money is definitely not the root of all evils, in fact, when we respect and care for our whole being, it is impossible to not respect the place money has in our lives, life is definitely not free, and there is no need to abuse ourselves. In the livingness of every day, it feels wondrous to be re-imprinting this and developing a business, which is a step by step process to once again live the truth of what a true business model is which has always been felt within.

  • John O Connell July 9, 2017   Reply →

    ” one day we will discover that medicine plays a huge role in our evolution ” its difficult to see how this is ,if one sees medicine , as how it is use today . But in times past medicine was something that supported the body on all angles and its beautiful to hear this being explained by Serge Benhayon.

  • Ariana Ray July 7, 2017   Reply →

    ‘What would happen if we did business in the understanding that our return on investment will always first and foremost be energetic?’ This would turn the business world on it’a head – or would it? Would people be able to forgo the drive for profits? Serge Benhayon is certainly showing the world the way to do this by living it himself now.

  • Ariana Ray July 5, 2017   Reply →

    Love should be at the heart of business not greed and profits over people. This is well exposed in this episode.

  • Ariana Ray July 2, 2017   Reply →

    The problem is we are inured to seeing business as getting money, not getting evolution. It seems that people would rather have profits over their Soul.

  • John O Connell July 1, 2017   Reply →

    Thank you Rebecca : its the first time I understood the false saying ” money is the root of all evil ” if one is to add in ” how we use money can be the source of all evil ” as explained by Serge Benhayon in this interview . I was stopped in my tracks when Serge said .
    ” For people to also learn that they have been using money to hurt themselves ”
    I had never seen it this way and to add on how ” I ” “we ” use money to hurt others. Just amazing and simple learning.

  • Samantha Davidson June 29, 2017   Reply →

    I love my renewed relationship with money and business, nothing dirty and corrupt about it unless you make it so, honest, responsible work can be chosen that offers a service of quality to society and you can sleep well and live well due to this….I stand with a sense of commitment and strength in how I do business and live life, and this is deeply inspired by Serge Benhayon.

  • jennym June 28, 2017   Reply →

    Putting people first in business and relating from love, integrity and truth, business encompasses us all, the customers, staff, the shareholders and our community and planet.

  • Ariana Ray June 26, 2017   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon TV is defining the truth about life and exposing the lies within it.

  • Ariana Ray June 20, 2017   Reply →

    Another title for this programme could be
    ‘Love, integrity and truth with people first – that is the package you need develop to evolve your business.’
    Longer and less snappy but true nonetheless.

  • Natallija June 19, 2017   Reply →

    The possibilities that are out there if we choose to make business models based on people before profits are far more reaching then we are led to believe. The model that is shown by Serge Benhayon is lived and the words shared show the truth and simplicity that can be lived by all.

  • Ariana Ray June 17, 2017   Reply →

    Want to succeed in business and evolve? Make it about people, about truth, love and integrity and it’s evolution all the way.

  • Ariana Ray June 15, 2017   Reply →

    Serge TV – a dose of truth, love and reality first thing in the morning to set you up for the day.

  • Judith Andras June 12, 2017   Reply →

    I had never considered that the theory that we are taught about our human evolution is that flawed, but Serge Benhayon has opened my eyes to the fact that it does not make sense at all and that there is a huge gap that has not been explained. Whereas the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom down the ages is so congruent and makes total sense.

  • Jenny James June 10, 2017   Reply →

    This is ground breaking TV that offers massive expansion and brings common sense back into the picture. It’s simple!

  • Ariana Ray June 9, 2017   Reply →

    Look at the relationship with the presenter and the interviewer here – it’s pure joy to see the complete equalness between them – THAT is the ultimate example of business and evolution.

  • Natalie Hawthorne June 5, 2017   Reply →

    When I learnt from Serge Benhayon the money was kidney life force energy it made me realise that I had been draining myself for most of my life. Not that I haven’t had a good understanding of the value of money but the real understanding is in how you spend it, how you save it, is all connected back to the quality in which I will live. To run a business with this understanding totally changes it also. A revelation indeed.

    • Judith Andras June 12, 2017   Reply →

      I agree Natalie, it is really interesting to broaden our understanding about money and realise that the way we exhaust and drain our body – emotionally and mentally – actually also impacts the way we are with money and our spending and saving patterns. It shows how limited our view is when it comes to money and life as such and how much more is possible when we open ourselves up to another way of being with ourselves, each other, nature, God and the universe.

  • Jenny James June 4, 2017   Reply →

    ‘Greed no longer the centre piece in business’ – Serge Benhayon and Rebecca Asquith present on how to grow business without the dog-eat-dog competition that serves no-one and is actually anti-community. Thank you – a brilliant business role model.

  • Ariana Ray May 28, 2017   Reply →

    It makes such a beautiful selling point – get evolution when you buy this service/ product – we are all about evolution. Serge Benhayon certainly is.

  • Ariana Ray May 26, 2017   Reply →

    To evolve in business is to connect to and live true service. The model Serge Benhayon presents here is accessible to everyone and is creating new standards for business.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh June 1, 2017   Reply →

      The important word here is ‘true’. We are not talking about the kind of service that is just a tick box exercise to satisfy the quality management system. We are talking about true service. The depth of care, understanding and honouring of people Serge Benhayon talks about as the most natural and basic foundation of our relationships with one another makes my heart sing.

  • Kerstin Salzer May 23, 2017   Reply →

    What is presented here is the fact that science in its original purpose lost its track through being dependent on those who pay for and govern the results. The question coming up in me is how often do we put science before our innate feeling and as such act in a way which is unnatural for us, just because science seem to say so?

  • Susan Wilson May 23, 2017   Reply →

    Our life is our business and so how we live our life is also God’s business – our business is our life. For me this means ‘mind my own business’ is to be involved in my own life and live that life as God would live his, with unending love and truth of who we all are – Sons of God equally so. Do we live this authority or not?

    • Judith Andras June 12, 2017   Reply →

      I love this statement Susan: “….how we live our life is also God’s business….” This shows how great a responsibility we have! I mean how would we live if we would acknowledge that we are God’s representatives on earth?

  • Ariana Ray May 22, 2017   Reply →

    What we are introduced to here is a world of business that operates for the benefit of all, not just profit and self. This has been the key mode of business to date, but what if offered here is transformational for all of the business world – evolution within business.

  • Gill Randall May 19, 2017   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon describes developing a relationship with and listening to our body to understand how we live is connected to business and our evolution is to defeat the spirit. Spiritualism is not part of our evolution because we come from a true higher quality from the soul.

  • Kerstin Salzer May 18, 2017   Reply →

    When we truly see what is going on in our world we cannot but see the level of irresponsibility humanity is in.

  • Gill Randall May 17, 2017   Reply →

    When we make making money the primary focus of business, we are driven by that and not serving anyone but ourselves. Serge Benhayon describes a way of working that brings love to business and evolves us all.

  • Ariana Ray May 16, 2017   Reply →

    Business and evolution is putting business back in its rightful place as all business is God’s business.

  • Kerstin Salzer May 15, 2017   Reply →

    “……….you do not want to harm something what you love and this is your own body…..” Even if I have already changed a lot in my life through the inspiration of Serge Benhayon I still feel moments and make choices were I abuse the body in not being truly connected with myself. Interestingly the world is set up to be not anymore connected with the vehicle we everyday are with and as such we should have the most loving connection with it. Instead often we claim to love another person but in the same time we abuse our own bodies.

  • Ariana Ray May 15, 2017   Reply →

    So, business and evolution become THE BUSINESS OF EVOLUTION – which is EVERYONE’S business.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh May 14, 2017   Reply →

    The way we have constructed this world is nowhere even close to reflecting the truth, harmony and love that we know deep in our essence. Yet money is not the root of all evil, business is not the monster it is often portrayed as and work is not the curse that most people consider it to be, although by our choices and actions we can make them appear to be so. Then again we could commit to living the qualities of our Soul and re-imprinting every aspect of life with such a foundation.

  • Shami May 13, 2017   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon says something amazing when he states that “science is a beautiful word” and that “God is science”, he then goes on to describe how in modern times this word has been reduced to serve the function of some businesses who seek personal gain as opposed to what will truly serve all people everywhere, and I love how Serge says that it is not the case that every business is wrong, or bad or corrupt, but simply the fact that there is a tendency to hide the truth and to not give customers the freedom to choose what is harming or not. With this view I can see how science is released once again to be the curious explorer of life there for the benefit of all.

  • Ariana Ray May 11, 2017   Reply →

    Evolution and everything – with no area left abandoned or kept separate and apart from the whole, not one little corner or pocket, for there cannot be a pocket where evolution is not, without affecting the whole. That is what Serge Benhayon presents here.

  • Ariana Ray May 8, 2017   Reply →

    Imagine going on a shopping trip and walking into all the big department stores to be met by evolution as you come in through the door. Now that would be some shopping trip.

  • Kerstin Salzer May 8, 2017   Reply →

    What is discussed in this video concerning intelligent people harming themselves shows that there must be a separation between body and mind, that the mind does not accept what the body is telling, but is going against it.

  • HM May 6, 2017   Reply →

    So insightful. We see money as a physical thing that defines happiness but how many of us consider the relationship with money and kidney energy – and that depending what we spend our money on it can support us or drain
    Us. Wow what a revelation in the whole way business is done.

  • Ariana Ray May 3, 2017   Reply →

    The level of responsibility and integrity being presented here as a model for businesses is extraordinary. It is a way of life and work that is lighting up the world. It will be the model for business for centuries to come.

  • Gill Randall May 1, 2017   Reply →

    Understanding about supply and demand is important as our learning develops about products that are helpful or harmful. We have a responsibility to develop businesses that support our economy for our evolution. While the demand stays as it is, there are harmful products that remain but eventually we will connect more to the intelligence of the body for us to learn to make true choices.

  • Gill Randall April 28, 2017   Reply →

    Our learning is to have a product that truly helps society to grow, not to keep us small or to make us individually great. Serge Benhayon describes how the true purpose of business is not competing against each other but working collaboratively and then everyone benefits.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh May 2, 2017   Reply →

      Everything Serge Benhayon present honours the fact that the whole of humanity is one, every part makes a difference, in fact every individual choice and action affects the whole. We thus have the ability and responsibility to ensure our choices support the expansion and evolution of everyone. With this understanding as a foundation, business takes on a whole new shape and meaning.

  • Ariana Ray April 25, 2017   Reply →

    What strikes me here is the potential that we all have to live and work in a way that brings service to the world each day, offering us all an evolution we have never yet realised before now.

  • Natallija April 25, 2017   Reply →

    Every time I view an episode I learn something new. More details to familiar parts that I didn’t hear the last time. That’s what true evolution TV is about!

  • Kerstin Salzer April 24, 2017   Reply →

    The ageless wisdom makes so much sense. and gives the answer to every question we have not received an answer to yet . To connect with it means to connect to a deep knowing wisdom. Through the loving lifestyle Serge Benhayon is living he has access to it and the more we learn to be truly loving with ourselves and others the more we have access to it too.

  • Gill Randall April 23, 2017   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon explains here how he provides a service to people that inspires and evolves us through the business model of Universal Medicine , so we bring greater service to others. We can all bring our skills to work together and to use our money wisely for ourselves and our communities. This is great learning for everyone, thank you Serge.

  • Ariana Ray April 23, 2017   Reply →

    Business and evolution is showing us that evolution is with us in everything, OR, involution is. Serge Benhayon is showing us here that there is not one area of our lives that exempt or kept separate from evolution. Always its our choice, but there is no ground we can stand or sit on that does not involve one or the other, there is no coasting, we evolve or devolve.

  • Natallija April 21, 2017   Reply →

    What I love about this episode is the understanding of business does not relate to having the one and only product on offer but bringing a whole understanding that the quality in which you live will deliver the quality of the product to the customer.

  • Ariana Ray April 19, 2017   Reply →

    The joy of bringing evolution to business is gorgeous, Serge Benhayon is presenting something not brought to business by the world – a whole new way of living with our businesses.

  • Christoph Schnelle April 18, 2017   Reply →

    It is actually a surprise that there are an enormous amount of rules and regulations but businesses that sell harmful food and other substances are regulated but, within those regulations, they have complete freedom to harm.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh April 17, 2017   Reply →

    As I look on the internet it seems that more and more greed, corruption, lack of accountability and profits ahead of people is becoming synonymous with running a successful business.

    We are blessed that here we have Serge Benhayon who so very clearly reminds us that love, responsibility and evolution is at the heart of our essence and therefore the foundation of any true business interaction.

    What is great also is that these are not just words, as always what Serge Benhayon presents is backed by a life and reflection powerfully lived. His business Universal Medicine show cases what he presents in every detail.

  • Vicky Geary April 17, 2017   Reply →

    If this episode could be considered a true marker for what the purpose of television actually could be for – that is, watching something that is going to evolve us – then what we currently have on offer through national and international television broadcasting falls well short of this mark.

  • Kerstin Salzer April 16, 2017   Reply →

    Supply and demand governs economy, but we as a society have in our hands how the supply looks like and how pure the supply is. If I take newspapers and we know that there are newspapers which are telling lies, so the supply is not pure, so it lies in our hands if we choose to buy it or not.

  • SLE April 16, 2017   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon can say in two lines what humanity have been trying to say for thousands of years. I have heard this man makes sense of areas of science and psychology that humans have struggled with for life times

  • HM April 15, 2017   Reply →

    To make business about evolution first turns the normal day in day out activities on their head. What an opportunity we have to always see the bigger picture and if we make it about evolution, the direction of the business can naturally follow.

  • Natalie Hawthorne April 14, 2017   Reply →

    When we look around and see what is going on in the world the level of irresponsibility is huge. How Serge Benhayon explains what this level of irresponsibility is and what is causing it makes complete sense. This is something that we each have to start to look at within our own lives and start to become aware of which energy we are choosing, self or the soul?

  • Ariana Ray April 9, 2017   Reply →

    In this episode Serge Benhayon reveals why money is not the root of all evil. A well touted tale – but one that is like other similar stories or myths. The energy we choose to walk away from God with, that is the root of all evil. It makes us into what we are not and we justify it as we walk in that energy.
    Truly great TV.

    • Judith Andras June 12, 2017   Reply →

      True Ariana, and whilst walking away from God is the root of all evil, the true evil starts when we try to make sure that nobody finds his way back to God so we can justify and not be exposed in our own waywardness.

  • Fumiyo Egashira April 8, 2017   Reply →

    ‘As we develop our relationship with our body so there’s more love, the body educates us not to harm itself as there’s less impulse to do so – rather than the mind saying “I am not going to harm myself”’ – this is so true, and I can feel how I sometimes still come from my head trying to achieve an ideal of a kind, the one that would appear to be ‘esoterically correct’ and I can really feel the deceitfulness in that.

  • Ariana Ray April 8, 2017   Reply →

    ‘When greed is eventually no longer the driving force behind business, what will take its place?’ This is such a great question which is addressed in this episode, for greed has not worked. Where does it come from anyhow? It’s from fear that there won’t be enough, fear of poverty, fear that we won’t be enough and fear we will not be loved, and here is a response which is offering love, saying we all have love equally within us. In this episode Serge Benhayon is turning business on it’s head, bringing love and evolution to the territory where there is no love and certainly no evolution. Thank God for Serge Benhayon, and the reflection he offers!

  • Natallija April 7, 2017   Reply →

    This episode turns everything on it’s head that I thought and believed business was all about. How awesome is this to view when we are all starting to feel and see the rates of exposed greed and corruption on our TV screens.

  • Ariana Ray April 4, 2017   Reply →

    What this episode made me reflect on is the fact that I am in the business of evolution, not in the business of the organisation I work for. As if evolution comes first, then the organisation shines with me in how I am within it.

  • Natallija April 4, 2017   Reply →

    I have watched this video a number of times, as it has been a powerful learning to stop and take note that all work is business. We can all get caught up in the notion that business based on profit margins is the only true success yet as shared here the evolution is the maker for the quality that is offered to the customer or client that far outweighs any monetary gains.

  • Shami April 3, 2017   Reply →

    So, I really love the way, and it is very unique how, Serge Benhayon talks about “the gap” in scientific evolutionary theory and how it is still a belief like the religious story of Adam and Eve. He does not condemn either one as wrong and in fact gives credit to them both as having their place – and even goes as far as to say that there is no need to argue about any of this because argument is equal to war and above all we must not have that on our planet and between ourselves. So even though there may be conflicting theories that do not agree, we must at the very least and at all times respect each other.

  • Natalie Hawthorne April 1, 2017   Reply →

    It is like we are content and happy with the division and competition that is involved with business and the world. Always trying to make it about being better than the competition and not considering what we are doing and how we are going about it, what affect the out come have and how we are all living. Making business about the people in all avenues is what is needed, as Serge Benhayon presents.

  • Alison Moir April 1, 2017   Reply →

    So often we make business about money first people second, turn it around to make it about people first and it becomes easier to see business as a way to support people to evolve and grow. If we create a business on wanting to be the best regardless of people, all we create is a dog eat dog situation where we see all other businesses as competition and a threat to our own success. The model that is presented here makes sense where we all work side by side offering a service that is not only needed but supports people to grow.

  • Christoph Schnelle April 1, 2017   Reply →

    I sometimes wonder whether spiritualism is in some ways a lawless place as there seem to be few rules around spirituality – only if obvious mental illnesses result may there be consequences, otherwise there seem to be few limitations.

  • Ariana Ray March 30, 2017   Reply →

    Business and evolution is presented here as collaboration not competition. We only need competition if we are operating from fear and greed, let those go and we see life differently. What is presented here is that there is no area of our lives that we can hold separate from any other. It’s all evolution or involution. Evolution and business go hand in hand with evolution and one life.

  • HM March 30, 2017   Reply →

    Recently we had a situation where we were working with a supplier and looking at signing a joint contract. But the greed took over for this supplier and they became pretty mean leading up to the signing. And once it was signed, they acted ‘nice’ again. It made me really stop and observe how many games we bring into business and ignore the fact it is about people first. The thing is, for them the relationship changed based a contract – our responsibility was to keep on presenting love to them no matter what – make it about the people. If we lose that in business, there is no business – Serge Benhayon presents this very way and it is deeply inspiring to see how he presents on true business, and lives it.

  • Kerstin Salzer March 29, 2017   Reply →

    In this video there is a great call to listen to the body and evolve through listening to the body instead of making the choices from just our heads.

  • Shirley-Ann Walters March 28, 2017   Reply →

    Its very interesting to consider how simple things will become once we only give attention to things that evolve us. To ponder on what might fall away, and how other things might grow.

  • Kerstin Salzer March 25, 2017   Reply →

    To understand that there are things, products, thoughts, emotions which do not serve us as humanity in our evolution is crucial in order to be able to let go and feel again how amazing we all are when we have freed ourselves from the emprisonment.

  • Ariana Ray March 25, 2017   Reply →

    Business and evolution going hand in hand is the only way to go – for in that, business becomes medicine for everyone and true evolution- a great presentation.

  • Stephanie Stevenson March 25, 2017   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon is a pioneer in bringing a different level of awareness and quality to many ways of our being in life from pure function and existing in separation, to a harmonious and seamless flow in daily living – including new models for business, self-healing, well-being and palliative care.

  • Christoph Schnelle March 25, 2017   Reply →

    Bringing love into business without being a doormat and being pragmatic about it has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.

  • Richard Mills March 24, 2017   Reply →

    It makes absolute sense to me that – using the example given here – working collaboratively to evolve an industry like graphic design, serves the industry more than being in competition ever does or will. Competition will undermine the industry as a whole, but working together will serve all who work in that industry. And the microcosm applies to the macrocosm here. Working collaboratively together will always serve the all and expand the all rather than using competition to pit one against another.

  • Rebecca March 24, 2017   Reply →

    This is such an amazing TV show – each episode will be watching again and again simply to allow the time to take in every angle of the conversation – I love to listen to the interviews for the depth and breadth of the subjects discussed and their relevance to life.

  • Samantha Davidson March 24, 2017   Reply →

    I Love business and I Love being a Business owner, I used to separate work and life and I used to think being a business owner was a selfish capitalist aim…I now know it to be true service, when we consider the quality of what we deliver and this feels incredible.

  • Gill Randall March 24, 2017   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon exposes how commercial and sponsored science gives us false results to achieve their desired results rather than discovery leading to more discovery. Often at the end of research, it is written that more research is required, and I can understand this a little more now. There is a way forwards to break the pattern of smoke screens and lies of the research consciousness to return to truth in any research in the future, then we will have a platform to build from.

  • Shirley-Ann Walters March 23, 2017   Reply →

    I love that sense of the ancient and the new being all one in the all encompassing words “Universal Medicine” which offers so much for us today.

  • Shami March 20, 2017   Reply →

    Another golden moment is when Serge Benhayon talks about the impossibility of humans coming from the animal kingdom, which is evidenced by plain and clear facts – a statement brought to us by the fantastic questions of Rebecca Asquith. Watching as these two people work together to bring truth to our world, is such a gift.

  • Sarah Karam March 19, 2017   Reply →

    I am blessed to have Universal Medicine as a role business model of what is possible when stepping into a business of your own. The things that Universal Medicine have achieved as a team and the services they offer humanity go beyond any words I could put on paper. I was so inspired by the philosophy’s and teachings that I have now set up several of my own businesses in completely different industry but with a similar intention and that is to truly offer a supply that humanity is calling for and that is connection.

  • Ariana Ray March 19, 2017   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon walks his talk – this is evident the moment you meet him. He makes each moment matter, and this TV presentation is no different. He does not hold back telling it like it is as a business man, healer and presenter who put evolution for everyone first.

  • Lieke Campbell March 18, 2017   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon mentioned something about the fact that if you are dulling yourself with substances like food etc. you may not feel that you are dulling yourself as you are dull! This makes a lot of sense to me and also why dulling yourself can become a cycle without an end. The only thing that can bring awareness is choosing to stop and feel how we are truly feeling in our bodies.

  • Christoph Schnelle March 17, 2017   Reply →

    I have found it very powerful to bring love into business – not something emotional or becoming unprofessional but to be of service while being aware of every other aspect of business. It is a very enjoyable way to work with clients and everybody involved in the business.

  • HM March 17, 2017   Reply →

    It is rare to find a business that is about evolution. We have an abundance of foods and clothes and technology that actually numbs us, but then we miss out on the potential for evolution and what that can actually bring to a business. I find that when a business is about the product first and not relationships and people, then there is no chance for evolution.

  • Stephen Gammack March 16, 2017   Reply →

    “We don’t come from the animal kingdom” a statement many will disagree with, but what Serge Benhayon shares on this topic makes complete sense to me. If we look at our behaviours then it shows we are a species that lives in self sabotage, it is definitely like we have an out of control part of us that we haven’t quite grasped is there. Perhaps best shown in the examples of what we see as intelligence that we think is growing in spite of us getting sicker as a race each passing day.

  • Vicky Geary March 14, 2017   Reply →

    Business is evolution and evolution is business. This is a far cry from how I started out in business, working as a graduate accountant at an inner city firm. Work and business was what I did between the hours of 9am to 5pm. Everything else was ‘my life’ and evolution was not even in the picture. Fast forward 20 years and through the inspiration of Serge Benhayon I could say that if I was still living and thinking in that way I would be utterly miserable and quite possibly quite sick by now. Through developing purpose, energetic awareness and a deeper understanding of life I now wake up everyday looking forward to what the day will bring, whatever I may be doing.

  • Ariana Ray March 14, 2017   Reply →

    Being lied to about ‘the true nature of the spirit, spirituality and the Soul’ is the everyday currency of spiritualism. This is perfectly exposed here and needs to be, for we have been led up the garden path by such lies for far too long. Serge Benhayon TV brings clarity to the world like no other.

  • Christoph Schnelle March 14, 2017   Reply →

    It is quite surprising just how many businesses thrive on using human weaknesses and servicing them in ways that do not repair or restore humans but either simply manage their issues or provide what is experienced as temporary relief but is actually harming for humans and that this state of affairs is completely accepted and supported and such companies are chided mercilessly when they falter at their endeavours.

  • Natalie Hawthorne March 11, 2017   Reply →

    So much sense in everything that Serge presents here and the one about us not wanting to agree with reincarnation because it means we have to be responsible is so true. For me it makes complete sense that our soul is eternal and that it will be coming back round time and time again. Sometimes I have struggled with the choices that I have made because I know they are not loving for myself or for others but have been to caught up in the moment to even stop and consider this. Today things have changed and I developing this awareness even stronger by agreeing to the responsibility that is being truly asked of us.

  • Stephen Gammack March 11, 2017   Reply →

    The topic of spirituality and soul is a most interesting one, and not one I find easy to grasp in terms of what we can consider acting spiritually to be. I see a lot of negativity in the way that being spiritual causes people to act. It can be a form of shutting down to the real world to go into a blissful state, and that I would now consider a negative. Perhaps most simply being soulful is an awareness and connection with our own bodies, and with the people in the world we are surrounded by.

  • Ariana Ray March 9, 2017   Reply →

    Business, like every other area of our lives can be about evolution. What Serge Benhayon is showing us here is that we can have one life, not sections of life where we are one thing and other sections where we are something else. If life is all about evolution, then all our life has the potential to be lived in a manner which is evolutionary, It’s up to us to choose that, and in Serge `Benhayon we have a living example of how that is and can be done. That is truly great TV.

  • Ariana Ray March 9, 2017   Reply →

    We have made accumulation and an apparent face value success worth more than connection to our own Soul – how did we let that go? We fell for the tinsel and sparkle that has no substance. The more we went for it the more empty we felt the more we went of it, in an endless cycle of chasing our tails. How much we have chosen to be fooled!

  • Ariana Ray March 6, 2017   Reply →

    Whose business is evolution? Is it the business of the church? Of government? Of communities? Of families? Sadly for all of us, for the most part, it’s a case of being none of the above.
    It is well overdue for us all to make evolution our business and everyone’s business.

  • Gill Randall March 6, 2017   Reply →

    It feels a whole new way of living when all we only produce is that which is productive, and all that is necessary for our lives. We can a take a rest from all that that does to not work, and this will give is the space to develop working on all that is. I love to feel the flow and get glimpses of the harmony we can love in.

  • HM March 5, 2017   Reply →

    Shifting the ‘aim’ or purpose of business from profits to evolution means it has to be about people and relationships first. As a director of a business, I have noticed a huge difference when I focus on people before process. In deepening the relationships, then I find that everyone aligns to the purpose of the business, and then the processes come from what is needed not what is seen to be protocol. Having this flexibility in business means that we’ve been able to experiment a lot with how we work, and the one thing we’ve found is that it always comes back to people in order for the business to evolve. The profits then become a confirmation of that.

  • Kerstin Salzer March 2, 2017   Reply →

    It goes always back to our bodies and how we feel and are able to observe ourselves , in order to be able to read the intentions and purposes of the spirit which often are aligned to ideals and beliefs and its often untrue and dishonest ways of thinking.

  • Ariana Ray February 28, 2017   Reply →

    Can business be about evolution. It is clear that they have been for Serge Benhayon and some. For Serge, there is not one part of his life that is about evolution, and there is the nub – everything is not about evolution, from getting up in the morning, going to the toilet, showering, going to work, coming home, winding down, relationships, everything. Nothing is left out of evolution. For if each moment has the opportunity to evolve, why ignore it? Why not grab each opportunity and say – what’s next – not sitting down on success or failure, but evolving each moment.

  • Rowena Stewart February 27, 2017   Reply →

    I love how Serge Benhayon and Rebecca Baldwin bring a new light and awareness to these very familiar subjects. What will our economies look like when we truly decide to focus on the quality of the products we produce and offer the world, so that how we earn our money and how we spend it honours everyone and everything involved in producing the service, from natural resource to finished product.

  • Ariana Ray February 26, 2017   Reply →

    The Business of evolution – evolving through business and every other area of our lives – who writes about that? In the business section of the dailies – where do you see the heading ‘Business and Evolution’? No where! How cool that would be though – to have Serge Benhayon supporting business, sitting in a column alongside the Dow Jones index?
    Business Insider – Serge Benhayon – the man who knows business like no other!

    • Christoph Schnelle March 17, 2017   Reply →

      You are right. The concept of evolution in business exists only in a limited form – bettering ourselves, making more money for example.

  • Stephen Gammack February 26, 2017   Reply →

    The “pantry journeyman” I love it. Who can’t relate to the visit to the kitchen to source some food when we have feelings arise. But it has never before been suggested, that not using the food to dull the feelings might be the real healing for our bodies. When feelings arise they are actually a real blessing, as that allow us the chance to deal with something that is stored in our bodies and come out as an emotion.

  • Ariana Ray February 22, 2017   Reply →

    TV for evolution – up until now evolution and TV would not have gone together. Serge Benhayon is walking a path for all to follow here. He is preparing the way for all TV.

  • HM February 20, 2017   Reply →

    ‘Eventually – if our society is using the intelligence of the body – there will not be a need for cigarette smoking’ – wow this is just awesome and highlights where we are at as a society. The more we listen to our bodies, the more we understand what supports them and what does not, and that our bodies will continue to give us messages to this extent until such point that we are prepared to listen.

  • HM February 20, 2017   Reply →

    What is shared here about Graphic design is pretty incredible. I work in that industry, and to be able to work in a way where people are not competing but are seeing that everyone brings a unique part – is such a fresh way to look at how we work together and strengthen the industry rather than the individual.

  • Kerstin Salzer February 19, 2017   Reply →

    Money is a big issue for many. Often money is spent on things we do not truly need or even are harming us. To spend money on something which supports our growth, our evolvement and our health is an attitude towards money which is healthy in itself.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh February 18, 2017   Reply →

    It may appear strange to some that this episode is about Business and Evolution, yet in the second half Serge Benhayon talks about the true nature of the spirit, spirituality and the Soul. Well the fact is that like it or not we are energetic beings and there is no aspect of our world that is untouched by energetic dynamics at play. Serge Benhayon is simply holding up the mirror so that we start to see into our self-created blind-spots once again.

  • Ariana Ray February 14, 2017   Reply →

    Do business the Serge Benhayon way and you will guarantee to evolve.

  • Ariana Ray February 13, 2017   Reply →

    ‘What does the economy of the future look like?’ Great question and one that is likely to cause consternation in many. To consider that business, like all area’s of our life will be about evolution first is great. We can all benefit from using every opportunity to make life about evolution first. What is being shown here is a whole new way of living in business and Serge Benhayon is leading the way forward on this. For living our business is no different to living every other area of our lives, that is my learning each day.

  • James Nicholson February 12, 2017   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon brings a whole new understanding to what business truly is all about. I see so many people go to work simply to live for the weekend, the pay check, the holiday etc.. yet they miss out on enjoying the one thing they spend most of their time at. Making business and life about evolution and how we can best support not only ourselves but also others is key. Otherwise nothing changes. We cannot want or expect love, say, in the home – but not be living it at work – every part of our life matters and is important and ultimately effects every other part.

  • Gill Randall February 11, 2017   Reply →

    The way of doing business for evolution is a different concept for how the world works at present. We need to get more wise and use our money to support ourselves rather than draining ourselves. I can feel how the money we invest in for evolution gives us more expansion and the cycle continues.

  • Kerstin Salzer February 11, 2017   Reply →

    To understand that God and the Universe are constantly communicating, trading and exchanging energy and to bring this into the understanding how to run a business ourselves can be evolutionary for our own growth concerning our business or the business we are working in.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh February 10, 2017   Reply →

    We all start off as a child expressing in a way that enriches life and everyone. At what point did we start to numb our inner awareness that our choices and actions make a huge difference and when did we disconnect from our heartfelt intention to make a positive contribution that was for everyone? Can business be anything other than a money-focused enterprise? Could the answer to our experience of life as a rat-race be a return to the values we have given up on? I find this a great episode with which to deeply reflect on such heartfelt questions.

  • Ariana Ray February 10, 2017   Reply →

    What Serge Benhayon is giving us here is the remedy to our ills. He is so simply pointing out that we have one life, so why compartmentalise? We have this love inside us, so lets bring it in every area of our lives – every single area, leaving nothing out.

  • HM February 9, 2017   Reply →

    Another inspiring episode that shows the importance of working together – and that the separation we live in is what keeps the world in disharmony. And that business is in everything – I so relate to this way of being – that business is evolution and it is in all that we do.

  • Shami February 9, 2017   Reply →

    How extraordinary to hear Serge Benhayon say that he – embraces the symbolic story of Adam and Eve – this one simple line said with such candour and yet, who has ever said this without being caught up in the religious beliefs of this story? Serge Benhayon brings value to symbolism with this simple line of words and introduces the possibility that there may in fact be many re-interpretations here about all the stories we have been given and which have been passed down though the ages.

  • Stephen Gammack February 9, 2017   Reply →

    Contribution to society in business, what we offer in what we do has to have a wider focus than profit. It would be heartening to know that in the future we won’t have businesses purely run for selfish interests but only as a valuable contributor to peoples wellbeing. That is the mark that business should have today and we are a long way from that as we all know how corrupt big corporations are currently.

  • Natalie Hawthorne February 7, 2017   Reply →

    I get so inspired when I listen to this and it makes complete and utter sense. To be able to run a business in this way totally contradicts the way of business in the world today. When you stop and look at people running these business’s most seem to be hanging on by the thread and trying not to combust with the pressures that they put on themselves and pushing to meet the expectations of the targets that need to be achieved. Year on year the demands to out do from the previous year without any consideration on how the team is going to do this. Not all companies are like this but most are driven by the focus on the money. Today I am working as a senior manager and I am re-learning how I can be this and run a business in a way the supports everyone in the process – the clients, the staff, the management, the directors to the owner. Every aspect is critical and without this overall view and making it about the process, not the end outcome where the goal posts get continually moved once you reach them. Business can be extremely rewarding and successful but only from the experience that everyone is having whilst making it happen.

  • Ariana Ray February 5, 2017   Reply →

    Bringing truth and love to every aspect of our lives is not something that is top of the list for most companies. Getting the best profits is. I am gradually, drip by drip, getting an understanding of what living one life is all about, and bringing all we are to a business that serves people truly, that is a basic foundation for evolution in business, as it is in every aspect of our lives. Serge Benhayon is so far ahead of the game here, he has been living true business for well over a decade. He has set the stage for us all to follow, as he always does.

  • Rebecca briant February 3, 2017   Reply →

    Where else can you watch an interview about business and one of the subjects in that we come from a essence of our soul – some might not see how the two things, business and soul, go together however it makes a lot of sense. We often talk about making business about people but if people in their essence are souls, than its all connected.

  • Stephen Gammack February 1, 2017   Reply →

    I like the premise that we don’t look down on anyone for their choices, as in the example of cigarettes here, but it is most important that we look more deeply at why any of us want to do even the most little things that are harmful. This is the combination of philosophy and science that we need to develop to get to why we self harm in even the most minor way because it just doesn’t make sense.

  • Shami February 1, 2017   Reply →

    It is amazing the way that Serge Benhayon talks about the truth without becoming emotional or reactive to it. He simply states what is there, plainly and obvious to be seen, and he does so with great understanding – no judgement or critique, he just states the facts as they are – such as when he and Rebecca Asquith talk about the supply and demand of the tobacco and sugar industries etc.

  • Ariana Ray January 29, 2017   Reply →

    Business and evolution seem to be such an unlikely combination, yet what Serge Benhayon is showing us here is that every single part of our lives is about evolution. We can’t think that we can have evolution in one part of our lives, then go to work and act from the ‘me me me’ approach to business. Our lives are not in sections of use, they are all one. Business is all of our lives, we are in the home business, work business, leisure and relaxing business, sleeping business and eating business, it’s all business. As we claim this we see the grand scale of the responsibility that is needed in our lives.

  • Samantha Davidson January 27, 2017   Reply →

    Our origins….could it be that we are responsible and we have a return, a responsibility to choose, rather than the search, drama and victimhood that is so prevalent…in society. I know I have been distracting myself, from something fundamental: that responsibility is divine, it returns us to our true origins. Amazing to watch this conversation.

  • Jane Torvaney January 26, 2017   Reply →

    The interaction between Rebecca Asquith and Serge Benhayon here is based on love, respect and a true purpose of bringing evolution to our screens. This is tv like never before.

  • SLE January 25, 2017   Reply →

    True business will always have God in it, unfortunately in this day and age this is quite rare and rather then be impulsed by compassion to serve our fellow citizens most business are driven by a selfish and greedy need. This is one of the reasons the world is such as mess today because we have allowed this crazy behaviour to go on.

  • adam warburton January 25, 2017   Reply →

    Very interesting take on what a truly free market looks like.

  • HM January 24, 2017   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon shares how business can be – that it can be equal – and how we can use money towards something healing rather than using it to numb ourselves. I never really considered that to spend money always comes with a choice – a cycle of evolution or a cycle of numbing.

  • Carola Woods January 24, 2017   Reply →

    This certainly brings a greater understanding to how we all play are huge part in businesses, with what services are on offer and the quality of services that are delivered to us. To realise that we all hold this responsibility, for me, is empowering. What is offered here is the opportunity too truly be honest with ourselves, with the way we are choosing live. Are we choosing to invest in lifestyles that are self-abusive as such harm ourselves, or are they loving, honoring and supportive? Or essentially, are we living for evolution? From what is presented in this episode it is clear to see that through our everyday choices we are all equally responsible for generating the demand that businesses respond to, and as such formulate their supply. This is a game changer on so many levels.

  • Ariana Ray January 23, 2017   Reply →

    What Serge Benhayon presents here is way of looking at business that will change your mind about how business is conducted forever – business practices will never be the same. Watch and revolutionise your business, your life and every relationship you have .

  • Nikki McKee January 22, 2017   Reply →

    “Have a product that truly evolves people” – the same could be said for TV shows. And this one sure does that.

  • Ariana Ray January 20, 2017   Reply →

    ‘What would happen if we did business in the understanding that our return on investment will always first and foremost be energetic?’ This is a great approach to business that will revolutionise the business world in time. All the fast tricks and lies that business uses to make a fast buck will be exposed. In Business people must come first, for if they are not, what is the business serving? Selling products on lies and misrepresentation, as the market is dominated by today, will be seen as the massive dishonouring it is. Serge Benhayon is leading the way in honouring people above all in every aspect of his business. He is showing the world how to have integrity in business.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh January 20, 2017   Reply →

    It is wonderful that Serge Benhayon so clearly discusses the true nature of the spirit, spirituality and the Soul. Our lack of understanding of these fundamental aspects of our life have been crippling our true expression for a long time. Testament to this are our misguided and self-focused endeavours in a world that sorely lacks the love, harmony and oneness that is our true essence.

  • Fiona Pierce January 16, 2017   Reply →

    Truly amazing TV, absolutely love it! Rebecca Asquith is a brilliant interviewer and Serge Benhayon is just wonderful to listen to – I get such a deeper understanding of myself and life from the wisdom that he shares.

  • Kerstin Salzer January 15, 2017   Reply →

    To grow a product in an evolutionary way is a new perspective to business and businesses working with this purpose will certainly last as long as they are needed, without attachement to the business itself but for mere service for humanity. In listening to this episode I start to see what the future is bringing to us as humanity and there will be a much more respectful way concerning how the majority of people are with each other.

  • Shami January 13, 2017   Reply →

    When it comes to the different strands of belief we have about evolution, whether they be from a scientific or a religious perspective, there is no cause for argument. How gorgeous is this, how embracing of freedom are these words given to us by someone who holds the love for humanity exactly and precisely close to his heart. No matter what the subject matter, there is no reason to argue because it does not generate further understanding or love. Very inspiring words from Serge Benhayon, a great teacher for our time.

  • Ariana Ray January 13, 2017   Reply →

    You pose the question here ‘what does ‘love in business’ look like?’ Study Serge Benhayon and you will find out. He is breaking the mould in business and showing us all what is possible when you commit to putting people first and not money. I know I will be learning from Serge’s business methods for years to come, because he has an ever deepening love in his business. He offer the world a model of business that will be studied. He is showing that you can evolve in business and evolve everyone not just yourself.

    • Natallija August 28, 2017   Reply →

      The key ingredient is ‘integrity’ – without this the drive for fame, wealth and recognition always takes centre stage in the business model.

  • mary sanford January 11, 2017   Reply →

    What caught my attention today was our right to free will and are we ready to make choices to care for ourselves?
    And it reminded me of a children’s cartoon I watched years ago, one of the main characters was an energy, and this energy went around and encouraged people to live in a chaotic way, fight with each other and generally not take care of ourselves etc. And even though it was a children’s cartoon it amazes me how well it reflects what is actually occurring in life. Do we really have free will? Or has it been replaced with something that seems like free will but isn’t?

  • Shami January 10, 2017   Reply →

    Science as something that takes us deeper in to even more discovery, as each new discovery reveals the potential or the possibility for the next. With this view, life is a science as each day begins with the potential to learn more about ourselves, about each other and about life.

  • Ariana Ray January 10, 2017   Reply →

    What Serge Benhayon is doing here is seeing us all as more than we see ourselves. He knows that we can conduct our business in a way that benefits all of humanity not just ourselves.

  • Samantha Davidson January 7, 2017   Reply →

    I am so inspired by the way that Serge Benhayon has communicated about business,in my words life is business, business is life. I used to compartmentalise life and I would not have considered myself a business woman. I am now, and I love people at the same time, they do not need to be opposing situations.

  • HM January 7, 2017   Reply →

    There can be no true business without people, and with people come relationships. If we bring all businesses back to this; about the people not the profits, then we are lighting the way for an era of people who love their work, who feel they connect with others at work, who are valued for who they are and who feel as equals. That is a revolution.

  • Ariana Ray January 5, 2017   Reply →

    You often see ad’s from companies saying ‘Opportunities for growth,’ they mean increase turn over/wages etc, but here we are talking about a whole other ball game – true opportunities for growth. The world of commerce is changing because Serge Benhayon chose to make business about integrity and people first. The business world is being dragged by the hair into a new era.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh January 5, 2017   Reply →

    Spirit and Soul – no area of human life is free from being tainted due to our lack of clarity of the difference between these two energies. Which one of them is any one choice coming from? Depending on which the end result will be worlds apart for ourself, for everyone else and yes what we witness in the world itself. The fact that Serge Benhayon helps us differentiate between the two so clearly is a huge support to humanity.

  • Shami January 3, 2017   Reply →

    When Serge Benhayon talks about the intelligence of the particles that make up our human bodies, I feel deeply humbled, and instantly very aware of how my body is feeling after all the choices that I have been making.

  • Rik Connors January 1, 2017   Reply →

    “A new way of doing business … .In the business of producing evolution and, equalising everybody where there is no leader as such, but everybody is leading ‘the way’”. What I like about this model is the strong commitment to working together for the benefit of all. No self, no delays, and no fluffing about. Loaded with purpose and love.

  • Natallija December 30, 2016   Reply →

    Profits over people are ever increasing in the work force no matter what is being sold. Each field has a story to tell and this episode so openly shares that there is another way that makes sense in supporting all to bring community and care into the business model once again.

  • Victoria December 30, 2016   Reply →

    This is a very inspiring conversation so many areas are covered. It is about the business of life, the choice of energy we are using as our fuel. What are we truly trading, and what does it truly mean to be successful? I will be watching this episode again; it brings simplicity back to life.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh December 29, 2016   Reply →

    Indeed “money is not the root of all evil”, and business and work are not the monsters many see them as. Deepening our understanding about spirit, spirituality and the Soul is key in re-connecting to the love, responsibility and wisdom required to have businesses and systems that ensure everyone is deeply and profoundly taken care of, and supported to evolve.

  • Rebecca Briant December 29, 2016   Reply →

    What I love most about this interview, is that normally when discussing business or economy, the is a feeling of wanting to switch off, or boredem, and the conversation stays within the parameters of free markets and stocks, shares and prices – but when Serge Benhayon talks, he cannot but include the whole and so the body, health and well being, integrity in business, evolution, free will and choice all becomes a part of how we can view economy and trade and the development of products, and these things can be a part of how we run our businesses – for people rather than profit.

  • Ariana Ray December 29, 2016   Reply →

    In these TV episodes, Serge Benhayon has blown my socks of with the truth he presents. This is ‘Serge Benhayon Gold TV’. He brings truth and love to business like its never been seen before, blowing apart the social norms and showing the world that business like all things, is about people first. As is health, education, work, the media, entertainment and anything else you care to mention. It’s people people people people people people people people people people people people people people people people people people people people people people people people people people people – all people FIRST.

  • Rebecca briant December 29, 2016   Reply →

    Very interesting discussion on supply and demand – in the end, the quality of product and the range of products, their quality etc comes from the kind of demand we put out. We are having the wool pulled over our eyes in many cases as to the corruption in many industries, but when it does get revealed, do we make sure they change and that no one is able to run companies or industries with such corruption, or do we allow it to die down and go back to how it was?

  • Ariana Ray December 27, 2016   Reply →

    Business and evolution are not two words that go readily hand in hand, in fact, they have traditionally opposed each other in the world of business. Serge Benhayon offers all wise businesses an opportunity to see how it IS possible to expand everyone’s evolution whilst running a successful business. His model of business is a true landmark in the world of business today. No running on fear, security and greed as is accepted by most, but putting people and service first, to a degree that has rarely been achieved in this world.

  • Stephen Gammack December 26, 2016   Reply →

    I like the simplicity of a business model that says yes to making a good profit from your business, but only if it does so in a way that is serving of society (on a small or grand scale) on not squashing anyone else in the process. That to me is a system that works, simple and easy to administer.

  • Rik Connors December 25, 2016   Reply →

    Wow! There was so much in this Episode. I will watch it again. It was big! God is science, God is business… Or, what stood out for me was the bit about Spiritualism. Its totally true, once I knew I had a character (my spirit) running the show I began to heal and my life changed miraculously, like it had never done before because, I chose it from my body and not the character (spirit). Thank you Serge Benhayon, and, Rebecca Asquith for your delving questions on behalf of us all.

  • Shami December 24, 2016   Reply →

    This is amazing – to consider that there is an energetic exchange happening all the time, a system of economy that we can emulate which supports everyone.

  • Rebecca Briant December 23, 2016   Reply →

    Can you imagine a world where we don’t work for the sake of it – to create a building not to just be the tallest and most stunning, but one that is for a purpose, for the growth of humanity. It would make life so simple and beautiful because so much is wasted, both time and money and in some cases lives, to produce products that do not support us and in some cases do us harm.

  • Natallija December 23, 2016   Reply →

    This video has got me pondering on how few business are bringing through products which serve to evolve everyone. A clear indication that there is definitely an inspiration in what Universal Medicine brings to the community.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh December 19, 2016   Reply →

    I am very familiar with a caricature version of humanity’s evolution, were we will have more gadgets, more fancy forms of transport, more grand buildings…. Yet when Serge Benhayon speaks we are left with a different way of assessing our progress. What is the real essence of life, vitality, awareness and the love of one another experienced and reflected by all of what we so proudly champion?

  • Jenny McGee December 19, 2016   Reply →

    If we consider money and business as part of the natural flow of energy in life we can go deeper and consider are we adding something of value in the products and services we provide or partake in?

  • Janet Williams December 18, 2016   Reply →

    I love how this conversation is deeply personal while at the same time universal. And I particularly like Serge’s model of using money to constantly expand and evolve humanity rather than for self advancement.

  • Sarah Karam December 18, 2016   Reply →

    I think most people would agree that we have been lied to by main stream media outlets and medical professionals consistently for a pretty long time. When you think about it, it was only 60 years ago that the US had an advertising campaign for smoking built on Physicians and the ‘doctor’ image to assure the consumer that their respective brands were safe.
    If we look at Big Industry in this day and age without the assumption that we are being lied to then perhaps we are being conveniently naïve. Considering that most of our “opinions” are usually based on what we read and what we read is now owned by who ever is rich enough to buy it.

  • Rebecca Briant December 18, 2016   Reply →

    There is so much to take away from this episode, for the business model can be applied to economy, politics, international relations, family and friends – the blue print of a quality of living can be applied everywhere.

  • Rebecca Briant December 17, 2016   Reply →

    I love that as Serge Benhayon discusses a true business model, this website is showing a true media/TV model, one used not for mindless entertainment to check out but for evolution and the growth of everyone.

    • Janet Williams December 18, 2016   Reply →

      Indeed, Rebecca. This is the future of television right here, bringing education and real conversations about how we live and what our true purpose is.

  • Natallija December 16, 2016   Reply →

    Having listened to this interview several times I have been taking note of the amount of businesses that I use for my work that support putting people over products first. What is evident is the “good old fashion” quality workmanship is often overridden with the need to reach new targets in production that leave less time for quality care and detail. This previously supported the customer to build trusting relationships with the clients and for the business to appreciate what they have to offer.

  • Rebecca briant December 16, 2016   Reply →

    Fascinating – a business model that is not received within the walls of the business but is in fact a way of life, that offers not only evolution to all those in the business but all the customers who frequent it – the expansion of the universe found in a business model.

  • SLE December 15, 2016   Reply →

    Amazing interview and must be watched again and again, Serge Benhayon answers the big question “what does ‘love in business’ look like?” showing the world there is a way to do business which is beneficial and evolutionary for all.

  • Robbie Boyd December 15, 2016   Reply →

    I could watch this all day, every day. This is true healing, just listening to these words. So powerful, light and expanding. Thank you 🙂

    • Natallija July 1, 2017   Reply →

      Me too Robbie Boyd. The realness of what is going on in the world is being talked about with such respect and honesty. It is TV viewing with a HUGE difference. A call to look at ourselves rather than be consumed by the lives of others.

  • Vicky Geary December 14, 2016   Reply →

    Never before has business been as clearly presented to be about evolution and the return to living in union with our Soul. Business therefore is life and how we live and can never be compartmentalised into something that only happens between 9am to 5pm or our ‘defined’ hours of work. To think otherwise is to be trapped, and limited in our evolution.

  • Hm December 13, 2016   Reply →

    I am blessed to be involved in a business that is constantly being pulled to be more. What an amazing difference it is to work for a company that has purpose. This comes before any marketing or business plan, before any financial targets- it is brought back to what is the purpose first and that is a gift. Compared to the drive I worked in before it feels very different. And Serge Benhayon is fundamental to the process we’ve gone through about bringing purpose to business.

  • Rebecca Briant December 13, 2016   Reply →

    One day humanity will come to realise that we all live on this planet together and in the end, we cannot escape from our choices. Those who have chosen greed and corruption to get ahead in life and create a better comfortable life for themselves and their families, whilst cheating, suppressing or casuing suffering for others cannot escape that fact and eventually we will see that it just doesnt work. There is a way of doing buisness, running countires and economys, making deals and planning policy that is founded upon respect, decency, integirty, honesty and most of all love, and understanding that we have a responsability to make all that we do loving not just for us, but for everyone else.

  • Kerstin Salzer December 12, 2016   Reply →

    It makes so much sense -which products we spend money on, are those to dull us or to evolve us? This question needs to be posed before buying any item.

  • Stephen Gammack December 12, 2016   Reply →

    The part of this interview on the topic of evolution and the development of our species makes me consider the intellectual bullying that goes on in science to get certain viewpoints across. I haven’t heard any scientist explain what Serge Benhayon has reasoned here, that there is no evidence of neanderthal man, and that it doesn’t add up. The details of how this would have to have occurred in terms of evidence seems to get swept under the carpet, and it makes me wonder what sort of intelligence is so desperate to be right that it will ignore the obvious facts that rarely get aired, and how many of our biggest questions are sidelined in this way.

  • SLE December 11, 2016   Reply →

    Listening to Serge speaking about business is priceless, people can study business for many years but not ever get to the true meaning of it as Serge presents here.

    • Natallija December 12, 2016   Reply →

      Couldn’t agree more SLE . The key ingredient is not making business about profits but the quality of care and love of people.

    • Vicky Cooke December 12, 2016   Reply →

      Very true Samantha. In fact people can study many things for many years including anatomy and physiology, and philosolphy and still not get to the truth. What Serge Benhayon teaches, presents and lives is absolute gold.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh December 10, 2016   Reply →

    The majority of people spend the greater part of their awake hours at work. The foundations that businesses stand upon affect the quality of everyone’s lives as well as the world we live in. It is time we listened to soul-led individuals such as Serge Benhayon and built our businesses on honouring the love, connection and harmony that is our true essence – and instead of continuing the decline into greed, segregation and discord, we facilitated true evolution for humanity.

  • Ariana Ray December 10, 2016   Reply →

    The words ‘business’ and ‘evolution’ are not heard of together in the world. Business is seen to be all about money not evolving. In fact most people think about money way before their evolution. But what is the point of bushiness without evolution? What is the point of business without people coming first? These are the big key points business can offer- opportunities to evolve, not just us with a ‘me me me approach, but for all people equally.

    • Janet Williams December 19, 2016   Reply →

      Yes, Ariana. This conversation turns business upside down, by making it about people and evolution rather than financial gain and being the best.

  • Gill Randall December 9, 2016   Reply →

    Serge educates us on a smart way to focus on our flow of money, something I definitely needed some support with. It is very interesting to listen to how true business works and how to spend our money more wisely.

  • Ariana Ray December 9, 2016   Reply →

    Business has got to be about people, people first, second and third, at the beginning of the day and all through the day. It has to be the reason for the purpose of a business, yet all too many companies do not operate like this, Serge Benhayon is leading the way here and setting a mark for all others to follow. He is a beacon of light in the business world and people will follow his model of business in the future, for he is living the future now.

  • Natalie Hawthorne December 8, 2016   Reply →

    I Love the sound of having an economy that is adding to our evolution. That there is a natural process that we as a human race will go through culling what we realise is not working and not what we thought it was. More and more we are coming to understand and willing to see what some things are doing to us but there is much more to uncover.

  • Ariana Ray December 7, 2016   Reply →

    What has business got to do with evolution? Everything! What is being presented here is that evolution for all comes first, which means putting people first in business. For why be in business at all if it’s not about evolution? What would be the point? To keep us ‘comfortable’?

  • SLE December 7, 2016   Reply →

    I love Serge and Rebecca’s example here of working in graphic design – that there really does not need to be any competition as we all have our own unique expression.

  • Ariana Ray December 6, 2016   Reply →

    It seems to me that business is to be all we are with everyone equally. It’s not about money first but people and evolution first. Being the most loving, tender, grand and glorious version of ourselves with no act and no trying, simply being all of us all of the time. That is God’s business and that comes first, not making a fast buck or getting rich quick. Being grand and glorious and doing God’s business comes before everything else, for it is what any business stands or falls on.

  • HM December 6, 2016   Reply →

    I had not been one to consider that everything is energy, and when I do so and apply it to money, then wow what a huge consideration I have when I spend money. If it relates to our kidney energy then it is irresponsible if we do not take this into account each time money is involved. Living from energy first allows a whole new level of responsibility in ones life.

  • Natalie Hawthorne December 6, 2016   Reply →

    It sounds so obvious that having a product for which is there for humanity is there to evolve and expand humanity. When we stop and look at the way the world is and all the products that make up this world how many of them truly are there to support humanity to evolve? What products that are there are not there for the money? Really it is great questions to be asking unless we want to continue in the disharmonious misery as a society that we are accepting as our normal.

  • Kylie December 6, 2016   Reply →

    What is business if it isn’t about growing and evolving people?

  • Ariana Ray December 5, 2016   Reply →

    The importance of these programmes cannot be underestimated, for they are shifting the imprint of using TV to take us away from life, and from ourselves. Here there is no reason to check out, no hooks to dive into emotion and no enticement to watch. This is truth presented as it is – Serge Benhayon TV is groundbreaking after half a century of checking out here is an opportunity to check in.

    • Natallija April 7, 2017   Reply →

      Yes Ariana Ray – the importance can not be underestimated and the quality of journalism is truly incredible to view. There is so much support provided for both the presenters in delving deeper with each question to offer a quality understanding of the topic discussed and for the viewing audience. A rare find in the current world of social media.

  • Jennifer Smith December 5, 2016   Reply →

    Serge made reference to cigarette smoking and cigarettes being someone’s ‘trusty friend’. I have heard many people over the years refer to cigarettes as a great friend, even someone who gave up saying that it felt like they had lost their best friend. It’s interesting that we speak like this about a cigarette, when we know that cigarettes do great harm to our body. But then we can become frustrated and angry at our body when it becomes unwell from cigarette smoking. But really our body is simply communicating something to us. Are we feeling let down by what we thought was our ‘trusty friend’? or that we simply don’t like the message communicated by our always true and honest best friend, the body.

  • Gill Randall December 4, 2016   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon is the founder of Universal Medicine which combines science, philosophy, medicine, self care and religion back together as it used to be, to make sense to us and bring its back to true purpose.

  • Julie Chung December 3, 2016   Reply →

    Serge presents a much truer and all encompassing way of working with others in the workplace. A way that we would naturally be drawn to if we didn’t get ourselves in the way and make it about us instead of humanity and true service.

  • Ariana Ray December 1, 2016   Reply →

    What we have got here is a man who is willing to stand up and make the difference
    – to be the one everyone looks at because he is different
    – to go the extra mile
    – to make business all about people and not profit
    – to make life about a Universal love not about self
    That, ladies and gentlemen, is some man!

  • SLE November 29, 2016   Reply →

    I just love watching Serge Benhayon and Rebecca Asquith interact, there is such a connection there based on real purpose and evolution.

  • Ariana Ray November 28, 2016   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon – what a man. Presenter, business owner, practitioner, author to name but a few of his many activities in the world. He does not fall for the way of business that the world role models, he puts people and community first and works from there, giving service that is true not motivated by greed.

  • Kerstin Salzer November 27, 2016   Reply →

    Business in our days has mainly to do with competition. What Serge Benhayon is presenting here concerning business is revolutionary, a business where people count and which is based on working togehter and not against each other.

  • Natallija November 26, 2016   Reply →

    True business is about evolution as Serge Benhayon so truthfully shares in this episode. How far is the current state of our business world from this truth when we are seeing more and more examples of greed, corruption and ill truths used to sell a business model to the masses?

  • Ariana Ray November 26, 2016   Reply →

    We are all in business – we have our financial transactions and budgets, forward planning and savings, even if we are not in the role of business people, this is still what we do from day to day. What Serge Benhayon is doing is breaking the consciousness of business and integrity for all.

    • Jennifer Smith December 5, 2016   Reply →

      Of course, that makes so much sense Ariana. Even going to the supermarket or buying petrol I am in business, because I am doing business. It’s interesting how we can narrow what something is or what something means because of what we get out of it. Whether it be a sense of acceptance or recognition.

  • Jennifer Smith November 26, 2016   Reply →

    I love how when Rebecca asked Serge “What is Universal Medicine?” he spoke of what Universal Medicine is for everyone and what it means for everyone and even when he spoke of the business model of Universal Medicine, he spoke about it the fullest most complete way. Yes it is a business, but Universal Medicine the business offers so much more. True well-being and evolution for all.

  • Vicky Geary November 26, 2016   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon has revolutionised business by presenting that the true purpose of business is evolution. In this we are shown just how far business in general is away from this truth.

  • Natalie Hawthorne November 25, 2016   Reply →

    Free will is something that I have totally admired with Serge Benhayon, having the understanding now that it is everyone’s right to have free will, and the key thing that Serge presents here is ‘so long as we are not lied to’. Being able to feel for ourselves why we would choose a habit that is harming the body we start to feel and see that it doesn’t make any sense. We are all on our own journey and we will get to where we get to with each choice we make.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh November 25, 2016   Reply →

    In a world in which everyone is clambering for making the biggest profit, and most are either planning or wishing for early retirement, where getting something for providing nothing is seen as clever, and gaining advantage at the expense of another is championed as astute, Serge Benhayon’s reminder of our true essence brings a completely different focus and appreciation of the potential our relationship with business can have on our lives.

  • Elizabeth McCann November 24, 2016   Reply →

    What Serge shares, in this episode, about money being life force bring a whole new level of responsibility around how we deal with our finances. Are we using our life force wisely and in an evolutionary way, or are we using it in a way that harms ourselves and others and thus retarding our evolution? This is question I will now be frequently asking myself.

  • Ariana Ray November 23, 2016   Reply →

    The business world we have today is based on the foundations of fear that they will not succeed, not have enough profit etc So business practices have developed from these foundational pillars. What would happen if the world was able to let that go and build a new foundation based on people and service first? It would be a whole new world.

  • HM November 23, 2016   Reply →

    True change certainly does come from within and we all have a choice in how we treat our bodies. What Serge presents is that no diet will give us the quick solution we are looking for – it is a relationship we have with our bodies that is important.

  • Gill Randall November 22, 2016   Reply →

    The business Universal Medicine gives us a great example how to set up a company that is run successfully by looking after the people equally and to show us how to spend our money wisely to help us to heal ourselves.

  • Ariana Ray November 22, 2016   Reply →

    This is a great question to challenge ourselves with ‘We have been lied to about cigarettes, about the harms of sugar and many other products – “what makes us think that we haven’t been lied to about Spiritualism?” The world of business has been built on lies. We have something to sell so we lie about it to earn a living. What kind of life do we have when we earn our money like this? And yes I can feel how much we have been lied to about spiritualism and fallen for each lie. It is so overdue that we need to be waking up to the world and what is going on here.

  • Ariana Ray November 22, 2016   Reply →

    The revolutionary way Serge undertakes business, where people come before profit, this is a landmark business that is worth deeply studying carefully. The care and attention he give to people is extraordinary and is redefining the meaning of the word integrity, taking it up to a higher level.

  • Felix Kremer November 22, 2016   Reply →

    When I look up to the stars and I see and feel the beauty, precision and order, the sparkling and the timelessness of space – then it really is in my face that we have been lied to about … maybe everything here on earth, because here on earth everything is the opposite of that which is infinitively around us.

  • Felix Kremer November 22, 2016   Reply →

    Business can be a healing modality, when lived with love and truth. This is absolute revelation. Thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  • Felix Kremer November 22, 2016   Reply →

    When we choose what real business is about, it is not about competition anymore.

  • Julie Chung November 21, 2016   Reply →

    True change comes from listening to our bodies and what they need for optimum health and vitality. Absolutely.

  • Alison Moir November 19, 2016   Reply →

    Universal Medicine sets the blueprint for how businesses could be run where the foundation of the business is about people and not about success and money. A business that supports people to grow is revolutionary and evolutionary and helps us to understand there is so much more to business than success and financial reward. Understanding that money is kidney energy and not just pieces of paper, would make us much more responsible as to how we use it and spend it,

  • rosanna bianchini November 18, 2016   Reply →

    This business model and the way Serge talks here does indeed completely shatter the picture and paradigm that “the healer or the philosopher should be the bare foot guy walking along the streets of Byron in some coloured robes and giving out his love and wisdom for free”. That image, is so far from the truth of what true healing and business is about.

  • rosanna bianchini November 18, 2016   Reply →

    Beautifully said Serge, “The business of producing evolution”; with this purpose Universal Medicine can operate in no other way than with the understanding of what life, healing and love is really about.

  • Ariana Ray November 18, 2016   Reply →

    What does ‘love in business’ look like? It looks like Universal Medicine. That can be hugely challenging for people who are in business for a fast buck, to get ahead or to get as much as they can out of people – here is a business that is setting the mark for all in what true business looks like with love. It may rock the world but so it should – for the world needs to be rocked. The greed and me me me approach has dominated for too long.

  • mary sanford November 16, 2016   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon always talks about the freedom of choice and free will, this is completely different to the lack of fee will or choice I remember in the Church of my childhood where there were a set of rules or beliefs that everyone had to abide by. When Serge Benhayon talks he seems to expand the very particles surrounding him. And from feeling that expansion I can feel now that the faith I was brought up in reduced and compressed me leaving me feeling very small/ reduced, inconsequential to life. It’s quite liberating to be able feel the difference in the quality of someone or something as this means you can never be lied to as you can feel the truth of the situation or not.

  • Kerstin Salzer November 15, 2016   Reply →

    This kind of TV brings me back to me and my own wisdom. It is phenomenal.

  • Ariana Ray November 15, 2016   Reply →

    ‘What does ‘love in business’ look like?’ I have known one business to present ‘‘love in business’ consistently, over and over, year in year out, with no lessening in quality for one person over another. I have seen this for over a decade. They have re-written the book where business is concerned, operating not from greed but love of people. That one business is Universal Medicine and has Serge Benhayon as it’s founder. It is the new standard in business.

  • Natalie Hawthorne November 15, 2016   Reply →

    Love what Serge is sharing about the body intelligence with food and that it is our awareness with our body and not wanting to harm it that will make the change with our diets not the mind telling us that we need to change our diets. True change comes from listening within.

  • Felix Kremer November 13, 2016   Reply →

    Business done with love – that’s something I didn’t even dare to dream about before I got to know Serge Benhayon. And I was quite reactive to the way the world functions. Having met Serge has put an end to that. There actually is a way to live and be worldly in a loving way – and now it’s my turn to put this in practice, too!

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh November 12, 2016   Reply →

    The usual comment about working is “I have to do it to live” and “can’t wait to retire” – it is seen as something unpleasant that has to be done to be able to survive in the world. Yet when Serge Benhayon talks about business and evolution, it becomes clear that work IS part and parcel of life and a very loving one at that.

  • Samantha Davidson November 12, 2016   Reply →

    I used to think business is about what we can get out of people, take etc…I did not like business, I reacted to it and money and took the poor and righteous approach. I am now in business and prospering and I know it because I have changed my attitude to relationships and myself in them, business is relationships, it is life, no need for reactions and barriers.

  • Ariana Ray November 11, 2016   Reply →

    There are very few businesses that are about evolution before profit. Universal Medicine are leading the way with this model and are a true inspiration for all.

  • Alison Moir November 11, 2016   Reply →

    The truth is what Serge Benhayon presents here we do know, but we choose not to listen to or do anything about it. This is the irresponsibility we live by and accept. Through presentations like this TV episode we are offered an opportunity to go deeper and look at why we are so irresponsible with how we live our lives. Our lack of care for ourselves, and our neighbours is why the world is in such a mess, greed and self interest have become the ‘norm’

  • SD November 10, 2016   Reply →

    It is this kind of universal wisdom, presented here and spoken as a matter of fact, that makes the work of Serge Benhayon globally applicable for all of humanity. Taken to its greater depths and truly examined and then lived, this will change the way we do business forever.

  • SD November 9, 2016   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon talks about evolution like no one else I know of. And when he talks I get the sense that we are in the presence of something great. But – astonishingly – this greatness does not make me feel less, it actually calls me to be equal, which just further confirms how great this presence is.

    • Natallija November 11, 2016   Reply →

      Yes SD there is an equalness in which he holds everyone when he presents. Could this be from a knowing we all carry that Serge Benhayon is simply reminding us of in these episodes?

  • Stephen Gammack November 8, 2016   Reply →

    I think the question of where we evolved from is crucial to our understanding of how and why we got here, and our long term aim as a race of beings. And I love that our ascension from ape species is exposed by Serge Benhayon, the evidence points this out as being false. When I first heard the alternative it did seem to make much more sense, and the gift in listening to Serge is that the more time you give to his teachings, the more of such illuminations are provided.

  • Caroline Francis November 7, 2016   Reply →

    Thank you Serge Benhayon for reminding me of the fact that there is an enormous amount of irresponsibility that we choose to live by and that the way forward is not to argue our differences. I have a responsibility to develop a relationship with my body so that the character, the spirit has less of a hold on me so that I can observe and not react to people and situations that I know are not coming from the truth of who they are. To have understanding is key.

  • Kim Weston November 7, 2016   Reply →

    TV that every soul has been waiting for. Where else can you evolve while watching TV?? deep appreciation for what is on offer.

  • SD November 7, 2016   Reply →

    I love the simplicity of these interviews.

  • Jane Torvaney November 6, 2016   Reply →

    Not only do I enjoy all that Serge Benhayon presents here, I also appreciate so much the loving interaction between interviewer and interviewee. To have this level of holding of love and respect between two people is very beautiful.

  • Jeannette Goldberg November 6, 2016   Reply →

    If we all took the Soulful approach you describe (Sere Benhayon) to our jobs and businesses the world would be a very different and most amazingly supportive and evolutionary place – for one of the underlying causes of the majority of our global struggles and challenges is our spiritual ailment of greed.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh November 6, 2016   Reply →

    “What does love in business look like?” The two concepts of love and business are rarely linked, let alone reflected on or discussed in such care and with a view of deepening understanding and evolution.

  • HM November 5, 2016   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon very clearly delivers the importance of having a true relationship with the body, and how self abuse is just a lack of sensitivity towards the body. I’ve certainly been one to rush to the pantry and not want to feel what is going on, and it has only been by willingly deepening the connection with my body that I can start to see how numbing does not fix anything.

  • mary sanford November 4, 2016   Reply →

    Sales meetings seem to always be about cutting corners and increasing profits. The focus can be all about profit and the importance of keeping the shareholders happy or their investments in the company will dry up. What is so refreshing is to hear in this episode is that business is all about people. I have always known this but was frustrated with life because so many businesses do not seem to get the concept! So brilliant that at last we can talk openly about making business all about people first …hooray!

  • Stephen Gammack November 3, 2016   Reply →

    I always feel a bit surprised when a big thing is made of philanthropy, because from my point of view if you are successful and you do well you should naturally want to share with others. And I don’t mean that you have to give away what you earned or be charitable, but that you would want to invest in projects that are about more than just what “I and me” can get out of it. Surely we are at most ease in our own bodies when we are considering the bigger picture. How often do we see a lottery winner get completely lost in the wealth and become dissatisfied with life, true harmony with ourselves, and by that I mean an ease and contentment within us can only come when we make life about the bigger picture. Business has to be about people first otherwise it is just another guy muddying the already dirty water, and you would definitely say the world is already polluted enough.

  • Aimee Edmonds November 3, 2016   Reply →

    A business model that I’m sure we all would love to work in and with. Many businesses are all about profit and productivity but little or no attention to the quality of the productivity or the people behind it. I’ve seen a lot of colleagues over my work life, including myself, been sucked up by the hype and drive of business no different to being in a washing machine… and then left exhausted, frazzled and tossed around by the end of it. What is so humbling is how Serge speaks of free will and the understanding he brings to humanity and the choices we continue to make, and that there is no judgement. Very inspiring, as I get caught up sometimes in good and bad of life.

  • Donna Gianniotis November 2, 2016   Reply →

    Watching this 40 minute episode of SergeBenhayonTV will change your relationship with business, money, God, your evolution and the universe. I love how the episode started with business but soon went onto explore that everything is business and as Serge always does, offers the space to feel and explore our temporal lives.

  • mary sanford November 2, 2016   Reply →

    Thank you Serge for explaining in simple terminology the difference between the spirit and the soul. I can honestly say that I can now feel that there is another character running my body, one that wants to eat what it likes and basically do what it wants and to heck with the consequences I’ll deal with them later. And now I can feel how this other part of me has no respect for me or the body I’m living in. It feels as though I have started to wake up from a self induced stupor and have started to really ask myself the question
    ‘What is going on here’
    I know I would not be aware of this ‘other’ character if I hadn’t attended the workshops and presentations of Serge Benhayon, but at last it is all making sense and I understand why the world is in such a mess because this ‘other’ character is running the show and is completely out of control. And it is up to us as individuals to rein it in and regain control over our bodies.

    • Stephen Gammack April 28, 2017   Reply →

      It seems out there to think that we are influenced in such a way, but when we look at the choices we make, often the poor ones, I can’t help but feel, there is actually some force that is pulling us to make bad choices, otherwise why would we do things we know are not good for us. Being open to the possibilities of energy sources is well worth philosophising on. My feeling is what has anyone got to lose.

  • Gill Randall November 1, 2016   Reply →

    There is so much for us here for us to understand about accepting new normals to return us to the way we can view religion, science, medicine and business in the future. This is so supportive for us to learn to make smarter choices from now on.

  • Natallija November 1, 2016   Reply →

    I have watched this episode several types as I have been inspired by the simplicity that Serge Benhayon shares about the responsibility that starts not by the big corporations but each and everyone of us in our own areas of service in the wider community.

  • Abby November 1, 2016   Reply →

    We can really damage ourselves and others with spiritualism, thank god this is being spoken about.

  • Jonathan Stewart November 1, 2016   Reply →

    Serge masterfully explains so clearly that there is another way to do business from that which is generally practiced (and has been for generations), that is loving, caring, supportive not only for oneself but the whole of humanity, and is practical.

  • Stephanie Stevenson November 1, 2016   Reply →

    An Ancient Way as a ‘new paradigm’ for business based on evolution and making it all about people first. With Love and equal-ness as the foundation at work, the sickness rates will drop and employees will be keen to get to work, even on a Monday morning!

  • mary sanford November 1, 2016   Reply →

    Again there is so much covered in this episode … where to start! There is so much to digest, especially the bit about money and kidney energy (life force). My overall impression is how harming we are towards ourselves without ever really stopping to consider how we spend our money. I wonder just how many people stop to tally up how much they spend on food and drinks that harm the body. I know I didn’t and was quite shocked when I did the math’s at the amount of money spent on alcohol for example.

  • Gabriele Conrad October 31, 2016   Reply →

    There are so many topics here in just one episode, from business to evolution and then some. Not to mention that the image of the poor and barefoot healer gets well and truly dismantled.

  • Felix Kremer October 31, 2016   Reply →

    It leaves me in awe to observe how both of the presenters in this video don’t impose their views onto the audience. They simply present themselves. How rarely is such love seen on TV, with interviewer and interviewee relating to each other in equality.

  • Abby October 30, 2016   Reply →

    This has redefined success in business to a much richer meaning.

  • Jennifer Smith October 30, 2016   Reply →

    I loved the discussion on professionals working together without competition for the benefit and growth of the profession they work in. This makes a huge difference in business itself but also to the well-being of all who work in each business. It’s worthwhile considering if this is the way forward for all businesses and workplaces in getting ahead? I can’t help but think it is.

  • Vicky Geary October 30, 2016   Reply →

    These episodes have been totally inspiring. So much so that the last 2 major purchases I have made have been made with so much more awareness. What resulted was a connection and relationship with those involved that had true care and equality and therefore the whole experience felt incredible.

  • mary sanford October 29, 2016   Reply →

    As always these episodes that have been shared with everyone is so rich in everything its like a smorgasbord of life. I keep coming back to watch them because every time I watch them there is something more I get from them. Am I living life with all of me and embracing it fully. Or am I a bystander watching life from a distance?

  • Simon Williams October 29, 2016   Reply →

    What does ‘love in business’ look like? Well now we have a model with Universal Medicine that is sharing its fundamental principles, something that people can rely on, be inspired by, and start to transform all of our businesses

  • SD October 29, 2016   Reply →

    “No human being has been able to explain why intelligent people harm themselves.” SB.
    Serge Benhayon asks the simplest of questions but it really exposes a huge part of our existence, and for me, this brings home questions about what intelligence is and how perhaps one’s understanding of it can be manipulated to suit a personal agenda. Because I do not see it as a question of whether a person is intelligent or not, but in fact what that person defines as intelligence itself. And, if there is room for reinterpretation of this word, where everyone can have their own meaning of it, then where is the truth, and does this lead us straight in to the hands of justified harm to ourselves? I get the sense that it is worth exploring what true intelligence is.

  • Leigh Matson October 28, 2016   Reply →

    Watching this I could relate it to any project work or any activity I may do during the day, how it can either support me to support others or harm me and bring harm to all others either directly or indirectly through my inability to be a support for myself let alone anyone else. If I invest in, expect and want my job to be a certain way for example and it doesn’t go according to that investment I can become stressed and the quality of my work is affected, it affects me, the other staff members and my customers. The work is done but at the expense of the quality. Through Serge Benhayon I have learnt that when quality not quantity and people before profit and outcomes is the main focus the service provided is far grander than anything physically produced.

  • Abby October 28, 2016   Reply →

    Business, God, Evolution and Spiritualism all discussed with such depth in this episode.

    • Victoria March 10, 2017   Reply →

      Yes, and when we separate one from the other we get ourselves into trouble. A life of love unites them equally.

  • Ariana Ray October 28, 2016   Reply →

    If there is one thing this man knows how to do- it’s run a business. He can do this because of how he lives from day to day with an absolute commitment to truth and integrity, he can do it because of how he loves and cares for himself, how he loves all others equally, how he dedicates his life to expanding love and truth in the world, by making people matter. These many things this man can do exceedingly and exceptionally well allow him to do business well. They go together hand in hand.

  • Julie Chung October 28, 2016   Reply →

    Yes, exposing the wily spirit and its harmful ways, is a much needed step if humanity is to move out of the fog and into living a truer more loving and alive life, but all in its own time as those of us who have chosen a different path know oh so well. So great to have truth presented for us so that we will eventually feel and know when we are ‘off track’ for ourselves. Thanks Serge!

  • Joel Levin October 27, 2016   Reply →

    Segre has re-written what is means to heal now it’s time to relook at how to be in business. There is no aspect of life that the soul cannot change for the better

  • rosanna bianchini October 27, 2016   Reply →

    A truly rich package on the business of life, delivered with such unfathomable understanding.

  • Sandra Newland October 27, 2016   Reply →

    I love the depth of Serge’s understanding that people have free will and are therefore free to choose something like cigarette smoking even if it is harmful. There is a sense of eternal patience in the knowing that we are all evolving at our own pace and that our habits will eventually drop away once we start to listen to our bodies enough to register the harm we are doing to ourselves as being greater than the need to suppress our hurts. He speaks about the wily spirit here which is the part of us that avoids taking responsibility and which will do anything to sustain its sense of identity. This is the missing link that explains why we can be so unintelligent when we claim to be an intelligent species.

  • Sandra Newland October 27, 2016   Reply →

    Great to have some meaningful TV shows. Business and Evolution gives a new way of doing business which, as Serge says, is not really new – it is ancient though it seems new because it is different from the norm. There is no cut-throat competition, true business is based on principals of love, equality and evolution and it grows a product that supports humanity to evolve.

  • Ariana Ray October 26, 2016   Reply →

    ‘What does ‘love in business’ look like?’ – Study Universal Medicine and all will be revealed. The love people are held in, the commitment to service, the dedication to putting self out of the way to serve all, the gorgeous quality of staff as they deal with appointments, customers and products all to support the client. This is not about making money, it’s about evolution for all. That is ‘love in business’.

  • Tricia Nicholson October 26, 2016   Reply →

    An amazing interview to watch and feel at ease with everything the presenter and interviewer share so lovingly together with an ease and equality. This episode brings the truth of business as a divine blessing for us all with love and humanity as the way forward and purpose instead of greed and individualism.

  • Jeannette Goldberg October 26, 2016   Reply →

    Imagine if work was not just something that you slog it out at each day, that you don’t count the minutes for the day to end so you can ‘get out of there’. Imagine if your work was viewed as a meaningful offering to other people that you enjoyed delivering each day and needed no relief from. Now that would be a the foundation of a great life.

  • Ariana Ray October 25, 2016   Reply →

    How to run a business that is bombarded on every front by social media trolls and stalkers; where detractors invent and accuse the owner of all manner of abuse to scare customers away. How to do it – watch Serge Benhayon. He is extraordinary in how he deals with such abuse and still conducts his business. Why? Because he makes his business about people first, and supporting that connection with people. There is no greed or self interest here, just a holding of the fact that in this business, people come first.

  • Ariana Ray October 24, 2016   Reply →

    Understanding the importance of integrity in business is a missing link in many businesses today and we all lose as a result. What Serge Benhayon is talking about here is that people matter, and profit does not come before people, profit is because we put people first.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh October 24, 2016   Reply →

    I know we need to seriously look at the foundation of many of our businesses and organisations, because I am often staggered with how low we have allowed things to get in terms of greed, lack of care, dishonesty and one-upmanship. Buying, manipulating and falsifying scientific research is one example, patents that dominate and control the accessibility of vital resources is another, strategising to put others out of business and deliberately misleading PR campaigns are yet more examples. But Serge Benhayon sets a new marker for the level of integrity, love and care provided by even the businesses that do care about doing the right thing and benefiting the public. Do we truly put people ahead of personal targets, and are we providing a service that supports humanity in its evolution? A thought provoking and deeply inspiring interview.

  • Abby October 24, 2016   Reply →

    ‘What is the correlation between money and our kidney energy or ‘life force’ and what would happen if we did business in the understanding that our return on investment will always first and foremost be energetic?’.

    We rob ourselves of all the riches life has to offer when we only place value on money.

  • Gill Randall October 24, 2016   Reply →

    When we can learn how to