Episode 12 - Sex, Nakedness and Making Love

Is your sex life feeling 2D? And if yes – is it because what happens in the bedroom is not the foremost determinant of the richness of your love life?

In this episode – the first in a series on Sex and Relationships – Serge Benhayon and Rebecca Asquith talk about how we can establish a wholesome societal understanding of sex, the difference between sex and making love, the energetic factors that contribute to impotence and why sex and making love can be absolutely amazing and yet completely normal all at once.

Forget Sex in the City this is ‘Sex in the Rural’…there are no cocktails or $1000 shoes, but as usual, philosophy and substance on tap.


  • Matilda Bathurst May 18, 2018   Reply →

    Understanding nakedness as a quality of openness with each other is a very beautiful realisation and a very beautiful thing to practise living and developing.

  • Rebecca May 17, 2018   Reply →

    No one has ever discussed relationships and sex in this way – one that opens it up from being a single moment that is weighed down by all our expectations on it to deliver the relationship something very important, to being a single moment in one long expression on love in every moment, from brushing our teeth together and cooking dinner, to driving in the car and passing in the hall.

  • Natalie Hawthorne May 16, 2018   Reply →

    In a world where sex has become so animalistic, abusive and degrading, and then to hear Serge Benhayon present that there is a way of being with each other that is possible where we make true love and it starts with a level of respect for each other is so confirming of what I have felt and always known was possible, I had just not come across yet.

  • Samantha Davidson May 16, 2018   Reply →

    I very much did separate sex, from making love, from the rest of life…how can this happen? How can you have meaningless sex one day and make love the next, how can we have a fight and then walk into a bedroom and be tender and make love…it is impossible…This simple and wise exploration into relationships and how we are with ourselves and each other… opens up a universe of intimacy in the true sense. I love it.

  • Carmel Reid May 15, 2018   Reply →

    When it comes to sex education, in schools it tends to be limited to the biological aspects, very rarely are relationships discussed, even though the relationship is a key part of making love. Serge Benhayon explains that making love is not just for the bedroom, it can be going for a walk holding hands. Rebecca Asquith asks about the energetic transaction between two people, a different way of looking at sex.

  • Rachael Evans May 14, 2018   Reply →

    This is a great example of how we seperate life. We make it into parts, some we enjoy and others we don’t. But how can that be when it is US who is in and experiencing these situations? We are the ones who are with ourselves when we go to work, to bed, to eat, to be with another intimately, so what is it we are not ‘enjoying’ or liking about the situation? I agree with Serge on the nakedness – how naked are we willing to be and maybe we find it easier to be naked at work then we do with our family etc.

    • Ariana Ray May 16, 2018   Reply →

      ‘How naked are we willing to be’ is a great question, for we all seem to be locked in the protection that is so accepted in the world. Making a shift to this kind of transparency and making it normal would change so much in how we relate with each other. We would see a different kind of ‘normal’ where protection is old era and out dated and that naked transparency is on trend. Why – because what we have got from protection is isolation, separation and living a way of life that is giving us sickness rates through the roof. Serge Benhayon is great TV.

  • Michael Goodhart May 14, 2018   Reply →

    The way Serge Benhayon and Rebecca Baldwin discuss how making love is really in every interaction we have with each other, like holding hands and going for a walk together really takes all the pressure and mystique out of sex and helps bring it back to the basics and joy of being together, without having such a ‘peak experience’ , but rather a steady building of a connection and deepening of appreciation for each other that creates a foundation of love never to go below afterwards.

  • Michael Brown May 13, 2018   Reply →

    With such massive pressure on both men and women around sex this is such a burden-easing interview to watch.

    • Matilda Bathurst May 18, 2018   Reply →

      ‘Burden-easing’… a cool description and an invitation to consider one of many ways we can relinquish our perception that life is meant to be a struggle.

  • Joseph Barker May 12, 2018   Reply →

    The way Serge Benhayon undresses this topic makes it clear we’ve been prostituting ourselves all along – for we all know the truth about love in our heart.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh May 11, 2018   Reply →

    Today Serge Benhayon demonstrated the example of not holding any protection or any agendas when walking towards someone in contrast to engaging a different energy when walking. I saw how the impact of even the slightest level of holding back our absolute openness is huge. I felt teary considering the magnificence which the whole of humanity could live if we all adopted the level of openness and transparency with which Serge lives.

  • Shami May 11, 2018   Reply →

    How amazing to consider that making love is something that can bring a depth of connection and beauty to all aspects of life and is not just a grabbed moment of climactic thrill, but actually is a part of one’s whole expression throughout life.

  • Shami May 11, 2018   Reply →

    I love this part where Serge Benhayon talks about going to sleep with your partner in explosive intimacy. How gorgeous to make beautiful just the act of sleeping together, with the openness and sweet vulnerability that this brings, which is a space that can carry on throughout the day and support all other activities and relationships.

  • Gill Randall May 10, 2018   Reply →

    We have energetic transactions between us all, all the time so this understanding from Serge Benhayon that sex/making love is a natural extension of how we live on a daily 24/7 basis. It’ll be great when young people are taught this understanding in schools.

  • Lieke Campbell May 10, 2018   Reply →

    Hearing this I wonder why I haven’t ever connected the proverbial dots before because it makes so much sense that we can’t isolate our sex-life from the rest of our life. If we are having issues in our sex-life we have to simply look at how we are every minute of our day with ourselves and our partner. Are we adoring ourselves and them or is this occasional? Knowing this gives a simple and beautiful way forward in life.

  • kehinde james May 9, 2018   Reply →

    This short interview answers all the questions never asked about sex: What does it mean? How is it different from making love? Compare these profound questions with the absolute nonsense sold by media: film, theatre, literature and magazines. It’s not just a physical act, a function, but love and deepening the quality of our relationships. How could we have strayed so far from the truth and made life miserable for so many, when it could be joyful.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh May 13, 2018   Reply →

      With many areas, including sex, we have settled for a caricature version of our glorious expression. Wonderful that this conversation takes us there and gives us the opportunity to re-examine our relationship in this area.

  • Rowena Stewart May 9, 2018   Reply →

    Life takes on a whole different meaning, expression and enjoyment when we finally understand that everything we do in life can make Love. The real meaning of this term goes way beyond the bedroom and can infiltrate everything with a sparkle, even the most mundane chore can be transformed when done with a delicate, light and playful touch.

  • Natalie Hawthorne May 9, 2018   Reply →

    The principles of first loving yourself unconditionally before you love another makes absolute sense and when I first heard Serge Benhayon share this I didn’t really know what he meant. But that was me trying to avoid how much I had dis-connected from my soul and innate being. Basing our relationships with our divine being within first means that when we share this with a partner we are celebrating us coming together on a really equal basis and that is the foundation. That is worth cherishing for sure and each other in this no matter what.

  • Jonathan Stewart May 8, 2018   Reply →

    Presenting that sex is an extension of how one has been living rather than activity in isolation brings a depth and intimacy not only to sex but to the whole of life.

  • kehinde james May 8, 2018   Reply →

    This interview is profound as is it is beautiful: making love is how we walk together, cook together, hold hands, even clean the house. Seen this way removes the pressure of performance in sexual function and allows us to lovingly be with another all day long.

  • kehinde james May 8, 2018   Reply →

    Serge gently demolishes previous perceptions of sex and offers another way exposing, as he does, how we complicate life when things can be as simple and clear as this. Sex is not separate from other parts of our life and making love starts outside the bedroom, in the quality of relationship we have with our partners moment by moment Crazy to have ever believed it could be anything else.

  • Rowena Stewart May 8, 2018   Reply →

    It’s not really sex that we are interested in, its intimacy and that always begins with those gorgeous moments outside the bedroom that enable us to open up like flowers to each other. Making love then becomes the icing on a very big cake made from intimacy, openness and fun.

  • Jenny James May 8, 2018   Reply →

    True nakedness is the transparency and intimacy that we allow between each other – Love this interview.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh May 7, 2018   Reply →

    This is so evolutionary, just like when I first heard Serge Benhayon present about relationships: the fact that relationship was not limited to the narrow definition I held at the time which involved focusing on one person at the exclusion of others. Similar expansion is offered here.
    Making love is a 24/7 thing, it is not limited to the period of engaging in the sexual act. Listening to Serge Benhayon broaden this into other aspects of daily life, not only does it take away the obsessed focus and pressure that goes with what takes place in the bedroom, but it also opens up the possibility that we could be having this same quality of relationship with every single person in our lives.

  • Mary May 7, 2018   Reply →

    We seem to have placed such value in just having sex and are actually missing out on the seemingly little things that make a relationship everything it can be. And let’s be honest we are all looking for that ‘special’ relationship. Both male and females know they are missing out on something spectacular we are seemingly so hung up on ideals and beliefs we don’t seem to want to deepen the intimacy in the relationship and instead go for the mundane and in that we dislike the emptiness we are left with.

  • Mary May 7, 2018   Reply →

    What if something similar to this interview was shown in schools as part of the ‘sex education’ To say to both boys and girls that if we cherish and loved ourselves first and in that openness and transparency may be the girls would have more confidence and self-respect in themselves that they would be able to say no, actually I’m worth more than this. Let’s get to know each other first. We seem to have placed such value in just having sex and are actually missing out on the sprinkles that go with it that go to make it everything it can be.

  • Monica Gillooly May 6, 2018   Reply →

    Such a great conversation on sex and relationships, bringing it to a greater depth and showing that it’s not just about sex and the act, but the fact of how we live in all aspects of our lives and that life is to be lived not as peak moments or experiences but as a consistent love and care.

  • Gabriele Conrad May 5, 2018   Reply →

    Putting impotence in a much greater context of how we carry ourselves in daily life makes sense and adds the energetic factor to a thus far much narrower medical understanding of the condition.

  • Gabriele Conrad May 5, 2018   Reply →

    Regarding making love as a confirmation and not as a stand alone highlight of the union of two people takes the pressure away and turns making love into a 24/7 mutual dedication and commitment.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh May 4, 2018   Reply →

    We have made a big deal about nakedness, as if we are making a statement of intimacy by taking our clothes off. Yet there is plenty of evidence showing that this is plainly not the case.
    Another form of nakedness, no protection or holding back the love and tenderness that is our true nature, no games, no pretense and being completely transparent.
    Babies and young children tend to be like that and most of us melt in their presence. There is no reason why we cant choose to be like that as adults. Serge Benhayon himself is a wonderful example for that.

  • Carmel Reid May 4, 2018   Reply →

    I love the way that making love is what we do in our every day activities in our relationship, not just in the bedroom

  • Shami May 4, 2018   Reply →

    This is such a great interview, far beyond what any sex education class can give at school, bringing in to view what transparency between couples can actually be like.

  • Christoph Schnelle May 4, 2018   Reply →

    It takes a while to get used to the idea that there is a difference between sex and making love, more than just semantics and quite tangible.

    • David May 7, 2018   Reply →

      Christoph, I agree I used to see the two as being interchangeable although I often had ‘hooked’ up with people and had sex when there was certinly no love – not even a name really! The more I have explored the difference the greater I see how the truth of love and how I was certainly selling myself short by settling for sex with no love.

  • Matilda Bathurst May 4, 2018   Reply →

    Playful and profound, if this is the first of a series about sex, nakedness and making love, I look forward very much to what is to come.

    • Jonathan Stewart May 8, 2018   Reply →

      Hear, hear.

  • Joseph Barker May 3, 2018   Reply →

    Making love is everything

  • Joseph Barker May 3, 2018   Reply →

    It’s startling to come to this site and see these videos – each explicitly revealing all humanity needs to know. Every question we’ve ever asked is covered here and Serge and Rebecca are only 12 episodes in. Wow! And what they share applies not to just one thing but to the whole of life. It just goes to show how making love in your life works, and enriching everything. Now that is what I call hot 🙂

  • Rowena Stewart May 3, 2018   Reply →

    This episode should be part of our sex education in schools, so that as well as teaching kids about the practical aspects of safe sex, they are also educated about how to take relationships to a much deeper level than just a physical act, that so often feels very empty when not accompanied by a tender intimacy that comes with being playful, tender, open and honest first.

    • Michelle McWaters May 5, 2018   Reply →

      Agreed. So many teachers like to keep it to the functional facts in school. I have just supported a lesson on hormones and puberty in biology to a group of Y10s where the atmosphere in the room was over excited and this excitement was dealt with “let’s just keep it to the facts’ – but ever wondered why our kids’ behaviour can get more raucous during these lessons? Is it because they have learned shame around sex (a deeply held belief stemming from religious doctrines that paint it as bad/sinful ) and have not been given the opportunity to connect to a deeper awareness of their bodies, of relationships, of the world/universe and that, as you say Rowena life can be playful, tender, open and honest? When we meet all aspects of life in this quality including sex/making love then there is no shame or embarrassment, simply an acceptance that life is much more than what we can tangibly see but certainly not more than we can tangibly feel.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh May 6, 2018   Reply →

      Yes these deeper foundations of life which every conversation with Serge Benhayon keeps bringing us back to, are sorely missing from our education. An important addition and investment indeed.

  • Matts Josefsson May 2, 2018   Reply →

    This episode about sex, making love, makes so much sense.

  • Natalie Hawthorne May 1, 2018   Reply →

    Now that’s what I call setting the bar on true intimacy and making love based on absolute respect and love for ourselves and for others. Not holding back and appreciating each other in this.

  • Shami May 1, 2018   Reply →

    I feel that this interview with Serge Benhayon is very revealing, or exposing, of the way that we all live with ourselves and with eachother. Because there is a livingness being described here that is deeply intimate, open and playful, and that has no barriers to being vulnerable.

  • Kathleen Baldwin May 1, 2018   Reply →

    This is the freshest take on sex, nakedness and making love that I have ever heard. Let’s normalise living 24/7 in love rather than reducing ourselves to the distorted current view of sex served up to us in movies and various magazines.

  • Lieke Campbell May 1, 2018   Reply →

    I love how you talk about sex or making love and it being part of our whole life and not just a switch we turn on or off. It makes sense and it exposes the trends we see with Fifty shades of grey and people making their sex life more extreme or even aggressive because it wasn’t satisfying. These are not the answer because they are not addressing the lack of love that is there in the relationship, with ourselves and with everyone else around us.

  • Joshua Campbell April 30, 2018   Reply →

    Such simple medicine. With the truth presented so clearly it is evident that there ought not to be any relationship dynamics in this world let alone domestic violence and abuse.

    • Michelle McWaters May 6, 2018   Reply →

      Yes, I love the clarity of truth that Serge Benhayon delivers. It cuts through the miasma of fog in a very beautifully profound way – truth offered very simply. It supports me to understand that life needn’t be complicated or riddled with hurts.; that it can be simple, loving and joyful.

  • Ariana Ray April 30, 2018   Reply →

    In this episode, Serge Benhayon talks about how we need “a cohesive decency” in the world and I so agree with this. When I look at the state of the world, this is clearly being called for. Great TV Serge Benhayon, thank you.

    • Golnaz Shariatzadeh May 9, 2018   Reply →

      I love the simplicity with which Serge Benhayon introduces and expands on such aspects of life which when considered, and especially if put into daily life, would make a profound difference, not just for ourselves but also for the whole world.

  • Michael Brown April 30, 2018   Reply →

    A topic that has previously made me cringe delivered in a way that breaks down what it means to be human and builds it back up into the majesty it is, by particle design, meant to be.

  • Fiona Cochran April 30, 2018   Reply →

    Everything is interlinked, we like to think we can ignore pockets of our lives and that they will just go away without having to deal with them but it makes sense that if we ignore one aspect of our lives that it will have an impact on all other areas of our lives. So, if we have tension at work which we do not dealt with it will come home with us and effect our relationships at home.

  • Monica Gillooly April 29, 2018   Reply →

    Life is 24×7 and each part is a part of it all, a great sharing on how it’s about how we are in all aspects of our lives with ourselves and our partner that impacts on how we are in the bedroom.

  • Rowena Stewart April 29, 2018   Reply →

    What is shared here is very innate within us. Any sexual act that is devoid of a tender, playful and honouring connection with one another is just an empty way to get relief. And building relationships based on these qualities is so much more enriching and gorgeous, a beautiful process of discovery and joy that can easily last a lifetime and more!

  • Jonathan Stewart April 29, 2018   Reply →

    A topic delicately, lightly and playfully discussed yet with profound insights into a very hot subject.

  • Natalie Hawthorne April 29, 2018   Reply →

    The words Serge shares is the ‘Cherishing one another’ – this is something that most and I certainly did in the past find cheesy and sickening. Now I can say they are music to my ears, when we start to love ourselves we start to appreciate that this can be something that is really sincere, deep and precious so why wouldn’t we want the same for our partners. In the past I would have missed the me side of things and imposed on my partner a need or a want that I was lacking. Turning this round and saying I am worth this for myself first and need nothing from another but to simply enjoy and appreciate them. So Cherishing is something that is deeply beautiful and totally possible and normal if we so choose it. Thanks Serge.

    • Christoph Schnelle May 4, 2018   Reply →

      It feels easy and natural to cherish another once we cherish ourselves.

  • Aimee Edmonds April 29, 2018   Reply →

    It’s pretty ridiculous really that we think we can all of a sudden ‘turn it on’ in the bedroom, be super loving or connected, or feel sexy within ourselves, yet very little or no other time of the day have we honoured ourselves, connected to each other, hardly spoken or touched. No wonder there is so much relief in having just sex, as making love asks us to be more with ourselves and more with each other and evolve together.

  • Eva Rygg April 29, 2018   Reply →

    Beautiful – how simple this topic is when we make it about love being everything we do or express in our day, holding hands, coking a meal, a conversation, anything.

  • Rowena Stewart April 28, 2018   Reply →

    When we choose to make the whole of life about love, from cooking, talking, working and then the physical act of making love, we restore true romance and magic to our relationships. The quality of how we interact on a daily basis is the love we take to bed with us, superb couples counselling that begins with how we prepared are we to go naked before we even take our clothes off.

  • HM April 28, 2018   Reply →

    I have had sex where it has just been all about that moment and the climax and everything else isn’t as great – and it really shows. I was hoping sex would fix things and tick a box – but what is presented here is gold – the fact that how we are in all other areas – cooking, walking, talking – is the same as making love – it is an equal quality expressed in different movements.

    • Matilda Bathurst May 4, 2018   Reply →

      And then the moments in the bedroom are simply an extension of all the making love that has gone on through the day… super simple, without need or relief and an opportunity to deepen our nakedness (transparency and openness) in life.

  • Alison Valentine April 28, 2018   Reply →

    Knowing that making love is an extension of how we live, then making love cooking, doing the dishes, holding hands makes sense and is a beautiful way to build a relationship that is about how we live together, and not just about the physical act of making love.

  • Ingrid Ward April 28, 2018   Reply →

    Understanding that making love is about every detail of how we are living our day and not just one hour in the bedroom is a huge game-changer. Keeping that in mind, offers us the opportunity to take an honest look at the quality of how we are actually living our lives.

  • Hm April 28, 2018   Reply →

    This subject highlights that we don’t talk about sex and making love often enough. We keep it as a secret and mystery topic when in fact it is a big part of life. To actually talk about it brings it to the surface and encourages us to all be more honest with what is truly going on. Even I flinched a little at the title which makes me consider that I avoid this conversation at times.

  • Rik Connors April 27, 2018   Reply →

    Had to watch it again didn’t I ! This had me hanging onto my seat more the second time embracing everything that was talked about and felt from this viewing. I love the simplicity of how gorgeous it felt between Serge and Rebecca with how all-encompassing and big their smiles were to each other – Beauty and the encapsulation of making of Love.

  • Monika Rietveld April 27, 2018   Reply →

    I love the topics offered in the episode; making love, sex and nakedness described in the true forms. There is so much to learn for us all about this and how great is it that we don’t have talk about this in secret. I look forward to more.

  • Gill Randall April 27, 2018   Reply →

    ‘Sex in the Rural’ is brilliant! As usual Serge Benhayon and Rebecca discuss a subject that has so much confusion and misunderstanding about it from the pictures we get in films or magazines. This is a frank discussion where we can understand how beautiful and cherishing we can be in relationships.

  • Jeanette April 27, 2018   Reply →

    I really enjoyed this. It takes the pressure away that many people live by these days what with the abundance of media outlets insisting that sex rather than making love are where it is at. Not so, as it is revealed here.

  • Jonathan Stewart April 27, 2018   Reply →

    The significance and implementation of transparency as espoused by Serge Benhayon in this episode brings a depth and beauty to love-making that transcends the function of sex.

  • Leonne Barker April 27, 2018   Reply →

    This episode is one of my favourites. True sex education that encompasses the truth of love making and honours our divine nature.

    • Michelle McWaters April 28, 2018   Reply →

      Absolutely! This needs to be shared with all teens during sex education classes which normally focus on the function of sex and how not to get pregnant. What has been shared here goes much deeper to a truer and more loving way of being that encompasses everything – not just one facet we like to compartmentalise and put ourselves under pressure with. A totally awesome episode that cuts through our current consciousness around sex supporting us to reconsider our approach.

  • Ariana Ray April 27, 2018   Reply →

    ‘Forget Sex in the City this is ‘Sex in the Rural’…there are no cocktails or $1000 shoes, but as usual, philosophy and substance on tap.” This is a hot topic – no doubt about that. Serge Benhayon stirs up a storm here. Great TV.

  • Jennifer Smith April 26, 2018   Reply →

    How we are in life, affects everything in our life. No exceptions.

  • Fiona Cochran April 26, 2018   Reply →

    I’m looking forward to the next episode if the second is anything like this one.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh April 26, 2018   Reply →

    There is so much advice out there about relationships, promoting all sorts of strategies ranging from demanding what you want, manipulating your own way, to bending backwards to please the other person. But it was not until meeting Serge Benhayon that I started to understand that there is no strategy or switch that can deliver a true relationship. The most gorgeous relationships are based on a foundation of transparency and loving, appreciating and honouring ourselves and one another 24/7.

    • Matilda Bathurst May 4, 2018   Reply →

      There is so much inspiration in the consideration that the quality of our relationships with our partners (supported alongside our relationship with ourselves) is the same quality with which we interact with everyone else in our lives; I see this in action in my life all the time.

  • Golnaz Shariatzadeh April 25, 2018   Reply →

    Who would have thought a discussion of Sex, Nakedness and Making Love could be so inspiring?
    This is a testament to how every conversation with Serge Benhayon is an invitation to deepen awareness, understanding, commitment and responsibility in life, offering a confirmation and honouring of the exquisiteness that is our true essence. The topic is simply the detail of human life we are focusing on at the time.

  • Sandra Vicary April 25, 2018   Reply →

    Another deeply beautiful expose by Serge, on the truth of what it really means to ‘make love’.

  • Michelle McWaters April 25, 2018   Reply →

    So beautifully simple. What has been expressed here takes the pressure out of the ‘performance’ of sex/making love. To view the act of making love as no different to holding hands, making a cup of tea, going for a walk etc., as these things are making love if they are done in a quality that is intimate and adoring – therefore what is experienced in the bedroom is no different and doesn’t have to come with any more reverence or expectation than what is lived during the day.

  • Melinda Knights April 25, 2018   Reply →

    This seems very common sense to me, that we don’t compartmentalise life and make any one activity more special, but that life is based on a quality of loving and adoring ourselves and each other throughout the whole day.

  • Nattalija April 25, 2018   Reply →

    I love this – making love 24/7 no start and no end!

    • Eva Rygg April 29, 2018   Reply →

      Exactly – every area of our life is equally significant and equally worthy of love.

  • Victoria April 25, 2018   Reply →

    Making love can be a way of living with connection, nakedness and transparency. That leaves the act of sex feeling pretty empty.

  • Rowena Stewart April 25, 2018   Reply →

    I love how once again Serge Benhayon restores our correct perspective on the subject of sex. When we bring our attention to making our normal everyday tasks sexy and playful, then naturally this has to bring a deeper quality into our love lives in all ways. Look forward to more in the series that can only deeply enhance all our relationships, even those platonic ones!

  • Joshua Campbell April 24, 2018   Reply →

    Listening to Serge and feeling just how full your life can truly be when you make it about love really exposes the utter lack and void-hungry need that porn is entirely based on. I was an avid porn addict when I was younger and love was no where in sight!

  • Monika Rietveld April 24, 2018   Reply →

    Of course everything influences each other, so if I am saying ‘no’ in one part of my life the rest gets effected as well. It doesn’t matter whether I say no to an opportunity at work it all comes home with me and comes in my relationship with my partner. We can make love everywhere and with everyone in how it is described here.

  • leigh matson April 24, 2018   Reply →

    This video makes a lot of sense.

  • Lieke Campbell April 24, 2018   Reply →

    Yes makes so much sense what is shared here. From young I have grown up with the idea sex was going to be the high of my life and then when it is actually not so easy and flowing, it can be easy to give up on life completely because what is now the high in our life? Learning it is all equal of importance in our day makes sense because why not make every part of our lives amazing? Equally so?

  • James Nicholson April 24, 2018   Reply →

    Thank you Rebecca and team an awesome topic we so often shy away from talking about yet something we most of us think about!

    • Eva Rygg April 29, 2018   Reply →

      Yes, very liberating to make this an everyday and natural topic as it is.

  • Natalie Hawthorne April 24, 2018   Reply →

    Wow imagine if this was shared with every single child instead of a disfunctional ‘Birds and the Bees’ talk, and that’s if your lucky enough to get that. This is so needed a healthy relationship with sex and honouring relationship with our partners.

  • Adele Leung April 24, 2018   Reply →

    I feel this strongly. Sex or making love is not a separate part from Life and it can never been asked to perform as such with the quality that is from the real us. And in life, the love and adoration we hold for ourselves and for our partners is absolute. Transparency is a process and a beholding. In a culture where we do not adore ourselves or know then how to adore another or accept adoration, there needs to be patience, lots of it, to accept and to keep holding each other in appreciation of every detail and moment. Even if expressing appreciation is not acceptable there are many other ways to express love and we never give up or exhaust this until eternity.

  • Nattalija April 24, 2018   Reply →

    Thank you for sharing how we can get so caught up in the word impotence that refers to the sexual topic but how often does this relate to the grander scale of how we hold these behaviours in other parts of our lives. Holding back on a far greater level than we choice to feel.

  • Gabriele Conrad April 24, 2018   Reply →

    Giving the term ‘impotence’ a much wider and deeper definition makes sense when we know that energy always precedes physicality and that we cannot compartmentalise life.

  • Fiona Cochran April 24, 2018   Reply →

    I loved watching this episode, there is so much lightheartedness and humour and what I could feel is how Serge is no different in this interview behind the camera than he is when he is presenting on stage.

  • Natalie Hawthorne April 24, 2018   Reply →

    Thankyou Rebecca for initiating such a priceless episode on a topic that is far beyond being at its natural true state. Serge speaks so practical and real about what is going on and the potential of what is actually possible. I know for me one of the hardest things to do is to be transparent. More and more though in all my relationships I feel this changing and it is remarkable what is on offer for the depth of where the relationships can go.

  • Alison Pearson April 24, 2018   Reply →

    What an expansive and revelatory interview. It’s very empowering to understand and appreciate that how we are with each other down to the minutest detail has a direct impact all the way to the bedroom. Openly sharing our adoration for each other deepens our relationship and brings us closer together so the celebration of each other in the bedroom comes from a place of lived truth.

  • Fiona Cochran April 24, 2018   Reply →

    Totally refreshing viewing, how many people would have loved to have access to this type of television whilst they were in their teens?

  • Fiona Pierce April 24, 2018   Reply →

    It’s really great to have this kind of TV available to watch; the depth and value of the conversation is so insightful and meaningful and applicable to everyday life, thank you.

  • Jennifer Smith April 24, 2018   Reply →

    Like everything Serge Benhayon presents, nothing is isolated and everything is connected to everything else. Sex is no different. The quality of what happens in our bedrooms depends on the quality of how we live so a moment of making love is not necessarily something that is sexual. As Serge has said here it could be holding hands or cooking dinner together. How beautiful.

  • Ingrid Ward April 24, 2018   Reply →

    What a refreshing interview on a subject that in the past would have had me feeling rather uncomfortable, but instead had me appreciating the deep level of honesty and simplicity throughout its presentation. Serge Benhayon and Rebecca Asquith certainly know how to present in such an open way that has life making more sense than it ever has. Making sense of the corrupted meaning of sex shows how far away from the truth we have been for so long.

  • Joshua Campbell April 24, 2018   Reply →

    Man this is such a great topic to talk about! And oh so needed too. Sex forms the focus of so many peoples lives yet this alone is a falsity exposing just how much we do in fact hold back in our lives.

    • Matilda Bathurst May 4, 2018   Reply →

      Using sex to try and fix our needs is wayward madness. Opening up to making love in all that we do is the basis of true healing.

  • Aimee Edmonds April 23, 2018   Reply →

    I’ve been waiting for you to go there… and here it is for everyone! This is a topic that plagues most with pressures, anxiety, not good enough, and questions like ‘how many times ‘should’ we be having sex’ is a big one that smashes true intimacy. Do we ever ask ourselves, how many times ‘should’ we hold hands, hug or go for a walk together? I would say not many, it’s almost comical how much emphasis sex and making love has been bombarded with. It feels like with all the focus in magazines, tv shows etc. it has been designed to give us an excuse to not really go there together and look at how intimate we are willing to be with each other and everyone else in our lives. Thank you so much Serge Benhayon and Rebecca Asquith for demystifying and pulling the sheets back on the real joy and connection we can have in any moment with another.

  • Rik Connors April 23, 2018   Reply →

    This is no doubt my favourite tv. In fact it is the only tv I watch. You feel depth of it. Its not a show but educational wisdom. Making love, and you can feel the premise between Serge and Rebecca – “Lets talk about making Love” 😉

  • Dianne T April 23, 2018   Reply →

    Beautiful, Serge and Rebecca! I’m sure there are many of us who have been feeling the deficit of daily living love and intimacy, that is making love as much or more than sex itself.

  • Shirley-Ann Walters April 23, 2018   Reply →

    It is so beautiful to be deeply appreciating each other more and more in a way that is being all with the all – being all that we are in our fullness with everyone throughout the day – something that is detailed intimately with each other, privately, sure, but felt by all, everywhere. We have been fed so much nonsense on this subject such that we have danced around the minefield, when really it’s so very simple, open and loving.

  • Gill Randall April 23, 2018   Reply →

    Serge Benhayon and Rebecca Asquith have a great conversation here, exploding the myths about sex and performance in bed, bringing it back to connection in relationships before it gets to the bedroom. It is fun but also serious in the content and goes to the core of many relationship issues people can experience.

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