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Serge Benhayon

To properly introduce Serge Benhayon TV, one must first introduce Serge Benhayon.

A modern day philosopher, teacher and a prolific author Serge Benhayon began presenting on Esoteric Philosophy and the Ageless Wisdom in 1999 and since that time has produced a volume of work and provided a continual output of service to people, unmatched on the global stage. Through his business Universal Medicine he has founded no less than 7 complementary healing modalities that are now practised by highly trained practitioners internationally. His yearly retreats are delivered in Australia, the United Kingdom and Vietnam with attendees travelling from all around the world to hear him present.

With ‘everything is everything and nothing is nothing’ (SB) being key to his teachings his commitment to his work has never been at the expense of family life. His rich relationships with his adult children, grandchildren, wife and ex-wife (the two are best friends) and his extended family are testament to this. His accessibility and connections with the hundreds of people around the world who form the global student body of Universal Medicine also speak both to his character and his deeply loving way with people.

Serge BenhayonProducing more than written theory, Serge Benhayon is a rare philosopher who truly walks his talk – consistently and transparently living the quality of love and the continual call-to-evolution that his teachings are imbued with, since he began presenting in his 35th year of life back in 1999.

His ability to support practitioners of complementary and allied health on how to practise without ‘burning out’ built him a reputation as the ‘healers healer’ in his early career. He was soon also renowned for his support for people across varied professions as his philosophies of working with a cardiocentric view of life (an intelligence of the heart) applied equally across all industries. As a result he has been a sought after consultant and has supported the development of hundreds of people and businesses internationally.

In this series of in-depth interviews, available for the first time online Serge gives the viewer an insight into the philosophies and teachings that have inspired a global movement of people to make true and lasting changes to their vitality and wellbeing. But more than this he shares on life, the Universe and the energetic understandings available to us all, with a depth and breadth rarely seen on a media platform.

In a world of sound-bites this is not your usual viewing. This is the deep look at life and the issues of the world that surface-news and short-sighted politics have consistently failed to deliver.

Each episode brings a comprehensive overview and a sense of spaciousness to various aspects of the human condition and heralds a return to philosophical discussions of old, where true evolution was the focus as opposed to the obliteration of an opponent through competing versions of ‘right’ at the expense of a one unified understanding.

These are not ‘watch once’ episodes. Each is a rich package that will continue to unfold and expand for the viewer with each revisit. This is close-your-other-windows, quit-your-mail, go-full-screen style content. Feel free to enjoy it, be challenged by it, reflect on it and deepen with it.

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