Episode 1 - Whole Body Intelligence

What is ‘Whole-body Intelligence’ and what can it tell us about how to move and walk so that we can deliver an intelligence that holds all equal in the realm we live in.

Sound grand? It is. Welcome to Episode One of Serge Benhayon TV.


  • Mary December 27, 2021   Reply →

    I agree Gill these episodes of Serge Benhayon TV should be part of the education curriculum. What is being shared in every single one of these episodes is true Science, Religion and Philosophy which is nothing like what we have been falsely educated to believe.

  • Mary December 27, 2021   Reply →

    Rebecca said when she is working on the computer she is so engrossed (pharaphrasing here) that she doesn’t notice she has a sore back. When we go into our minds it stops us from feeling the sensitivity of our bodies. We can lock ourselves away for centuries in our minds by making it our fortress, but this I have discovered is a false way of living because it is our bodies that hold the true intelligence. Coming back into our body from a long absence can be extremely difficult because we have relied on our minds to dictate how life should be, what we want it to be based on the pictures we have been fed. So there is a huge amount of control being wielded which our minds do not want to let go of. We have been fed the belief that without our minds we are nothing or that if we loose our mind we will go crazy. This is a complete set up. I know this because I fell for the lie that to lose one’s mind will send me crazy so that I lived terrified of losing my mind.

  • Mary October 9, 2021   Reply →

    Gill Also when we can clear enough rubbish out of our bodies so that they feel lighter it gives us the opportunity to feel the tension. Then we can ask ourselves the question: where is that tension coming from? Because it sticks out like a sore thumb. However if we dull our bodies so that they are heavy and unresponsive we won’t feel anything therefore we have cut ourselves off from our bodies intelligence that is always there to be accessed.

  • Vicky Cooke August 8, 2021   Reply →

    These episodes are truly incredible .. groundbreaking and something for the all. Every time I listen to them I learn and receive something new that is needed for my true evolution and could feel here, as Serge and Rebecca are talking about whole body intelligence and a way of being, my body had a deeper understanding of this more than ever before. Serge Benhayon TV is part of my everyday, so very enriching. Thank you Team for what you are bringing here ✨? is it ABSOLUTE GOLD ??

  • Mary October 3, 2020   Reply →

    I feel Ariana that we as a collective seemed to have moved on from function and have made a world where we act more like a human machine than a human-being. There is no quality, or integrity, just the doing. I cannot understand why we would want to do this to ourselves, it makes no sense to me why we should want to denigrate ourselves to such an inhuman way of life. Watching these episodes of Serge Benhayon.tv is like a breath of fresh air, someone is at last asking the question, that I have been asking myself since young why are we living like this as it goes against everything we know to be true.

  • Mary October 3, 2020   Reply →

    Ariana we just have to read the health statistics to realise that our bodies are rotting away from the toxicity we are ingesting. This tells me that the way we are currently living is having an adverse effect on us, it just doesn’t add up, why is humanity so sick. To me these presentations offer another dimension to life by asking questions that up until now we have not wanted to hear.

  • Inma Lorente June 28, 2020   Reply →

    There is a wisdom to explore in the body that is greater than what we understood as intelligence in our society. The way this truth is presented here feels very beautiful because there is no ounce of imposition or knowledge but a delivering from the living experience of someone who walk what he talks. This is what makes it so inspiring and accessible.

    • Mary November 7, 2020   Reply →

      Inma I agree, Serge and Rebecca express in a conversational way a willingness to look underneath the carpet of life and expose with no judgement or imposition what we have as a collective swept under there in an attempt to hide the truth of our dissatisfaction of life and ourselves so that we can pretend that our current way of life is working.

  • Inma Lorente June 28, 2020   Reply →

    This sharing brings me to understand that true vitality and wellbeing starts with being loving with ourselves as every choice we make has an impact within our body and in the whole. This raise the bar about what true responsibility is about. Thank you Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine team for sharing about the intelligence of love that we all have access.

  • Melinda Knights January 22, 2020   Reply →

    I understood this in such a deeper and different way today, it was like watching a new episode. I am a real thinker and I haven’t spent a great deal of time connected to my body, but the more I do the more I feel settled. As soon as I leave my body I begin to feel anxious and racy, and there is no real point to the endless thoughts that disturb and unsettle the body, and that take me away from myself. It makes sense to me that the whole body has intelligence because I definitely feel different things around my body, and I have felt how the body holds different consciousnesses based on experiences I’ve had in life, that then are stored in different areas of the body.

  • Mary January 6, 2020   Reply →

    If we are so intelligent then why do we smoke cigarettes when all the evidence shows that they are harmful to our health? Why do we drink alcohol when again everything points to the fact that it is harmful, and yet it has become our everyday drug of choice; if this is true intelligence then this doesn’t make any sense to me at all.

  • Matilda Bathurst October 27, 2019   Reply →

    True intelligence is a lived way of being and not an intellectual brain thing. I can feel that when someone shares from their lived experience and choices I am much more ‘all ears’. I guess because my body can feel the integrity of what is being shared and that it is not just an transactional piece of information.

    • Mary June 19, 2020   Reply →

      What you have shared is really interesting Matilda because just recently I was having a conversation with somebody and I got the feeling in my body that they where regurgitating something they had heard. It was fascinating because their body was completely flat and they were so wanting to convince me and themselves of what they were saying. Is this how we can trick ourselves into believing something because we want it to be true because it fits a picture we have built about how life should be.

    • Inma Lorente June 28, 2020   Reply →

      After watching this video I felt more in tune with my body. Afterwards I looked myself in the mirror and I found a beauty beyond this world. After years of having lack of self worth issues I understood how different this society would be if men and women would see themselves in this way. Comparison, jealousy, eating disorders…all these issues based on the physical just wouldn’t exist as you can’t help but feel amazing when you are connected to your body from inside. You get to see the beauty of your being which is far greater than any image this world may provide.

      • Mary April 4, 2022   Reply →

        Inma I have rediscovered a deep connection to my body it is fascinating that when I go into the Bathroom there is a big mirror that faces everyone as they enter. I always avoided mirrors there was a time I would hardly looked in one. Now, I stop and take in my delicacy, the sweetness that shows the world the joy in my cheeks and this radiance pours from me it cannot be contained. As you say when we are connected to our bodies from the inside the pure joy that is felt is then available to everyone.
        Because I listened and took note of Serge Benhayon and the Ageless Wisdom teachings I have gone from a depressed given up on myself and humanity, a total killjoy, to being this immense glowing beauty. The transformation is an absolute miracle. We could say I have gone from rags to riches in one life time.

  • Melinda Knights October 26, 2019   Reply →

    If the body has the intelligence of love, and all that comes with it such as harmony, then we would have to say that the way of the education system currently is a reduction of our true intelligence. Obviously to learn mathematics, science, to write, etc, is very needed so we can understand the world and eventually contribute to society with a career, but we are cutting out the intelligence of the body. We see this in the way people abuse and neglect their own body and the skyrocketing rates of ill health, we aren’t connected to our bodies so we can’t respond to their needs, and we see it in the way we relate to one another from the mind, and not from a whole body experience. Even love is something we relate to from mental beliefs, not as a truth felt from our body. Something enormous to explore – whole body intelligence.

  • Mary August 11, 2019   Reply →

    I was chatting to some people recently we were discussing how we know we belong to something grander, we may not be able to articulate what that grandness looks like but it is there because we have reconnected to the access. What if there was a door to another world where everything was totally opposite to the way we live today. There are so many books, films, TV series on this subject what if it’s not science fiction but true and all we had to do was reconnect back to what is ours by right. Our bodies know everything but we have this tendency to use our brain to discount what we are feeling.

    • Matilda Bathurst October 27, 2019   Reply →

      Thank you Mary. By your last sentence I am inspired to honour more my body’s communication. Actually I find it really fun to respond to this wise guidance.

  • Mary August 11, 2019   Reply →

    I like to come back to this particular interview because for me this is where it all starts when we can admit that our bodies are actually so much more intelligent than our minds and that we have fallen for the lie that the mind is the center of our intelligence. We have allowed this very suitable lie because if we were to admit that actually our bodies are so intelligent then we would have to clean up our act so to say and become responsible for the way we behave towards ourselves first and then all others.

  • Viktoria August 5, 2019   Reply →

    It makes life much more simple, and therefore enjoyable.

  • Viktoria July 26, 2019   Reply →

    I remember the first time I watched this video, of many. Every time i play it, even if it is a for a short period of time – a minute or two, I get to hear something differently – a different perspective, a deeper understanding. I think that’s worth gold, the enrichment it can bring to our lives is something special & worth playing with/ exploring or just giving it a try.

  • Anonymous July 7, 2019   Reply →

    Watching a true philosopher (Serge Benhayon) present is super incredible and super inspiring.

    • Mary March 31, 2020   Reply →

      I have found that the more I watch these episodes, the more there is that is unfolding so that it feels as though I am watching for the first time. I have a similar experience when reading the books that Serge Benhayon has written as I deepen more within myself the more is revealed to me in the books and now the TV episodes. This to me shows me the truth of education one is just a regurgitation of something that is dull and dead, so favours those people who have a good recall memory. The other form of education is a constantly evolving and expanding knowledge that is there for everyone equally no recall needed just a willingness to deepen ones awareness of themselves and the world they interact with.

  • Viktoria Stoykova June 25, 2019   Reply →

    The intelligence of the body cannot he measures by the simplicity of the reduced version of science we have today. It is deeper, grander and encompassing much more than what we see on a physical basis.

  • SE May 26, 2019   Reply →

    When we connect and truly listen to our bodies we are offered great evolution.

    • Mary June 4, 2020   Reply →

      SE I agree with what you have written I am finding that the more I listen and respect my body the more it communicates with me, or I can go into the mental constructs of my mind and get lost in there which offers no evolution at all.

  • Viktoria April 27, 2019   Reply →

    I remember watching this for the first time, my friend and I were so chuffed to finally have TV that was worth watching. Nothing that stimulates you & is constantly reporting on the dramas they want to hook you in, no emotion – just a plain presentation. Plain but ever so rich.

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