The Team Behind Serge Benhayon TV

Rebecca Asquith – Interviewer, Producer and Co-Director

Rebecca Asquith

Rebecca Asquith – Interviewer, Producer and Co-Director

As a freelance writer, producer and presenter, Rebecca Asquith has had the privilege of interviewing people from many different professions and backgrounds.
She has a particular interest in speaking to people about the things that matter – health, wellbeing and the deeper philosophical questions about life and how we are in it.

“I have known Serge Benhayon for over ten years and it has been an honour to collaborate with him on this series so that his work might reach a much wider global audience for years to come.”

“There are very few people in the world who can present the truth of the corruption of systems, society and our relationships with each other, while at the same time holding humanity in the knowing of how life can be, and will be, when we make love our foundational intelligence. Serge Benhayon lives the future now – the simplicity, love and total commitment to people that is man’s natural evolution; with that livingness he reminds us that we can too.”

As the founder of Emanation Media, Rebecca Asquith supports people around the globe with web development, their online presence and written expression. As a partner in multimedia business The Co-creative, Rebecca is one of a team of professionals who regularly produce live stream events to be broadcast to over 20 countries. Her work is informed by her unwavering commitment to make media that ignites and inspires us to more deeply understand the world and each other.

Jonathan Baldwin – Producer, Co-Director and Video Editor

Jonathan Baldwin

Jonathan Baldwin – Producer, Co-Director and Video Editor

Jonathan Baldwin is the founding director of Evolving Media, a company dedicated to supporting people and their expression on the internet. He designs and develops websites, works in video production, is a skilled copywriter and mentors business owners to become confident and efficient managers of their online presence and promotions. One of Jonathan’s greatest passions in life is producing authentic, engaging and evolving visual media.

Jonathan has a deep love for the all encompassing philosophy, science and religion of the Ageless Wisdom as presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

“The Ageless Wisdom delivers a worldview that makes sense of every detail of human life, gives meaning to our position in the Universe and explains what it means for us to truly evolve back to our natural divine origins. With its rich past and long lineage of teachers and movements from Hermes, Imhotep, Siddhartha Gautama, Krishna, Pythagoras, the Greek Philosophers, The Master Jesus, Hypatia, The Cathars, Leonardo Da Vinci, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky and more… it is an honour to be able to bring the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom so instantly to a worldwide audience this time round. As the series unfolds, Serge Benhayon TV will explore modern life with a level of depth and detail that has never before been seen in a TV series.”

Simon Asquith – Audio and Video Production

Simon Asquith

Simon Asquith – Audio and Video Production

Simon Asquith has been involved with all things audio for over 25 years. From live event engineering and production, to studio recording as well as many years as a professional musician and performing artist around the world. After some time out of the industry to pursue other things, Simon found the call to take up the microphones and sound desk again after falling in love with the content and material presented, explored and delivered by Serge Benhayon.

Having spent the last 4 years supporting the delivery of live presentations by Serge Benhayon nationally and internationally as part of The Co-creative team, Simon has experienced first hand the profound effects in his own life of what is being presented, as well as the call for the Ageless Wisdom from around the world.

“The opportunity to be involved in a project like this, the depth and quality of the content, and the real global change it is capable of offering inspire me in all aspects of life, and as such working in this project is a complete joy”.